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50 Penn Place Gallery Gallery is owned and operated by 13 professional Oklahoma award-winning artists. In addition to new and constantly changing work by the gallery members, guest artists are invited to display their work in the gallery on a 2-month rotating basis.OklahomaOklahoma+City547,274"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Absolute Michigan your own link to the community promotion websiteMichiganLansing114,947"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA34T43TCW3Z1KWAbsolute Michigan contributor Scott Allman recently traveled to the Waterfront Film Festival in Saugatuck and brought back some cool footage from a record breaking year. If you didn't go this year then put it on our calendar for 2010!+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
American art company gallery represents collectible artists who are in mid to late career with a clear track record of exhibitions.ArkansasLittle+Rock187,452"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueIm loving it!+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
American Craft Marketing
www.americanartmarketing.comAmerican Art Marketing produces some of the finest fine art and fine craft events in the country. The Directors Richard and Joanna Rothbard are artists who have established themselves not only as innovative show promoters but are also the owners of An American Craftsman Galleries, one of the finest contemporary craft showcases in the country with galleries at the Sheraton Manhattan Hotel and at Rockefeller Center in New York City.New+YorkYonkers199,244"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA1YC03ITYKQ8G9this work is easy ,so thanks.+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
American Fine Art in 1982 in the fine art business, Ardell and David Zueger at American Fine Art & Frame Company serve a sophisticated clientele by consistently adding new and exciting pieces that appeal to their clients.TexasDallas1,240,499"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Antique Art Gallery offer many one-of-a-kind items which are often on display in our gallery as well as on our web siteAlaskaAnchorage279,671"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Art & Business Council of Miami council currently assists over 500 arts groups through volunteer programs, leadership training, customized board retreats, educational workshops, collaborations, and networking eventsFloridaMiami409,719"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA4R6FT1PC7SM1n/a+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Art & Culture Center of Hollywood From its small, beachfront gallery, which was dedicated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Nov. 2, 1975, the Art and Culture Center found its niche in South Florida’s art scene by promoting contemporary, innovative artists and programs.FloridaHollywood142,473"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Art 3 Gallery 3 Gallery is a premier New England retail fine art gallery offering custom framing and corporate and residential art consulting services.New+HampshireManchester108,874"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Art and Soul of artisans & exhibits, art making for kids, special installations and interactive activities coordinated by Pro Arts, the community mural project in collaboration with Oakland Art Gallery and more highlight the 2008 festival!CaliforniaSan+Francisco764,976"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA1YC03ITYKQ8G9this work is easy and also useful.+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Art Biz Connection Biz Connection art marketing salons provide a structure to help artists work together and support one another.AlabamaMobile191,411"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA4R6FT1PC7SM1n/a+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Art Council of Wichita Falls Kemp Center for the Arts is a community art center serving Wichita Falls and surrounding communities.TexasWichita+Falls101,590"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Art Encounter encounter, established in 1992, has rapidly become one of the most popular destinations in the fastest growing city in the world, Las Vegas. Conveniently located a short distance from "the strip", this art mecca features every conceivable art style and medium as well as award-winning custom framingNevadaLas+Vegas558,880"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Art Network requires planning plus action. ArtNetwork has been helping artists empower themselves since 1986 through its books and mailing lists. We continue to grow by bringing you new approaches to marketing your work and growing your art business via the Internet and e-mail contacts.CaliforniaRoseville108,759"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA1YC03ITYKQ8G9this work is easy and also useful.+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Art One Gallery Representing Local Artists and Students from Universities and Community Colleges in Scottsdale, Arizona since 1994ArizonaScottsdale235,677"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Art Source Gallery Source Gallery is an Idaho Artist-Owned gallery located at 1015 Main in downtown Boise with an Annex at the Boise Air Terminal.IdahoBoise202,832"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Art Squad to providing clients with the highest quality of creative and marketing talent and our associates with the best employment opportunities.TexasGarland218,792"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2Y2NP7QGJCLLNnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Art St. Louis St. Louis is a visual arts organization that creates exhibition, support and growth opportunities for emerging and established contemporary artists.MissouriSt.+Louis350,759"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA4R6FT1PC7SM1n/a+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Art Star Gallery and Boutique Star is a gallery & boutique located in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia. We exhibit and sell handmade work & limited edition products by emerging artists across the globePennsylvaniaPhiladelphia1,449,634"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Art Tech Publishing Your Art to the Right People: potential clients, gallery owners, interior designers and the readers and editors of key arts publications will know who and where you are!North CarolinaCharlotte671,588 Carolina+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Mapstrue+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Art, Antiques, and Stuff Gallery, Antiques, and Stuff Gallery offers an eclectic mixture of, you guessed it... art, antiques and "stuff". We buy, sell, and broker art and antiques.TexasBeaumont109,579"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone.+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Art-Wave The Art Warehouse 12 years we have been wholesalers of fine art to galleries and interior designers around the world. Two years ago we opened at Burbank our 20,000 square foot art warehouse to the publicCaliforniaBurbank103,286"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Artful Home Guild builds bridges between artists and art buyers. Through its annual sourcebooks for designers and architects and The Artful Home catalogs and website for consumers, The Guild provides vital connections between artists and those who would acquire their work.WisconsinMadison228,775"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Artisians Guild Gallery Artisans Guild Gallery of Gainesville, Florida offers a fine selection of handmade art and craft.FloridaGainesville114,375"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Artist Eye Laguna Gallery sponsors galleries, juried exhibitions, outdoor shows, special student shows and community exhibits county wide.CaliforniaCorona150,308"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA1YC03ITYKQ8G9this work is esay ,so thanks.+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Artistic U U is owned and operated by Roy and Beverly Stevens. Roy Stevens has been an International Artist and Art Teacher for many years both in America and in Europe.FloridaPort+St.+Lucie151,391"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Artists' Cooperative of Southern Nevada ACSN is a cooperative association of art professionals, providing unity and support services for visual artists, including an online venue for marketing art, an online community, and collaborative opportunities with other artists and support service experts.NevadaNorth+Las+Vegas212,114"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA3NN1ZNDSW9U2Zthanks+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Artlink, Inc.'s mission is to showcase work of the highest quality by emerging and mid-career artists and provide educational programs for the community.IndianaFort+Wayne251,247"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Arts Council
iowaartscouncil.orgThe Iowa Arts Council's Cultural Express program provides an opportunity for Iowa communities to experience traditional music, foods, dance, rituals and crafts from a variety of groups living in IowaIowaDes+Moines196,998"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA3GJ1IS88V48NVnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Arts Council of Southwest Indiana Arts Council strives to increase the awareness and accessibility of the arts through arts grants, workshops and seminars, information and referral service, publications, art exhibits, online information, public programs and events, and annual awards program.IndianaEvansville116,253"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA4R6FT1PC7SM1n/a+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Artworks Gallery Gallery is an artist-run cooperative gallery located in Winston-Salem's downtown art district since 1984. The Gallery is committed to offering local artists of all media a creative and responsive environment in which to exhibit and sell their work.North+CarolinaWinston-Salem215,348"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Ascend Gallery Gallery was created with the energy of artistic cultural movement as the early Renaissance.CaliforniaLong+Beach466,520"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Athens Institute for Contemporary Art as an alternative art space, the Athens Institute for Contemporary Art is dedicated to exhibiting challenging, provocative and innovative contemporary art in a non-commercial setting, solely for the cultural enrichment of the Northeast Georgia community.GeorgiaAthens112,760"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Bakersfield Museum of Art Bakersfield Museum of Art began as the Cunningham Memorial Art Gallery in 1956 with a donation from the Walter Osborn family who desired to establish an art gallery in memory of their daughter Marion Osborn Cunningham (1911-1948).CaliforniaBakersfield315,837"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Barbara Archer Gallery Archer Gallery offers exceptional self-taught and contemporary art.GeorgiaAtlanta519,145"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5GOur staff regularly assists and advises individual collectors, museums and corporations in selecting art that is appropriate for their needs. Our other professional services include appraisals, collection management, installation and design.+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Bennett Gallery gallery's focus is to show works of contemporary paintings, sculpture, ceramics and works on paper by local, regional and international artists.TennesseeNashville590,807"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA4R6FT1PC7SM1n/a+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Berkeley Art Center Art Center (BAC) serves the diverse and creative community of Berkeley, through the presentation of visual art exhibitions, music performances and literary programs relevant to its unique community.CaliforniaBerkeley101,377"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Blue Gum Farms Gallery historic Hay Barn is home to the Blue Gum Gallery, an ad-hoc alternative space for showcasing the art of Sonoma County artists.CaliforniaSanta+Rosa154,241"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Blue Skies Gallery Skies Gallery opened in Hampton in 1990 as a member’s gallery to support local artists and give them a store front to display and sell their work.VirginiaHampton146,439"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
41's mission is to connect great artists with great customers. We provide our artists with a complete online presence with outstanding benefits and extraordinary featuresIllinoisCarbondale"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Mapstrue+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Breeden Gallery Gallery is a showcase of the artwork of South Texas; native trees, plants and wildflowers, and the wildlife of this area are among the favorite subjects of artist Don Breeden.TexasBrownsville172,806"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Brownstone Gallery using only the materials and techniques, maintaining the integrity of our artists and their work, and continually seeking ways to change and improve through acquired knowledge and experience, we are equipped with the skills, tools and resources sought by artists, galleries and collectors alike.UtahProvo117,592"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Buenaventura Art Association Statement: A dynamic community of visual artists in all stages of development, united to exhibit and sell art.CaliforniaOxnard184,725"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA4R6FT1PC7SM1Oxnard & Ventura are bordering cities+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Cape Fear Studios Fear Studios, Inc. is a non-profit arts organization in historic downtown Fayetteville. Our mission is to involve, educate, and enrich Cumberland County and surrounding communities with the opportunity to create and freely view art.North+CarolinaFayetteville171,853"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Cary Gallery of Artists Gallery of Artists is your destination for local, high quality art for your home, business, or gift giving.North+CarolinaCary121,796"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Chattham Gallery Chattham Gallery our mission is to provide the Dallas Fort Worth art market with the most stunning array of contemporary realist paintings in the area.TexasPlano260,796"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Cincinnati Art Museum in scenic Eden Park, the Cincinnati Art Museum features an unparalleled art collection of more than 60,000 works spanning 6,000 years. In addition to displaying its own broad collection, the Art Museum also hosts several national and international traveling exhibitions each year.OhioCincinnati332,458"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Circa Arts Gallery Gallery is dedicated to supporting local artists and to provide one-of-a-kind gifts for yourself or others. It is our mission to showcase and bring awareness to the community about the rich and talented array of artists right here in our own backyard.IndianaSouth+Bend104,069"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Colorado Springs Fine art center
http://www.csfineartscenter.orglace for artistic discovery and entertainmentColoradoColorado+Springs376,427"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2Y2NP7QGJCLLNnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Contemporary Art Center Contemporary Art Center exhibits the work of living, innovative artists at the forefront of their fields. In fact, about 20 resident artists are constantly creating art on-site as well as prolific artist and co-founder Preston Jackson continues to maintain his sculpture and painting studio.IllinoisPeoria113,546"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Conway Marketing Marketing is a full-service marketing firm that provides increased value to clients and their brands over a six state region.TennesseeKnoxville183,546"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsAZQY1ZDWL2B2FGood+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
CornerHouse Gallery and Frame doors to the CornerHouse Gallery & Frame opened in 1976, combining an exhibition venue for contemporary, professional artists of the Midwestern States with a premier state-of-the-art framing studio.IowaCedar+Rapids126,396"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Costa Designs Inc. workplace for freelance artists,designers.VirginiaPortsmouth101,967"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2Y2NP7QGJCLLNnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Dave Poulin Studios.
www.davepoulinstudios.comDave has a unique vision and is able to provide outstanding consulting services to private, public and art organizations alike. Whether you need help with programming, operations, locating funding or creative problem solving, Dave can help your organization find new directions. If you're just starting out, he can offer unparalleled insight into building your arts business.PennsylvaniaErie103,650"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA1YC03ITYKQ8G9this work is easy and also useful.+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Davidson Galleries Galleries is widely regarded as one of the premiere venues for original prints in the Pacific Northwest. Two departments are devoted to original prints: The Contemporary Print & Drawing Center, which offers full portfolios by forty print artists and representative works by more than sixty additional artists, and the Antique Print Department which maintains an extensive and diverse collection of original engravings, woodcuts, etchings, and lithographs dating from the 15th to 21st centuries.WashingtonSeattle594,210"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Detroit Artists Market Detroit Artists Market fosters a vibrant and distinctive artistic community in Detroit and Michigan by promoting, exhibiting and selling the work of emerging and established artists, through educational programming and art exhibitions, and by serving as a resource to all who seek to expand their knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of artMichiganDetroit916,952"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2ARDPCN4X8E8YNone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Distinction Gallery Gallery features contemporary and cutting edge artwork with an emphasis on figurative pop and urban surrealism by emerging and internationally acclaimed artists.CaliforniaEscondido136,246"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA4R6FT1PC7SM1n/a+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Doubletake Gallery Gallery is a fine art brokerage service dealing with the works of major artists.MinnesotaMinneapolis377,392"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Doubletake Gallery art consignment service selling extensive ever-changing collection from Peter Max to Andy Warhol; visit the showroom or tour onlineMinnesotaSt.+Paul277,251"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Downtown Artist Co-op DAC is an association of talented local artists and interested patrons dedicated to promoting the visual arts in the Clarksville/Montgomery County areaTennesseeClarksville119,284"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Exit Art Art is an independent vision of contemporary culture prepared to react immediately to important issues that affect our lives.New+YorkNew York8,274,527 York+New+York+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Fine Art Hawaii Art Hawaii is in a unique position among art galleries in Hawaii. It is a studio gallery that affords collectors a unique experience coupled with rare value.HawaiiHonolulu375,571"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsAZQY1ZDWL2B2FExcellent+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Fine Art Wholesalers Art Wholesalers is one of the leading and fastest growing art companies in the USA. In fact, we are the most diversified company in the industry, with: charity, cruise ship, resort, public, private, and television auctions; art publishing; wholesale, retail, and internet sales; and contract framing.FloridaPompano+Beach102,745"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Fine Line Art Gallery Line Art Gallery was founded in 1994, with the mission of promoting the work of local artists, as well as raising the awareness and appreciation of the various art forms represented at the gallery.ConnecticutWaterbury107,174"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA4R6FT1PC7SM1n/a+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
FineArtStudioOnline is a revolutionary web site creation tool that allows an artist to create a web site in a matter of minutes!CaliforniaSacramento460,242"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueIts a nice experience!+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Freemont Art Association Association offers monthly guest artist demonstrations, gallery exhibiting privileges, feature artist showcases, annual events, and the opportunity to interact with a large group of seasoned artistsCaliforniaFremont201,334"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Front Porch Gallery to The Front Porch where Original Art is blended with Home Accessories and Unique Gifts to compliment your Individual StyleGeorgiaColumbus187,046"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Gallery 2000 offers unique collection of Fine Art to exacting lovers of painting. We sell original authentic paintings, watercolors and Limited Edition lithographs of artists from Russia, former Soviet Union and Europe, Asia, USA.New+JerseyElizabeth124,862"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Gallery at Avalon Island at Avalon Island is an independent contemporary art gallery displaying works by local and International artists.FloridaOrlando227,907"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Gallery Concord gallery space providing the City of Concord with original art work that rivals the best galleries in San Francisco. Our artists are all juried into the gallery, ensuring a highly quality of art work. One of our artists is always present in the gallery to answer questions. Many of our artists either teach nationally or have won awards in national/international shows.CaliforniaConcord120,844"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Gallery on the Row in a spacious historic building on Artists’ Row, this gallery of fine art features a diverse group of local and regional artists working in oil, acrylic, watercolor, clay, and photography.GeorgiaAugusta192,142"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Garret Art Gallery spacious gallery features original, traditional and contemporary art presented in Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic, Mixed Media, Woodcuts, Linocuts, Collage and pottery.TexasMcKinney115,620"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Grand Rapids Art Museum collection includes over 5,000 works of art: approximately 3,500 works on paper (prints, drawings, and photographs), 1,200 works of design and modern craft (furniture, ceramics, glass, metal and textiles), and 300 paintings and sculptures.MichiganGrand+Rapids193,627"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Harbor Gallery stands alone from it's competition for many reasons. It is a one of a kind gallery, delightfully attractive but unpretentious and user friendly.VirginiaNorfolk235,747"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Haydon Art Center Members have an enhanced relationship and association with the Haydon Art Center through the opportunity to be juried into a highly visible community arts venue; through ongoing opportunities to present new work annually; by the greater development of the Artist Member's reputation, with the success that follows from building a community that understands and supports artistic and art educational goalsNebraskaLincoln248,744"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA4R6FT1PC7SM1n/a+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Hot Shops Art Center to the Hot Shops Art Center, an art center (approximately 92,000 square feet of space) consisting of art studios, showrooms and various gallery spaces, catering to the art community in and around the Omaha areaNebraskaOmaha424,482"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Huntsville Art League Huntsville Art League (HAL) s a cooperative, non-profit organization, operated through the volunteer efforts of its members and friends. HAL’s purpose is to cultivate Visual art and artists in the Tennessee Valley.AlabamaHuntsville171,327"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Irving Arts Center Irving Arts Center combines the best of two worlds – big time entertainment and cultural events with a great location in the center of the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex.TexasIrving199,505"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Jay Etkin Gallery Etkin Gallery promotes regional and local art in a SoHo style setting, located in downtown Memphis.TennesseeMemphis674,028"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA4R6FT1PC7SM1n/a+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
JDA Creative Color is a fine art service and art gallery.OregonPortland550,396"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
JenniferHartwellArt is a working studio/gallery in the heart of downtown Homewood in SOHO SQUARE. The Gallery & Website represent over 80 local, regional, and international artists.AlabamaBirmingham229,800"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Mapstrue+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Jody Klotz Fine Art gallery has been a valued and respected source to international collectors, dealers, and institutions for 27 years and has participated in numerous International Art Fairs.TexasAbilene116,219"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5GI'm having better luck finding these by using consignment art galleries, I just hope that this is acceptable.+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Jones Art Gallery are a tight-knit family. Louis, Susan, and Ryan own and operate the Jones Art Gallery at Town Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia. You can purchase artwork at this gallery.VirginiaVirginia+Beach434,743"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
kollectiv art and design group concept behind kollectiv art and design group is to bring together a collection of artists, upcoming and established, who are interested in being a part of a creative community. These artists, from all areas of modern/contemporary art and design, can create and showcase their art in one place. Our goal is to have an environment where art and creativity is undistracted, thoughts are discussed and ideas are formed, individually and collaboratively.ArizonaPhoenix1,552,259"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Lakewood Arts Council Lakewood Arts Council is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to serving the community by promoting and supporting the arts in Lakewood and the surrounding areaColoradoLakewood140,305"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Lancaster Museum/Art Gallery, the Lancaster Museum/Art Gallery is presenting exhibitions to the residents of the Antelope Valley that feature works by regional, national and internationally renowned artistsCaliforniaLancaster143,616"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA4R6FT1PC7SM1No separate website (from City listing)+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Laredo Center For The Arts Laredo Center for the Arts coordinates, promotes, encourages, and supports the arts in the Laredo/South Texas area.TexasLaredo217,506"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Leopold Gallery is a nationally recognized art consulting firm that promotes regional artists on a national level.MissouriKansas+City450,375"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA4R6FT1PC7SM1n/a+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Lexington Arts & Cultural Council both the area Arts Council and Arts Fund, LexArts provides a wide range of programs and services designed to integrate the arts into our daily lives including the Downtown Gallery Hop, ArtScene Magazine and Arts Showcase Weekend.KentuckyLexington-Fayette279,044"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Little Shanty Folk Art Gallery galleria offers "Art Lovers", "Collectors" and Enthusiasts of all levels the largest selection of original and limited edition Louisiana art under one roof.LouisianaShreveport199,569"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Louisiana Art and Artists' Guild and Gallery organization focused on the promotion of local artists in LouisianaLouisianaBaton+Rouge227,071"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Lowellis ART
http://www.lowellisart.comHelping artists in Lowell to find marketplace.MassachusettsLowell103,512"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2Y2NP7QGJCLLNnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Marketing 4 Artists 4 Artists - Art marketing classes, workshops, coaching & resources to help artists promote & sell their art.CaliforniaLos+Gatos"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Mapstrue+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Marshall Art Gallery Art Gallery's goal is to nurture the careers of our artists spiritually, emotionally and artistically.North+CarolinaGreensboro247,183"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA4R6FT1PC7SM1n/a+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Marty Rudolph Art Marketing Consultant Rudolph brings over 30 years of marketing experience to artists and galleries through her coaching, consulting and gallery trainings.OregonEugene149,004"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA4R6FT1PC7SM1n/a+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Masterworks Fine Art Gallery Fine Art, Inc. strives to be the best source of fine art for our clients and collectors all over the world.CaliforniaOakland401,489"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Mead Street Gallery and Gifts Street Gallery & Gifts is a co-op gallery dedicated to promoting the work of the Co-op Artists,featuring original paintings and sculptures, reproductions, cards, plus a unique collection of gift items, consignment art and jewelry.KansasWichita361,420"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Medicine Man Gallery Man Gallery purchases individual pieces or entire collections as well as accepts pieces on consignment.ArizonaTucson525,529"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Mesa Arts Center Arts Center is a 212,755-square-foot performing arts, visual arts, and arts education facility, the largest and most comprehensive arts center in the state of Arizona.ArizonaMesa452,933"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Midland Gallery this secure site you will find Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Prints and Canvases, along with a large collection of the most popular Open Edition Prints available. We are an Authorized Dealer of Art Publishers you'll recognize.TexasMidland103,880"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Mistlin Fine Art Gallery are an organization of volunteers and artists working together to promote the visual arts.CaliforniaModesto203,955"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Morean Arts Center Beth Ann Morean Arts Center inspires, educates, and engages a diverse population in the creation of contemporary visual art by providing a dynamic, professional environment to foster the creative process, allowing artists and the community to meet and exchange ideas.FloridaSt.+Petersburg246,407"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA4R6FT1PC7SM1n/a+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Naperville Art League Naperville Art League, founded in 1961, provides art instruction and education, encourages interest in all forms of creative art, stimulates understanding and appreciation of art in the community, and participates in other related activities.IllinoisNaperville142,479"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Nuance Galleries focus at Nuance is to provide fin art and custom picture framing in a friendly and professional atmosphere. Our collection of fine artwork includes over 20 international and local artists with a variety of styles from classical to modern and in mediums ranging from offset lithographs to original fine art.FloridaTampa336,823"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Ohio Arts Council Ohio Arts Council is a state agency that funds and supports quality arts experiences to strengthen Ohio communities culturally, educationally and economicallyOhioColumbus747,755"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
OMC Gallery for Contemporary Art one of the major activities, OMC is dedicated to helping establish young artists.CaliforniaHuntington+Beach192,885"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA4R6FT1PC7SM1n/a+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Orange County Fine Arts County Fine Arts welcomes arts lovers from all levels and abilities. The artist Original work is put on displayed for collectors and admirers both.CaliforniaOceanside168,602"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA9WG7KT2LALXDHope I completed this corredtly for you.+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Orange County Museum of Art Orange County Museum of Art enriches the lives of a diverse and changing community through modern and contemporary art.CaliforniaCosta+Mesa108,978"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Oxide Gallery Gallery is a “For-Sale” gallery dedicated to Exposing the wonderful artwork of the artists living in Denton County and the North Texas area.TexasDenton115,506"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
P & C Art, Inc. in 1976, P & C Art, Inc. offers a fine selection of original paintings, limited edition prints, and sculptures.VirginiaAlexandria140,024"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Peninsular Fine Arts Center Peninsula Fine Arts Center is the premier arts advocate in the region working to create a stronger community through ART.VirginiaNewport+News179,153"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA4R6FT1PC7SM1n/a+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Phillips Gallery Gallery is the oldest commercial gallery in the intermountain west. We represent artists working in a variety of media including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, ceramics, printmaking, jewelry, and mixed media.UtahSalt+Lake+City180,651"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Plaza Gallery Gallery is located in downtown Henderson’s Water Street District — the historic heart of Henderson, Nevada.NevadaHenderson249,386"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Pomona Valley Art Association VALLEY ART ASSOCIATION is a volunteer supported non-profit organization dedicated to the stimulation of creative interest, education and the enjoyment of art in all its various forms.CaliforniaPomona152,631"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Prairie Art Alliance represent emerging and established Central Illinois artists of all ages. Come explore works currently on display in our home at the H.D.Smith Gallery in the Hoogland Center for the Arts, 420 South Sixth Street, and learn about us and what we can do to expand your perspectives.IllinoisSpringfield117,090"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Prairiebrooke Galleries, Prairiebrooke Arts consists of three galleries in the Kansas City area. Brooke, along with her husband Mike, daughter Megan and a great staff, serve the art needs of corporate, professional, institutional and residential customersKansasOverland+Park169,403"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Presley Design Studio Design Studio works in tandem with each client to fully analyze and apply a branding strategy that ensures consistency, creativity, and clear communication.TexasKilleen112,434"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Prestige Fine Art Fine Art brings the exhilarating experience of standing before a great museum masterpiece right into your homeFloridaCoral+Springs126,875"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Procyon Gallery Gallery is proud to be an Artaissance Retailer. Choose from thousands of giclee art prints by many artists and in many sizes, styles and colors.CaliforniaVallejo115,552"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
River Art Group Gallery are one of the largest and finest artist cooperatives in the country. We are located at La Villita Historic Arts Village, in beautiful downtown San Antonio, TX. We are open daily from 10-6.TexasSan+Antonio1,328,984"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Rochester Contemporary Art Center Contemporary Art Center fosters and promotes new ideas in contemporary art. The Art Center uses its programming and facilities to encourage artists, audiences, and community partners to participate in the process of multi-disciplinary discovery.New+YorkRochester206,759"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Rockford Art Museum Partner in Excellence of the Illinois Arts Council, Rockford Art Museum impacts the quality of life for people of all ages through visual arts programs of collection, exhibition and education.IllinoisRockford156,596"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
SAC's Gallery's is located in the Mulberry District which is very convenient for shopping. It provides an excellent opportunity for SAC's members to display and sell their original work.AlabamaMontgomery204,086"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
San Jose Museum of Art in 1969, the San Jose Museum of Art is a distinct voice in the San Francisco Bay Area arts community. The Museum is recognized for its contemporary collection, which reflects the West Coast contextualized by national and international visual art. The collection exhibits the unique evolution of the institution from a small civic art gallery to a museum in the tenth largest city in the United States.CaliforniaSan+Jose939,899"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
126 its inception in 2000, Ann Berchtold has been the curator of, which is a website dedicated to promoting the work of emerging and established artists who reside in San Diego and Baja California.CaliforniaSan+Diego1,266,731"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueI think I have found the right match+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Space 237 237 is a place where both artist and art enthusiast can interact and have an impact on what we may ultimately become, while reflecting upon the times and attitudes, causes and concerns that often require the peculiarly sensitive eye of the artist to synthesize and define in ways foreign to most of us.OhioToledo295,029"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Space Art Gallery mission of SPACE is to realize a working example of an integrated and open art ecosystem in Pittsburgh. SPACE values the creation of new works in multi-disciplines, presentation of artwork to the broadest possible audience, inclusion of established and contemporary technologies and the promotion of local artists outside of the region.PennsylvaniaPittsburgh311,218"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
SQUARE 101 is place where many emerging creative talents first debut their work.ColoradoWestminster106,195"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2Y2NP7QGJCLLNnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Square 101 Gallery primary objective is to aid artists in assuming a viable economic and integral role in the community and to broaden the appreciation of art and crafts in the community.ColoradoArvada106,328"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
SQUARE 101 Gallery of SQUARE 101 Gallerys’ primary missions is to help promising visual artists learn marketing skills to become more self-sustaining from the sale of their artistic endeavors.ColoradoDenver588,349"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueAZGHZ7UCJZ5UZnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Stellers Gallery Gallery is a full service fine art gallery that offers complimentary consultation, delivery and installation of any artwork purchased from or framed by the gallery.FloridaJacksonville805,605"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Stockton Art League Goodwin Gallery membership includes professional, semi-professional, and amateur artists, and people who just enjoy our programs and exhibitions.CaliforniaStockton287,245"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Studio Gallery Gallery is a custom frame shop and art gallery located in Waco, Texas. At Studio Gallery, the experience of the staff and remarkable talent of the designers are qualities that keep them on the cutting edge of the framing industry.TexasWaco122,222"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Sun Gallery it's a viewer gazing at the creative works of the very best contemporary artists of Northern California or a child experiencing a burst of originality in hands-on art activity, Sun Gallery enriches the inner lives of thousands.CaliforniaHayward140,943"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Sunland Art Gallery Art Gallery is a cooperative Gallery sponsored by the El Paso Art Association showcasing the original artwork of our members: Southwestern Art, Traditional Realism, Impressionism, Contemporary, Abstract, Sculpture, Ceramics, Jewelry, Miniatures & Greeting Cards.TexasEl+Paso606,913"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Sweeney Art Gallery Sweeney Art Gallery is an artistic laboratory that engages diverse audiences with exhibitions and programs that are committed to experimentation, innovation, and the exploration of art in our time.CaliforniaRiverside294,437"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Tempe festival of arts Tempe Festivals of the Arts present more than 400 artists in a street-festival atmosphere of booths. The range of fine art and fine craft features unique, handmade pieces in 14 categories that range from woodwork to photography, from ceramics to wearable art, from painting to jewelry---along with other traditional and non-traditional forms of visual arts.ArizonaTempe174,091"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueIts getting even more interesting.+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
The Art Garage ARTgarage is a community art gallery with in-house studio artists and gallery artists.WisconsinGreen+Bay100,781"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
The Art Resource Inc. Art Resource represents hundreds of artists, including painters, sculptors, weavers, mixed media, limited edition artwork and open edition prints.FloridaPembroke+Pines146,828"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
The Arts Alliance Center at Clear Lake organizations, artists and the community TAACCLTexasPasadena146,518"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA4R6FT1PC7SM1Nassau Bay is in same urban area as Pasadena+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
The Beranbaum Group Beranbaum Group has the experience to find the right artist for you.MassachusettsBoston599,351"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gn/a+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
The Colony Frame and Gallery Colony Frame & Gallery opened in November, 1965 as The Colony Art & Frame Shop. It has operated in the same location at 2606 Wolflin Ave., Amarillo, Tx since its openingTexasAmarillo186,106"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
The Door Art Gallery Door Art Gallery was opened in the fall of 1995 by a group of nine artists, as a place where they could paint together, display and sell their work, and offer art classes.CaliforniaFresno470,508"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
The Frame Shop and Gallery 912 The Gallery 912 for the perfect art which reflects your lifestyle. You'll find original, one of a kind artwork in all mediums; painting, photography, works on paper of all types, ceramics or wood-turned items, you'll find it hereLouisianaLafayette113,544"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5GNONE+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
The Gallery Clara and Allen Gresham Art Gallery art gallery showcases the work of regional, local and student artists.CaliforniaSan+Bernardino199,285"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
The Genesis Gallery LTD. publishers and distributors of fine art with more than 28 years of experience, we are able to offer a diverse collection of world class art at very affordable prices.ConnecticutStamford118,475"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
The Gibbes Museum of Art mission of the Carolina Art Association (the Gibbes Museum of Art) is to offer through collection, exhibition and interpretation a thorough knowledge of the visual culture of Charleston, the Lowcountry and the American South from the colonial era through today.South+CarolinaCharleston110,015"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
The Irvine Museum Irvine Museum was founded in 1992 by Joan Irvine Smith and her mother, the late Athalie R. Clarke (1903-1993). Our first exhibition opened on January 15, 1993.CaliforniaIrvine201,160"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
The Kearon Hempenstall Gallery is always a selection of works available at the gallery for viewing or purchasing.New+JerseyJersey+City242,389"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
The Lindsay Gallery internet has forever changed the way we do business and this has impacted on the worldwide art community. Artists now have far greater access to a wider audience and this audience is better able to access artists. The focus of Africanartsearch is to source and showcase quality works of art by both established and emerging Southern African artists.GeorgiaSavannah130,331"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA3GJ1IS88V48NVnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
The Orange County Fine Arts, Inc. Orange County Fine Arts, Inc. (OCFA) is a local non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating public interest in the fine arts through arts education and scholarships for aspiring artists. The organization also provides consistent opportunities for already-accomplished artists to display their art while enriching the community with a variety of artistic venues.CaliforniaAnaheim333,249"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueAAKUTEICT7Y5Inone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
The Other Side Arts Other Side Arts (TOSA) educates, inspires, and empowers emerging artists and under served populations through visual arts programming and artist development opportunitiesColoradoAurora311,794"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
The University of Arizona Museum of Art seek the types of material and papers that document and contribute to the success of an individual artist.ArizonaChandler246,399"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Mapstrueits insteresting+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
The Village Gallery 32 years the Village Gallery has introduced clients to the joys of collecting art. In addition to cultivating tens of thousands of collectors, the company has launched the careers of such popular artists as Michael Godard, Thomas Kinkade, Cao Yong, Fabian Perez, Sam Park, Steve Barton, Steven Quartly, and many other fine artists.CaliforniaSanta+Ana339,555"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
The Walters Art Museum Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland is internationally renowned for its collection of art. The collection presents an overview of world art from pre-dynastic Egypt to 20th-century Europe, and counts among its many treasures Greek sculpture and Roman sarcophagi; medieval ivories and Old Master paintings; Art Deco jewelry and 19th-century European and American masterpieces.MarylandBaltimore637,455"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
The Warehouse Gallery gallery's mission is to present exhibitions and programs by artists whose work engages the community in a dialogue regarding the role the arts can play in illuminating critical issues of our life and times.New+YorkSyracuse139,079"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Theatre Art Galleries High Point, North Carolina’s only visual arts space, Theatre Art Galleries, Inc. (TAG) provides quality visual arts exhibits and educational experiences for the enrichment of the total community.North+CarolinaHigh+Point100,432"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Tirage Art Gallery our founding in 1984, Tirage's core business was the sale of European and American fine art prints to art dealers and galleries world-wide. With renewed public interest in original artworks painted en plein air and in other representational styles, the gallery has evolved to represent over sixty nationally recognized artists in painting and sculpture.CaliforniaPasadena143,400"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Topeka Art Guild and Gallery are a collective group of artists and patrons that join together to share our common interest in art.KansasTopeka122,642"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Toucan Gallery Gallery is a full-service art company that promotes local and regional artists, and is located in downtown Billings, MT.MontanaBillings101,876"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA4R6FT1PC7SM1n/a+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Tribal Treasures Gallery gallery offers original Western, wildlife and landscape paintings in oil and watercolor by such famous U.S. artists as K. Warrick, Dy'Ans, Dennis Milhomme, Alfredo Rodriguez John Thongnoi and Millie Funk to name a few.CaliforniaVictorville107,221"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Two Vaults Gallery Vaults is located at 602 S. Fawcett Ave. The gallery is open weekdays by noon and closed Sunday and Monday.WashingtonTacoma196,520"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Valley Art Gallery Valley Art Gallery, an artists’ cooperative, was founded in 1976. The goal of the Founders was to bring fine art to the Salinas Valley and Central Coast and now , 30 years later, the Gallery is at its best.CaliforniaSalinas143,517"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Vision Marketing Communications
http://www.visionmc.netDevoted to excellence in design and working together with clients to develop and deliver innovative and successful design solutionsCaliforniaWest+Covina106,388"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueAZQY1ZDWL2B2FExcellent+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Visual Art Exchange Art Exchange is dedicated to serving emerging artists and enriching the cultural environment.North+CarolinaRaleigh375,806"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Visual Artists of Pueblo, Colorado Artists Pueblo unites visual artists in the community and offers promotional opportunities.ColoradoPueblo103,805"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA3NN1ZNDSW9U2Zthanks+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
VSA Arts of Texas arts of Texas is a member of the international network of VSA arts, an affiliate of The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.TexasAustin743,074"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Walnut Street Gallery gallery hosted their first show for Ronnie and Baron in the fall of 1989 and it was an overwhelming success. The collectors embraced this new art form with a vengeance and the Eveleigh's decided to take their show on the road.ColoradoFort+Collins133,899"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Washington Street Gallery Gallery, located in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan, represents contemporary regional artists.MichiganAnn+Arbor115,092"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Waverly House Gifts and Gallery in 1987, we have become a regional destination for fine art, contemporary American Crafts, and our extensive year-round Christmas room.MissouriSpringfield154,777"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
White Space Gallery 1999, ARA Productions, LLC secured the rights and title to all known remaining paper from former Dali publisher Levine & Levine. Having been offered a contract to publish twelve lithographic editions of selected Dali works, ARA first required unimpeachable proof that the archival paper indeed bore authentic, original signatures in Dali's own hand.ConnecticutNew+Haven123,932"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
William Campbell Contemporary Art Campbell Contemporary Art maintains a strong exhibition program focusing on contemporary art from our region, as well as nationally and internationally recognized artists.TexasFort+Worth681,818"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA4R6FT1PC7SM1n/a+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Wright's Indian Art gallery, first opened in 1907, features a free private museum and carries fine handmade Native American arts and crafts.New+MexicoAlbuquerque518,271"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Zephyr Gallery to our city culture and advocating regional talent is a high priority. Zephyr Gallery advocates the importance of the beginner and established private collectors as well as corporate collectors.KentuckyLouisville557,789"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapstrueA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps
Zola Craft Gallery Craft Gallery is a fine craft and gift gallery located in the 9th Street shopping district of Durham, NCNorth+CarolinaDurham217,847"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+MapsA2XLKT8T3ZQM5Gnone+"Marketing+Art"++Artists&btnG=Search+Maps