Baseball State Tournament Schedule and Results
Tournament RoundClassificationSeed Home TeamHome TeamSeed Away TeamAway TeamHosting SiteGame DateGame TimeWinning SchoolHome Team ScoreVisiting Team Score
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1State FinalsClass 4A1Walt Whitman6LeonardtownRegency Furniture Stadium05/24/247:30 p.m.Leonardtown02
2State FinalsClass 3A3Col. Zadok Magruder5Chesapeake-AARegency Furniture Stadium05/25/247:00 p.m.Col. Zadok Magruder40
3State FinalsClass 2A2Glenelg4MiddletownRegency Furniture Stadium05/25/244:00 p.m.Middletown56
4State FinalsClass 1A3Brunswick8Patterson MillRegency Furniture Stadium05/25/241:00 p.m.Brunswick41
8State SFClass 4A1Walt Whitman5CroftonPovich Field05/21/247:00 p.m.Walt Whitman62
9State SFClass 4A2Urbana6LeonardtownPovich Field05/21/244:00 p.m.Leonardtown23
11State SFClass 3A1Stephen Decatur5Chesapeake-AAJoe Cannon Stadium05/21/244:00 p.m.Chesapeake-AA913
12State SFClass 3A2Baltimore Polytechnic3Col. Zadok MagruderBlake High School05/21/244:00 p.m.Col. Zadok Magruder08
14State SFClass 2A1Patuxent4MiddletownMcCurdy Field05/21/247:00 p.m.Middletown12
15State SFClass 2A2Glenelg6FallstonJoe Cannon Stadium05/21/247:00 p.m.Glenelg82
17State SFClass 1A4CMIT - North8Patterson MillBlake High School05/21/247:00 p.m.Patterson Mill015
18State SFClass 1A2Colonel Richardson3BrunswickMcCurdy Field05/21/244:00 p.m.Brunswick626
22State QFClass 4A1Walt Whitman8Montgomery Blair05/17/245:30PMWalt Whitman73
23State QFClass 4A2Urbana7Wheaton05/17/244:00 PMUrbana160
24State QFClass 4A3Charles H. Flowers6Leonardtown05/17/244:00 PMLeonardtown419
25State QFClass 4A4Perry Hall5Crofton05/17/2412:00 PMCrofton85
27State QFClass 3A1Stephen Decatur8Northern-C05/17/244:00Stephen Decatur30
28State QFClass 3A2Baltimore Polytechnic7Linganore05/17/244:00 PMBaltimore Polytechnic41
29State QFClass 3A3Col. Zadok Magruder6Catonsville05/17/244:00 PMCol. Zadok Magruder60
30State QFClass 3A4River Hill5Chesapeake-AA05/17/244:30 PMChesapeake-AA04
32State QFClass 2A1Patuxent8Sparrows Point05/17/244;00 PMPatuxent21
33State QFClass 2A2Glenelg7Hereford05/17/244:30pmGlenelg62
34State QFClass 2A3Gwynn Park6Fallston05/17/244:30 pmFallston010
35State QFClass 2A4Middletown5Parkside05/17/242:30 PMMiddletown60
37State QFClass 1A1Allegany8Patterson Mill05/17/2412:00Patterson Mill13
38State QFClass 1A2Colonel Richardson7Mardela05/17/244:00Colonel Richardson32
39State QFClass 1A3Brunswick6Liberty05/17/243:00 PMBrunswick52
40State QFClass 1A4CMIT - North5Edmondson-Westside05/17/243pm at Laurel High SchoolCMIT - North61
44Region FinalsClass 4A West I1Urbana3Gov. Thomas Johnson05/16/244 p.m.Urbana32
45Region FinalsClass 4A West II1Walt Whitman3Quince Orchard05/16/245:30pmWalt Whitman51
46Region FinalsClass 4A North I1Perry Hall2Parkville05/14/2410:00AMPerry Hall43
47Region FinalsClass 4A North II1Richard Montgomery2Wheaton05/16/245:15 PMWheaton24
48Region FinalsClass 4A South I5Northwood6Montgomery Blair05/16/245:00Montgomery Blair05
49Region FinalsClass 4A South II1Eleanor Roosevelt2Charles H. Flowers05/15/244:30pmCharles H. Flowers1012
50Region FinalsClass 4A East I1Crofton2Old Mill05/15/245:00 PMCrofton52
51Region FinalsClass 4A East II3Leonardtown5North Point05/14/243:30Leonardtown117
53Region FinalsClass 3A West I1Linganore2North Hagerstown05/14/244pmLinganore43
54Region FinalsClass 3A West II1Col. Zadok Magruder2Damascus05/16/244:00 PMCol. Zadok Magruder72
55Region FinalsClass 3A North I1Towson2Catonsville05/14/241:00 pmCatonsville27
56Region FinalsClass 3A North II2Baltimore Polytechnic5Aberdeen05/15/244:00 PM @ DouglassBaltimore Polytechnic21
57Region FinalsClass 3A South I1Mount Hebron2Chesapeake-AA05/14/243:30 PM at Blandair ParkChesapeake-AA34
58Region FinalsClass 3A South II1Sherwood2River Hill05/16/245:00 PMRiver Hill02
59Region FinalsClass 3A East I1Stephen Decatur2Severna Park05/14/244:00Stephen Decatur43
60Region FinalsClass 3A East II2Great Mills4Northern-C05/14/243:30 PMNorthern-C08
62Region FinalsClass 2A West I1Middletown2Century05/15/244:00 PMMiddletown41
63Region FinalsClass 2A West II1Glenelg2Centennial05/14/246pm at Blandair Park field 5Glenelg54
64Region FinalsClass 2A North I2Sparrows Point4Eastern Tech05/14/242 pmSparrows Point21
65Region FinalsClass 2A North II1New Town2Hereford05/14/241 p.m. @ Hannah Moore ParkHereford119
66Region FinalsClass 2A South I2Gwynn Park5Henry E. Lackey05/14/243:30 pmGwynn Park54
67Region FinalsClass 2A South II1Patuxent2La Plata05/14/244:00Patuxent73
68Region FinalsClass 2A East I1Fallston2North East-C05/15/243:30 @ Ripken Facility (Yankee Stadium)Fallston92
69Region FinalsClass 2A East II1Queen Anne's2Parkside05/14/244pmParkside12
71Region FinalsClass 1A West I1Allegany3Northern-G05/14/2411 AM. Allegany county FairgroundsAllegany42
72Region FinalsClass 1A West II1Brunswick2Clear Spring05/14/241PMBrunswick40
73Region FinalsClass 1A North I2Havre de Grace4Patterson Mill05/14/248:00 PMPatterson Mill01
74Region FinalsClass 1A North II1Liberty2Pikesville05/14/244 pmLiberty30
75Region FinalsClass 1A South I1Edmondson-Westside2Reginald Lewis05/14/242:00pmEdmondson-Westside122
76Region FinalsClass 1A South II1CMIT - North3Friendly05/16/244:30pm @ PGCCCMIT - North2510
77Region FinalsClass 1A East I1Colonel Richardson2St. Michael's05/14/244pmColonel Richardson10
78Region FinalsClass 1A East II1Snow Hill2Mardela05/14/244:00pmMardela37
82Region SFClass 4A West I1Urbana4Seneca Valley05/11/243:00 PMUrbana10
83Region SFClass 4A West I2Northwest3Gov. Thomas Johnson05/11/242:00 PMGov. Thomas Johnson512
85Region SFClass 4A West II1Walt Whitman5Winston Churchill05/11/242:00PMWalt Whitman21
86Region SFClass 4A West II2Bethesda-CC3Quince Orchard05/11/242:00 PMQuince Orchard58
88Region SFClass 4A North I1Perry Hall4Dundalk05/11/2411:00amPerry Hall135
89Region SFClass 4A North I2Parkville3Kenwood05/11/241:00pmParkville21
91Region SFClass 4A North II1Richard Montgomery4Paint Branch05/11/242:00 PMRichard Montgomery160
92Region SFClass 4A North II2Wheaton3Albert Einstein05/11/2412:00 PMWheaton132
94Region SFClass 4A South I1Laurel5Northwood05/11/241:00 PMNorthwood34
95Region SFClass 4A South I2Reservoir6Montgomery Blair05/11/243:00 pmMontgomery Blair35
97Region SFClass 4A South II1Eleanor Roosevelt5Duval05/11/2411:30amEleanor Roosevelt161
98Region SFClass 4A South II2Charles H. Flowers3Dr. Henry A. Wise05/11/2411:00Charles H. Flowers197
100Region SFClass 4A East I1Crofton4North County05/11/2412:00 PMCrofton21
101Region SFClass 4A East I2Old Mill3Glen Burnie05/11/2412:00pmOld Mill74
103Region SFClass 4A East II1Bowie5North Point05/11/241:00 pmNorth Point47
104Region SFClass 4A East II2Broadneck3Leonardtown05/11/241:00 PMLeonardtown57
106Region SFClass 3A West I1Linganore5Manchester Valley05/11/2412:00PMLinganore87
107Region SFClass 3A West I2North Hagerstown6Tuscarora05/11/2412:00PMNorth Hagerstown107
109Region SFClass 3A West II1Col. Zadok Magruder4Rockville05/11/242:00PMCol. Zadok Magruder111
110Region SFClass 3A West II2Damascus3Thomas S. Wootton05/11/241:00pmDamascus42
112Region SFClass 3A North I1Towson4Dulaney05/11/241:00 PMTowson42
113Region SFClass 3A North I2Catonsville3Overlea05/11/2410:00 AMCatonsville100
115Region SFClass 3A North II1Patterson5Aberdeen05/11/244:00 PM (to be played at Frederick Douglass-B)Aberdeen021
116Region SFClass 3A North II2Baltimore Polytechnic6Bel Air05/11/241:00 PMBaltimore Polytechnic70
118Region SFClass 3A South I1Mount Hebron4Marriotts Ridge05/11/2411:00 AMMount Hebron63
119Region SFClass 3A South I2Chesapeake-AA3Northeast-AA05/11/241:00Chesapeake-AA43
121Region SFClass 3A South II1Sherwood4Long Reach05/11/241:00 PMSherwood10
122Region SFClass 3A South II2River Hill3James Hubert Blake05/11/243:30pmRiver Hill144
124Region SFClass 3A East I1Stephen Decatur5South River05/11/2412:00Stephen Decatur60
125Region SFClass 3A East I2Severna Park3James M. Bennett05/11/2411:00 AMSeverna Park100
127Region SFClass 3A East II1Oxon Hill4Northern-C05/11/2410:00 AMNorthern-C019
128Region SFClass 3A East II2Great Mills3Chopticon05/11/242:00 PMGreat Mills42
130Region SFClass 2A West I1Middletown4Walkersville05/11/242:00 PMMiddletown131
131Region SFClass 2A West I2Century3Francis Scott Key05/11/241:00 PMCentury64
133Region SFClass 2A West II1Glenelg5Southern-AA05/11/2412 noonGlenelg54
134Region SFClass 2A West II2Centennial3Poolesville05/13/244:15pmCentennial10
136Region SFClass 2A North I1Patapsco4Eastern Tech05/11/241pmEastern Tech010
137Region SFClass 2A North I2Sparrows Point3Chesapeake-B05/11/242 p.m. @ Eastern Tech HSSparrows Point140
139Region SFClass 2A North II1New Town4Carver Vocational-Technical05/13/241:00 @ Douglass-BNew Town224
140Region SFClass 2A North II2Hereford3Randallstown05/11/241:00Hereford52
142Region SFClass 2A South I1Frederick Douglass-PG5Henry E. Lackey05/11/2412:00Henry E. Lackey311
143Region SFClass 2A South I2Gwynn Park3Fairmont Heights05/13/244:30 pmGwynn Park212
145Region SFClass 2A South II1Patuxent4Huntingtown05/11/242:00 pmPatuxent62
146Region SFClass 2A South II2La Plata3McDonough05/11/241:00 PMLa Plata43
148Region SFClass 2A East I1Fallston4Elkton05/11/242:00 @ John Carroll SchoolFallston61
149Region SFClass 2A East I2North East-C6North Harford05/11/241:00North East-C10
151Region SFClass 2A East II1Queen Anne's5Kent Island05/11/2410amQueen Anne's31
152Region SFClass 2A East II2Parkside3Easton05/11/2411:00 AMParkside40
154Region SFClass 1A West I1Allegany4Fort Hill05/11/2411:00AMAllegany32
155Region SFClass 1A West I2Southern-G3Northern-G05/11/2411:00Northern-G28
157Region SFClass 1A West II1Brunswick4Catoctin05/11/243:00 PMBrunswick43
158Region SFClass 1A West II2Clear Spring6Smithsburg05/11/2411:00 AMClear Spring118
160Region SFClass 1A North I1Bohemia Manor4Patterson Mill05/11/241:00Patterson Mill75
161Region SFClass 1A North I2Harford Tech3Havre de Grace05/11/2412:00Havre de Grace56
163Region SFClass 1A North II1Liberty4South Carroll05/11/2411 amLiberty42
164Region SFClass 1A North II2Pikesville3Western Tech05/11/2412pmPikesville42
166Region SFClass 1A South I1Edmondson-Westside5Forest Park05/11/2411:00amEdmondson-Westside2113
167Region SFClass 1A South I2Reginald Lewis3Frederick Douglass-B05/11/2412 noonReginald Lewis109
169Region SFClass 1A South II1CMIT - North4International HS at Largo05/11/244pm at Laurel HighCMIT - North191
170Region SFClass 1A South II2Surrattsville3Friendly05/11/2411:00amFriendly1118
172Region SFClass 1A East I1Colonel Richardson5Cambridge-South Dorchester05/11/2411amColonel Richardson140
173Region SFClass 1A East I2St. Michael's3North Dorchester05/11/241:00 PMSt. Michael's52
175Region SFClass 1A East II1Snow Hill4Washington05/11/241:00 PMSnow Hill72
176Region SFClass 1A East II2Mardela3Pocomoke05/11/2412:00 PMMardela101
180Region QFClass 4A West I1Urbana8Bye05/09/24Urbana
181Region QFClass 4A West I2Northwest7Bye05/09/24Northwest
182Region QFClass 4A West I3Gov. Thomas Johnson6Clarksburg05/09/245:15Gov. Thomas Johnson61
183Region QFClass 4A West I4Seneca Valley5Frederick05/09/245:00 PMSeneca Valley21
185Region QFClass 4A West II1Walt Whitman8Bye05/09/24Walt Whitman
186Region QFClass 4A West II2Bethesda-CC7Bye05/09/24Bethesda-CC
187Region QFClass 4A West II3Quince Orchard6Gaithersburg05/09/245:00pmQuince Orchard21
188Region QFClass 4A West II4Walter Johnson5Winston Churchill05/09/245:15 pmWinston Churchill34
190Region QFClass 4A North I1Perry Hall8Bye05/09/24Perry Hall
191Region QFClass 4A North I2Parkville7Bye05/09/24Parkville
192Region QFClass 4A North I3Kenwood6Bye05/09/24Kenwood
193Region QFClass 4A North I4Dundalk5Mergenthaler05/09/244:00pmDundalk122
195Region QFClass 4A North II1Richard Montgomery8Bye05/09/24Richard Montgomery
196Region QFClass 4A North II2Wheaton7Bye05/09/24Wheaton
197Region QFClass 4A North II3Albert Einstein6Springbrook05/09/243:45 PMAlbert Einstein190
198Region QFClass 4A North II4Paint Branch5John F. Kennedy05/09/245:15pmPaint Branch166
200Region QFClass 4A South I1Laurel8Bye05/09/24Laurel
201Region QFClass 4A South I2Reservoir7Bye05/09/24Reservoir
202Region QFClass 4A South I3Northwestern6Montgomery Blair05/09/244:30 pmMontgomery Blair014
203Region QFClass 4A South I4High Point5Northwood05/09/244:30 pmNorthwood78
205Region QFClass 4A South II1Eleanor Roosevelt8Bye05/09/24Eleanor Roosevelt
206Region QFClass 4A South II2Charles H. Flowers7Bye05/09/24Charles H. Flowers
207Region QFClass 4A South II3Dr. Henry A. Wise6Bladensburg05/09/244:30 PMDr. Henry A. Wise275
208Region QFClass 4A South II4Parkdale5Duval05/09/244:00pmDuval58
210Region QFClass 4A East I1Crofton8Bye05/09/24Crofton
211Region QFClass 4A East I2Old Mill7Bye05/09/24Old Mill
212Region QFClass 4A East I3Glen Burnie6Bye05/09/24Glen Burnie
213Region QFClass 4A East I4North County5Meade05/09/244:45 PMNorth County161
215Region QFClass 4A East II1Bowie8Bye05/09/24Bowie
216Region QFClass 4A East II2Broadneck7Bye05/09/24Broadneck
217Region QFClass 4A East II3Leonardtown6Suitland05/09/244:30Leonardtown170
218Region QFClass 4A East II4Annapolis5North Point05/09/244:00 pmNorth Point15
220Region QFClass 3A West I1Linganore8Bye05/09/24Linganore
221Region QFClass 3A West I2North Hagerstown7South Hagerstown05/09/244:30North Hagerstown122
222Region QFClass 3A West I3Westminster6Tuscarora05/09/244:30 PMTuscarora28
223Region QFClass 3A West I4Oakdale5Manchester Valley05/09/244:30pmManchester Valley34
225Region QFClass 3A West II1Col. Zadok Magruder8Bye05/09/24Col. Zadok Magruder
226Region QFClass 3A West II2Damascus7Bye05/09/24Damascus
227Region QFClass 3A West II3Thomas S. Wootton6Bye05/09/24Thomas S. Wootton
228Region QFClass 3A West II4Rockville5Watkins Mill05/09/244:00 pmRockville231
230Region QFClass 3A North I1Towson8Bye05/09/24Towson
231Region QFClass 3A North I2Catonsville7Franklin05/09/244:00 PMCatonsville144
232Region QFClass 3A North I3Overlea6Milford Mill Academy05/09/244:00 PMOverlea122
233Region QFClass 3A North I4Dulaney5Lansdowne05/09/244:00Dulaney110
235Region QFClass 3A North II1Patterson8Bye05/09/24Patterson
236Region QFClass 3A North II2Baltimore Polytechnic7Edgewood05/09/244:30 PMBaltimore Polytechnic100
237Region QFClass 3A North II3Baltimore City College6Bel Air05/09/244:30 PMBel Air414
238Region QFClass 3A North II4Digital Harbor5Aberdeen05/09/244:30 PMAberdeen120
240Region QFClass 3A South I1Mount Hebron8Bye05/09/24Mount Hebron
241Region QFClass 3A South I2Chesapeake-AA7Bye05/09/24Chesapeake-AA
242Region QFClass 3A South I3Northeast-AA6Bye05/09/24Northeast-AA
243Region QFClass 3A South I4Marriotts Ridge5Howard05/09/244:15 PMMarriotts Ridge81
245Region QFClass 3A South II1Sherwood8Bye05/09/24Sherwood
246Region QFClass 3A South II2River Hill7Bye05/09/24River Hill
247Region QFClass 3A South II3James Hubert Blake6Oakland Mills05/09/244:00 pmJames Hubert Blake64
248Region QFClass 3A South II4Long Reach5Atholton05/09/244:15 PMLong Reach81
250Region QFClass 3A East I1Stephen Decatur8Bye05/09/24Stephen Decatur
251Region QFClass 3A East I2Severna Park7Bye05/09/24Severna Park
252Region QFClass 3A East I3James M. Bennett6Bye05/09/24James M. Bennett
253Region QFClass 3A East I4Arundel5South River05/09/245:00 PMSouth River78
255Region QFClass 3A East II1Oxon Hill8Bye05/09/24Oxon Hill
256Region QFClass 3A East II2Great Mills7Bye05/09/24Great Mills
257Region QFClass 3A East II3Chopticon6Bye05/09/24Chopticon
258Region QFClass 3A East II4Northern-C5St. Charles05/09/243:30 pmNorthern-C61
260Region QFClass 2A West I1Middletown8Bye05/09/24Middletown
261Region QFClass 2A West I2Century7Bye05/09/24Century
262Region QFClass 2A West I3Francis Scott Key6Williamsport05/09/244:30Francis Scott Key105
263Region QFClass 2A West I4Walkersville5Winters Mill05/09/244:30 pmWalkersville82
265Region QFClass 2A West II1Glenelg8Bye05/09/24Glenelg
266Region QFClass 2A West II2Centennial7Bye05/09/24Centennial
267Region QFClass 2A West II3Poolesville6Wilde Lake05/09/245:15 pmPoolesville85
268Region QFClass 2A West II4Hammond5Southern-AA05/09/244:30pmSouthern-AA413
270Region QFClass 2A North I1Patapsco8Bye05/09/24Patapsco
271Region QFClass 2A North I2Sparrows Point7Bye05/09/24Sparrows Point
272Region QFClass 2A North I3Chesapeake-B6Bye05/09/24Chesapeake-B
273Region QFClass 2A North I4Eastern Tech5Paul Laurence Dunbar05/09/244:00Eastern Tech110
275Region QFClass 2A North II1New Town8Bye05/09/24New Town
276Region QFClass 2A North II2Hereford7Bye05/09/24Hereford
277Region QFClass 2A North II3Randallstown6Bye05/09/24Randallstown
278Region QFClass 2A North II4Carver Vocational-Technical5Owings Mills05/09/244:00pmCarver Vocational-Technical1511
280Region QFClass 2A South I1Frederick Douglass-PG8Bye05/09/24Frederick Douglass-PG
281Region QFClass 2A South I2Gwynn Park7Bye05/09/24Gwynn Park
282Region QFClass 2A South I3Fairmont Heights6Bye05/09/24Fairmont Heights
283Region QFClass 2A South I4Potomac5Henry E. Lackey05/09/244:00 PMHenry E. Lackey017
285Region QFClass 2A South II1Patuxent8Bye05/09/24Patuxent
286Region QFClass 2A South II2La Plata7Bye05/09/24La Plata
287Region QFClass 2A South II3McDonough6Westlake05/09/244:00 PMMcDonough140
288Region QFClass 2A South II4Huntingtown5Calvert05/09/244 pmHuntingtown110
290Region QFClass 2A East I1Fallston8Bye05/09/24Fallston
291Region QFClass 2A East I2North East-C7Bye05/09/24North East-C
292Region QFClass 2A East I3C. Milton Wright6North Harford05/09/244:00pmNorth Harford04
293Region QFClass 2A East I4Elkton5Rising Sun05/09/244:00Elkton65
295Region QFClass 2A East II1Queen Anne's8Bye05/09/24Queen Anne's
296Region QFClass 2A East II2Parkside7Bye05/09/24Parkside
297Region QFClass 2A East II3Easton6Wicomico05/09/244:15pmEaston130
298Region QFClass 2A East II4North Caroline5Kent Island05/09/244:00Kent Island56
300Region QFClass 1A West I1Allegany8Bye05/09/24Allegany
301Region QFClass 1A West I2Southern-G7Bye05/09/24Southern-G
302Region QFClass 1A West I3Northern-G6Bye05/09/24Northern-G
303Region QFClass 1A West I4Fort Hill5Mountain Ridge05/09/245:15 PMFort Hill21
305Region QFClass 1A West II1Brunswick8Bye05/09/24Brunswick
306Region QFClass 1A West II2Clear Spring7Bye05/09/24Clear Spring
307Region QFClass 1A West II3Hancock6Smithsburg05/09/244:45 PMSmithsburg212
308Region QFClass 1A West II4Catoctin5Boonsboro05/09/244:30Catoctin122
310Region QFClass 1A North I1Bohemia Manor8Bye05/09/24Bohemia Manor
311Region QFClass 1A North I2Harford Tech7Bye05/09/24Harford Tech
312Region QFClass 1A North I3Havre de Grace6Joppatowne05/09/244:00pmHavre de Grace100
313Region QFClass 1A North I4Patterson Mill5Perryville05/09/244:00 p.m.Patterson Mill40
315Region QFClass 1A North II1Liberty8Bye05/09/24Liberty
316Region QFClass 1A North II2Pikesville7Bye05/09/24Pikesville
317Region QFClass 1A North II3Western Tech6Bye05/09/24Western Tech
318Region QFClass 1A North II4South Carroll5Carver A&T05/09/244:00pmSouth Carroll181
320Region QFClass 1A South I1Edmondson-Westside8Bye05/09/24Edmondson-Westside
321Region QFClass 1A South I2Reginald Lewis7National Academy Foundation (NAF)05/09/243:45pmReginald Lewis197
322Region SFClass 1A South I3Frederick Douglass-B6Coppin Academy05/09/24Frederick Douglass-B183
323Region QFClass 1A South I4ACCE5Forest Park05/09/243:45Forest Park35
325Region QFClass 1A South II1CMIT - North8Bye05/09/24CMIT - North
326Region QFClass 1A South II2Surrattsville7Bye05/09/24Surrattsville
327Region QFClass 1A South II3Friendly6Bye05/09/24Friendly
328Region QFClass 1A South II4International HS at Largo5Bye05/09/24International HS at Largo
330Region QFClass 1A East I1Colonel Richardson8Bye05/09/24Colonel Richardson
331Region QFClass 1A East I2St. Michael's7Bye05/09/24St. Michael's
332Region QFClass 1A East I3North Dorchester6Bye05/09/24North Dorchester
333Region QFClass 1A East I4Kent County5Cambridge-South Dorchester05/09/244:00 pmCambridge-South Dorchester13
335Region QFClass 1A East II1Snow Hill8Bye05/09/24Snow Hill
336Region QFClass 1A East II2Mardela7Bye05/09/24Mardela
337Region QFClass 1A East II3Pocomoke6Bye05/09/24Pocomoke
338Region QFClass 1A East II4Washington5Crisfield05/09/244:00 pmWashington166