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03/01/24tsmith@pmmimediagroup.comBASE/Websitesn/aBase/Website IssueAdded the webinartrueEmma SatchellIn ProgressWe need to add Webinars to the navigation on OEM that points here: ticket placed, in progress ticket placed, in progress
03/01/24Stephanie HaagMinorNavigaRyson11267, 11266,11265, 7502Billing IssuesA billing contact was used that Christine and I can't confirm that we used but when we went to change it that contact (Louis) is showing up as blank in the history section. He also appears in older plans when Ken is the one listed in the invoicestrueJENNIFER BRINKPARKEDYesHanded off to Jenn, who is investigating Monday
02/29/24Courtney NicholsLeadworksvarious--Leadworks Issue-trueJENNIFER BRINKNot StartedCan you fix this? LW notifications sent to sales reps alerting them of completed LinkedIn campaigns are not pulling in all details. The email link takes you here: (details are missing), but when viewed directly in LW all content is present on this page: Thank you.
02/21/24Riley PhoenixOtherN/AOtherWhenever you go to create a mockup or edit one for PW in the Facebook Creative Hub, AW accounts are automatically selected under Facebook Page & Instagram Account.trueJENNIFER BRINKIn ProgressLow priority
02/21/24Lara KriegerNavigaElesa1151178116.1OtherPMMI member info is not listed and they are a member per salesforcetrueJENNIFER BRINKIn Progress
02/21/24Mikayala DelsonLeadworksEnercon11577Leadworks IssueThere seems to be an image issue in Leadworks. When the client uploaded the images, there was a small black line appearing. See attached for the original image vs. the one uploaded to Ebuilder. We had the client send the original images and uploaded them manually in Omeda.trueJENNIFER BRINKIn ProgressNaviga: on OG images for logo and ad from Mikayla
02/13/24Riley PhoenixLeadworksMarkem-Imaje1136476510.1Reporting IssueWent into "Add Audience Network" to see there were no metrics pulled, went back and clicked "Update Audience Network", received the error in screenshot.trueJENNIFER BRINKIn Progress
02/07/24Stephanie HaagMinorProduct HubWeekly NewsletterOtherThe image for the Weekly Newsletter is super tiny and not helpful for clients for reference.trueEmma SatchellIn ProgressNot an error
01/17/24Sharon TaylorMinorOthern/an/an/aFeature Requestn/atrueJENNIFER BRINKIn ProgressCould Sharon please have a auto Naviga report sent to her weekly of the CPG Next Digital Transformation Report inventory?
+In Progress - Not a ticket issue
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03/01/24Lara KriegerProduct HubHi,
The Mundo show issue materials due date is incorrect, materials are due by April 8th not the 28th. Pls update.
trueEmma SatchellResolvedProduct Update/Close Date ChangeUpdated
02/29/24Mikayala DelsonNavigaACDO Manufacturing and PMI Kyoto PW Cartoning E-books11933, 11939Help with a viewCan you please assign workflow to line item 82131.2 campaign 11933 and line item 82156.2 campaign 11939trueEmma SatchellResolvedWorkflow has been added in Naviga.
02/29/24Jake BrockMajorNavigaAnser Coding12079Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentAdded each line to order.trueJohn SchreiEmma SatchellResolvedBillingLooking to have first time advertiser discount applied for 10% off. Each line item would need 10% off. Eblast should be $4,680 and focus should be $1,935. I am off later this morning through the weekend so if any way to take care of this quickly so I can send them proposal before I leave would be great, thanks!Yes
02/28/24Christine SmallwoodMinorNavigaCircular Actionn/an/aSalesForce/Naviga syncSeems like I cannot get Mike Carpenter to sync:

Can you please get this to function so I can write the proposal?
trueEmma SatchellResolvedNot an errorGood Morning, Christine!! Mark Carpenter is now showing as a contact in Naviga when creating an order for Circular Action. I assume this means the ticket is complete. Please let me know if I'm misunderstanding your request. – EmmaYes
02/28/24Bea GreanyProduct Hubn/aOtherCouple of things: 1. The updated eblast specs page should be connected to all eblast product pages. Currently, CM+P eblast and Mundo EXPO PACK eblast display different spec pages. 2) In the hamburger menu there's no option for OEM - is this intentional? (refer to screenshot)trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
02/28/24Lara KriegerNavigaHeat and Control1136376520.1Product IssueNo full page listed for a 2 pg unittrueEmma SatchellResolvedHeat and Control has a 2 pg unit but there is no full page ad listed in Naviga that should be included in this purchaseThis has been added and CSMs will be reminded to add the profile movingforward.
02/27/24Bea GreanyProduct HubEblast Specsn/an/aProduct IssueProdut Hub: Infographic & Event eblast specs contain an error.trueEmma SatchellResolvedcharacter count limit for the eblast copy should be 560 characters, including spaces (not 650)Hub has been updated
02/27/24Reed SimonsisMinorNavigaParatherm1053580803.0Need to move the datealready billed out, need to move the zeroed out datetrueEmma SatchellResolvedBillingPlease move deployment to March 23rd. Finally have video done.Date has been movedYes
02/27/24Christine SmallwoodMinorNavigaCircular Actionn/an/aSalesForce/Naviga syncAttempting to Create a Naviga Proposal. But get stuck since the sync does not appear to be functioning. I have synced the account. The contact does not appear to be syncing correctly and it's stuck on my end. Please see if you can get this function to work properly for me. I'll revisit tomorrow morning and see if it works.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedSystem Configuration ErrorThere was an error with the address. Salesforce has been updated and Naviga/SF are now in sync.
02/27/24Riley PhoenixLeadworksEncoder Products Company4765875932.0Reporting IssueWent into "Add Audience Network" to see there were no metrics pulled, went back and clicked "Update Audience Network", received the error in screenshot.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedUser Error - CST wrong LI ID was in the campaign. I updated it to 679349603 and the data pulled in.
02/27/24Riley PhoenixLeadworksBrenton4973880839.0Reporting IssueWent into "Add Audience Network" to see there were no metrics pulled, went back and clicked "Update Audience Network", received the error in screenshot.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedUser Error - CST wrong LI ID was in the campaign. I updated it to 671379314 and the data pulled in.
02/27/24Christine SmallwoodCriticalNavigaAccredotrying to create a Naviga campaignn/aSalesForce/Naviga syncTrying to connect a SF opportunity to Naviga in order to create a proposal. Stuck in a feedback loop (see attached).trueEmma SatchellResolvedNot an errorHello Christine! I looked up the campaign in Naviga and it appears you were able to create the campaign. I'm marking this ticket as resolved, but please let me know if I'm missing something and this error is still active. - EmmaYes
02/26/24Jake BrockNavigaVention12066wont let me add since no dates availableMissing a date/Need a dateCreated ordertrueEmma SatchellResolvedBillingBea gave approval to get one more advertiser in the March 5th Spotlight on PACK EXPO East newsletter. Deadline has passed for this date so will need inventory opened back up to have line item added for the client. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
02/26/24Jake BrockMediumNavigaVention1206582846.0Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentAdded webinar line item to order.trueJohn SchreiEmma SatchellResolvedHad issue with their membership application so John approved giving them member rate for the webinar. Will need webinar line item changed to $13,680. Thanks!
02/26/24Lara KriegerSend My AdCCL Heathcare1205382776.1OtherFull page ad is not moving to SMAtrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedSystem Configuration ErrorRe-pushed ad. it is showing now.
02/22/24Lara KriegerNavigaBurns & McDonnell1194182166.1OtherPulling a sales report from Naviga for the PFW April issue and see a client with a Feb Leaders profile listed in here?JENNIFER BRINKResolvedUser Error - Sales RepThere are no profils in the April issue of PFW. Was this supposed to run in the Feb issue?We are not sure how this was able to booked in April. the line and package both hold the required section. Rep/CSM should have made sure the correct month was selected.
02/22/24Bea GreanyProduct Hubn/an/atrade show newsletters audience distribution adjustmentsProduct Issuebased on current query sizes, please adjust the trade show newsletters audience distribution figures in the Product Hub. CarmonaResolvedNot an errorRefer to Column E in the PACK EXPO tab of the Omeda Email Audience - Quarterly Updates spreadsheet.
02/22/24Reed SimonsisMinorNavigaESI Group1143977327Need to move the datecannot move date.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedMoving Dateplease move date to apriil 25th
02/21/24Lara KriegerSend My AdSTEVANATO GROUPOtherVerified Naviga was righttrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedThis STEVANATO GROUP full page is right in Naviga BUT was pushed by the api to SMA ad a half horizontal. Manually changed it in SMA but pls check the API.
02/20/24Kelly GreebyProduct HubCan you please update the sales rep tab on the Show Daily product in the hub with the attached copy.

Here is a link to the page we want updated -

trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
02/15/24Bea GreanyLeadworksmultiplemultiplen/aLeadworks Issueclicking on ads in email test campaigns. For the past 2 hours, I've experienced links working as expected, then not working – I received “500 Internal Server Error” messages for multiple campaigns; now they seem to be working again.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorI clicked on ad links in PW-Supplied HTML-Digimarc-2/19/2024 (PMMICD240215007) PW-NL-Packaging Focus-2/21/2024 (PMMICD240213004) PW-White Paper-SEW-2/27/2024 (PMMICD240215004) am not able to replicate the issue. Parking this ticket and will watch the connection for the rest of the day.
02/19/24Christine SmallwoodMinorLeadworksMGSLeadworks - Leaders 2023 reportingLeaders 2023 reporting in Content Engagement ReportReporting IssueSelected the Jan 2023 start date for Content Engagement report but the Leaders stats are not appearing for their 2023 HCP placement. Please see if this can be fixed...I just need the stats. Thank you!trueEmma SatchellResolvedI have reached out to Stephanie to connect with you on this order. It appears while this order was purchased, it was not fulfilled.YesStephanie out today, email scheduled to send at 6pm 2/20
02/14/24WENDY SAWTELLMinorMDTNAOtherLink to Robotics eBook does not work in Media Discovery Tool (not sure about other eBooks). Thanks.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
02/16/24WENDY SAWTELLCriticalNavigaTempcoOtherIf john agrees that I can still sell Tempco a Pro Leaders plan, can you remove the profile and move the 1/2 horizontal ad to the summer issue. They will also get the digital stuff all year with one category. He's ready to sign today. Thanks.trueEmma SatchellResolved
02/01/24Emma SatchellLeadworksPPM Technologies Holdings LLCn/an/aLeadworks IssueIn advertiser's reporting, shows as 0 leads, while when you click into reporting it shows 74.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedSystem Bug is already a ticket running for this, so I am adding this example. Here is the link to the ticket:
02/02/24WENDY SAWTELLLeadworksNAOtherNot seeing Leaders impression numbers in Leadworks for January and hope we've captured that info. Thanks.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorI am seeing more activity.
02/14/24WENDY SAWTELLMinorMDTEllisOtherI wanted to add PAN LinkedIn and Facebook for CPG Next audience, but not seeing the option in MDT. In-person meeting in Itasca at 10am, so I know it can't be done before then, since it takes 24 hours, so no hurry.
trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an error
02/13/24Christy FloresLeadworksLeadworksLeadworks IssueI am no longer able to change the LW template for a campaign. Is this something I need permission for or is it a glitch? The campaign is set as a video eblast but has to change to an HTML template. When I go to update the campaign in LW the option to change the template is no longer there.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorAdvertiser is: James Alexander Corp. for 2/26/24 deployment date.Adjusted Christy's roles. She now has the ability to change templates.
02/13/24Riley PhoenixLeadworksFrazier & Son1114578993.1Reporting IssueWent into "Add Audience Network" to see there were no metrics pulled, went back and clicked "Update Audience Network", received the error in screenshot.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedSystem Configuration Error were created as brand PMG, LI needs to match the actual brand in the auto connection... so I deleted to OG campaign and moved everything to a new Campaign.
02/12/24Christy FloresLeadworksLeadworksLeadworks IssueTried to adjust the logo image in LW for Syntegon eblast and the image became distorted when I uploaded it. The specs are correct. 2nd advertiser, NB Corporation of America, when the client submitted their main image with correct specs, LW distorted the image. This is also an eblast.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedUser Error - ClientSee attached screenshots for both Advertisers mentioned.The client loaded an image that as below spec for NB. Syntegon was a bug.
02/12/24LEO GUENTHERMinorLeadworksPolypackOtherI can not find the link on the HUB to fill out the form to get Scout loaded on the Polypack websitetrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedQuestionContact is Candace Watkins and her email is cwatkins@polypack.comThe form has been depreciated. The rep should work directly with their CSM to get scout installed on the client's website.
02/08/24Christine SmallwoodCriticalNavigaallallallSalesForce/Naviga syncConnecting to Naviga from SalesForce. Connecting to a proposal, creating a proposal.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedI am not seeing an issue in the connection between the two systems. I have requested that Christine restart her browser and re-login to Salesforce.
02/07/24Christy FloresOtherSalesforceSalesForce/Naviga syncIt's me again. Salesforce is not syncing the advertiser's contacts. I tried a force sync to no avail. This is for the Advertiser The Vegan Co-Packer, LLCtrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedUser Error - CST
02/06/24Christy FloresOtherSalesforceSalesForce/Naviga syncI'm getting an error message in Salesforce when trying to create a Naviga proposal for a CPA member's free CM+P Focus NL . See attached images of there error message I'm receiving. Any guidance is appreciated. Thank you!trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedUser Error - CSTThis is only happening for Hazelnut Growers of Oregon
02/08/24Lara KriegerNavigaN/aOtherReporttrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedHi- can you ensure l am getting notified if the CPG Next digital report sells... How do l find it in Navia?I am building an informer report that will send Lara a list of all future sales each monday morning.
02/06/24Christy FloresLeadworksLeadworksLeadworks IssueI need to change the campaign template and subtype from a Video eblast to a Product Update eblast but when I click on Edit Campaign, the option is no longer there. I've attached a screenshot of what I'm seeing when in the Edit Campaign window.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorClient submitted product materials in a video template. The system locked the template field for production (worked as intended). Admin needs to adjust the template. Before the switch is made, production needs to pull the materials out of ebuilder and reload when template is switched.
12/22/23WENDY SAWTELLMinorNavigaColumbia MachineFour campaigns. 11095, 11404, 11491 & 11552OtherPlease note that I do not want anyone to worry about t his until we are back in the office in January, but want to get it off my plate. Brooke from Columbia wants copies of all her insertion orders, but I can't just provide her the ones she signed off on, because changes have been made since, and they don't reflect the changes on what she signed. Somehow, I need new invoices pulled for all four campaigns, so she has accurate information. Thanks.trueEmma SatchellResolvedNot an errorEmailing PDFs to Wendy nowYes
02/05/24Madysen FastMinorNavigaProSys1145577489 and 77490OtherI need to change these two campaigns to 1/2 vertical instead of horizontal, but because they are attached to leaders and package only, I am not able to change the size and not mess up the pricing.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedWon't Doclient kept as is.
02/02/24Aaron HandBASE/WebsitesNoneBase/Website IssueWhen you type "hpp" into the Tag field, there are two entries.trueEmma SatchellResolvedPlease delete Tag: HPP [3197937]. We have another HPP tag, and I've made sure everything is tagged with the other HPP tag already. NOTE: My email address above is incorrect and I will not receive those emails. It should be tag has been deleted.
02/01/24MaryAnn CoyleNavigaIWK11966Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentI am unable to apply discount on any of the Focus Newsletters because there is no Line DescriptiontrueEmma SatchellResolvedReference Proce Request sheet:!
02/01/24Jake BrockMajorNavigaFormic11965All three linesRate Line Addition/AdjustmentAdded line itemstrueJohn SchreiEmma SatchellResolvedBillingWill need first time advertiser 10% discount applied to this order for all three products. PW eblast should cost $4680, PFW eblast should cost $3,960 and LinkedIn should cost $6,435. Thanks!Campaign updated!
01/31/24Christy FloresNavigapmmi/1017261183182312Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line item zeroed out for this House AdtrueEmma SatchellResolved
01/31/24Christy FloresNavigapmmi/1017261102982311Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line item zeroed out for this House Ad. Thank you much!!trueEmma SatchellResolvedUpdated
01/31/24Christy FloresNavigapmmi/1017261025582308Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line item zeroed out for this House AdtrueEmma SatchellResolvedUpdated
01/31/24Christy FloresNavigapmmi/1017261019682304Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line item zeroed out for this House Ad. Thank you!trueEmma SatchellResolvedUpdated
01/31/24Courtney NicholsNavigaSchneider, Phoenix1166979852-3Need to move the date-trueEmma SatchellResolvedGood morning, Jenn (or Dominique), can you please move the full page ads for Schneider as follows - move to July/August and October (they are not running in Jan/Feb)Line 79852 moved to July/August issue
01/30/24ELIZABETH TIERNEYMajorNavigamg america11961Missing a date/Need a dateI'm looking for a LinkedIn date in September as close to October as possible for the following audience:

bagging, pouching, wrapping; cartoning, multipacking and case packing; coding, labeling and printing equipment; filling, capping, and closing; tray, clamshell and blister packaging equipment in pharma, nutraceutical, medical device and cosmetics companies

trueEmma SatchellResolvedNot an errorHello Liz! There are no PW LinkedIn spots available in September, however, I was able to add a premium timing LinkedIn post for you for October. Let me know if that works or if you'd prefer a different available date.
01/30/24Christy FloresNavigapmmi/1017261183182268, 82270, 82271, 82272, 82273, 82274, 82275, 82276, 82277, 82278, 82279, 82280, 82281, 82282, 83383Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line items zeroed out for these House Ads. Thank you!!trueEmma SatchellResolvedBillingCampaign has been updated
01/29/24Mikayala DelsonOtherHCP LinkedIn and OEM LinkedInOtherI noticed that HCP and OEM LinkedIn campaigns are coming in as Static or Video, whereas PW is Targeted or General (Targeted LinkedIn - $1,200 / General LinkedIn - $2,300). What are the budgets for HCP and OEM Static posts and Video posts?trueEmma SatchellResolvedQuestionHi! This is noted in the Process tab of the hub, but OEM and HCP LinkedIn hard costs are $1,500. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this!
01/29/24Reed SimonsisMinorNavigaRychiger1159179122Need to move the datecannot move dates,materials not yet intrueEmma SatchellResolvedBillingPlease move start date to 2/1/2024 with an end date of 12/31/2024 for billing purposes.

Thank you!
Deleted original rateline, replaced with rateline 82247 (start date 2/1)Yes
01/29/24Mikayala DelsonProduct HubI would like to update the Processes for the following products in the hub (all brands)! I will include the links to the updated process documents.

PMMI Audience Network: LinkedIn Sponsored Post:

PMMI Audience Network: Banner Ads on Third-Party Sites:

Native ads (across the web):

PMMI Audience Network: Video Pre-Roll on Third-Party Sites:

Thank you!
trueEmma SatchellResolvedNot an error
01/29/24Christy FloresNavigapmmi/1017261183182234, 82234, 82235, 82236, 82237, 82233, 82241, 82240Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need these line items zeroed out for these House AdstrueEmma SatchellResolvedBilling
01/29/24Madysen FastMediumNavigaSquid Ink1118975921Need to move the dateThis is a case study that needs to be moved to late February, but it is lot letting me change the date.trueEmma SatchellResolvedBillingHi Mady! I had to delete the original rateline and create a new one (82232), as the start/end date had already passed on the original rateline. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns!
01/29/24Brian GronowskiMajorNavigaCamfil11715Product IssueUnable to add line item for PFW Leaders digital only. Keep getting error message stating rate card need to be selectedtrueEmma SatchellResolvedSystem Configuration Error
01/29/24Brian GronowskiMinorNavigaExor America11948OtherWhat is this code:

Naviga Proposal Status

trueEmma SatchellResolvedQuestionPlan can be deleted, it was replaced by 11949 under Exor International SpaAnswered by emailYes
01/29/24Christy FloresNavigaPMG/1073711195782229Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line item zeroed out for this House AdtrueEmma SatchellResolvedBilling
01/26/24Courtney NicholsLeadworksInternal--Leadworks Issue-trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an errorHi Jenn, can you please update the best practices link in the Leadworks materials notifications and reminders so it clicks through to: Thank you!
01/26/24Brian GronowskiMajorNavigaExor11948Need to move the dateUnable to close a OEM Leaders program. Digital closed date needs to be adjusted to be adjusted 2/8trueDominique CarmonaResolvedMoving Date
01/25/24Bea GreanyBASE/Websitesn/an/an/aBase/Website IssueA reader notified Matt Reynolds about a potential error in the Base article login process "The link took me to a page to add my work email. That prompted a one-time link. Which took me back to a page to add my work email." I also tried to login to view the full article and was unsuccessful.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedSystem Configuration ErrorSharing screenshots of the messages and landing pages I received when attempting to login to view the full article, sent to P1
01/25/24Lee AshcroftMediumNavigaPlan IT11565Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentPlan IT simply want to add 1 additional category to their Leaders. So they would have 5 in total.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
01/25/24Lee AshcroftCriticalNavigaRychiger Canada1159179116OtherRychiger would like to make a slight increase in one of their two agreements this year. They would like to swap their Show Daily purchase with a purchase for the Inside Back Cover of GamePlan. I have selected urgent because I don't want anyone else to snap it up in the meantime!trueDominique CarmonaResolvedWon't DoPosition is sold to Norgren.
01/25/24Mikayala DelsonNavigaLeibinger11883Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentI would like to change this to Inside Back Cover but I am receiving an error in Naviga.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
01/25/24Courtney NicholsProduct HubInternal--OtherBest practices PDFtrueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an errorHi Dominique, after sending the last email I noticed something was left out. Attached is the final (interim) version. Please confirm the new URL so we can update LW and CSMs can add it to their emails. Thanks so much!
01/24/24WENDY SAWTELLMinorNavigaAagard11403OtherMadysen unable to change both of their LinkedIn video posts to Sponsored posts...can someone do that please? Thanks.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
01/24/24WENDY SAWTELLMediumNavigaAagard11403OtherWhen Aagard signed this contract, Account Based product on LinkedIn was $7,200, but then we changed it to $4,680, but $7,200 still shows up on the signed contract. She is requesting a revised contract with correct pricing. Can someone send me that please? Thanks.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
01/24/24Bea GreanyOtherN/AN/AN/AOtherThe Smartsheet System Errors form is generating an error message when I enter text in the 'Notes' field. Notes field error message: "Invalid email format" I'm not entering an email!trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an errorField validation was set to email - now changed to no validation type
01/24/24Mikayala DelsonLeadworksA-B-C Packaging Machine Corp.11194Leadworks IssueA-B-C is trying to locate their Upcoming New Issue Alert Newsletters in the Upcoming Campaigns in Leadworks, but they are not populating. I don't see them either.truetrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorWe didn't attach the external ID to the rateline because the re-designed template isn't ready. I have now added the external ID and created the adset for the client to use, however until the HTML is complete, there will not be a preview of the client's ad.
01/24/24Bea GreanyNavigaPPM Technologies Holdings LLC / 1007191166679940Need to move the dateMay 8 is overbooked for PFW. Need to remove a PFW email. Patrick agreed to move the 5/8 PFW PPM Technologies eblast to May 15. Please 1) create a May 15 PFW eblast date 2) move the PPM Technologies PFW eblast (line ID 79940) in campaign 11666 from May 8 to May 15 3) DELETE the May 8 PFW eblast from Naviga inventory.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedMoving Date
01/24/24Tracey LabovitzProduct HubPlease change the sales and ad close date for Show Daily in the Hub to 10/4. Thank you.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
01/09/24Casey FlanaganBASE/WebsitesNABase/Website IssueHi, Stephanie just showed me that a CPG Next newsletter quiz made its way onto the site's What's Trending section (#6). I checked the quiz page in Base and I don't see a way to change that myself. Is there a way to remove that from the What's Trending selection?trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedSystem Configuration ErrorHere's the quiz in Base: ... I see it at the bottom of any eyebrow section on the site: ... Thank you!To get these to stop appearing on the home page/whats trending area, we need to select Quizzes for the intended site for the primary site/section. P1 is excluding based on items setup this way.
12/06/23Madysen FastMinorLeadworksColumbia MachineLeadworks IssueFor upcoming eblasts, in e-builder, there is not the option to repeat an ad, even though Columbia Machine has multiple past ads they could repeat. I have checked other advertisers, and they still have that option, but Columbia Machine does not.
trueDominique CarmonaResolvedSystem Configuration Error on Yevgeny
01/23/24WENDY SAWTELLCriticalNavigaHarpak11122OtherI'm unable to change Harpak's Leaders in Packaging first print ad from January/February to March/April...can someone do that for me? They are approving ASAP. Thanks.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedMoving DateDone!
01/23/24WENDY SAWTELLCriticalNavigaNational Bulk11895OtherNBE wants to swap out their 6/19 PFW eBlast and replace with one of the new dates recently added. They would like the 4/17 deployment. Can you change the date on their approved plan? I'm only making this critical because I don't want another rep to snag that date. Thanks.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedMoving Date
01/23/24Reed SimonsisMinorNavigaPPM Technology980981788Need to move the dateaccidentaly had this scheduled in 2023trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedMoving DatePlease move to march 25th 2024

01/22/24Christine SmallwoodMinorNavigaSyntegon (2 separate accounts) please see campaign numbers below11874 + 117952 campaignsReporting IssueAm noticing that the 2024 media spend totals are not appearing in my Salesforce view under, "My Accounts". Please see attached and confirm that this can be fixed.trueRyan SharerResolvedSystem Configuration ErrorThis appears to be fixed. Please confirm you are seeing the numbers.This has been turned over to Andy's team. We do not adjust SF dasboards.
01/22/24WENDY SAWTELLCriticalNavigaColumbia Machine11917OtherPlease change the second ad so it runs in October...I can't make the change and get an error message.trueDominique CarmonaResolved
01/18/24WENDY SAWTELLMinorMDTProven PartnersOtherNone of the CM+P Newsletter links work in MDT. services and machinery version as well as the exclusive newsletter. Two of them are on this attached plan, so you'll have to fix the machinery one too. Thanks.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
01/22/24Aleks ApkarianMDTVerdeco Recycling1192082000, 82001Leadworks IssueUsed MDT to build example list of media options, cross checked with Hub and pricing for LI and FB targeted campaigns don't match. Went into Naviga to create example proposal and pricing matches Hub, not MDT.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedThis isn't an error. It looks like 2023 ratelines were used in the MDT plan Naviga and hub are correct with the 2024 pricing.
01/22/24Reed SimonsisMinorNavigaSteamericas - Optima Steamer102476,883,782,004.00Need to move the dateBilled in 2023, rescheduling q1 2024. A new line has been created.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedMoving DatePlease zero out line 82004. Thank you!Done
01/22/24Christine SmallwoodCriticalNavigaMakat Candy Technology GmbH (Syntegon)Naviga Account Number 116270creating a Naviga ProposalSalesForce/Naviga syncAlthough I am checking the "Force Sync" button followed by 1) In Naviga & 2) In Leadworks, each of the contacts is not actually syncing over to Navig. Because of this, when I attempt to write a proposal from the Gummies opportunity, there is no "Order Contact" available in the drop down. Will you please help me Force Sync all three contacts in the Makat account?trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedSystem BugHi Christine! There was an update in Naviga over the weekend that affected our connection between SF and Naviga. Their team has fixed the issue and you should be able to sync companies and contacts again. I force synced one of yours and it was successful. Please let me know if there are any additional issues. Thanks! Jenn
01/16/24WENDY SAWTELLMinorMDTNAOtherlink for OEM LinkedIn to hub not working.

trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an errorUpdated link, awaiting overnight change
01/19/24Jake BrockMajorNavigaPower Central11911both linesRate Line Addition/AdjustmentAdding line items.trueJohn SchreiDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an errorPer approval from John we will apply a discount to each of the line items on this order. Both digital report sponsorships should cost $5,500. Bringing total campaign total to $11,000.
01/18/24Christine SmallwoodMinorNavigaUniversal Robots11902 and 11903 - please check the account overall (multiple fixes that did not stick/are not sticking)n/aAdding an AgencyActually, this is a problem with removing an agency. The change has been implemented several times but it never sticks. Universal Robots no longer has McCall Media. We've removed it and it has been escalated, but they are appearing again in the media campaign proposals. Please confirm and thanks!trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorHI Christine, I have removed the agency connection in Naviga manually. Please let me know if this issues happens again. Thanks,
01/18/24Reed SimonsisMinorNavigaChales Ross & Son1159281916Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentThere was a mistake on a print ad.JENNIFER BRINKResolvedMake GoodWas informed by Lara and patrick to add a make good pfw mag for april.

Please zero out the line.
01/16/24Christy FloresNavigapmmi/1017261187881732, 81733Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need these line items zeroed out for these House Ads. Thank you!!trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedBillingDone!
01/17/24Christy FloresNaviga100475OtherNaviga doesn't show a 2024 CPA campaign for Alek Apkarian or House Rep. I'm creating line items for the Free CM+P NL's that will be billed to CPA but becasue the two mentioned don't show in Naviga, I'm unable to create the line items.. I've attached an image showing a few of the reps that currently show up for reference to what I need created.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorDone! I added house rep and turned Tom D's into Aleks. I moved Power Central from that plan to Jake's since Jake took over Tom's accounts.
01/18/24MaryAnn CoyleMajorNavigaPack Air, Inc.1179481725,81726,81727,81728Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentI am unable to adjust rate lines for Wendy since there is no Line Description for LIP items. 81725, 81726, 81727 should be reduced to $3000 as No override-New Advertiser.

81728 should be reduced to $3060 as No override-New Advertiser.
trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedBilling
01/17/24MaryAnn CoyleNavigaNA Line Addition/AdjustmentNaviga shows HCP Asked & Answered price as $6800 but Hub says $6650. ot sure which is correct but I had to adjust price for one of Leo's orders to reflect Hub.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedProduct Update/Close Date ChangeThe 2023 price is still on the hub... the hub will need to be updated to reflect the 6800 price. Thanks!
01/17/24Mikayala DelsonLeadworksIndustrial Fumigant Co.1176980799.2 and 80800.2Leadworks IssueThese FB and LI campaigns are not populating under the Audience Network Report for: Industrial Fumigant Co. Can we push these so they appear? BRINKResolvedNot an errorCampaigns are still running. they won't hit the audience network view for the client until they are done running.
01/17/24LEO GUENTHERCriticalNavigaADCO11195OtherCan you please ad a Pro Plan with 1/2 horizontals in May/June, September and OctobertrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedUser Error - Sales RepIs there any way you can open LIP back up. I am guessing each rep has a prospect out there that have not confirmed LIP Yet. I know Shurtape is going to confirm tomorrow or Friday.You just need to move the digital dates forward and the plan will add as it should. The 1/15/2024 is what is throwing the closed error.
01/16/24Mikayala DelsonLeadworksGEALeadworks IssueThese two PAN campaigns are not loading under the advertiser's Audience Network Histroy tab. can we push these so that they appear? BRINKResolvedNot an errorThese will not pop onto the Audience Network tab for the client until there are impression counts added. If you mean our banner ad history tab, let me know and I will look into it.
01/17/24Reed SimonsisMinorNavigaPPM Technology980966949Need to move the dateplease move the 12/18 eblast to march 25th.
Billed but has not run.
trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedMoving Dateplease move the 12/18 eblast to march 25th.
Billed but has not run. Thanks!
01/12/24ELIZABETH TIERNEYNavigacanon usa11864Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentI quoted canon on the eb multichannel based on the pricing attached but the price is different in of these needs to be adjusted and then the price for canon's order needs to be adjusted in naviga to match the quoted price, please! thanks!trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedUser Error - Sales Repextra LI ad was added.1/16 - Emailed Liz. I see an extra EBA LI ad. The package should be 1 banner ad line and 2 LI ads. There are 3 EBA LI ads on this plan.
01/17/24Brian GronowskiMajorNavigaLinde11880OtherGenerated PDFtrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedUser Error - Sales RepPlease review order #11880 When you generate a PDF to send to client every line item has the same Package Name. PFW - Leaders in Processing - full-page - 2024.

Show stuff, PAN stuff
Brian added the non package products while adding the package. MaryAnn helped him correct this
01/16/24Bea GreanyNavigaallalln/aOtherNaviga 'Due Date' field disappeared from the Production by Sales Rep dashboard view. I reconfigured the campaign lines to add back the Due Date field. After re-adding the 'Due Date' field, the date is formatted as Day, Month D, 2024 time rather than M/DD/YYYYtrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedQuestionWe can't adjust the date format in our settings, but I can send a request to see if its something that can be adjusted or an option they can expose
01/16/24Madysen FastMinorNavigaN/AN/AOtherThe due date tab on Naviga in the production by sales rep view is not there anymore. It only shows the start and end date. Is there a way to add the due date back?trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedQuestionYou can add the due date field back to the view by clicking "configure output" and add the field back. We can't adjust the date format in our settings, but I can send a request to see if its something that can be adjusted or an option they can expose.
01/17/24LEO GUENTHERCriticalNavigaLeibinger11883OtherCan you open up this plan for PXE Showcase. I need to Add the IFC to the issue and it said it closed Jan 9truetrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedProduct Update/Close Date ChangeLara approved we can get the ad in the issueThis has been added.
01/16/24WENDY SAWTELLCriticalNavigaNAOtherTrying to add a Leaders Pro plan for PW but it won't let me and says it closed on the 15th...we will be selling it for a while if the dates can be pushed back.
trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedUser Error - Sales Repthe dates for the digital products were set to 1/15. issue was resolved by moving those lines to 2/1
01/12/24Jake BrockCriticalNavigaBoston Dynamics1185581455Missing a date/Need a dateAdded line item.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedMoving DateApproval from production to sell January 19th start date for Linkedin campaign. Just need inventory opened up again for this date to be able to select it. Thanks!
01/12/24Christy FloresNavigaPMG/1073711173181465Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line item zeroed out for this House AdtrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedBilling
01/12/24Christy FloresNavigapmmi/1017261185881461, 81462, 81463, 81464Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line items zeroed out for these House AdstrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedBilling
01/12/24Christy FloresNavigapmmi/1017261185781460Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line item zeroed out for this House AdtrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedBilling
01/12/24Christy FloresNavigapmmi/1017261185681459Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line item zeroed out for this House AdtrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedBilling
01/12/24Christy FloresLeadworksLeadworksHelp with a viewI need to provide client's with their Leadworks usernames when working with CPA Member's and their free CM+P Focus NLs. I go to Leadworks, Admin, and click on users, but get an error message stating I'm not allow to perform this action. See attached screenshot. Any assistance is appreciated.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedQuestionChristy sees the users now!
01/12/24Courtney NicholsNavigaSignode11748Billing Contact not pulling throughPlease help adjust this campaign's billing address. The correct address is in the order notes and in SF for the contacttrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedQuestionAn "agency" version of the company with the desired address needs to be added to Salesforce and pushed to Naviga. Then add the "agency" version of the company as the agency for this campaign.
01/11/24ELIZABETH TIERNEYMajorNavigaIntegrity Staffing Solutions11852Missing a date/Need a dateI have a client who wants to run a LinkedIn campaign as a test for a potentially bigger campaign ASAP, but there isnt any inventory until Feb. 9th. Can we open something earlier than that for them? Target audience is food and bev engineers. Thanks!trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an error
01/09/24Stephanie NeilBASE/WebsitesN/ABase/Website IssueI can't get any products to show up on the CPG Next website because there is no primary section for "Products."trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedQuestionJen K. said I needed to start it as "Product" not "Article" but that didn't work either. I think the simplest solution is to add a primary category of "Products" in the SEO Fields section.To get these to work, Jen is correct you need to use Product and not Article. To get them to appear under the product sections they need both a primary site & section AND a website schedule for these to appear as intended
01/10/24WENDY SAWTELLMajorNavigaFormost11830OtherTrying to book Formost PAN for PACK EXPO Facebook 1 week before and says it is sold out but only shows four items sold on Smartsheet. Can we still get them in for Bagging, pouching and wrapping? If so, can someone add it to the plan. She's ready to approve. Thanks.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolved
01/11/24Christine SmallwoodMinorNavigaallallallOtherIs it possible to give sales reps permission to delete a product on a proposal after that product close date has passed?trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedQuestion
01/10/24Kelly GreebyNavigaN/AOtherCan Jenn look at the dates for webinars in Naviga -- per this Chatter post. BRINKResolvedHi @Trey Smith​ and thank you. Do we have the opportunity to expand the offering to a three-sponsor model and follow the same pattern as the other brands? In addition, will you please take a look at Naviga and note that the Brand Editorial Webinars are not drawing with specific drop-down dates. This does not allow for selection of a specific topic and date as per the SmartSheet.
01/10/24Christy FloresNavigapmmi/1017261183181351Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line item zeroed out for this House AdtrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedBillingDone!
01/10/24Jake BrockMediumNavigaHexagon11760All three linesRate Line Addition/AdjustmentN/AtrueJohn SchreiJENNIFER BRINKResolvedProduct Update/Close Date ChangeNeed all three line items changed on this order per approval from John Schrei to match a previous quote Tom Duggan gave the prospect. Will need the roundtable to be priced at $17,500 and will need both enewsletter ads priced at $4,500.
01/09/24Madysen FastMinorBASE/WebsitesColumbia/OkuraBase/Website IssueI am trying to approve updates to someones company page and it is not showing. Error attached.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
01/10/24Christy FloresNavigapmmi/10172611828, 1182981337, 81339Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line items zeroed out for these House Ads. Thank you!trueEmma SatchellResolvedBillingHouse ads zeroed out.
01/03/24Lara KriegerSend My AdMDX Process1176180722.1OtherThis did not push to SMA- pls determine whytrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedSystem BugThis should now have pushed over, Jenn and I troubleshooted this earlier in the week.Steps taken - changed product type and then changed back to hopefully force it into SMA.
01/05/24MaryAnn CoyleMediumLeadworksNALeadworks IssueI am now a CSM for Aleks and I do ot have full permissions to Leadworks. Forbidden pages come up when trying to view LW Users: BRINKResolvedSystem Configuration ErrorChanged Aleks' CSM from Reed to MaryAnn.Jen, could you please teach me how to fix this one when you're back? - Emma
reached out to maryann, she is out so will connect with her when she returns - Jenn
01/09/24Mikayala DelsonNavigaMUNDO Líderes in Latinoamerca Program - DigitalHelp with a viewWhen I try to open any of the MUNDO Leaders line items, it goes to an error: (612): The workflow for "MUNLELPDIG" has not been defined. This happened with the HCP Leaders line items before which Jenn fixed.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedSystem Configuration ErrorThis is fixed. There is now a workflow attached.
01/09/24WENDY SAWTELLMinorMDTNAOtherI received a note that my latest issue with MDT was resolved, but links still not working. See attachment and click on enfoque or destacado. Thanks.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an error
01/09/24WENDY SAWTELLMinorMDTNAOtherLinks from Media Discovery Tool to Hub are not working for Enfoque and destacado newsletters...might be other broken ones for Mundo, but those were the two I found today. Thanks.

trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
01/09/24PATRICK YOUNGCriticalNavigaCablevey ConveyorsOtherPlease change the closing date for PFW Feb. Leaders to January 22nd.trueEmma SatchellResolvedProduct Update/Close Date ChangeThe above request is time sensitive.Yes
01/05/24Hannah KrauseLeadworksNulogy49726Leadworks IssueTried to fix ad options for CM+P Industry webinar so that there was only one ad and one logo ad. However, this existing campaign still has an extra ad. Please remove the extra ad in this eBlast campaign if possible.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedSystem Configuration ErrorAlso, Please update my email and name in this system errors SmartSheet to "Hannah Krause" and ""Removed the extra ad.
01/04/24Christy FloresOtherSalesforceSalesForce/Naviga syncI am trying to create a free CM+P NL campaign for a client. Salesforce is saying I don't have access to Naviga. See attached screenshot.trueEmma SatchellResolvedPermission granted, let me know if you have any trouble accessing! placed to Salesforce team
01/08/24LEO GUENTHERCriticalNavigaAlled Flex Technologies and Viking Masek11196 and 11163Campaign Production FormsOtherViking Masek tried to approve their plan today and said the link was expired. Also, Allied Flex and Viking have ZERO Campaign Production Forms that can be completed in their plans.

Should I just delete the Line Items in Viking Masek and start again because he wants to approve this afternoon.
trueEmma SatchellResolvedCampaigns updatedYes
01/04/24Lara KriegerNavigaN/aSalesForce/Naviga syncThere is currently no sync from salesforce when an proposal is closed by a rep.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedIt would be very helpful to have any proposals that are cancelled or closed in Salesforce to push that info to Naviga so l can actually see what may still come in for issues. This will help greatly in determing issue sizes.Unfortunately, it is not possible for Salesforce to trigger Naviga automatically. We remind rep's consistently they need to close campaigns once lost, as that is their responsibility.Rep was supposed to cancel this.
12/20/23Brian GronowskiMediumLeadworksn/an/aProduct Issuebuilding a plan, then selecting CPG Next intelligent reports, the selections had 4 options when there is one. there are no single page options anymoretrueEmma SatchellResolvedSystem BugThis is an error in MDT. We do not offer full page ads anymore in the Digital Transformation Intelligence Report. If you'd like to potentially bring this back as a product, please send an email to John Schrei/Jen Krepelka. I am working to have the erroneous lines removed from MDT. placed to Dev team to remove deleted ratelines still showing in MDT
12/18/23Mikayala DelsonLeadworksA-B-C Packaging Machine Corp.957263505Leadworks IssueThis Leaders 2023 retargeting campaign is not showing up on the advertiser's Audience Network Report.Can we add it on there so the advertiser can view metrics?trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
01/04/24Christy FloresNavigaPMG/1073711175681009Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line item zeroed out for this House AdtrueEmma SatchellResolvedBillingHouse AdZeroed out!
12/21/23WENDY SAWTELLCriticalNavigaBrenton11772OtherTrying to get a few orders signed today, but I'm getting a ratecard error for our Beta Newsletters for PW. Trying to add two of them to their plan. One on October 1st and the other on November 13th. Thanks.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
12/20/23Casey FlanaganMediumOtherNACyberduckOtherHello,

I've lost access to Cyberduck, and I heard there was a password change for it.

Can you please share the new access key ID and Secret Access Key?

I need access to upload a BI report PDF for this week's article. If it'd be possible to sent the login by end of day today, that would be great. Tomorrow morning works as well.

Thank you!
12/21/23Courtney NicholsNavigaMorrison Container1153578298, 78299Need to move the dateMorrison would like to swap the October full page and the April ½ page so that the ½ page is in October and the full in April. Naviga is not allowing me to make the change since it's part of the Leaders packagetrueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an errorThank you
12/21/23Mikayala DelsonNavigaIndustrial Fumigant Co.11769Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentI'd like to zero out this order. Brian offered a FB and LI makegood to make up for their Webinar's poor performance.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedMake Good
12/21/23Reed SimonsisMediumNavigaPPM980966949Need to move the dateClient missed send due to end of year, allowing for one reschedule into 2024.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedMoving DateSince we are billing the client in December 2023. Please reschedule by creating 0 dollar line item in q1 of 2024.

Please contact me via slack if there are question on this!
12/21/23Reed SimonsisMediumNavigaParatherm & Bepex1,023,210,535.007,040,068,684.00Need to move the dateClients have been working on their technology minute for sometime but where not able to approve of content before year end.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedMoving DatePer Patrick, we are billing both of these sends in 2023 but would like to reschedule the sends. For Paratherm - Please reschedule line item 70400 to Early Febuary. For Bepex, - please reschedule to mid March.

Please slack Reed with any questions.

12/21/23Casey FlanaganBASE/WebsitesNA IssueSean first ran into this issue and alerted me to it. This scheduled article is showing an error message in the scheduling, unique from yesterday's. He did a hard refresh and still saw it. He was getting the error code on the bottom, and when I tried to add a new schedule, I got this second error code on top. He says he's also getting a 404 message when clicking on the article in a newsletter, but I think that's a result of it not being published yet.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedSystem Configuration ErrorThe newsletter Sean was looking at was for Jan 4, so no urgency to fix something already in peoples' hands. Anne Marie scheduled the story for Jan 2. I'm assuming this has to do with taxonomy updates again, so is it something we should just wait out? Thanks, sorry to dump this right before the holidays.
12/20/23Christy FloresNavigaPMG/1073711175480600, 80601, 80602, 80603, 80604, 80605, 80606, 80607, 80608, 80614, 80616, 80617, 80618, 80619, 80620, 80621,Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line item zeroed out for this House AdtrueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an errorHouse Ads
12/20/23Christy FloresNavigapmmi/10172611029, 10255, 1175980651, 80670, 80652, 80671, 80672Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need these line items zeroed out for these House AdstrueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an errorHouse Ads
12/20/23Casey FlanaganBASE/WebsitesNA IssueBase scheduling is giving me this error: "Network error: Failed to fetch Retry?" I refreshed, restarted Chrome, and sent it to Sean to see if it's just me, but the error stuck.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedSystem Configuration ErrorHi Dominique! Per the "Outline the steps..." section, Base isn't letting me schedule story. Do you know a way around this? Thank you!
12/20/23Christy FloresNavigaPMG/1073711175680622, 80623, 80624, 80625, 80637, 80638, 80639, 80640, 80641, 80641Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line item zeroed out for this House AdtrueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an errorHouse Ads
12/08/23Mikayala DelsonNavigaQC Conveyors1045069878 + 73838Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentCan we bill QC for their December eblast and LinkedIn this month but reschedule them for Jan/Feb?trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedQuestionWorking on a process with Courtney
12/20/23Christine SmallwoodMinorNavigaGraphic Packaging11234Leaders Categories - Campaign Custom Data FormsProduct IssueThe Leaders Category form is still not available on this contract - the issue is not resolved. I refreshed my screen twice.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
12/20/23Christine SmallwoodMinorNavigaIntralox11148Campaign Custom Data FormsProduct IssueThe Leaders Category form is not available on 11148 (see attached). Please restore.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
12/20/23Christine SmallwoodMinorNavigaPrintpack11231Campaign Custom Data FormsProduct IssueThe Leaders Categories form is not available in the Campaign Custom Data Forms section of Naviga.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
12/13/23Courtney NicholsLeadworksSyntegon11657, 11658Leadworks IssueWeekly Wrap newsletters are not pulling through after being moved to R3 statustrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedSystem Configuration ErrorThank you!the external ID wasn't on the rateline when plan was created.
12/20/23Christine SmallwoodMinorNavigaFrazier & Son11144Leaders Categories - Campaign Custom Data FormsProduct IssueSame as WestRock-the Leaders Category production form is not available in the Campaign Custom Data Forms.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorThe form has been added
12/20/23Christine SmallwoodMinorNavigaWestRock11076Campaign Custom Data FormsReporting IssuePlease note that Leaders Category form is unavailable in the "Campaign Custom Data Forms" section of this proposal. I need to be able to submit those categories in this contract/campaign. Please let me know when fixed.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorThe form has been added
12/18/23Christy FloresNavigaPMG/1073711173180479Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line item zeroed out for this House AdtrueDominique CarmonaResolvedHouse Ad
12/15/23WENDY SAWTELLMediumNavigaOCME11730OtherPlease apply member rate...OCME owned by Robopac/TopTier. Thanks.trueEmma SatchellResolvedBillingCampaign has been updated!Yes
12/15/23Courtney NicholsNavigaJames Alexander1148977860 through 77863Need to move the dateJames Alexander is changing to 3 full pages instead of 4 ½ pages. I'm having trouble changing it on my own. Can you please change the order to 3 full pages: Jan/Feb, May/June, and October PW?trueEmma SatchellResolvedBillingThank youCampaign has been updated!
12/14/23Courtney NicholsNavigaPlexpack1054170449Missing a date/Need a dateCan you help me move this HCP LinkedIn to 5/10? No dates are appearing for 2024.- Thank you!trueEmma SatchellResolvedBillingChange approved by John and implemented.
10/20/23Reed SimonsisMediumLeadworksAir Products, All-Fill--Leadworks IssuePatrick and I tried to remove a few contacts from the Advertisers in leadworks. Please see attached for section I am refering to. When trying to remove these contacts, it gives an error saying they cannot be removed due to their relation to campaigns in the advertisers leadworks.

We are trying to remove:

Air Products
Kat Yesvetz

All-Fill, Inc
Matt Krohmer
Teresa Rivera

Please let me know if there are any questions.
trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorRequest completed sure how to fix - Emma This looks like a bug I have a ticket into Doug.
11/13/23Lara KriegerNavigaWestRock11076OtherHi... Courtney changed the print primary name to Ambra Washington but l am not seeing that. l only see Anya.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedSystem BugGoing to be fixed when we have integration tools at our disposal early 2024.
12/05/23Christine SmallwoodMinorNavigaAll SyntegonallBilling ContactOtherJanet Darnley has resigned from Syntegon.
I just set up Naviga 11657 and she is the default Billing Contact. I suspect this will continue until we nip it in the bud. Is there a way to remove her universally from the accounts - all Syntegon accounts - and make sure she does not default as the billing contact? Thank you!
trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an errorJanet Darley was made inactive in both Leadworks and Naviga. Courtney is meeting with Christine to determine actual billing contacts by Syntegon brand. Courtney will reach out if she needs additional help, but this ticket is closed for now.Yes
12/11/23Riley PhoenixLeadworksBishop Wisecarver990464324.7Leadworks IssueTried to create a Supplied HTML eblast and received an errortrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an error
12/07/23Aleks ApkarianMediumNavigaWeiler Engineering11684Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentQuick Line Entry - Select a Product: (HCPNLF)
add an Ad Type: Flat Fee Digital
Add a Rateline: no ratelines available
trueDominique CarmonaResolvedUser Error - Sales Repthank you for your help!
11/09/23Lara KriegerMinorSend My Ad77926.111374OtherThe position of page 1 did not transfer to SMA, came in as a reg full page ad.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedUser Error - CSTCSM missed adding the internal note on the item line.
12/06/23Madysen FastMinorLeadworksN/ALeadworks IssueWhen i try to view Linkedin Videos under the history dash, an error message pops up. The error message is attached.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolved
12/08/23Mikayala DelsonNavigaMETTLER TOLEDO11653Billing Contact not pulling throughI'm trying to set the billing contact as the WESTMOUNT360 LIMITED Jackson House, Station Road, Chingford United Kingdom address, but it is not populating. The address is listed under the agency.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedUser Error - Sales RepThe Agency was not set up correctly in SalesForce and it wasn't linked with Naviga. I have corrected the setup in SF, Synced to Naviga and attached the Agency to the plan.
12/04/23Tracey LabovitzNavigaN/ATemplate IssueShow Daily Ad sizes have been updated. We want to make sure they are right on Naviga. I am not sure how and want to be sure.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorI have attached the correct specs here. We need to eliminate the 1/6 and 2/3 ads for Show Daily 2024. Thank you.
12/08/23WENDY SAWTELLMajorNavigaNARate Line Addition/AdjustmentThere's no rate line for the HCP Focus newsletters and I need to send a proposal before noon if possible. see screenshot. Thanks.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedUser Error - Sales RepHi Wendy. All HCP Focuses for 2024 are under packages.No
12/08/23WENDY SAWTELLCriticalNavigaAnritsu11600Product IssueNone of the 2024 Mundo e-blasts are in the system. I need a video e-blast added for this monday, the 11th. I spoke with Kelly and confirmed Madysen can handle if we get materials today. Thanks.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedUser Error - Sales RepYour overall Campaign end date is set to 12/31/2023. If you move it to 12/31/2024 you should see the dates.No
12/08/23WENDY SAWTELLCriticalNavigaAnritsu11600OtherFor some reason I can't delete a Mundo Facebook Ad from this plan and it isn't an approved order. The reason I can't is because the date has already passed. This seems silly and should be able to delete anything on an order that hasn't been approved. Can someone please delete it and add to a list of things to ask Naviga? Making this critical because I need to get this approved now so we can receive materials for the other item I asked to add. Thanks.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorI can review the security settings in Naviga, but I think this was an intentional setting. I have removed the ad.No
12/07/23Lara KriegerSend My AdMaterial Transfer1146577613.1OtherThe ad is not moving to SMA but the profile did... can you check plstrueDominique CarmonaResolvedWon't Do
12/06/23Christine SmallwoodCriticalNavigaAll Syntegon (Three Separate Naviga Proposals)11657 + 11658 + 11659see notes belowRate Line Addition/AdjustmentHello, please make the following adjustments to these proposals due to
a) PMMI Membership discount and b) Game Plan Six Categories Total (applied discount)

Please see below in "Notes"
trueWENDY SAWTELLDominique CarmonaResolvedWon't DoNaviga 11657: Apply the 10% member discount + Adjust 3 Game Plans to $2,295 each

Naviga 11658: Apply the 10% member discount + Adjust 2 Game Plans to $2,295 each

Naviga 11659: Adjust 1 Game Plan to $2,295 total
12/05/23Christine SmallwoodMinorNavigaRockwell Automation11650OEMMTPKGProduct Issuethe OEM Multi-Channel Package does not appear available in Naviga. Please see attached. Thank you!trueDominique CarmonaResolvedUser Error - Sales Rep
12/04/23Lara KriegerProduct Hub

Please change:
Tabloid Page- to Full Page
Tabloid Spread- to Full Page Spread
Standard to - 1/2 Page Island can this not be next to 2024 at top and instead with rest of the items?
trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
12/04/23Lara KriegerProduct HubPlease update the Show Daily page with the updated specs created by Dave Bacho.
trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
12/01/23Madysen FastMinorNavigaEncoder10783 and 11341SalesForce/Naviga syncI am trying to add Tim Kelley as a production contact for Encoder, so I changed his relationship in saleforce, but it is not properly syncing.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedSystem Configuration ErrorJenn and I connected, escalating to Simone for help on the issue. -DC
11/27/23Courtney NicholsLeadworksFrainNANALeadworks IssueHello, I am trying to remove Christina Rowland from the LOMA account because she now works for Frain and I need to send her an updated login. She has been added to Frain successfully but I need help making LOMA invisible to her: I think I covered all bases in SF.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedSystem Configuration Error
11/27/23Christine SmallwoodMinorLeadworksBW Flexible Systemsn/an/aReporting IssueThe lead download function in Leadworks (BW Flexibles account) is not functioning. I receive an Error 500; Here is the account: SatchellResolvedUser Error - Sales RepEmail with solution incoming.YesI emailed Christine on this issue, giving her until Monday to respond.
11/30/23LEO GUENTHERMediumNavigaMassman Companies/EDL Packaging/Ideal Pace/DTM11289,11320,11287, 11288OtherAll four plans show Christine Smallwood as the Rep. Should be me.trueEmma SatchellResolvedUser Error - Sales RepSolved via emailNoNothing wrong with setup, these contracts were approved prior to Leo being assigned as the rep to the Naviga campaigns.
11/30/23Christy FloresNavigaPMG/1073711162179328Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line item zeroed out for this House AdtrueEmma SatchellResolvedBillingHouse Ad
11/29/23Christy FloresNavigaPMG/1073711161579261Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line item zeroed out for this House AdtrueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an errorHouse Ads
11/29/23Madysen FastMinorBASE/WebsitesBaseBase/Website IssueI am not able to log into base. It keeps saying invalid password even with my saved password.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
11/28/23Christy FloresNavigaPMG/1073711047679199Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line item zeroed out for this House AdtrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedWon't DoHouse Ad
11/29/23Madysen FastMediumLeadworksWinternitz1158179026.2Leadworks IssueThis campaign is not showing up in leadworks, the advertiser is not syncing to Leadworks.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedUser Error - Sales Rep
11/28/23Lara KriegerSend My AdIntralox11148745721OtherPage 1 for Intralox in Buyer's Guide did not move to SMAtrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an error
11/28/23LEO GUENTHERMajorNavigaOssid - A promach Company11463 and 11603Billing Contact not pulling throughI changed Stacie Eberly to Stacie McCormick months ago and for some reason, Naviga is pulling Eberly out of SF and onto Ossid Plans.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an errorboth plans pulled through the wrong name. I just need to get her two proposals as soon as possible.
11/28/23WENDY SAWTELLCriticalNavigaAnritsu11600OtherAnritsu wants to buy a Mundo Facebook Sponsored post that starts on 12/8 and I'm unable to add the date. Madysen said we have time to do it if she can get us materials this week. They are buying it to promote a webinar they are doing on 12/13, so would we consider starting their ad a few days earlier? Thanks.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an errorNo
11/27/23Mikayala DelsonNavigaViking Masek Packaging Technologies11595Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentCan we get approved for a 12/5 standard eblast? Leo said he will give me materials by tomorrow afternoon to made the date.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
11/27/23Jake BrockMediumNavigaNulogy11596Missing a date/Need a dateThis is for the contract packaging enewsletter free placement for the CPA sponsors. Nulogy has chosen the newsletter and would like to run in November issue, will need that item added to order. Thanks!trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
11/27/23lee AshcroftNavigaPlease move all media elements that are not a part of the Leaders packages from campaign ID 11218 to campaign ID 11591.

Thank you!
trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an errorAlso, please add the attachment inclided here as the updated agreement for BOTH the above mentioned Campaign ID's
11/21/23WENDY SAWTELLCriticalNavigaWinternitz11581Need to move the datePlease change the start date to 12/1...I ran this by Kelly and the team.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedMoving Date
11/21/23Brian GronowskiMinorNavigaSEW-EURODRIVE11373Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentNeed to edit a premium position program started internallytrueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an errorI have a signed order, Plan #11373 for SEW-EURODRIVE and the 2024 OEM OBC cover position. To make life simple, can we add Leaders to this program, change billing to flexible and set it up to invoice March, June, September and December 2024.
11/21/23Brian GronowskiMinorNavigaSEW-EURODRIVE11058Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentNeed to edit a premium position program started internallytrueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an errorI have a signed order, Plan #11058 for SEW-EURODRIVE and the 2024 ProFood World OBC cover position. To make life simple, can we add Leaders to this program, change billing to flexible and set it up to invoice February, April, June, August, October and December 2024.
11/21/23WENDY SAWTELLMinorNavigaNAOtherAdvertiser: Columbia Machine, Inc.
Campaign ID: 11552
Campaign Status: CO

Advertiser: Aagard
Campaign ID: 11403
Campaign Status: CO

These two campaigns were recently updated with new ABBIC pricing, but I'm unable to download a new copy of the insertion order and I'd like to send a copy to each customer. Can someone upload the revised contracts to each account and send me a copy of each please? Thanks. Wendy
trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
11/21/23Mikayala DelsonNavigaGEA1101079022Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentI would also like this LinkedIn zero'd out. Another make good.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedMake Good
11/21/23Mikayala DelsonNavigaGEA1101079017Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentI'd like to zero out this LinkedIn for 12/1. It is a make good approved by Kelly.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedMake Good
11/20/23Brian GronowskiMinorNavigaVDG11576Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentstrueDominique CarmonaResolvedCustom ProductVDG is continuing the demo inserts using Packaging World in 2024. Plan #11576

Please add 2-page demo insert

Jan/Feb, May/June, September and Nov/Dec

$7090/insertion net – Flexible Billing

Include Packaging World Leaders on this plan

Divide payment equally in February, June, September and December
11/20/23WENDY SAWTELLMajorNaviga10722OtherCan someone add the Leaders components for PW and PFW please (zero dollars for each item). This one will have to be handled a little differently because their new fiscal starts April 1st, so their second ad will be purchased later. Thanks.trueEmma SatchellResolvedBillingNoReached out to Wend for campaign ID of 2024-2025 items
11/20/23Reed SimonsisMinorNavigaESI Group975578700Need to move the dateForgot about thanksgiving weekend. Please move this back one more week. So sorry to ask for another move!trueDominique CarmonaResolvedMoving Date
11/20/23Lara KriegerSend My AdJLS and New England MachineryOtherFor JLS and New England, they are not pushing through to the Jan/Feb PW issue and rest of orderstrueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
11/17/23LEO GUENTHERMediumNavigaMassman/EDL/Ideal Pase and DTM11320,11287,11289,11288SalesForce/Naviga syncDid not get confirmation emailtrueEmma SatchellResolvedUser Error - Sales RepHi - I moved these 4 accounts over from Christine Smallwood yesterday to my name. Naviga shows plans confirmed but I never got confirmation emails.Individual campaigns for 2024 needed to be moved over, in addition to Salesforce accounts. I have moved these for you and attributed 100% of the commision to you. Please let me know if this is incorrect.No
11/17/23Reed SimonsisMinorNavigaESI Group975563104Need to move the dateneed to push this facebook back by 1 week . please move to november 24th.trueEmma SatchellResolvedBillingCampaign updated accordinglyYes
11/17/23Tom DugganLeadworksn/aLeadworks Issuequerry error on Linked metricstrueEmma SatchellResolvedSystem Configuration Errorsee attached picture, LinkedIn Metrics are showing error message, i tried full year and last qtr, still same error messageThis reporting has been fixed!
11/16/23PATRICK YOUNGMajorNavigaGericke USA11563Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentPlease add Page Opposite TOC to this campaign for the months of February, April and June. The net rate is $3,750 which is an increase from 2023.trueEmma SatchellResolvedBillingPlease remove the hold in Naviga. Gericke USA had this position in 2023.Approved by John for 2024 and update made to campaign.No
11/16/23PATRICK YOUNGCriticalNavigaFlexLink Systems11559Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentPlease schedule 1/2 page placements in February, May/June, September and october.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedProduct Update/Close Date ChangeBoth Reed and I got an error message when trying to schedule the 3 remaining 1/2 page ads.
11/16/23PATRICK YOUNGMajorNavigaFlexicon Corp11547Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentPlease change product to PFW full page print Inside Front Cover positiontrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedProduct Update/Close Date Change
11/15/23Lara KriegerNavigaPMI Kyoto11412OtherThe leadoff 1/3 ads came into SMA as fulls for the 2024 ordertrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedSystem Configuration ErrorWrong size code was used on the rateline. Should have used 1/3 vertical not Full page
11/14/23ELIZABETH TIERNEYMajorNavigabell-mark11542OtherI'm building a media plan in Naviga and the line items I'm adding aren't showing up as products listed. the $$ amount is going up, and when I generate a PDF the different items are in there, but I can't see what I'm adding in the plan. I've added 2 game plans, accidentally, because the 1st one didn't show up and now I can't remove it from the plan.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorEverything is there, it may have just been a small glitch.Deleted extra Game Plan category - As for the remaining issues, it seems like a bug?
11/15/23Bea GreanyLeadworksHoneywell #47687 Line ID 73951.12 IssueHCP Asked & Answered LWorks campaign template is not named in 2023 Naviga rate card.trueEmma SatchellResolvedNot an errorPlease add Naviga data to Honeywell's HCP Asked & Answered eblast campaign in LeadWorks #47687.This has been completed
11/15/23Brian GronowskiMinorNavigaVDG11550OtherShowcase - OBC Premium PositiontrueEmma SatchellResolvedNot an errorPatrick Young is releasing the OBC position (All-Fill) on Showcase for PEI and VDG will take that spot. Can you please add to order 11550CompletedYes
11/14/23lee ashcroftMediumNavigaBellaTrx11009OtherPlease take all non-leaders items from this campaign and move them to campaign ID 11540

trueDominique CarmonaResolvedProduct Update/Close Date Change
11/15/23Brian GronowskiMinorNavigaMunson Machinery11376Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentNeed to edit a premium position program started internallytrueEmma SatchellResolvedBillingI have a signed order, Plan #11376 for the 2024 Munson ProFood World page opp editor program. To make life simple, can we add Leaders to this program, change billing to flexible and set it up to invoice Feb, April, June, August, October and December 2024CompleteYes
11/14/23LEO GUENTHERMinorNavigaMettler Toledo Prod Insp.11544Product IssueTried to Add 3 Product AdstrueEmma SatchellResolvedNot an errorAre additional Product Ads no longer for sale for PW LIPEmailed answer to Leo
11/14/23Christine SmallwoodMinorNavigaSpecialty Equipment11549Annual Product Guide - Contract PackagingRate Line Addition/Adjustmentbundled offer - Contract PackagingtrueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
11/14/23WENDY SAWTELLMinorMDTNAOtherLink to Facebook - Facebook Video - Targeted Ad in Media Disovery Tool doesn't link to the hub.


trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
11/14/23ELIZABETH TIERNEYMajorNavigabell-mark11244Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentI'm trying to change the months for print ads in a leaders campaign and I'm getting the error

The following Errors occurred while attempting to Save this Campaign Line:

When selecting off of a Ratecard, you must select a Line/Description
trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
11/13/23Jake BrockMediumNavigaPeoria Production Solutions11539n/aMissing a date/Need a dateThis is for booking FROR for the CPA annual sponsors. Peoria Production Solutions decided to go with the CM+P enewsletter option. Their preferred months in order are January, February, March. Can the zero dollar line item be added so I can secure the date for them? Thanks!trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
11/13/23Brian GronowskiMinorNavigaVDG11375Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentNeed Leaders added to a prior plan created by our internal teamtrueDominique CarmonaResolvedBillingI have a signed order, Plan #11375 for the 2024 VDG ProFood World Cover tip program. To make life simple, can we add Leaders to this program, change billing to flexible and set it up to invoice Feb, April, June, August, October and December 2024.
11/13/23Brian GronowskiMinorNavigaVDG11372Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentNeed Leaders added to a prior plan created by our internal teamtrueDominique CarmonaResolvedBillingI have a signed order, Plan #11372 for the 2024 VDG OEM Cover tip program. To make life simple, can we add Leaders to this program, change billing to flexible and set it up to invoice March, June, September and December 2024?
11/13/23Mikayala DelsonNavigaDorner Mfg. Corp.N/AN/ASalesForce/Naviga syncThere are two accounts in Naviga for the advertiser contact Dylan Piccolo but only one contact in Salesforce. Can we remove the duplicate contact in Naviga?trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedSystem Configuration ErrorThere was an issue with the SF sync, we may see more of these. The issue has been fixed.
11/13/23PATRICK YOUNGCriticalNavigaESI Group USA11536Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentPlease change price to $675. ESI is changing the FB campaign from FB to LI and the charge is the price difference.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedWon't DoMoved this to the Price Adjustment request form, Madysen should reach out shortly.
11/13/23PATRICK YOUNGCriticalNavigaCharles Ross & Son11523Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentPlease change CPM in this campaign to 37. It is an increase from 2023.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedWon't DoMoved this to the Price Adjustment request form, Madysen should reach out shortly.
11/13/23ELIZABETH TIERNEYMediumNavigamorrison11488Rate Line Addition/Adjustmentjust need to add a free CPA member CP newsletter.

March or April
trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
11/13/23Brian GronowskiMinorMDTPerfexOtherntrueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an errorF&I Directory is referenced as PELV in MDT. Should be for PEI
11/13/23Tom DugganProduct Hubn/an/an/aOtherAdding text to a descriptiontrueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an errorsimple request, just updating a description on the report listing on the Intelligence Report listings. For March, update description to: March: Data Management, Artificial Intelligence and ERP ---
11/13/23tsmith@pmmimediagroup.comBASE/WebsitesPlease reset my password.trueDominique CarmonaResolved
11/13/23tsmith@pmmimediagroup.comBASE/WebsitesPlease reset my password.trueDominique CarmonaResolved
11/10/23Reed SimonsisMinorNavigaESI Group1140976981Need to move the datePatrick made a mistake on schedule. Please turn the june half page to october. THanks,trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
11/10/23WENDY SAWTELLCriticalNavigaDekka & Wexxar plans11259 & 11193OtherBoth companies are going to do Leaders Pro and want to do Leaders Pro with three 1/2 page ads instead of two full-page ads. Dekka wants 1/2 vertical in Mar/April. Jul/Aug & september. Wexxar wants 1/2 horizontal in Jan/Feb, May/June and October. I'd like to get these in her hands to approve today becuase she is out next week. Thanks.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedBilling
11/10/23LEO GUENTHERMinorOtherTexrap11518OtherNo Charge CPA Member LinkedIntrueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an errorPlease add a Linked in to the CPA audience for their no charge member send. April 3 or April 10 are preferred dates.
11/09/23Christy FloresNavigaPMG/1073711028778123Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line item zeroed out for this House AdtrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorHouse Ads
11/09/23LEO GUENTHERMinorOtherViking Masek11512OtherNO Charge CPA Member NewslettertrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorFirst choice is October, Second Choice is September, Third Choice is DecemberI added the Oct NL to the plan
11/09/23WENDY SAWTELLMajorNavigaHitachi10711 & 10722OtherI need to re-work both of these plans and I'm unable to delete anything because the dates have past. Can both of these plans be deleted, so I can add fresh items for 2024? I have to get her everything today. Thanks.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorHi Wendy! I removed all past items!
11/08/23lee ashcroftMinorNavigaTNA Solutions11026Need to move the dateI need to have TNA’s PW Leaders print ad that’s currently running in April to be moved to run in the Jan/Feb issue. And then I need their PFW Full page print ad that’s currently running in June to be moved to the April issue. The campaign ID is 11026trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedMoving DateI need to have TNA’s PW Leaders print ad that’s currently running in April to be moved to run in the Jan/Feb issue. And then I need their PFW Full page print ad that’s currently running in June to be moved to the April issue. The campaign ID is 11026
11/07/23WENDY SAWTELLMinorNaviga11477OtherDelkor gets a free exclusive CP newsletter and would like the following choices...


trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an error
11/07/23Reed SimonsisMinorBASE/WebsitesNuspark/Rychiger,,OtherNuspark has changed their name to Rychiger and it needs to be updated in their company profile for leaders (base).trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedPlease proceed with the name change or let me know i am ok to change it myself without issues. Thanks!
11/06/23WENDY SAWTELLCriticalNavigaColumbia MachineOtherI’m trying to book the three palletizing/depalletizing package this videos for 2024 but they aren’t in Naviga. Can someone add them so I can get approval? Thanks.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
11/07/23Brian GronowskiMinorMDTThe Haskell CompanyOtherNot applying Member rates to MDT plantrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedSystem Configuration ErrorThis has been resolved and I am now seeing the member pricing being applied. Please use the client "The Haskell Company" moving forward in all systems. Thanks!There were 2 companies in Leadworks. We merged them and made sure the correct Ids were used.
11/06/23LEO GUENTHERMediumOtherADCO Mfg.11492OtherNeed you to input the CPA date on the plantrueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an errorADCO would like March (first pick)then February then January for their NO Charge CPA Member Newsletter
10/13/23Emma SatchellMinorNavigan/an/an/aOther@Jenn: The CPG Next Charter Sponsorship product includes a 10% discount on all other CPG Next product purchases for that advertiser (for the fiscal year).

We need to add an adjustment code for CPG Next to account for that 10% discount.

Zero rush, please let me know if you have any questions!
trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorCPG Next
11/05/23WENDY SAWTELLMinorNavigaNAOtherI'm only seeing 2023 Mundo Robotics Playbook in MDT, so I'm assuming the 2024 Playbook needs to be added to Naviga. Thanks.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorThere are no 2024 Playbooks in the works at this time.
11/06/23LEO GUENTHERMinorOtherMulti-ConveyorOtherConverge - The notification below shows three hits from Harley Davidson but the contact email is BRINKResolvedNot an errorWe are updating the record in Omeda, this isn't an error, just a subscriber that changed companies.
11/03/23WENDY SAWTELLMinorNavigaEconocorp11476OtherEconocorp qualifies for a free exclusive CP+M Newsletter. These are their top three choices if someone can add to their plan.


trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
11/02/23Christine SmallwoodMinorNavigaMassman11473CPA Membership CM+P Exclusive NewsletterRate Line Addition/AdjustmentMassman has requested a LinkedIn post in November 2024. Please confirm when the contract is ready to send.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedWon't DoYes
11/02/23Christine SmallwoodMinorNavigaFrazier & Son11472Contract Packaging Free OfferRate Line Addition/AdjustmentFrazier & Son would like January LinkedIn for their CPA Membership CM+P Exclusive Newsletter. Please confirm when the Naviga 11472 proposal is ready to send to the client.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedWon't DoYes
11/03/23WENDY SAWTELLMinorNavigaNAOtherAll Exclusive Contract Packaging Newsletters for 2024 are reserved by "Test Company". Can those be removed so we can book newsletters? Thanks.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedWon't Do
11/03/23Kelly GreebyMinorProduct HubN/AProduct IssueHi! Can you please remove the specs page from the Show Daily product for now. We still list two of the ad sizes we have removed. I've asked Bacho to create a new page but it will take a bit.

trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
11/02/23Mikayala DelsonNavigaPSSI1048770104Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentI'd like to cancel this PSSI Sponsored Quiz and replace it for line Item 77755, a PFW White Paper. I'm not able to delete the Sponsored Quiz. Is that because it was already invoiced?trueDominique CarmonaResolvedBilling
11/01/23Tom DugganMajorProduct HubN/AOtherDescription clarification on digita reports page in the hub -- CarmonaResolvedNot an errorEmma, --- will all the changes we did on dates for the digital reports and language, i did not catch the header text was not updated from the slide. --- it call out only IIoT, that is misleadoing

Current: Be seen as a thought leader in the digitalization space, getting your solutions in front of a highly curated CPG Next audience looking for answers to their IIoT questions.

Change to: This report series covers trending digital transformation topics and technologies. Be seen as a thought leader in digitalization by getting your solutions in front of a highly curated CPG manufacturing audience with a thought leadership article and receive quality leads. (or similar text :)

this is what is on the Seismic presentation:
Align your business with key topics in digital transformation when you sponsor one of five 2024 digital reports. Sponsors receive editorial coverage and lead access

i attached the original slide that was sent on 10/3 email. thanks

11/01/23Brian GronowskiMajorNavigaBettcherNeed to move the dateYou cannot book into the following issue(s) because they are closed:
PFW - ProFood World Magazine - Friday, December 1, 2023 - Closed on Monday, October 30, 2023 12:00 AM
trueDominique CarmonaResolvedProduct Update/Close Date ChangeClosing date for Dec PFW is wrong and not allowing us to confirm orders. Per Sharon it should be
Closing next week: 11/6 – 11/10
• 11/6 – OEM Winter
• 11/8 PFW December
10/30/23Jake BrockMediumNavigaNulogy11252both line itemsNeed to move the dateTried to delete past due line item (75474) for October 20th but it will not let me change or delete the date. Added a new line item for Facebook ad in November (77444) but earliest I can do for a date is November 17th. With Thanksgiving holiday client does not want to do that far into the month. I checked with CSM and he said if client gets material this week we can do the November 10th start date. Would we be able to open that date back up on this order to sell them that spot? Just need one Facebook ad on this order to begin November 10th. Thanks!trueDominique CarmonaResolvedMoving Date
10/20/23Christine SmallwoodMinorNavigan/an/an/aProduct IssueJust wondering why there are two forms for Leaders Categories; which one is the one we should fill out or why the double entry?trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedSystem BugStart on Chatter, Emma moving to system errors to keep track. Link to chatter: is not attached to ratelines, yet still showing up whenever package is added to a plan with those rateslines. Bug request placed to Naviga Friday 3:30pm. - Emma
10/27/23PATRICK YOUNGMajorNavigaAmpco Pumps Expo Pack oBC11443OtherSee attached error message for booking OBC position for Ampco PumpstrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorThis has been added to the plan. We had it held on a FROR holding plan.
10/25/23Brian GronowskiMinorNavigaHormannOtherWhy does Alice appear 4x See attachedtrueDominique CarmonaResolvedSystem BugHey Brian! There was an issue with the sync on the Salesforce side. The contact was pushing and Naviga was sending the user Id back, however SF was not saving the connection. It is now correctly synced and I have removed all the duplicate names. You should only see Alice one time moving forward. filed with Salesforce, seems to not be syncing.
10/26/23Reed SimonsisMinorNavigaSteamaricas102476883.7Need to move the datePlease move the date to 11/17 as i am not able to move this date.

trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
10/20/23Lara KriegerMediumProduct HubEditorial cal's for 2024OtherPlease see the attached text file for updates to various brands. Also can we have this info NOT downloadable for clients? If a client grabs a pdf with the wrong date and 6 months from now tells me they did not know the dates was modified that is an issue.
Can we have a static webpage with dates?
trueAMBER MILLERResolvedProduct Update/Close Date ChangeNaviga updated
10/26/23Aleks ApkarianMinorMDT (WENDY USE ONLY)siegwerkSalesForce/Naviga syncWhen testing MDT with Emma, an account I'm working with was showing up as being assigned to "Daniel Smith." We are guessing this is a disconnect from Salesforce, though I have assigned this account to myself on Monday, October 23rd.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedThank you for your help!Hi Aleks! Salesforce does not automatically assign the sales rep in Leadworks (yet, there is an integration being laid out). So for now you would need to manually assign yourself to an account... Here is a quick video showing now to make that change.
10/04/23Stephanie HaagMinorLeadworksChase-LogemanLeadworks Issue This facebook says 0 leads but then if you click it shows three names that aren't actually supposed to be there.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedSystem Configuration Error
10/25/23Christine SmallwoodMinorLeadworksSyntegonLeadworks IssuePlease move the 2023 Leaders Stats (Content Engagement Report) from this Leadworks account (Syntegon Packaging Technology LLC):
to this Leadworks account (Kliklok LLC, a Syntegon Company):

In 2024, the Syntegon Content Engagement Report will go here:
(this might change, but that is the directive I have from the client to date)
trueDominique CarmonaResolvedWon't Do
10/25/23PATRICK YOUNGMajorNavigaMesser Americas11431 Opp #SalesForce/Naviga syncI'm getting an error message when creating an opp for Messer Americas.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedSystem BugHi Patrick! I wasn't able to recreate the error, but i was able to add the eblast to the plan. Can you please let me know if it happens again?Possible glitch? Couldn't recreate.
10/25/23Reed SimonsisMinorNavigaEPLAN1080472139Missing a date/Need a dateI am not able to move the datetrueDominique CarmonaResolvedPlease move date to first week of december. Thank you!Yes
10/25/23MaryAnn CoyleMajorNavigaSTA, LLC11406Missing a date/Need a dateClient signed Order for PW Pro Package but print dates were wrong. She wants May/June and October full pages ($5000 each). Madysen deleted out the incorrect print dates but can't add back in.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
10/23/23Madysen FastMediumNavigaAagard11403Billing IssuesThe contract price that is in the attachments does not have the same price as the overall cost in Naviga.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedWon't Do
10/23/23Lara KriegerMediumProduct HubN/AOtherWe are removing two sizes of ads and need to have them removed from the Hub. Thank you.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an errorPlease remove the 1/6 and the 2/3 ads in the Show Daily book.
10/23/23Kelly GreebyMinorProduct HubN/AN/AOtherN/AtrueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an errorCan you please update the sales/materials close dates for Show Daily

Sales Close = 10/14
Ad Close = 10/14

Same day :)

10/19/23Mikayala DelsonHighLeadworksHexagonLW: 47363OtherHexagon gained 103 leads but only received 19 clicks on their ad. Can we find the reasoning to this? Tom is requesting this is a priority. Here are the metrics from Hexagon’s recent CPG Newsletter on 10/18: · Total Send: 57,098 · Opens: 11,846 · Clicks: 96 · Clicks on the sponsor link (Hexagon): 19trueEmma SatchellResolvedSystem BugPreview: has been resolvedYes
10/19/23Reed SimonsisMinorLeadworksfeedscrew--SalesForce/Naviga syncAdded contact Alex Haas into salesforce. After waiting and many tries, this contact will not sync over to leadworks users. Can you help with this user sync so i can provide login credentials?

trueEmma SatchellResolvedNot an errorYesNot sure how to fix, Reed said could wait for Monday - Emma
10/20/23WENDY SAWTELLMinorNavigaColumbia Okura11405OtherColumbia Okura approved order number 11405, but I couldn't fill out the forms because Robotics didn't show up as an option. Can someone add it to the drop down list please? Thanks.trueEmma SatchellResolvedBillingThis has been coordinated outside of the system error doc.YesThis has been handled and approved by Joan. Wendy's customer will get Robotics AND another category, as robotics can not be it's own PAN for PEI category.
10/20/23Lara KriegerMinorProduct HubPACK EXPO Showcase pageOtherPls update the dates on this page:
Sales close should be- Sept 12th and materials Sept 19th
trueEmma SatchellResolvedProduct Update/Close Date Change
10/20/23Lara KriegerMinorProduct HubPACK EXPO East pageOtherPls update the dates on this page:

Sales close for 2024 should be: 1/9 and materials due 1/12
trueEmma SatchellResolvedProduct Update/Close Date Change
08/28/23Lara KriegerNavigaHi,
The OEM annual resource guide profiles are not showing up in Naviga under the winter issue of OEM.
There is only one currently listed in the system. Maybe that is right but there should be a lot more l think based on last years sales.
trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedQuestionThis legit looks like we have 1 sold. We found a hub issue and Lara will add a ticket to the doc.
10/11/23Emma SatchellMinorNavigan/an/an/aOtherCould you please create me a Naviga report? Attached are details on what is needed in the report. Please let me know if you have any questions!trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an error
08/21/23Lara KriegerOtherThe media kit for CM+P lists the wrong date for the Nov/Dec sales close of CM+P.
It should say Oct 20th with materials due Oct 27th. It shows Oct 27th for both dates right now.
trueAMBER MILLERResolvedProduct Update/Close Date Change
10/17/23Lara KriegerMediumNavigaEconocorp1136076675.1OtherThe print ads for C+P all pushed through except for the Nov/Dec ad and Resource Guide. Can you see why?trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedSystem Configuration ErrorSMA and Naviga dates didn't match... they do now!
10/18/23ELIZABETH TIERNEYMajorNavigaAll Packaging Machinery11317Rate Line Addition/Adjustmentcan't add a december linkedin page because of an error. See attached.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedSystem Configuration ErrorFixed, you can add the date now.
10/14/23Brian GronowskiMinorNavigaGEA11374Other.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedProduct Update/Close Date ChangePlease create a line for 6x page 1 PFW for GEA at an issue rate of $3885 net/issue

Please create a line for Craft Brew, IBC, for GEA at an issue rate of $2845 net

Both rates following historical rates with a 2024 factored rate increase.
Based on FROR sheet: from Emma:
PFW one page can be approved, as only 3% decrease and covered by "Profood World Discounting- authorized to approve discount for PFW for sales reps trying to catch up to usual pricing. Needs to be 5% or more, if not send it to John."

Craft Brew—I do not think this can be approved, unless @Jenn Brink knows something different? The current price he has listed is a 44% decrease from what we should be charging for the Craft Brew IBC. We should send to John for approval.
10/14/23Brian GronowskiMinorNavigaMunson Machinery11376Other.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedProduct Update/Close Date Changecreate premium position line, opp editor page, 6x PFW at a net rate of $3580/issue.

Historical rates with 2024 price increase
Based on FROR sheet: from Emma:
This is a 8.5% decrease, so does not follow "Profood World Discounting- authorized to approve discount for PFW for sales reps trying to catch up to usual pricing. Needs to be 5% or more, if not send it to John."

We should send this to John for approval.
10/14/23Brian GronowskiMinorNavigaVDG11375Other.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedProduct Update/Close Date ChangeCreate line for 6x cover tip, PFW for VDG. All 2024 issues.Based on FROR sheet:
10/17/23Lara KriegerMinorProduct HubCMP PageProduct IssueHi,
This page has the wrong close and materials date:

CM+P Nov/Dec closes on 10/27 and materials due 10/27.
trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
10/16/23Mikayala DelsonLeadworksFogg FillerLW #44038Leadworks IssueFogg Filler's PAN campaign is not populating on their Audience Network dashboard in LW. Here is the PAN campaign: BRINKResolvedNot an errorI see it showing. The dates were incorrect on the Audience data, I changed the end date to 8/15/2023... I see that change show through as well.
10/16/23Christy FloresNavigapmmi/1017261137976749Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line item zeroed out for this House AdtrueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an errorHouse Ads
10/14/23Brian GronowskiMinorNavigaVDG11377Other.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedProduct Update/Close Date Changecreate premium position, OBC for VDG, PW on the following cycle.
Buyer's Guide

Create a second entry for VDG, OBC, Craft Brew 2024
Based on FROR sheet:
10/14/23Brian GronowskiMinorNavigaSEW-EURODRIVE11373Other.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedPlease create a campaign, OEM, OBC position all issues for SEW-EURODRIVEBased on FROR sheet:
10/14/23Brian GronowskiMinorNavigaVDG11372Other,Emma SatchellResolvedProduct Update/Close Date ChangePlease add Cover tip, all 2024 issues for VDGBased on FROR sheet:
10/13/23Mikayala DelsonLeadworksTom DugganLeadworks IssueCan we get Tom fully set up in Leadworks? I'm trying to add him as a rep to Hexagon's account but his name is not populating.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorHe is in there... just under Thomas Duggan. If that needs to be changed, we just need to make the change in SF.
10/13/23Tom DugganMediumProduct Hubn/aOtherno errortrueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an errorOn the CPG Next product order on the hub, can you change the order of products. 1. Newsletters, 2. Digital Reports 3. Webinar. 4. Roundtable, 5. Charter. the rest of the digital product order is good at the end. thanks

10/13/23WENDY SAWTELLMajorNavigaIngredion11366OtherTrying to add the agency as the billing for this Ingredion plan.

Please send the invoicing to our agency – contact info below

Ashleigh Bunjes
OvareGroup / Ad Cucina
400 West Market Street
Suite 1400
Louisville KY 40202
trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedUser Error - Sales RepThe agency wasn't synced to naviga. I sycned the Agency company and the contact under the Agency record. I then changed the agency on the order .
10/13/23Lara KriegerMinorProduct HubBuyer's Guide pageOtherHi
The example from ISSUU is missing on the page. Can you link to:
trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
10/13/23Lara KriegerMinorProduct HubGeneralGeneralOtherHi,
Would it be possible to update this page:

To list "Digital online profile deadlines" above the Jan dates... it is confusing to me seeing those Jan dates and then the print dates.
Please let me know if this does not make sense.
trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
10/12/23WENDY SAWTELLMajorNavigaEconocorp11360OtherWant to send a proposal to Econocorp, but unable to add the free CPM Resource Guide that comes with the purchase of all three issues of CPM. I'm not seeing it in Naviga, so maybe it needs to be added?? Thanks.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorI added the zeroed out line. I will work with Emma on how we want to handle this morning forward.
10/12/23Mikayala DelsonNavigaCleveland Gear9288Billing IssuesThis June invoice is wrong, it should be $2125 per signed contract attached. My guess this happened when we migrated from a quarter page to a third page. Can you adjust on your end and send Brian an updated invoice?trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedBillingCredit is there!
10/12/23Mikayala DelsonNavigaVDG9919Billing IssuesCan we get this invoice adjusted please? VDG's has it listed at $3,800 but the invoice they received has it listed at $3,915.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedBilling
10/11/23Christy FloresNavigaPMG/1073711028776524Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line item zeroed out for this House AdtrueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an errorHouse Ad
10/11/23LEO GUENTHERMajorNavigaHeat and Control11282Two IssuesNotification IssueTwo Issues, Can not Add the CM&P Resource Guide. Also no option to choose PFW Newsletter dates.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedSystem Configuration ErrorHi Leo! I have added the Resource Guide to your plan and you should be able to add PFW NLs now.
10/11/23WENDY SAWTELLMinorNavigaLenze11162OtherLenze has FROR for page 3 in the Spring issue of OEM and I couldn't add it to their plan. Can someone do it for me? Thanks.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorDone!
10/11/23WENDY SAWTELLMediumNavigaEconocorp11360OtherEconocorp has FROR for 1/2 page on TOC, but when I tried to add it to their plan, I got the error meesage below. Can someone add it for me? Thanks.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorAdded! Just a heads up, we have the FROR intentionally blocked so they aren't accidentally added to a plan. So feel free to reach out to us to release them when you are ready to send the advertiser their proposal.
10/11/23WENDY SAWTELLMinorNavigaAmerican Film & Machinery11090OtherI forgot to select page 3 for the Craft Brewing Supplement on their plan and they already approved it. Can someone change it for me please? Thanks.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorupdated!
10/10/23Jen KrepelkaProduct HubnananaOthernatrueEmma SatchellResolvedProduct Update/Close Date ChangeCould you please update the pricing info for Custom Research for all brands to say "Starting at $15K"Request completed
10/10/23WENDY SAWTELLMajorNavigaSterling11354OtherAdded a few print ads to a PFW Leaders program but having a tough time changing dates. Also need price adjustments. I'd like the four ads in Feb, April, June and December and each print ad priced at $2,950 please. Thanks!trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedProduct Update/Close Date ChangeDone! Prices updated and dates moved.
09/28/23WENDY SAWTELLCriticalNavigaID TechnologyOtherThere are no LinkedIn dates available in November and December and I'd like to change the date to ID Technology's plan and put one in December. I'm trying to nail down her three plans today if possible. Last available date in 9/27 and I know they won't be there before the show. LIne item is 75904. Thanks.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
10/09/23Kim OverstreetMediumNavigaPWWebinarOtherPer Dave Newcorn, please remove the Feb. 20, 2024 PW webinar: Innovations Roundup: Machinery Trends for 2024
We are using the date for a new digital event, if you are able to keep it bookmarked for that. More info to come asap.
trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedThis webinar title should be removed from any other sales material too. Thanks!Looks like Kim is requesting marketing collateral changes via this sheet, so please make sure to inform her that she needs to email marketing with the request. - Emma
10/09/23WENDY SAWTELLMinorMDT (WENDY USE ONLY)FormostOtherSorry if this is a repeat, but the link in media discovery toll for the PW Newsletter doesn't go to the page in the hub. See attached MDT plan. Thanks.

PS. Might want to check the beta version too.
trueEmma SatchellResolvedSystem Configuration ErrorThis has been updated and should be reflected in MDT first thing tomorrow morning. Thank you for catching this, Wendy!Yes
10/09/23MaryAnn CoyleMediumNavigaEncoder11283Product IssueI thought OEM Premium package is 4200 nm/3780 member but in Naviga it comes up at a higher rate. Should I add this to price adjustment form?trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedQuestionThe prices in the packages are correct. They are based off of the print ad sizes.
10/05/23Emma SatchellMajorNavigaHexagonMaterial Submission IssueThis is for Tom Duggan (me), approved by Emma.

a last minute order request by Hexagon. Material is coming in a day late for the 10/18 CPG Next Newsletter.

Client sent me the material knowing they had to rush. I will send material to Mikayla via email to upload into ebuilder and put in the order now.
trueMadysen FastResolvedMadysen and Mikayla hopped on a call with Tom.
10/06/23Riley PhoenixLeadworksN/ALeadworks IssueUnable to login to LW. I logged out in order to test a client's login, but now I'm unable to log back into my own account. I've changed the password, I've had Reed change the password, and still I get "Incorrect username and/or password".trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorRiley is back in!
LEO GUENTHERMajorNavigaLabel-aire11321OtherI was told that Label-aire has FROR for Masthead Jan, May, Sept and Nov. I tried to add to Naviga and got errortrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorCant Add PositionHi Leo! We have FROR items on hold until the rep reaches out to us for release. I have added these ads to you Label-Aire plan.
10/04/23Madysen FastLeadworksVISIOTT TRACEABILITY SOLUTIONSLeadworks IssueNothing is loading when I click on Content Engagement reports, but it works for other clients.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedUser Error - CSTThere was a letter missing in the long base code. its there now
10/04/23Christy FloresNavigapmmi/1017261067310673Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line item zeroed out for this House AdtrueDominique CarmonaResolvedHouse Ads
10/03/23Emma SatchellMediumNavigaWendy's ID Technology??Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentPlease help Wendy figure out what campaign she wants her FROR Page 5 added to, belonging to ID Technology, for the issues of August + October + Buyer's Guide.

I added the other months to her leaders plans, which are confirmed, but there weren't enough spots for each of those additional months. Please notify both Lara and myself when this is complete.
trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
10/02/23WENDY SAWTELLMinorMDT (WENDY USE ONLY)NAOtherLinks for Facebook don't go to the correct pages in the Hub. 404 Error message. Thanks.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
09/28/23WENDY SAWTELLMinorMDT (WENDY USE ONLY)Sleeve SealOtherHi- The links from PW Newsletters and PW Beta Newsletters in MDT, do not connect to the pages in the hub and takes to the home page. Thanks.

trueDominique CarmonaResolved
09/28/23Lara KriegerProduct HubPlease update this page with the sales and material due date:

Sales close- 9/12
Materials close- 9/19
trueDominique CarmonaResolved
09/28/23WENDY SAWTELLCriticalNavigaGreydon11261Need to move the dateGreydon is buying the intro leaders package for PW and I need their print ad to be placed on the November/December issue please. I get an error message when I try to delete and add the new date. Trying to get these plans for Pro Mach approved today. Thanks.trueDominique CarmonaResolved
09/27/23Brian GronowskiMajorNavigaALLRate Line Addition/AdjustmentntrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedThe 3rd party banner ad rates for PFW are wrong in Naviga and MDT. All other brands are at 52/M while PFW is at 75/MFixed in naviga. MDT will reflect the price after the overnight sync.
09/26/23Christy FloresNavigaPMG/1073711028775657Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line item zeroed out for this House AdtrueDominique CarmonaResolvedHouse Ads
09/25/23Lara KriegerProduct HubThe date of 2024 on this page is wrong.. should be 2025 everywhere you have 2024.

trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
09/26/23Mikayala DelsonLeadworksBig-D ConstructionEngagement ReportLeadworks IssueThis advertiser's engagement report is not populating in LW.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedUser Error - CSTThe Long and Short base ids were missing from their LW profile. I have added them and the report is now populating.
09/19/23Kelly GreebyMediumProduct HubNAOtherCan we please make sure the "Contact Sales" button on the Hub goes to John Schrei's email and not Wendy'strueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an errorRequest to change email address has been sent to Zesty Rep
09/22/23Christy FloresNavigaPMG/1073711028775515Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line item zeroed out for this House AdtrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedHouse Ad
09/18/23Madysen FastNavigaAddicted Beauty1059070648Need to move the datePlease delete this line ID, it was complimentary and they are moving dates.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
09/25/23Lara KriegerNavigaColumbia Machine1109574201.1Product IssueMultiple entries showing for a half horizontal adtrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedUser Error - Sales RepWendy booked all 4 ads in Feb. Madysen will need to work with Wendy to update
09/21/23Lara KriegerNavigaSome items appear to not be hooked up to the PW Oct issue.
Campaign- 10023- Reed deleted this item, they moved out of Oct but still remain.
Campaign- 10083- This was a pick up in SMA and did not turn green in Naviga.
trueDominique CarmonaResolved
09/19/23LEO GUENTHERMinorOtherTurn SignalSalesForce/Naviga syncI cannot change the company name as I inputed it wrong. Needs to be turn SiGnal not Turn SigaltrueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
09/18/23Lara KriegerNavigaCan the test company line items be removed from the Feb PW print issue?trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
09/13/23Mikayala DelsonNavigaAtkore1017710177Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentCan we change this PFW Video eblast to a PFW Product Update eblast? I don't want to delete it and lose the date. Thanks!trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedProduct Update/Close Date ChangeDone
09/20/23Lara KriegerProduct HubPlease update the following dates that needed to be modified on the hub and in Naviga. l have asked Amber to update Editorial Cals:

PW Buyer’s Guide:
Sales Close- Oct 7th
Materials due- Oct 14th

ProFood World reg issues and Showcase:
Feb Issue- Sales- 01/19/24 Materials- 01/26/24
April Issue- Sales- 03/07/24 Materials- 03/14/24
June Issue- Sales- 05/09/24 Materials- 05/16/24
August Issue- Sales- 07/08/24 Materials- 07/15/24
October Issue- Sales 9/5/24 Materials- 9/12/24
December Issue- Sales- 10/25/24 Materials-11/01/24

PACK EXPO Processing Zone Showcase:
Sales Close- 09/05/24 Materials- 09/12/24
trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
09/08/23John SchreiMediumNavigaNot applicableOtherI need an Informer report that provides me a revenue breakout by Brand, by Month and LOB (line of business) by Sales Rep for 2022 and 2023.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorI need a report that provides me a revenue breakout by Brand, by Month and LOB (line of business), by Sales Rep for 2022 and 2023.
09/19/23Lara KriegerProduct HubDates for ProFood World Showcase:
Sales close- 9/5
Materials due- 9/12
trueDominique CarmonaResolved
09/19/23Kelly GreebyMinorProduct HubNAOtherhello, we need to remove all the links to the smartsheet forms on the sales tabs for the targeted direct mail product pages.
trueDominique CarmonaResolved
09/14/23Lara KriegerMinorProduct Hub2024 ProFood World print datesOtherFile attached with datestrueDominique CarmonaResolved
09/14/23Lara KriegerMinorProduct Hub2024 Packaging World print datesOtherAttaching a file with the datestrueDominique CarmonaResolved
09/14/23Lara KriegerMinorNaviga2024 OEM print datesOtherFile attached with datestrueDominique CarmonaResolved
09/14/23Lara KriegerMinorProduct Hub2024 HCP print datesOtherFile attachedtrueDominique CarmonaResolved
09/14/23Lara KriegerMinorProduct Hub2024 CM+Pprint datesOtherFile attached with datestrueDominique CarmonaResolved
09/14/23Lara KriegerMinorProduct Hub2024 WIPP print datesOtherFile attachedtrueDominique CarmonaResolved
09/05/23Brian GronowskiMinorNavigaFoodSafe Drains11172Feature Requestn

We do not have the ability to add LIP (PFW) categories to a naviga plan. the option does not exist.
trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedWe can add in notes section for the time being. Not sure if this impacts PW or other brands
09/05/23Kim OverstreetMinorNavigaEBAAll EBA RevenueOtherI need a report that shows EBA revenue to-date. Video: Package This and Sustainable Packaging Explained videos fulfilled. Webinar and PAN. Thanks!trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedQuestionKim approved the updated report.sent an update informer report to Kim. Waiting for her to approve - Jenn
09/05/23Mikayala DelsonLeadworksFoodSafe DrainsTemplate IssueIn the Engagement Report for FoodSafe Drains in LW, there are PW metrics underneath the Category. FoodSafe only has PFW Leaders. Do you know why PW is listed here? BRINKResolvedNot an errorP1 answer: Here is their engagement report from January to May 2023

Here is their engagement report from June to December 2023

Here is their engagement report for May 2023

It looks like at some point the company might have been scheduled/assigned to Leaders 2023 on Pack World and as such has impression data available for that time. This doesn’t appear to be the case past May (hence June to December 2023 only show ProFood World categories) so these were likely removed at some point during May or prior.

Let us know if there are any further questions or issues regarding this or if you come across any other examples you’re questioning.
09/05/23WENDY SAWTELLMinorNavigaPiab10935OtherTrying to change billing type to Flexible, but get an error (see attached screenshot). Thanks.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedSystem BugThe system was looking for a GL code. Since our GLs live on the product level and there wasn't a product on the campaign, the system was throwing the error. Naviga is sending this to development, but the work around is to add any line item to the plan and then change the campaign type.
09/06/23Mikayala DelsonLeadworksRegal Rexnord Corporation1093772766.1Leadworks IssueThis 10/4 standard eblast is not being pushed to Leadworks. Should I manually create the campaign?trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedUser Error - CST eblast is under the correct client:
08/21/23Lara KriegerProduct HubThe following ad shapes should be the only ones running in 2024 for HCP, please update the hub for 2024 issues when ready.
Attaching specs that show what is running.
trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an errorAwaiting new specs from Lara, should be in by Wednesday 9/6
08/21/23Lara KriegerProduct HubThe following ad shapes should be the only ones running in 2024 for CM+P please update the hub for 2024 issues when ready.
Attaching specs that show what is running.
trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an errorAwaiting new specs from Lara, should be in by Wednesday 9/6
09/05/23WENDY SAWTELLMinorNavigaNercon/MCEcampaign numbers 11166 and 11167OtherNeed to move the May/June issue to the July/August issue for Nercon and MCE. Wish I could do it, but I get an error message. Thanks.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorDone
09/06/23WENDY SAWTELLMajorNavigaNAOtherFor Leaders in Processing, there's no 1/2 horizontal option and two 1/2 vertical options if one of them can be changed to horizontal. See screenshot. Thanks.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedSystem Configuration ErrorThe name wasn't updated, but the package
09/05/23Bea GreanyBASE/WebsitesIn HousePW audience subscription renewal campaigns - NativeX{encrypted_customer_id}@&pk=PW_NL_BANNERBase/Website IssueKristin Longnecker reported receiving a 500: Sever Error message when clicking the audience banner link in the Friday, Sep 8 PW End-of-Line Strategies newsletter. I checked other PW subscription banner links as well as a selection of HCP and PFW subscription banner links. HCP & PFW are working, PW links are generating a landing page error message.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedSystem Bugall newsletter subscription banners run through NativeX. Here is the PW EOL Strategies NL subscription banner NativeX campaign link: Lauren - It was an Omeda Glitch. The link is working as intended now.
09/05/23Mikayala DelsonLeadworksCamfil APCTemplate IssueI send the client his username and password but when we tested the username listed in LW it says the following error: Could not find user CHenneghantrueDominique CarmonaResolvedUser Error - ClientHere are the login credentials we tried to use: Username: CHenneghan Password: CHenneghanChangeMe23!
09/05/23Christy FloresNavigapmmi/1017261117744885, 74886, 74898, 74899, 74907, 74908, 74909, 74910, 74918, 74919, 74921, 74922, 74923, 74924Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line item zeroed out for this House AdtrueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an errorHouse Ads
08/16/23Bea GreanyProduct HubEBlasts - SPECSn/an/aProduct IssueSupplied HTML specs are outdated. I'd like to get rid of all the blue boxes in favor or a format that is easier to maintain. CarmonaResolvedNot an errorOn this page, the sample eblast needs to be updated with a newer sample.Bea provided specs to update.
09/04/23Bea GreanyNavigaPMG 1073711028774806Rate Line Addition/Adjustmentplease zero out all charges in this house ad campaign.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
08/11/23Reed SimonsisOmedakey technology1030669376Otherclient informed us that when clicking on their eblast CTA "watch video" of their 8/11 eblast, it brings them to the attached error.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedWon't DoPlease let me know if i need to go back to the client on any questions on this. Thanks!The links were functioning for everyone internally I asked to test.
08/24/23MATTHEW REYNOLDSBASE/WebsitesThis article,

And many other like it, have various different scheduled dates. New items aren't bumping this existing item off the top-spot of the home page because the last or latest scheduled date is far in the future (or something to that effect).

trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorCan there be a guidance on how to schedule posts so that this doesn't happen?This isn't an error or system failure, but we are talking to base to see if this is something we can address/fix on a more permanent basis.
08/30/23Kelly GreebyMediumBASE/WebsitesNANANABase/Website IssueHi, we need the logo on CPG Next and Mundo updated as soon as possible. Like this week if at all possible.

We have registered these so we need the logos that have TM in place on the sites.
trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorLogos have been updated. You may have to clear your cookies/cache for the sites to see them, but I confirmed they are there.
08/31/23WENDY SAWTELLMinorNavigaID Tech/Panther/EPI11150, 11151, 11151OtherThese three companies get page 5, but I can't add the new page 5 line items because these are leaders packages. I looked at Emma's instructions on how to add, but I don't have the option to edit.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedBillingThese have been adjusted/added as Page 5 lines. Please note, I pulled them off our hold account for FROR inventory, so please make sure the clients approve asap.
08/30/23Mikayala DelsonLeadworksDynamic Conveyor CorporationLeadworks IssueA Leadwork auto notification was sent to this client saying it was from Brian. It is a notification regarding a campaign all the way from 2019. Can we investigate why these emails are being sent to the client for really old campaigns? See screenshot attached:trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorThis was a legit lead
08/30/23Lara KriegerNavigaSpeciality Equipment has run in all 3 issues of CM+P and they should receive a resource guide profile, that is not listed in Naviga and not in SMA.
Can someone check pls.
trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedProduct Update/Close Date Changei added the guide.
08/29/23Lara KriegerNavigaChange date for Nov/Dec issue of PW. Have right now the date is 11/1, we think it should be listed as 12/1 in Naviga due to the in home start dates when clients will receive the issue.
Can this be updated?
trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedWon't DoSince the material/close dates are in Oct. we will keep the Nov date to match 2023
08/29/23Christy FloresNavigapmmi/1017261019674641Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line item zeroed out for this House AdtrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedBillingHouse Ads
08/29/23Christy FloresNavigapmmi/1017261025574640Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line item zeroed out for this House AdtrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedBillingHouse Ads
08/29/23Jen KrepelkaMediumOthernananaBilling IssuesNaviga and the Hub.

Can we update the price for 2024 for the Product Reference Guide ( to $5,650

This is different from the request I put in this morning. I still want those updates made just note the price change for 2024 in this request.
trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
08/29/23Natalie CamachoOmedaPMMIOtherNone.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorHello, can you verify if I have set up an account for parameter 1. If so, can you help me reset the password. if not, would you please be able to set up an account. Thanks.Natalie is looking for a login to idenityX. Bea will provide access.
08/29/23Jen KrepelkaMajorProduct HubnananaProduct IssueWe need the price updated for this product in the Hub:

2023 - $4800
2024 - $4950

We also need close dates added...

Ad close- Oct 25th
Materials due- Nov 1st
trueDominique CarmonaResolved
08/28/23Lara KriegerProduct HubThis page needs to have the price updated to $4800 from $4500.
It needs a related link as well to reference.
Spoke with Jenn and she ok'd this.
trueDominique CarmonaResolvedWon't Do
08/29/23Reed SimonsisNavigaTrinity Packaging Supply1114974638Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentKelly approved a last minute eblast purchase for 9/7 but the line is not open.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedMoving DatePlease change the date to 9/7 and the product type to an event eblast if possible. If you cannot change the eblast type then it should be fine as is. Date is the important part as i can change template on back end. Thank you!updated the date. there isn't an event line.
08/29/23Christy FloresLeadworksPMG/1073711110774326, 74327, 74328Leadworks IssueCampaigns were created in Naviga last week but have still not shown up in leadworkstrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorLeadworks campaigns will not kick out until the campaign is in confirmed status. The campaign is still in R3
08/28/23Stephanie HaagCriticalLeadworksGraphic Packaging International, WeimaLeadworks IssueWhen viewing the proof and trying to click the links they are taking forever to load, not loading, or finally loading to a 504 error page. The link itself works from the client when just put into a browser.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedSystem Configuration Error
This should be fixed. Yevgeny put in a temporary fix and will look for a permanent fix and apply asap.Yes
08/28/23Lara KriegerProduct Hub
Can we please list my name here and remove George.
trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
08/25/23Madysen FastProduct HubN/AProduct IssueThe specs for facebook posts need to include that youtube links are NOT allowed.trueDominique CarmonaResolvedNot an error
08/28/23Reed SimonsisLeadworksVac-U-Max971761739OtherLinks are opening slow from prospector. Possibly lower lead count?trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedSystem BugPlease help and fix any issues there may be with links on this send.We have fixed the prospector issue. The lead count reflects what is in Omeda, so we will watch it the next few days to determine if it under performed.
08/27/23Courtney NicholsNavigaSelig965872498Need to move the datesee notestrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedMoving DateHI Jenn - this start date should be 9/8 - the campaign is supposed to run simultaneously with the 9/8 Facebook campaign. When Liz sold this, the 9/8 HCP date in Naviga had just been blacked out and there was a chatter exchange with Dominique that I think was taken off line and long story short, since it's an HCP campaign and FB went through it was decided that the LI 9/8 date could stick. Sorry, I'm fuzzy on the details but you can reach out to Liz this week in my absence if necessary. Anyway, can you please change the 9/1 LI o 9/8. I want to make sure it doesn't launch on 9/1 - I'm out this week. Thank you.Moved.
08/24/23cfranko@pmmimediagroup.comBASE/WebsitesCPG NextOtherCopy errortrueEmma SatchellResolvedPlease capitalize the "c" in community located at the footer of the CPG Next website. See attached screenshot.Updated!Ticket placed in Trello:
08/23/23Madysen FastMinorBASE/WebsitesN/ABase/Website IssueI need my login for Base/Mundo Base reset.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an error
08/24/23PATRICK YOUNGCriticalNavigaAcrison, Inc1112474458OtherThe PFW Leaders print profile page needs to be moved/changed to February.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedUser Error - Sales RepFixed
08/23/23Christine SmallwoodMinorNavigaAutomationDirect11129OEM LinkedInOtherAttempting to add an OEM LinkedIn campaign to Naviga 11129; error message received that the 9/15 date closed on 3/8 (please see attached); this is "minor" since we're at the end of day; however if this could be fixed before lunch on 8/24, that would enable me to get a proposal to the cilent who is ready to sign. Thx!trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedProduct Update/Close Date ChangeThe line item has been added to the plan.
08/23/23Lara KriegerProduct Hub
This page is very outdated... with a lot of folks who are no longer with PMMI listed.
George, Jeremy, Laura Clairmont... can it be updated?
trueDominique CarmonaResolvedAwaiting Marketing to update the page
08/23/23WENDY SAWTELLMajorNavigaFestoOtherI'm not seeing Mundo Leaders in Media Discovery Tool (except for the Digital only version), so that tells me it isn't in Naviga yet. Can someone let me know when it will be added? I need to add a Pro version to Festo's MDT plan for a call tomorrow around noon. Thanks.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedProduct Update/Close Date ChangeAdded a package level line for MDT use only.
08/23/23Jen KrepelkaProduct HubnananaProduct IssuenatrueDominique CarmonaResolvedCould you add this line to all PAN Facebook Sponsored Posts and Video products in the hub. "Your campaign will run across all Meta channels – Facebook and Instagram." Could be on the details or overview tab. Please read the description and insert it in a place that seems logical.
08/22/23Christy FloresNavigaPMG/1073711110774403Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line item zeroed out for this House AdtrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedBillingHouse AdsDone
08/23/23PATRICK YOUNGMajorNavigaAcrison, IncNaviga Proposal # 11124OtherHow do I enter a 1/2 page H PFW Leaders Program in Naviga? I'm not seeing that as an option. I need to get this order confirmed and sent over to the client for approval.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedSystem Configuration ErrorWe didn't add in the 1/2 page packages. The packages are now available to the reps.Yes
08/22/23LEO GUENTHERMajorNavigaQuadrel11119Notification IssueNaviga says the issue is closed. I can still get an ad in.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedProduct Update/Close Date ChangeAdded and adjusted by Madysen
08/22/23Christy FloresNavigapmmi/1017261097474402Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line item zeroed out for this House AdtrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedBillingHouse AdsDone
08/21/23Lara KriegerProduct HubWomen in Packaging page on hub lists the wrong month for the polybag.
Should be polybagged with PW Sept NOT July.

trueDominique CarmonaResolved
08/16/23Bea GreanyNaviga101726 PMMI10473 Sep full-page print was added to this campaign to promote PELV 2023, however they learned the publication will not be available until after PELV, therefore they decided to run a PXE 2024 ad. I'd like to correctly account for the ad by removing this line item and adding it to the PMMI PXE 2024 attendee registration campaign – which needs to be created in Naviga.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedBillingAdvertiser decided to change the topic of the Sep PW print ad from PELV 2023 to PXE 2024. I did not delete the line item because the PXE 2024 print ad was provided to and placed by Lara in PW Sep.Putting this on hold until Lara gets back from vacation. Will have her adjust it on Monday. Hey Bea. this has been moved to plan 11116. I sent the plan ID to Christy... is there somewhere else this should be noted?
08/18/23Christy FloresNavigaPMG/10737111107Missing a date/Need a dateTrying to create a Native campaign to begin running Aug 21, however Aug is not a selection under the campaign start date.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedUser Error - CSTCan't manually type in the Aug date either. It automatically changes to 9/1/23. See image for the options I'm shown.The ad has been added. The campaign start date was 8/16. I moved it to 8/1 and I was then able to add the ad. Please review and let me know if anything needs to be adjusted.
08/18/23Christy FloresNavigaPMG/1073711110774326, 74327, 74328Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line item zeroed out for this House AdtrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedHouse AdsDone
08/17/23Stephanie HaagMediumLeadworksBest CodeLeadworks Issuethe images from the banners are not pulling over and the numbers for the clicks and impressions is completely different in the audience network view than what I have added.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedUser Error - CST
The two links are for two different campaigns. I clicked save on the 2023 campaign and they are now both showing on the audience network screen. Everything appears as they should.
07/25/23Madysen FastOtherNational Bulk Equipment, Leaders BannersPW_64009_National_Bulk_Leaders_BulkHandlFillEquip_010123_thru_123123PW_64009_National_Bulk_Leaders_BulkHandlFillEquip_010123_thru_123123OtherI am trying to pull metrics from National Bulks leaders banners, but adaptive will not load to pull metrics from May, and then from June.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedSystem BugAdDaptive was able to fix the reportingWorking with Omar to figure out why the reporting isn't reflecting the activity AdDaptive shows is happening on the main order dash. I have nudge Omar again to see if he has any information. We have moved this campaign into StackAdapt so we can still provide impressions.
07/24/23Reed SimonsisLeadworksFristam PumpsN/AN/aLeadworks IssueWhen a old order recieves a lead, the sales rep is not adjusted to currently sales rep despite the order being updated.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedPlease update sales reps for previous send when possibleIf a rep is made in active, the reps is not removed from all old sends and replaced with the rep at the advertiser level.
07/17/23Courtney NicholsLeadworksAllLeadworks IssueN/AtrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedHello, can we please add the Notify Sales Rep / Notify Advertiser buttons to the 3rd Party Banner and 3rd Party Pre-roll campaigns in Leadworks? No immediate urgency but let me know what is doable.
08/10/23David NewcornMinorNavigan/aReporting IssuePlease create a new informer report modeled on the existing informer reports for Newcorn, but with a subset of the reports. See notes.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorYTD Sales Rep by Month

YTD Sales Rep by Brand

YTD Sales Rep by Ad Type (new report)

YTD PE Major Products (only Game Plan, Showcase, Second Look, Show Daily, Processing Showcase, F&I Directory)
08/16/23Christy FloresNavigaPMG/1073711110774305Rate Line Addition/AdjustmentWe need the line item zeroed out for this House AdtrueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedBillingHouse AdsDone
08/16/23Mikayala DelsonLeadworksUrschelSecond LookTemplate IssueUrschel's Second Look is approved but is still appearing under the Pending Ads view and the proof status says Not Started. Can we move it to the approved ads?trueDominique CarmonaResolvedWon't Do
08/15/23Mikayala DelsonLeadworksViking Masek Global Packaging TechnologiesRate Line Addition/AdjustmentI was trying to add Viking's 2 Second Look categories to Media Planner but accidentally created 2 Game Plan categories. Can I have the Game Plan categories deleted? I didn't see an option to delete them in MP: CarmonaResolvedWon't Do
08/13/23David NewcornMediumNavigan/aReporting IssueNeed a report that returns a list of accounts with non-AW items sold by Powers and Belisle. Can be Naviga or Salesforce. Need a separate report that returns a list of accounts with items sold by Roxsy. Place in Exec reports > Newcorn > 2023 folder.trueJENNIFER BRINKResolvedNot an errorWaiting for Dave's feed back.