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2's online file storage makes it easy to securely share content as a link or a shared folder with anyone - inside or outside your Size
ByteQuest Technologies
Global coverage of the business intelligence ecosystemWith a history of innovation since 1989, our pioneering instincts led to the development of ByteQuery in the Fall of 1996, one of the industry's leading Knowledge Managers and corporate portals, with which we have been able to provide our clients with a completely modular, scalable, integrated, open Integrated Document and Output Management System (IDOM) based on multi-tier client/server and web architectures. The rationale behind this leading-edge technology has been the study of many analysts and vendors, and has recently been endorsed and adopted by a number of industry giants. ByteQuest's focus is exclusively on knowledge management technologies and continues to maintain this as a platform for its business strategy for long-term growth and profitability. The ByteQuest products for electronic records management, document and image management, workflow and COLD (computer output to laser disk) are actively being marketed and supported to corporate and government organizations worldwide through a network of value added resellers, distributors, system integrators and OEMs. ByteQuest's Professional Services division, with expertise in document and image management, records management, workflow, knowledge map development, networks, and Microsoft Back Office, offers a superior skill set to address a wide variety of situations. ByteQuest provides a comprehensive portfolio of services including: business consulting, after sales implementation, training, integration with line of business applications and software support/helpdesk.http://www.bytequest.comMedium
Com Squared Systems
Capture Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Business Process Management (BPM) Integration Tools ASP Hosted SolutionsComsquared designs, implements, and supports workflow, imaging and document management. Comsquared uses its UNISearch Suite, ImageDirector and YourSecurePoint family of products to help organizations transform unmanageable paper-base processes into efficient, easy-to-use electronic solutions, providing the ability to manage content, streamline processes, and drive a significant return on investment.
Feith Systems & Software
Feith Document DatabaseFeith Document Database (FDD) fully supports Versioning and Check-in/Check-out functionality of objects stored in the FDD repository.http://www.feith.comAny Size
Hummingbird (PC Docs)
Exceed® Family World Leading PC X Server Exceed Freedom™ Collaboration, Mobility and Productivity for the Exceed® user Exceed onDemand® Remote X Application Delivery Services NFS Maestro™ Enterprise Storage and Access Solution HostExplorer® Web-to-Host and PC-to-Host Terminal Emulation Solution Hummingbird Security™ Secure Shell, SSL, Kerberos and LIPKEY Protocols Open Text SOCKS Client™ Enterprise-grade Windows-based SOCKS v4 and V5 client Connectivity Secure Server™ Secure Shell server for Windows with SFTP and Secure Shell 2 Genio® Data Integration SolutionHummingbird Connectivity connects people, data and applications in mission-critical environments with an award-winning suite of solutions. For over 20 years Hummingbird Connectivity has continued to combine the best of both worlds: the strength of one of the largest software companies and the spirit of a customer-focused business
Hyland Software (OnBase)
Document imagingMaking all content instantly available from a single, easy-to-use interface to increases employee productivity and operational efficiency.https://www.onbase.comMedium - Large
eRecord SuiteHyperwave’s eRecord Suite (eRS) delivers sophisticated records management functionality that meets the legislated standards requirements of both US and UK Governments. Size
Identitech (FYI)
real-time displays of business metrics manage and categorize electronic and physical content including documents, e-mails, digital images, paper, fiche , and more.Identitech Inc.'s FYI product suite has received U.S. Department of Defense 5015.2 standard certification for electronic records management software applications. FYI enables organizations to manage and categorize electronic and physical content including documents, e-mails, digital images, paper, fiche , and more. FYI Visual, an extension to the product suite, provides actionable, real-time displays of business metrics.
Solution Driven Customized Trainings Engineering Public Courses Conferences & Seminars Consultancy Packages Industrial CollaborationiKnowledge is a specialized Ingetrated Training Institution focusing on Technical Engineering Training which customizes each training syllabus to suit your company's goals and objectives.www.iknowledge.comLarge
iManage WorkSite™At most professional services firms, the need for better document management is well understood. Keeping track of all the content related to a particular client or matter/project means tracking a lot more than documents. E-mail alone presents a huge challenge, not to mention presentations, video and audio recordings, comments, instructions, or discussion notes. Using software to manage all the information solves part of the problem, but the bigger challenge is making sure that fee earners can use the software—quickly and easily. iManage WorkSite document management and e-mail management solutions from Interwoven make it possible for firms to: * Capture all the content associated with a project or matter for improved regulatory compliance, enhanced knowledge sharing, and more successful retention policies * Secure content for better protection of confidential information, reduced unnecessary access to sensitive content, and increased control of core assets and expertise * Centralize project/matter management for faster access for everyone who needs it, enhanced support for field, remote, and on-site teams, and global reach And, because iManage WorkSite makes it easy for employees and partners to manage content, they can focus on using their expertise to do what they do best. Size
Library SuiteLibrary Suite is designed for information professionals within workgroups managing single-site and multi-site libraries that want a single catalog covering multiple collections.http://www.inmagic.comMedium - Large
Laserfiche Import AgentLaserfiche Import Agent™ provides effortless document importing and management within a Laserfiche repository.http://www.laserfiche.comAny Size
Liberty IMS
microMEDIAWe convert images and data from all types of media from commercial documents to rare books, computer files, photos and slides.
Mobius Management Systems
ViewDirect repositoryThe ViewDirect repository provides long-term information storage in a secure, electronic format that satisfies legal, governmental and audit requirements and ensures that documents and records are stored in their original form.http://www.mobius.comAny Size
Open Text (LiveLink)
Open Text Enterprise Content Management (ECM) SuiteA fully featured, highly scalable & Web-based document management system that provides a secure, single repository for the organization and sharing of electronic documents across the enterprise.http://www.opentext.comMedium
Optical Image Technology (Optech)
DocFinityIt enables authorized persons to access electronic files, data, documents, and other information over the Web, preventing the delays inherent in paper-based processes.http://www.docfinity.comAny Size
OTG Software
DocumentumThe EMC Documentum platform supplies a client infrastructure with the framework and tools that allow users to process and use content management functionality across a range of desktop, portal, or web-based applications.http://www.emc.comLarge
SmartsheetStore unlimited files within the context of the work they are associated.http://www.smartsheet.comAny Size
Vignette Content ManagementVignette Content Management (VCM) provides a simple way for business users to create, edit, manage and publish content to Web sites, connected devices and even offline media. Size
VS ArchiveVS Archive is a content management solution that efficiently stores, categorizes, manages, retrieves, and distributes video, audio, and other rich media content within the enterprise. Size
Westbrook Technologies
Westbrook FortisDesigned for easy information sharing, our document management solutions can integrate with line-of-business systems and successfully scale from a few users to an enterprise-wide implementation.http://www.westbrooktech.comAny Size
Xerox DocushareXerox Imaging and Document Management Services streamline your document workflow for optimal cost efficiency and response time. Size
ZyLAB International
ZyIMAGE Information Access PlatformZyIMAGE’s Document Management (DM) module is a straightforward tool that enables you to effectively manage all of your electronic files (such as those created with Microsoft® Office tools).http://www.zylab.comLarge
Document Advantage® Corporation,
Document Advantage Corporation offers integrated, browser-based enterprise-class document management system and business process management solutions for every organization or department, regardless of size or industryDocument Advantage Corporation offers integrated, browser-based enterprise-class document management system and business process management solutions for every organization or department, regardless of size or industry
IBM (Content Manager)
HyperOffice Collaboration SuiteFree data from the confines of your office walls - get online document management! Store, organize, access & collaborate on company files from any PC, Mac or handheld.
Omnistar Document Manager SoftwareOmnistar Document Manager Software is a web based PHP document manager that allows businesses and webmasters to setup secure online file storage Size
OneHubwww.onehub.comAny Size
Microsoft - Large
USendItwww.usendit.comAny Size
FusionDox is a product of IEXP Software LLC.IEXP offers a variety of software solutions and professional services for web design, integration and internal business efficiency. IEXP Software combines years of industry experience with high-end development services including enterprise database and application architecture. Our current services include application development and support on a number of platforms.
IEXP Software has developed a portfolio of products based on customers needs. These products include: FusionDox Document Management platform FastPage 3 content management system for static websites FastPage CMS is a database-driven content management system Sound-Off List Manager is an enterprise E-Mail List Management software suite. Ti e-Commerce Engine is an enterprise class store engine for online BTC and BTB websites.FusionDox Access is a new breed of application, designed to provide easy-to-use access to documents and content stored in various locations all from one convenient spot. This new platform utilizes the patent pending, one click "OpenDirect" system for live editing documents such as Microsoft Office or OpenOffice files directly from FTP sites, Document Management repositories and more. e-mail : sales@fusiondox.comAny Size
Scan123 Electronic Document ManagementThe most cost-effective solution for quick, easy electronic document management for businesseshttp://www.scan123.comMedium - Large