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108/10/20Natalie KingPossible. No.UPUP would like to scan all documents related to Personnel Files.UP06/01/201138Cheree CarvalhoCompleteMedOnBase ticket:174986732/10/22- VF discussed w/AL who thinks this in PRD. VF asking AL to reach out to all parties to confirm complete.
2Jennifer GeertsenYes. No. Not needed.EHSRMDocuSign form for NEW Youth Program Registration Form. NOTE: CSU's are being audited on their policy and forms even during SIP. It's a new form, new process requiring multiple elements, requests, and sections in order to stay in compliance with the new policy we've created and with the CO forthcoming dirctives.Risk Management05/22/2007/13/2008/31/201079Jennifer GeertsenCompleteLow - AL will confirm if this is still open/active/needed.
3Alana SolivenYes signature is required.FinanceOnline IPPsAccounting02/15/2103/15/2107/01/211006Alana Soliven - AL will reach out to Alana.
4Tiffany GrauNoFinanceWe would like to us OnBase to house all of our Trust Fund AgreementsBudget12/13/2101/17/2204/01/221007Tiffany Grau2/10/22 - AL will enter a ticket for this request by 2/11/22 Ticket: 18849183
5Tiffany GrauNoFinanceWe want to use OnBase as a place to store all student fee related documents and be able to retrieve them using certain keywords.Budget10/01/2102/01/2204/01/221017Tiffany GrauAdd to a ticket - AL will enter a ticket for this request 2/11/22 Ticket: 18849183
6Veronica FloresCoord transfer of OB Project Docs to specify types. 18849183 entered so this request transferred.
7Nathan SchuetteYes - NoFinanceCreate/Consolidate ASM Forms (CMS, CFS, Questica, OnBase)ASM07/29/201156Nathan Schuette2/10/22 - Additional scope added to DAR request for not used. Will need to be re-evaluated later once ASM transfers security to IT.
808/10/20Yolanda AnglinYes - many. Has not been submitted to review group yet.FinanceTrust Fund AgreementsBudget03/01/201017Jenny HallettCompleteLow2/10/22 - VF confirmed w/AL that this is complete.
(Ad hoc routing in Docusign. Currently scanned to M: drive)
9Garren FisherNo. OnBaseFinanceProvide a central location for all lease agreements.Accounting02/27/2004/27/2006/01/201006Garren FisherAssignedHighOnbase - info gathering. on-boarding - accounting.2/10/22 - VF confirmed w/AL this request was cancelled since OB could not meet reporting requirements.
10Steve MackeyYes. No.FinanceIntake and Status routing communication for Contracts within ProcurementProcurement08/01/201078Art EvjenCompleteHigh2/10/22 - VF Confirmed w/AL this is complete through Adobe.
11Amy ThomasNo; no applicable.
We would like to move a database from Access to OnBase.
EHSRMWe would like to move the Defensive Driver database from Access to OnBase. This database incudes confidential data that needs to be secured (level 1 data, driver's licenses, etc.).EHSRM03/16/2004/01/2004/01/201079Jennifer GeertsenCompleteLow2/10/22 - VF Advised Jennifer G to fill out a IT project scope doc and schedule a meeting to review requirements.
12Terryn AshleyNoFinanceNew OnBase Document TypesPayroll03/04/201104TerrynCompleteMedNew document types for OB.

Address Change Report
Duplicate W-2 Request
Payroll Certification
PPSD 360
SCO Irregularity Notice
Stipend Letter
Missed Premium AR Agreement
Moving Relocation
Warrant Report
13ChereePossible. No.UPRequest to Recruit (RTR) Form route for signaturesUP06/08/2006/09/201138Cheree CarvalhoCompleteMedDocuSign2019
14LindaPossible. No.UPJob Action Form JAF route for signaturesUP06/10/2006/11/201138Cheree CarvalhoCompleteMedDocuSign2019
15ChereePossible. No.UPFFCRA Req Form route for signaturesUP06/08/2006/09/201138Cheree CarvalhoCompleteMedDocuSign2019
16Jennifer GeertsenYes. No. Not needed/required as we are currently doing this same exact thing for the Alcohol Approval form.EHSRMCreate a new DocuSign form for Food Waiver to accompany the Food Policy that is being draftedRisk07/30/2011/27/2001/15/211079Jennifer GeertsenCompleteLow ad hoc routing in Docusign
17Alana SolivenPossibly. Request has been submitted to the DSRG 1/30/20.FinanceSF Department Refund RequestSTAR03/01/2003/15/2004/01/201006Alana SolivenCompleteLow
18Chris FrederickWe require approval by student to payment terms, but no we haven't gone through review group yet.FinanceInstallment Payment PlanStudent Financials02/01/2003/01/2004/10/201006Alana SolivenCompleteLow
19Jill KronickYes and yes (well, it will be the same signatures as are on the payment requests and purchase requisitions, so I would assume so.FinanceTask Orders, Change Orders, and Purchase Alterations digitalizationFacilities Management Department01/22/201015Jill Kronick, Reyola Carlisle, Tammy Bishop, Christine ShawCompleteCurrent process is to fill out attached forms and either scan and email or hand deliver for signatures.2019
20Terryn AshleyYes. NoFinanceEmployee Action Request - Route for electronic processingPayroll05/01/201104Terryn AshleyComplete2019
21Alejandra via Terryn AshleyYes. NoFinanceDirect Deposit - Route for electronic processingPayroll05/20/201104Terryn AshleyComplete2019
FinanceManual Check Request form with workflow. This is the check request that is completed by Payroll and then forward to AP.Payroll Services11/06/191104Terryn AshleyCompleteDocuSign. Special Consultant form instead.2019
23LindaPossible. No.UPLeaves of Absence Request form route for signaturesUP06/08/2006/09/201138Cheree CarvalhoCompleteDocuSign2019
24Therese MaddenYes and no... how do I do that?UPPaperless AP Processing (50+ documents) Madden (Since this is a complicated project, it would be great if we could set up a meeting with all AP staff so that we can find out from you the best way to upload the documents that need to be transformed.)CompleteMedJust a sample: This one is already electronic, except for a signature:
UP has signed off
25Yolanda AnglinYes. Not yet.FinanceStudent Fee ProposalsBudget03/01/201017Jenny HallettReceivedLow2/10/22 - AL confirmed no Budget doc type in OB. Jenny no longer in Budget Dept or Finance.
26Mariereview/approvalASMDARASMMed2/10/22 - Per AL, DAR created in OB but not used.