2021-22 Superintendent Integrated Timeline
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Quarter One Actions
3Quarter 1
Identify District Accountability Contact
Identify and submit your district's accountability contact to receive accountability updates throughout the year and data files (e.g., growth data).Accountability07/01/2109/30/21
4Quarter 1
Accountability Committee Involvement in UIP
Ensure District and School Accountability Committees are involved in revising the UIP and providing input on budgets.Accountability07/01/2106/30/22
5Quarter 1
Expected Request to Reconsider Window
During the accountability pause, schools and districts on accountability clock may apply to change their plan type through an amended request to reconsider process, including a review of state and local data and a qualitative portion (e.g., UIP, site visit).Accountability08/16/2109/30/21
7Quarter 1
Identify District Assessment Coordinator and District Technology Coordinator
Ensure your district has an appointed district assessment coordinator and district technology coordinator.Assessment07/01/2109/30/21
8Quarter 1
Develop a Policy to Request Paper Form of State Assessment
Adopt and implement a written policy by which the local education provider will decide whether to request the paper form of the state assessments.Assessment07/01/2109/30/21
9Quarter 1
Communicate Assessment Schedule to Public
Distribute and post written information regarding the assessments to be administered during the school year including an assessment calendar.Assessment07/01/2109/30/21
10Quarter 1
Develop a Policy for Student Excusal from State Assessment Participation
LEPs: Adopt and implement a written policy and implement LEP’s procedure by which a student’s parent(s) may excuse the student from participating in one or more of the state assessments.Assessment07/01/2109/30/21
11Quarter 1
Update Student Demographic Data
Update student interchange with accurate demographic data in preparation for initial pre-ID rostering of ACCESS for ELLs (November), CMAS/CoAlt (based on October count data) and PSAT grades 9 & 10 and SAT (based on October count data) assessments.Assessment09/01/2112/15/21
12Quarter 1
Share 2021 Individual State Assessment Results
Distribute 2021 state assessment results to educators and parents. Confidential individual student reports can be shared with parents as soon as they are available. Aggregated and individual student level results may be used internally for informational planning purposes before results are publicly released.Assessment07/14/2110/01/21
Educator Effectiveness
14Quarter 1
Performance Management System Updates
For LEAs using the Colorado Performance Management System (COPMS) in RANDA: Identify person(s) responsible for tech support and Local Access Manager (LAM); disable all accounts for educators no longer employed by the district; enable the new school year and update educator roles and assigned evaluators within COPMS.Educator Effectiveness07/01/2109/01/21
15Quarter 1
Evaluation System Training for New Educators
Provide a full and comprehensive training on the district's evaluation system and practices for all new licensed personnel (i.e., teachers, SSPs, principals, and assistant principals).Educator Effectiveness07/01/2110/01/21
16Quarter 1
Orient Returning Educators on Educator Evaluation System Changes
Provide re-orientation training for all licensed personnel (i.e., principals, assistant principals, teachers and special services providers) on the district's educator evaluation system and highlight any changes in process or measures of student learning/outcomes that will take place for the school year.Educator Effectiveness07/01/2110/01/21
17Quarter 1
Revisit Educator Evaluation Professional Goals
Revisit educator evaluation professional goals with any principals and district personnel that you missed at the end of last year.Educator Effectiveness07/01/2110/01/21
18Quarter 1
Ensure school leaders prepared to support educators in evaluation process
Work with principals to make sure that they are prepared to train and support educators in the upcoming evaluation process (e.g., common understanding of evaluation processes, inter-rater reliability, and connections to district and school initiatives)Educator Effectiveness07/01/2110/01/21
19Quarter 1
Finalize measures of student learning/ outcomes (MSL/MSOs)
Work with members of district's Advisory Personnel Performance Evaluation Council (1338) to determine percentages of collective and individual measures to be included within the MSL/MSO portion of educators' evaluation for the 2021-22 school year.Educator Effectiveness07/01/2110/01/21
20Quarter 1
Stakeholder Engagement
Identify key stakeholders to participate in district Advisory Personnel Performance Evaluation Council (formerly "1338 Committee") for planning and review of district educator evaluation system and practices.
NOTE: Advisory Personnel Performance Evaluation Councils (1338) can be composed of any other school district committee having proper membership such as District Accountability Committees. This council must consult with the local school board as to the fairness, effectiveness, credibility, and professional quality of local evaluation systems, processes and procedures.
Educator Effectiveness07/01/2109/01/21
22Quarter 1
Conduct School Readiness Assessments and Implement Plans
Ensure elementary principals implement school readiness plans and assessments for kindergartners.Elementary07/01/2109/30/21
23Quarter 1
Conduct READ Assessments and Implement Plans
Ensure elementary principals implement READ Act assessments.Elementary07/01/2109/30/21
24Quarter 1
Kindergarten School Readiness
Ensure elementary principals implement school readiness plans and assessments for kindergartenersElementary07/01/21Within 60 days from the first day of school
25Quarter 1
Colorado READ Act
Ensure elementary principals implement READ Act assessmentsElementary07/01/21Within 90 days from the first day of school
27Quarter 1
Align Graduation Requirements with Graduation Guidelines
Ensure that your local school board has aligned Graduation Guidelines with your Graduation Requirements.Secondary07/01/2109/30/21
28Quarter 1
Implement and Communicate Graduation Requirements
Continue to meet with your Graduation Guidelines team to design and implement district graduation requirements. for the class of 2021. Note that Graduation Guidelines goes into effect for students graduating in the 2021-22 school year, including 5th years from AYG 2021 and all students with AYG 2022 and beyond, including 3-year graduates.Secondary07/01/2109/30/21
29Quarter 1
Determine and Communicate Concurrent Enrollment Opportunities
Develop (or update) a district or authorizer policy for concurrent enrollment that states what types of courses will be approved and not approved and the eligibility conditions for qualified students for concurrent enrollmentSecondary07/01/2109/30/21
Schools of Choice
31Quarter 1
Authorizer Assurances for New Online Schools/Programs
September 17, 2021- Deadline for Authorizer Assurances for districts with new online schools or programs *Note: Districts with existing online schools and/or programs only need to submit if policies have been updated.Schools of Choice07/01/2109/17/21
32Quarter 1
Charter School Applications Filed
Charter school applications must be filed with an authorizer not earlier than August 1 or later than October 1 unless the district has an approved waiver on the application deadline from CDE. Time restrictions concerning the review of an application can be found in 22-30.5-107, C.R.S.Schools of Choice08/01/2110/01/21
34Quarter 1
Submit UIPs for Public Posting
Submit updated school and district UIPs for public posting on SchoolView. CDE will review plans for schools/districts with Priority Improvement, Turnaround and ESSA CS identifications. Note school/district with a Performance plan type may qualify for biennial flexibility.UIP07/01/2110/15/21
35Quarter 1
Support Schools Identified for Improvement through State and Federal Accountability
Support any schools on the accountability clock (PI, Turnaround) or identified through ESSA (CS, TS, ATS) meet additional requirements (e.g., additional UIP requirements) and consider additional supports (e.g., EASI application).UIP07/01/2106/30/22
36Quarter 1
Implement UIP and Progress Monitor
Implement action plan in district UIP and ensure that schools are implementing their action plans. Review interim measures and implementation benchmarks and adjust plan accordingly. Ensure accoutability committee is involved in quarterly reviews.UIP07/01/2106/30/22
Data Collections and Grants
38Quarter 1
Submit Eligibility Form for Library Materials
Ensure the district has submitted the two-page eligibility form by Sept. 15 for its share of state formula grants for print and online library materials.Data Collections and Grants07/01/2109/15/21
Quarter Two Actions
41Quarter 2
District Accreditation Contract
Review and sign district accreditation contract (superintendent and board president). Note: Applies just to districts that have an Accredited or Distinction plan type, as all other districts completed their contracts in summer 2021.Accountability09/01/2112/31/21
43Quarter 2
Verify Requests for Extended CMAS (Math and ELA) Testing Windows Have Been Submitted
Verify that requests for extended CMAS Mathematics and ELA online testing windows needed to accommodate for technology capacity have been submitted by Dec. 15. CMAS Mathematics and ELA testing should be completed during the three week window in April with extensions requested only in those cases when district technology capacity requires additional online testing groups that prevents testing from being completed in that window.Assessment10/01/2112/15/21
44Quarter 2
Verify Requests for Extended CMAS (Science) Testing Windows Have been Submitted
Verify that requests for early testing windows for high school CMAS Science have been submitted by Dec. 15.Assessment10/01/2112/15/21
45Quarter 2
Verify Unique Accommodation Requests Have Been Submitted
Verify that Unique Accommodations Requests, if needed, have been submitted by Dec. 15.Assessment10/01/2112/15/21
46Quarter 2
Verify Testing Centers for PSAT and SAT
Verify that high schools have been established as testing centers for PSAT and SAT. Online schools will need to identify brick-and-mortar sites for school day testing.Assessment10/01/2112/31/21
47Quarter 2
Verify Vouchers for Online Students Have Been Ordered
Verify vouchers have been ordered for online students for whom appropriate school day testing sites cannot be identified.Assessment10/01/2112/31/21
48Quarter 2
Track Requests for PSAT and SAT Accommodations
Verify that staff have begun to request PSAT and SAT accommodations.Assessment10/01/2112/31/21
Educator Effectiveness
50Quarter 2
Submit Final Educator Evaluation Ratings from 2020-21 school year
Submit final 2020-21 overall educator evaluation ratings and standard level evaluation ratings to CDE for all licensed personnel including teachers, principals, assistant principals, and SSPs in the HR collection.Educator Effectiveness10/01/2112/31/21
51Quarter 2
Conduct a Review of 2020-21 Educator Evaluation System
Supervisors/evaluators conduct a review of 2020-21 educator evaluation goals, performance plan, measures of student learning/student outcomes, and observations; collect evidence; and give ongoing feedback for all teachers, principals, assistant principals and special services providers.Educator Effectiveness10/01/2112/31/21
52Quarter 2
Give Ongoing Feedback
Supervisors/evaluators give ongoing feedback for all teachers, principals, assistant principals and special services providers.Educator Effectiveness10/01/2112/31/21
54Quarter 2
Create and Implement READ Plans
Ensure elementary principals have supported diagnostic reading assessments for students identified with a significant reading deficiency and the creation of individual READ plans.Elementary10/01/2112/31/22
55Quarter 2
Implement School Readiness Plans
Monitor implementation of school readiness plans and assessments.Elementary10/01/2112/31/21
56Quarter 2
Submit Kindergarten School Readiness Data
Submit Kindergarten School Readiness data collection.Elementary10/01/2112/31/22
57Quarter 2
Ensure K-3 Educators Participate in READ Act Evidence Based Training Program
Ensure a plan is in development to allow K-3 educators to complete the evidenced based training program under the READ ActElementary10/01/2112/31/22
59Quarter 2
Communicate Concurrent Enrollment Opportunities
Communicate all concurrent enrollment opportunities to students and families, referencing the district or authorizer policy.Secondary10/01/2112/31/21
60Quarter 2
Engage Stakeholders on Graduation Requirements
Engage the community and staff members in conversations about your graduation requirements. Inform high school students and families - especially in the class of 2022 - about your revised graduation requirements.Secondary10/01/2112/31/21
Schools of Choice
62Quarter 2
Collect Charter School Renewal Applications
No later than December 1 of the year prior to the year in which a charter school contract expires, the charter board shall submit a renewal application to the local board of education.Schools of Choice07/01/2111/30/21
Data Collections and Grants
64Quarter 2
Prior Year End of Year Data
Finalize End of Year data.Data Collections and Grants02/25/2112/02/21
65Quarter 2
Student October Data
Submit Student October data.Data Collections and Grants07/19/2111/10/21
66Quarter 2
Submit EASI Application
If eligible, submit application for EASI (Empowering Action for School Improvement) grant funds and school improvement services.Data Collections and Grants09/08/2112/08/21
Quarter Three Actions
69Quarter 3
Verify CMAS Paper Materials Have been Requested
Verify any needed CMAS paper materials, including accommodation materials, have been requested (expected deadline: Jan. 28, 2022).Assessment01/01/2201/28/22
70Quarter 3
Submit Accommodations to College Board for PSAT/SAT
Verify that staff have submitted accommodations information to College Board for PSAT/SAT (January (exact date TBD) for College Board approved and February (exact date TBD) for state-allowed).Assessment01/01/2202/28/22
71Quarter 3
Prepare Technology Environments
Verify that technology environments have been prepared for all computer-based state testing.Assessment01/01/2203/31/22
72Quarter 3
Verify Completion of State Assessment Training and Complete Security Agreements
Verify that District Assessment Coordinators have scheduled and/or conducted state assessment administration training for staff and that security agreements have been signed and collected.Assessment01/01/2203/31/22
73Quarter 3
Verify Student CMAS Registrations and Create Computer-Based Sessions
Verify that student CMAS registrations have been updated as appropriate and that computer-based test sessions have been created as needed.Assessment01/01/2203/31/22
74Quarter 3
Assign CMAS Special Forms
Verify that staff have assigned CMAS special forms in PearsonAccessnext (e.g., accommodations, text-to-speech) as appropriate.Assessment01/01/2203/31/22
75Quarter 3
Communicate about Optional SAT Essay
Verify that high schools have distributed information about the optional SAT Essay to students and have facilitated registration for the SAT Essay for any students who want to take it.Assessment01/01/2203/31/22
76Quarter 3
Communicate about Optional Questionnaire for PSAT 10 and SAT
Verify that high schools have distributed information to students and parents and have obtained consent for those students who want to participate in the optional questionnaire for PSAT 10 and SAT.Assessment01/01/2203/31/22
77Quarter 3
Verify Data Respondents
Verify that data respondents have been assigned for all Student Biographical Data reviews.Assessment01/01/2203/31/22
78Quarter 3
Administer ACCESS for English language learners.
Administer ACCESS for English Language LearnersAssessment01/10/2202/11/22
Educator Effectiveness
80Quarter 3
Mid-Year Reflection and conversation between evaluator and educator
Supervisors/evaluators of all licensed personnel (teachers, SSPs, and principals/assistant principals) have a mid-year conference to reflect on educator evaluation observations, data/evidence collected to date, discuss feedback and highlight areas of strength and needed growth. Make any adjustments to goals if needed. After mid-year review, supervisors continue to conduct observations, collect evidence and give ongoing feedback for all teachers, principals, assistant principals and SSPs throughout the year.Educator Effectiveness12/01/2103/27/22
82Quarter 3
Colorado READ Act
Monitor K-3 teacher completion of the required teacher training for the READ ACtElementary01/01/2203/31/22
83Quarter 3
Implement Plan to Train K-3 Educators for READ Act
Implement a plan to allow K-3 educators to complete the evidenced based training program under the READ ActElementary01/01/2203/31/22
Schools of Choice
85Quarter 3
Multi-District Online Certificification Amendments
Application window for submitting amendment to existing Multi-district Online CertificationSchools of Choice01/02/2204/01/22
86Quarter 3
Multi-District Online Certificification Application (1st Option)
Multi-district Online Certification application deadline for districts seeking certification (first option deadline)Schools of Choice10/01/2101/02/22
87Quarter 3
Local Board Resolution on Charter Renewal Application
The local board shall rule by resolution on the renewal application of a charter school no later than February 1 of the year in which the charter expires (or a mutually agreed upon date).Schools of Choice12/01/2103/01/22
Data Collections and Grants
89Quarter 3
Human Resources Data
Submit HR data.Data Collections and Grants09/01/2102/25/22
90Quarter 3
Participate in Colorado TLCC Survey
Promote educator participation in the Colorado Teaching and Learning Conditions (TLCC) Survey.UIP01/19/2202/18/22
Quarter Four Actions
93Quarter 4
Verify Demographic Information
Verify demographic information for all state content assessments is updated in vendor systems as appropriate.Assessment04/01/2206/15/22
94Quarter 4
Review Student Biographical Data (SBD)
Participate in Student Biographical data (SBD) review for assessments.Assessment04/01/2206/15/22
95Quarter 4
Review Individual Student Level Data from 2022 Assessments
Review individual student level data from 2022 state assessments as they become available.Assessment04/01/2206/17/22
96Quarter 4
Administer CMAS and CoAlt Assessments
Administer CMAS and CoAlt assessments.Assessment04/11/2204/29/22
97Quarter 4
Administer PSAT and SAT
Administer PSAT for 9th- and 10th-graders and SAT for 11th gradersAssessment04/13/2204/26/22
Educator Effectiveness
99Quarter 4
Finish Educator Evaluations and Set Preliminary Goals for Next Year
Finish all educator evaluation observations and evidence collection for the evaluation process. Hold end-of –year conferences to report on the final evaluation rating. Present final written report and rating two weeks prior to the end of the school year. Set preliminary professional growth goals for next year.Educator Effectiveness04/01/2206/30/22
100Quarter 4
Complete EE Assurances for Educator Evaluations Systems
Complete Educator Effectiveness (EE) Assurances for Written Educator Evaluation Systems by July 1, 2022 to provide assurance that the district/BOCES is meeting all requirements outlined in State Board Rules for Written Evaluation Systems and indicate which evaluation system will be used to evaluate each category of licensed personnel for the 2022-23 school year.Educator Effectiveness04/01/2207/01/22
102Quarter 4
Colorado READ Act
Submit READ data collection.Elementary04/01/2206/30/22
103Quarter 4
Colorado READ Act
Submit district READ Act budget request for the coming school yearElementary04/01/2206/30/22
104Quarter 4
Colorado READ Act
Monitor K-3 teacher completion of the required teacher training for the READ Act. Ensure teachers complete the training prior to the start of the 2022-2023 school yearElementary04/01/2206/30/22
Report Graduation Guidelines
Work with data responders and school leaders to report the Graduation Guidelines measures that all high school students have met, especially seniors with AYG 2022 and 5th year seniors with AYG 2021.Secondary04/01/2206/30/22
Schools of Choice
108Quarter 4
Multi-District Online Certificification Application (2nd Option)
Multi-district Online Certification application deadline for districts seeking certification (second option deadline)Schools of Choice01/03/2204/01/22
109Quarter 4
Single District Online School/Program Application
Single district online program and school application deadlineSchools of Choice04/01/2206/01/22
110Quarter 4
Review Charter Schools' Performance
During the term of a charter school contract, the school district shall annually review the charter school’s performance – to include the charter school's progress toward meeting objectives and financial audit (note: this can be done at any time in the year.Schools of Choice07/01/2106/30/22
Data Collections and Grants
112Quarter 4
School Code Change Requests
Submit requests for school grade range and name changes, opening and closing schools for the next school year.Data Collections and Grants01/01/2206/30/22
113Quarter 4
End-of-Year Report
Submit end-of-year report on library materials funding by July 29, 2022 (Online report: URL sent to submitter contact and available on grant website).Data Collections and Grants03/01/2207/29/22
115Quarter 4
Improvement Planning for 2022-23
Review local data and begin adjusting UIP for next school year. Include stakeholders (e.g., accountability committee). State data in fall 2022 can be used to validate adjustments, when available.UIP04/01/2206/30/22
116Quarter 4
Review data from Colorado TLCC Survey
Analyze data from TLCC Survey and consider ways to use information for school improvement (e.g., include as a data source in UIP).UIP05/01/2206/30/22