Get Outdoors Challenge FAQ
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What is the max number of girls per team?
There is no max on the number of team members! You can have as many participants you want on your team. However, all members will need to be registered to receive the patch.
Can I do it if I have a multi-level troop?
Yes! Teams can have any composition of ages - just make sure to follow Safety Activity Checkpoints as your team plans their activities.
When do I get the patch?
Patches will be ordered partway through the challenge. All who register before 30th are guaranteed patches, and any late registrations will receive patches based on availability. Patches will be available in July. Questions about patch distribution? Email
When and Where do I submit my Points
All points must be submitted no later than
Who receives the patches/rockers?
All registered members of your team! This includes girls AND adults.
How many times can girls complete an activity?
As many times as you'd like! All activities on the challenge list can be repeated and counted for points.
Is there a place to share my favorite photos from the Get Outdoors Challenge?
Absolutely! E-mail your photos to List your team name and describe the activity you and your team completed and any other information you'd like to include. We may use any photos we receive in our future promotions of the challenge.
Who counts as a participant of the Get Outdoors Challenge?
Any girls AND adults who are part of a team! When registering, you'll be asked how many participants you'd like to register. At the end of the challenge, teams will receive patches based on the number of people registered. If you have family or friends who would like to participate, they are welcome to join your team. However, they will not receive patches unless you have paid for their spots on your team.
How do I track my team's points?
When your team completes an activity, submit your points via our smartsheet tracker monthly List the activity, the number of participants and the date, and your points will be automatically calculated! (Note: Points are awarded per activity completed, not per number of participants)
I completed an activity on my own. Can I count it for my team's points?
Technically yes, although it's not recommended. We highly encourage teams to complete activities together! Working together in the outdoors is key to Girl Scouts and creates lasting memories!
What are the challenge dates?
The challenge begins on March 1st and ends on May 31st
I have a question that isn't on here. Who can I contact?
Email or for the fastest response.
If girls on the same team complete the same activity but on separate occasions and not together, do I count the points one or twice?
We recommend counting this as two separate activities, since the girls completed these on separate occasions. Mark each on their own line on your activity log.
What does the participant cost go to?
The $5 per participant charge covers the cost of the patches & rockers.