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125102/05/23 8:04 AM02/05/23 8:04 AMStrange results when using the site search to look at "branch" resultsBug FixDo a site search for "business", which will produce around 17,000 results. Then set the "Content Type" filter to "Branch", which indicates that there are 17 matching pages.

This shows "17 results" but then says "there are no results matching your search", but shows the paging controls at the bottom.
Fix it so that the results shown match the filters.
225002/03/23 11:59 AM02/03/23 11:59 AMI apologize if this is happening for other chapters and already known - Orlando Success Stories (there are four) are not pulling in their associated imageBug FixOrlando Success Stories (there are four) are not pulling in their associated imageImages are loaded that are associated with the success story visible from the bottom of the local-mentors page where featured orlando stories are pulled in./orlando/local-mentorsGreat interest and engagementNoweb-form@smartsheet.comFernWhiteOrlandoWebmaster/orlando
324902/02/23 1:07 PM02/02/23 1:07 PMWhen adding new Press Releases to the new website, there are a number of "bugs" or problems that require attentionBug FixCurrently, when adding new releases to the website:
- The subtitle does not appear when the landing page is published
- The image does not load whatsoever when added to the "Image" content box
- When images are added within the body copy there is no option to add a caption / identify who is pictured.
- I am able to select related content to accompany the release but get an error messge when I "save" so that related content has to be removed in order to "save" and publish
Users viewing the release should see the release as intended
Body Copy
Accompanying Image
Caption for Image
Related Content
Link to the release as it appeared on PR Newswire when distributed

On the back end, all of this content should be easily loaded and appear as intended.
Social - when press releases are shared on social they should appear as a thumbnail with the release, with appropriate cropping (Not cutting anyone's head off)Credible, professional press release landing pages that are shared to external audiences, the press, Capitol Hill, key stakeholders and more.

Resulting in:
- greater pickup of the release
- higher circulation
- longer time spent on the page
- an increase in click throughs to find a mentor, take a workshop, visit or volunteer
- increased funding from congress for SCORE
web-form@smartsheet.comLoriBarnesOtherscore.orgExt Rel Director
424802/02/23 12:50 PM02/02/23 12:50 PMFor "In the News" Need to Add a Source to recognize the source / media outlet where the media mention is featured.Enhancement RequestThe format for media mentions on the old site was for short teaser copy and link at bottom to read the full article / media mention on the source site. With the Drupal 9 site, I am able to add the headline and short story summary as before, as well as the link to the full story in the “Read Original Article” link, but I cannot add the “Source” which on the old site was the logo for the publication providing the mention.

On the old site, we had a dropdown menu with a long list of source publications and their accompanying logos. I do not see that we have that option now?

If I cut and paste the logo into the “source” box in editor it is mis-sized and when I “edit media” and none of the provided ratios allow for proper sizing of the media logo uploaded.

This is an issue because in this format, the “media mention” attribution gets lost.
Fix this to prominently include a properly sized logo from the media outlet in the source area at the bottom
SCORE as an association will not appear to be taking credit for published works by media outletsSCORE as an association will not appear to be taking credit for published works by media outlets

The way the "In the News" pages are currently formatted is not working as intended to showcase earned media mentions.
Yesweb-form@smartsheet.comLoriBarnesOtherscore.orgExt Rel Director
524702/02/23 11:57 AM02/02/23 11:57 AMText WYSIWYG layout block: when a content editor adds a document using the media gallery the document is added as a file string.Bug FixText WYSIWYG layout block: when a content editor adds a document using the media gallery the document is added as a file string.

Example URL is a draft page.
The document should display using the document title and it should be editable using the EDIT MEDIA tab.
Better user experienceYesweb-form@smartsheet.comAndreaGwartneyVendor/
624602/02/23 8:34 AM02/02/23 8:34 AMThe "use my current location" link doesn't so anything.Bug FixWhen I click on "Use my current location" nothing happens - the current lat/long isn't used and no error message appears.

I'm using Chrome on my desktop. I confirmed that the 'Sites can ask for you location" option was selected (see screen shot).
If the browser allows it the user's current location should be used to select a location.score.orgClient
724502/02/23 7:50 AM02/02/23 7:50 AMList view (on a smart phone/tablet device and even on desktop displays an expired webinar from the previous monthBug FixCurrently, Jan. 24th is displayed followed by February webinars (today is 2/2/2023)only current month webinars should display, not prior month which expired/jacksonville/local-workshopsClient
Eliminate confusion and present accurate data to selectweb-form@smartsheet.comFernWhiteJacksonvilleWebmaster/jacksonville/local-workshops
824402/01/23 3:51 PM02/03/23 7:34 AMLocal-Mentors page

Clicking on Browse Mentor Profiles in the hero box did not work. (clicking browse mentor profiles)

Bo Harvey lives within 10 miles and yet failed to come up, as well as any other
Bug FixIn ReviewAG: Emailed Fern to ask if any of Orlando mentors accept direct requests. If they do not, mentors will not display on the mentor search page. (clicking browse mentor profiles)

Bo Harvey lives within 10 miles and yet failed to come up, as well as any other Orlando mentor. Clicking 'include nearby' still failed to bring up Orlando mentors. Going out 50 miles still did not pull in Orlando mentors but went to Volusia/Flagler, Mid-Florida.
Orlando mentors are in the search results.
function properly for Orlando mentors to be displayed and contacted.Noandrea.gwartney@score.orgFernWhiteOrlandoWebmaster/orlando
924302/01/23 12:00 PM02/01/23 12:00 PMWorkshop dates and copt-level menu appeared in SpanishBug FixSee screen shot and the URL, which sets the language to "es".

I had previously been looking at Orange County. I switched back to Philadelphia and saw the workshop dates (but not the description) and the National menu (but not the chapter menu) in Spanish.
Everything in English.
Language will be set
1024201/31/23 10:37 AM01/31/23 10:37 AMPresentation on homepage for 'No Lo Hagas Solo' is in spanish, the link text is in spanish, it links to a page that displays in english.Bug FixPresentation on homepage for 'No Lo Hagas Solo' is in spanish, the link text is in spanish, it links to a page that displays in english.Presentation on homepage for 'No Lo Hagas Solo' is in spanish, the link text is in spanish, it links to a page that displays in english. It is needed to maintain the authentic hispanic experience by presenting a page in the language it is coming from.homepageClienthigher customer satisfaction and experienceweb-form@smartsheet.comFernWhiteLas CrucesWebmaster/lascruces
1124101/31/23 10:02 AM01/31/23 10:02 AMNeed to update this sign up form to separate signing up for the eNews and signing up to receive press releases.Enhancement RequestRight now, when people click on this link the page invites them to sign up for both newsletters and press releases (and those boxes are already checked).

Newsletters = for clients
Press releases = for the media
Separate the sign up forms for newsletters and press releases.

Specify that members of media can sign up to receive our press releases direct to their inbox by clicking the link

We are no longer adding clients -- or anyone who does not stipulate that they are a journalist or with a publication -- to our media list.

For non-media members that wish to be informed or share press release data, it is recommended that they subscribe to our social channels, where press releases are published same day. Sharing, liking and commenting is welcome and encouraged! Press releases are also published in the NYCU monthly.

For those who wish to subscribe to the eNews, there is a link for that at the bottom of every page on the new website.

Our PR team would be happy to work with the website team to rethink this form and the copy that appears around the link on the landing page.
Only have members of the media sign up to receive press releases directly from SCORE, resulting in our media lists are focused on media not clients, and providing for a more efficient process for delivery and follow up on press releases with their intended targets, as well as an open rate from CTCT that reflects media engagement specifically.web-form@smartsheet.comLoriBarnesOtherscore.orgExt Rel Director
1224001/31/23 6:53 AM01/31/23 6:53 AMWebmaster's access to the fields in an Engage mentor profile are wrong/inconsistent.Bug Fix1/ In general, a webmaster should be able to view all fields in the mentor profile but not be allowed to change any of them, since Engage and the mentor are the only ones that should be able to do that.

2/ The webmaster can change the mentor's name (the "title" field), Languages, areas of expertise, industry experience, communication methods. accept direct requests, request limit reached, and head shot, all fields that the client can see.

3/ The webmaster should be able to see - but not change - all fields that appear on the website. Currently they cannot change the "Body", which is correct, but they should be able to see it, particularly if there's a question about the HTML formatting that the mentor would have to fix.

4/ There are lots of fields that get pulled down from Engage that aren't (apparently) used on the website and needn't be visible to the webmaster - education, certifications, address, and gender, for example.
1/ All elements of the profile that are visible to the client should be visible to the webmaster when editing the profile in Drupal.

2/ Only elements of the profile that are pertinent to the website should be accessible/viewable by the webmaster. For example, the webmaster doesn't need to know/see the mentor's certifications or home address.

3/ None of the fields should be changeable by the webmaster (editing "")Client
Inadvertent changes to a mentor's profile by the webmaster will be
1323901/30/23 2:33 PM01/30/23 2:33 PMBecause the list of recorded webinars does not currently display in chronological order, either earliest to latest or latest to earliest, we need a list to show -- at a glance -- the topics covered.

Otherwise, viewers are having to go thumbing through pages of webinars trying to find what they are looking for. That makes for a bad user experience. In
Enhancement RequestWhen a user clicks on recorded webinars, the user is rewarded with page upon page of well-described topics, but they are not in any kind of order. I applaud the effort to make it easy to move an event from upcoming to recorded, but from a user standpoint, having to muddle through all existing recordings is troublesome and does not meet the stated hope to make the website easier to navigate.A list, especially with links to the requested webinar, would make it easier for users to find what they seek. For those with Ecropolis access, Ecropolis can handle it. For those without, it needs to be easy enough to just add to the growing list.

If you look at the Issue/Example URL below, that is what we created in Memphis before the website update. It's just a matter of logging into the CMS and adding a link to the top of the list with a title.
The impact is that searching the list of LOCAL recorded webinars will become easy instead of tedious, as it is now. It will allow mentors to send the list of webinars -- with their recommendations -- to clients as the mentoring journey continues.Noweb-form@smartsheet.comGaryRobinsonMemphisDistrict
1423801/28/23 9:59 AM01/28/23 9:59 AMCalendar presents in monthly display by default, the chapter would like to option to present in weekly or list as defaultEnhancement RequestCalendar presents in monthly display by default with no option to change the default viewAllow chapter webmasters to preset the display/sandiego/local-workshopsClient
Chapter will present their calendar to suit their audience need instead of offering that view after the presentationNoweb-form@smartsheet.comFernWhiteSan DiegoWebmaster
1523701/27/23 3:47 PM01/27/23 3:47 PMOn our website today, if I leave our homepage by selecting a link eg Local Workshops and spend some time there and either get what I want or want to look for something else, I normally select SCORE logo at the top left hand side of whatever page I am on and it takes me back to the home page I first came to.Design & LayoutToday, when I do that it takes me to SCORE National. That isn’t the website I found or selected to begin with and I do not feel like it should take the user anywhere but back to the original homepage. I realize if I select Southern Colorado on the first line below SCORE it takes me where I want t go. IMO this creates a strong possibility of the user dropping or exiting the site altogether.Make the website work like most websites do and allow the user to go back to the homepage they selected in the first place.SouthernColorado.score.orgClient
Makes the website easier to use…..more customer friendlyYesweb-form@smartsheet.comPatLochSouthern ColoradoEvent Manager
Marketing Lead
1623601/26/23 2:40 PM01/30/23 2:13 PMThe image on the website for an event is different than the image from either Engage or from the edit tood for the web page.Bug FixAG: Did a little research. Looks like a bug when there is a similar file name. See additional screenshots taken from the media library.The image uploaded to the edit feature does not appear on the website. You can see from the screen shots there is one image on the edit screen and a totally different image on the event descriptionThe image used on the editor for the web page should be the image that appears on the webpage
Workshop presenter and sponsorsIf fixed, this will result in increased workshop registrations because the graphic is the same one that is in our Constant Contact emails. People may become confused about whether this is the correct eventYesandrea.gwartney@score.orgJohnFisherNOrth Cook and Lake
1723501/26/23 2:29 PM01/30/23 3:25 PMThe Success Story Total Writing Enrichment does not have a company logo. The file has been uploaded and the site says "site updated" but the image on the site is the generic SCORE Logo.
This is the same for two other Success Stories on the site:
Beyond Bingo and Wing Tsun Illinois. They had images that were ported over from the old site, but cannot be updated and do not display ont he site.
Bug FixIn DevelopmenttrueAG: site says "updated", but there is no update or change to the imageIt should update the graphic. If there is a specific size or resolution, that should be indicated and an error message given. will increase website traffic, mentoring requests and workshop registrations because the success stories will look more professional.Yesandrea.gwartney@score.orgJohnFisherNorth Cook and Lake CountiesWebmaster
1823401/26/23 12:57 PM01/26/23 12:57 PMIf a "contributor" (workshop speaker and/or author and/or SME) is also a SCORE mentor, make it easy for a user to see their mentor profile and select them as a mentor.Enhancement RequestThere's no indication on a contributor profile as to whether or not the speaker/author is also a mentor.Allow the webmaster to select the mentor profile for the contributor. If selected, then on the contributor profile display something to indicate that the contributor is also a mentor and the client can click somewhere to see the mentor profile and select them as a mentor.

The example (Mitch Gerson) happens to be a SME and a mentor, but we also have speakers that are mentors
It will be easier for clients to find appropriate
1923301/26/23 12:50 PM01/30/23 2:38 PMHTML that includes lists (<ul>, e.g.) doesn't show the bullets.Bug FixIn DevelopmenttrueAG: HTML (in a contributor profile, for example) includes a list element (<li>) then the actual "bullets" are not shown.

That's because in some of the CSS files it explicitly says "list-style:none" (see screen shot). That overrides another CSS style that says "list-style:disc".
Bullets are shown.
HTML formatting will be better - as the webmaster would expect, that
2023201/25/23 8:25 AM01/25/23 8:25 AMEngage-generated workshop cancellation message should reference the chapter's "Local Workshop" page, not National's "Get Business Training"Enhancement RequestThe cancellation email links to National's "Get Business Training" page ( and the chapter's main page ( to "get started with a mentor today".The email should reference the chapter's "Local Workshop" and "Local Mentors" pages.n/
2123101/25/23 6:22 AM01/25/23 6:22 AMCurrently "Accept Direct Requests" in a mentor's Engage profile means that a mentor's profile is visible nationwide in a find a mentor search and can therefore can receive mentoring requests from anywhere in the country should a client request them. Some mentors would prefer to work only with clients in their immediate area. Can this be changed so that the mentor's profile is only visible in find a mentor searches made from the mentor's chapter's website? Correspondingly, the mentor would receive mentor requests only from clients in the chapter's area and not nationwide.Enhancement Request"Accept Direct Requests" in a mentor's Engage profile means that a mentor's profile is visible nationwide in a find a mentor search and can therefore can receive mentoring requests from anywhere in the country should a client request them. Some mentors would prefer to work only with clients in their immediate area.mentor's profile is only visible in find a mentor searches made from the mentor's chapter's website. the mentor would receive mentor requests only from clients in the chapter's area and not nationwide.N/AClient
2223001/24/23 5:18 PM01/24/23 5:18 PMThe image in the 50/50 block isn't fitting even after uploading in 16x9 format. Check our home page images.Bug FixThe image doesn't fit even after applying the 16x9 crop and cropping the image on the computer and uploading it.The image should fit the ... check the 2nd, 3rd and 4th blocksClient
Poor image of the website with out-of-proportion images on the home page.Yesweb-form@smartsheet.comRajMashruwala0037
2322901/24/23 11:55 AM01/24/23 11:55 AMLisa Zeanah, chair of the So Georgia Chapter, and Marv Lieberman, Chair of
SCORE Columbus (GA) are in agreement that clients in Thomasville GA
should be directed to the So Georgia Chapter.

Thomasville is only 19 miles from the So Georgia office in Moultrie, GA.
The zip codes for Thomasville are as follows:

31757 31758 31792 31799

We certainly hope this request can be implemented as soon as possible.
Bug FixClients in Thomasville GA are not being directed to the So Georgia Chapter.Clients in Thomasville GA should be directed to the So Georgia Chapter.

Zip codes:
web-form@smartsheet.comDebbieBerlingeriChapter Chair
2422801/24/23 11:37 AM01/24/23 11:37 AMZip Code 01034 should have its MREs sent to W. Massachusetts, but Form Assembly for the MRE form and the Find a Location function is sending them to Greater Hartford.Bug Fix--N/AClient
web-form@smartsheet.comTaylorHedgpethOtherscore.orgSCORE National
2522701/24/23 11:14 AM01/30/23 2:06 PMJose F Abreu is showing in the Our Hero content band at

Jose already has RESIGNED status in Engage and the page is selected as 'unpublished' in Drupal, yet the profile is still appearing on the website.
Bug FixResolvedAG: Changed to Mentor's Listing content blockJose F Abreu is showing in the Our Hero content band at

Jose already has RESIGNED status in Engage and the page is selected as 'unpublished' in Drupal, yet the profile is still appearing on the website.
Jose F Abreu needs to be removed from South Georgia's our hero content band since Jose is a resigned mentor.
andrea.gwartney@score.orgTaylorHedgpethOtherscore.orgSCORE National
2622601/24/23 11:12 AM01/24/23 11:26 AMSince the website relaunch, our website has had some problems.

When you go to and click "Find a Mentor" and then "Mentor Search" and click on "Westchester" - again, only one of our mentors shows up - the one mentor who accepts direct requests - instead of all of our mentors.
Please see attached screenshots.
Is there a way to correct this so all of our mentors appear?
Design & LayoutNewSee aboveWhen a site visitor clicks Find a Mentor for Westchester, all of our mentors should be listed, not only one mentor, so clients can search for a mentor fit. This feature needs to list all mentors, whether they accept direct requests or not. Thanks
It looks terrible for a potential client to click "Find a Mentor" and only one mentor shows up in Westchester. It makes it look like the organization does not have much help to offer. Clients might not even bother to request a mentor because they do not see a mentor with matching experience listed. This could cause a decrease in our mentor requests.Yesashley.voyles@score.orgNoelleCarrSCORE WestchesterClient Intake Coordinator
2722501/24/23 11:04 AM01/24/23 11:35 AMOur mentoring requests are being directed to New YOrk City!
This is wrong

Can someone recheck our coverage.

WE cover all zipcodes in Passaic and Bergen County NJ!
Bug FixIn ReviewNortheast New Jersey mentor requests are being directed to New York City instead of Passaic and Bergen County, New Jersey.Have correct zip codes directed to Northeast New Jersey.N/AClient
2822401/24/23 9:33 AM01/24/23 9:33 AMWe have a Calendar feature that pulls from Engage. Great.
Could it be possible to add another calendar feed to that (perhaps tied to our admin account)
Enhancement RequestLimited to Engage events only. This pretty much duplicates the content on our Events pages, without adding much additional value.Maybe Internal (Engage) events have a different look (easy CSS), but the end result has similar formatting. Google cal is a standard so the import code is already written or availble by API.

We push out our calendar link via many methode, and the resulting calendar "feels" more complete, inclusive and suggests that we are (even more of) a community leader.

A nightly pull (sync, refresh) should be enough, but anything more frequent is certainly a bonus. we work within our overall community, we could add in various local events (Networking opps, trainings from other orgs., non-local Webinars, SBDC, SBA events, etc, that wouldn't make sense to add to Engage.

By doing this, we give our overall calendar more value with an eye to making it the "go to" calendar for business events. This might be perfect for our press and local govt. contacts who would love to have a single source for local events.

This has the add-on effect of raising our visibility and local prominence.
Noweb-form@smartsheet.comDavidMarloweRhode IslandMarketing Lead
2922301/24/23 9:01 AM01/30/23 2:38 PMMentors that no longer work with SCORE still show in the Featured Mentors block even though they technically shouldn't have their Engage accounts active.Enhancement RequestResolvedAG: Changed to Mentors Listing content blockSince we currently have no way of listing all mentors with a listings page/block, we use the Featured Mentors block to grab all mentors within a chapter. The trouble starts when there are mentors that step down in their volunteer positions with SCORE (basically leave the organization). Their profiles still exist on the website and do not fall off when their account is no longer in use. This results in showing folks that should not be shown in that block.

Please note that I've already removed the mentors from the page in the Issue/Example URL field. The mentors removed are Richard Higger and Brian Tyler.
Mentors that are no longer with the chapter and have their information adjusted in their Engage account should not populate on the website.
3022201/24/23 8:04 AM01/24/23 8:04 AMAllow webmaster to specify <img> properties such as bordersDesign & LayoutIf you edit an <img> element and add border information (such as "border-width: 1px; border-style: solid;") then that gets stripped out when the HTML is saved.Have the "image properties" popup support setting the border style/width/color.

Or at least allow the webmaster to edit the <img> element directly and not have it silently removed.
3122101/24/23 6:48 AM01/24/23 11:35 AMThe media library contains several copies of what appear to be the same image, but Drupal seems to get confused when you choose an image.Bug FixIn ReviewLook in the media library for files with a title like "realestate". These include the following :

- "RealEstate" (picture of a house and coins)
- "RealEstate.jpg" (picture of a house and coins)
- "Real Estate (1)" (picture of a young woman holding a folder)
- "Real Estate (1).jpg" (picture of a young woman holding a folder)

I created an event in Engage and loaded the "picture of a house and coins", but when it gets displayed on Drupal it shows the "picture of a young woman holding a folder".

When I edit the event in Drupal it shows the house/coins picture in the event editor, but even if I remove it and re-add the house/coins picture it still ends up with the young woman.
1/ Figure out what the same image shows up in the media library both with and without the ".jpg" extension

2/ Make sure that the image selected in Engage is used

3/ Make sure that the image selected in Drupal's event editor is used

4/ Try to clean up the duplicates - everywhere.
Consistency between event definitions in Engage and Drupal.

Easier for the webmaster to maintain the media library.
3222001/23/23 10:21 AM01/23/23 10:21 AMI am not able to add a contributor profile to the website. I get an error when I try to save. That the system is not available.Bug FixI am not able to add a contributor profile to the website.I would like to be able to add a contributor profile to the website if possible.N/AVolunteersNoweb-form@smartsheet.comSusanJojoSouthwest FloridaOther Admin
3321901/23/23 10:10 AM01/30/23 2:43 PMOur Webinars On Demand page our webinar recordings no longer display in chronological order from the most recent to the oldest, since the conversion to the new site. I opened a ticket with Ecropolis to address this and they are working on this but sounds like this may take a while. I was also hoping that there could be added the ability to sort these recordings by date. We feel these changes will allow clients to easily find recordings of webinars they registered for but recently missed attending live. Ecropolis indicated this was a decision for Score Marketing to address.Design & LayoutIn DevelopmenttrueAG: Webinars On Demand page our webinar recordings no longer display in chronological order from the most recent to the oldest, since the conversion to the new site.Have On Demand Webinars display in Chronological order.
andrea.gwartney@score.orgKatherineSkinnerFairfield CountyMentor
3421801/23/23 6:52 AM01/23/23 6:52 AMPlease refer to this link to one of our upcoming events that I recently posted:

Please note the location address at the bottom where it shows the city location “Cedar Falls, US 50613” Why is this not showing Cedar Falls, IA or Cedar Falls, Iowa? Can you please help me with this. I have checked my entries in the set-up form in Events, and the “State” entries show either “Iowa” or “IA”. Can you please help me with this.

Also could you please help me with, how to place a picture of someone in the copy area of the Event using the HTLM editor.

Thanks for your assistance.
Bug FixPlease note the location address at the bottom where it shows the city location “Cedar Falls, US 50613” Why is this not showing Cedar Falls, IA or Cedar Falls, Iowa?The location address at the bottom of the event should show the city location as Cedar Falls, IA or Cedar Falls, Iowa.
Noweb-form@smartsheet.comJamesVancuraSCORE East Central IowaWebmaster
3521701/23/23 6:42 AM01/23/23 6:42 AMWhen navigating from the USDA ag resource page the location shows ‘USDA’ in the top left corner. This makes me think that the subsequent local workshops and local resources pages would pull ag related resources. However they are blank. Maybe they should redirect to national ag resources?Bug FixWhen navigating from the USDA ag resource page the location shows ‘USDA’ in the top left corner. This makes me think that the subsequent local workshops and local resources pages would pull ag related resources. However they are blank.Redirect to National AG Resources National
3621601/22/23 12:38 PM01/22/23 12:38 PMImages are appearing at the bottom of the homepage before the footer that are not in a Layout block or section and should not.Bug FixImages are appearing at the bottom of the homepage before the footer that are not in a Layout block or section and should not.Images with links are above - these are duplicates without links and outside of the layout for whatever reason it is occurring. They need to be removed./orangecountyClientweb-form@smartsheet.comFernWhiteWebmasterorange county
3721501/22/23 7:29 AM01/22/23 7:29 AMCookie Setting link doesn't work on local or national pagesBug FixClick the "Cookie Settings" link and nothing comes upClick the "Cookie Settings" link and you should get a selection or confirmation of cookie settings.
Standard operating procedure for websites nowNoweb-form@smartsheet.comThomasMaioloClevelandChapter Chair
3821401/20/23 11:58 AM01/30/23 2:52 PMOn the SCORE for Women Entrepreneurs hub, under success stories there is a second photo and caption for Vera Bradley FixResolvedAG: Image in Legacy field was displaying on the featured image block as an additional imageOn the SCORE for Women Entrepreneurs hub, under success stories there is a second photo and caption for Vera Bradley 1 Vera Bradley image, caption and link to the success story should appear on this landing page
3921301/20/23 11:11 AM01/20/23 11:11 AMWhen doing a search for resources, local or National, the use of quotes greatly increases the chance of meaningful results.,Enhancement RequestIf you search for business model canvas, no relative results are returned. If you use use quotes such as “business model canvas” hundreds of valuable results are returned.

A client or visitor will not know this tip
Search results should act the same with or without the use of quotes.
More accurate results will give potential clients a better understanding of our capabilities, improve our reputation and probed clients with better information.
It will also keep them from doing a general search on the internet and possibly getting into a paid service for something we offer for free.
Noweb-form@smartsheet.comTomMaioloClevelandChapter Chair
Client Intake Coordinator
4021201/20/23 10:23 AM01/20/23 10:23 AMNeed to add an ellipses to contributor profile bios that are featured on Events when the bio is longer than allowed. See attached.Enhancement RequestCurrently, the sentence just stops abruptly."..." if bio runs long LeadN/A
4121101/20/23 6:44 AM01/20/23 6:44 AMPatricia Saporito, mentor in Northeast New Jersey, needs help formatting a logo to fit a customer success story. I was able to properly crop it in Drupal. But when it's published, the format is too large and the image gets cropped.Bug FixI was able to properly crop a success story logo in Drupal. But when it's published, the format is too large and the image gets cropped.Have the image appear smaller when published so it's not cropped.
Noweb-form@smartsheet.comTaylorHedgpethSCORE NationalOtherscore.orgMarketing Specialist
4221001/20/23 6:25 AM01/20/23 6:25 AMWhy doesn't the Score presenter transfer over to the website for an upcoming webinar? He is listed in Engage on the event.Bug FixSCORE presenter is not transferring over to the website for upcoming webinar.Have the webinar presenters successfully transfer over to the website for upcoming webinars.
Noweb-form@smartsheet.comSusanJojoSouthwest FloridaOther Admin
4320901/19/23 12:15 PM01/19/23 12:15 PMComing from the homepage, I navigate to the SCORE National 'Centro de propietarios de empresas Hispanas and click 'ver mas'.

This opens a new page which, although the content it was coming from was in Spanish, the new page presents relevent content in both languages
Bug FixAlthough I was expecting an authentic spanish experience, the new page Hispanic/Latin Entrepreneurs display s In the News and Headlines that are not preloaded for spanish. In addition, If I navigate to the Language filter, there is not one for spanish.Return spanish content from spanish originating content experience to build a relationship is important to this communityweb-form@smartsheet.comfernwhiteLas CrucesWebmaster/lascruces
4420801/19/23 11:24 AM01/19/23 11:24 AMAdjusting the information box/header on an In-Person Live Event page to display all information. Currently, on mobile, it doesn't display the location.Bug FixDesktop view is fine in displaying all information to do with the In-Person Live Event but when on mobile, the location information disappears.Include location information when on mobile.
4520701/19/23 10:12 AM01/19/23 10:12 AMTee "Translate" pencil icon appears on the card format display of events that I don't have permission to change - it should not be displayed at all.Bug FixTee "Translate" pencil icon appears on the card format display of events that I don't have permission to change.. If I click on the icon I get to a screen that shows the English and (potential) Spanish version, but there isn't an "edit" or "add" button, so I actually can't change anything.Pencil icon should only appear on events that the webmaster "owns".
4620601/19/23 9:51 AM01/30/23 3:09 PMDaniel Nissen from Twin Cities pointed out that on Success Stories, there are inconsistencies where SCORE is capitalized in the leading questions. It seems that on the backend, they're properly capitalized but on the front-end, two have SCORE in lowercase and once capitalized.Bug FixReleased to the WebsitetrueAG: is not capitalized when it should be.SCORE should be capitalized when referenced in the questions.
4720501/19/23 8:23 AM01/19/23 8:23 AMOur Chapter mentor profiles/summaries are not populating for some of our mentors. Previously as a webmaster we could edit the profiles to enhance to display to the public. Is there a reason that webmaster are not allowed to edit or please advise so that we can direct the mentors to correct in their profiles.Bug FixNo summaries under mentor's pictures.Each mentor has a background summary of their expertise that they bring to clients.
4820401/19/23 7:20 AM01/19/23 7:20 AMThe "event" content shows an option to "Display on Chapter Site(s)" on all 4 tabs, but, assuming that it actually does something, it should only be on a single tab.Bug FixThe "event" content shows an option to "Display on Chapter Site(s)" on all 4 tabs,Only shows up on one tab - probably just ""Event Details"
4920301/18/23 2:56 PM01/18/23 2:56 PMWhen searching for a SCORE chapter with Google some of the links are broken.Bug FixSearch for "SCORE Philadelphia" in Google. After the first 5 pages you'll see a link that says ""More results from". Click on that link and some of the links found generate 404 errors or other problems:

1/ "User account" goes to "", but we should try to prevent the Google web crawler from finding that page

2/ "Donate SCORE Philadelphia" goes to "" which is Lehigh Valley's donation page

3/ "Courses on Demand | Page 4 - SCORE Philadelphia" goes to
"" which generates a 404 error

4/ "Search for a Mentor | Page 14 - SCORE Philadelphia" goes to "" which just says ""search for a mentor"

"Search for a Mentor | Page 131 - SCORE Philadelphia" does the same thing as #4, but the description shown in the Google search results refers to "Los Angeles", but the link goes to Philadelphia.

There are several results similar to thisl

5/ "Recorded Webinars - SCORE Philadelphia" goes to "" which generates a 404.
Google search results only go to "real" pages that make sense - no 404 errors, no blank "search mentors" page, etc. search results will be more reliable and produce predictable
5020201/18/23 2:41 PM01/18/23 2:41 PMWhen searching for a SCORE chapter Google might return a link called "Find A Chapter Near You" which ends up at URL:

But that's a hard-coded list of chapters that's (probably?) out of date.
Bug FixWhen searching for a SCORE chapter ("SCORE Philadelphia", e.g.) Google might return a link called "Find A Chapter Near You" which ends up at URL:

But that's a hard-coded list of chapters that's (probably?) out of date.
The "find-location" page should either be re-written to be driven totally by Engage, or maybe it should (somehow) pop up the ""Select a location" dialog.
5120101/18/23 2:32 PM01/18/23 2:32 PMChapter's Google business profile should be updated with the chapter's name (not just "SCORE") and the "Appointments" link should be set to the new "local mentors" oage,Enhancement RequestThe name of the business is just "SCORE", not "SCORE Philadelphia".

The appointments link says (just) "" and goes to ""
1/ Business name s/b "SCORE ,chaptername>"

2/ "Appointments"" should say ""

3/ Appointments link should go to ""
5220001/18/23 11:11 AM01/18/23 11:11 AMWhen searching for pinned events it'd be useful to filter on "chapter"Enhancement RequestPinned events event search tab can be sorted by chapter, but not filtered.Allow webmaster/event manager to filter on chapter. for webmaster to find other chapter's
5319901/18/23 7:36 AM01/18/23 10:43 AMUpdated needed: On this landing page: at the bottom, Jessica Pisano is still listed in the copy as the contact for more information at the Foundation for potential sponsors.Content ChangeResolvedCS corrected this on 1/18/23.Jessica Pisano's name is a live link that generates an email to her and she is no longer with SCOREUpdate to foundation email sponsors to the right placeNocandice.stennett@score.orgLoriBarnesOtherscore.orgExt Rel Director
5419801/18/23 7:34 AM01/18/23 7:34 AMFlagging that mentor profiles in Engage (within contacts) do not automatically link to profiles on new websiteBug FixFor example Raul Vasquez Hernandez from the Houston chapter. Mentor profile link in Engage: Hernandez, MPP (goes to 404 error) Mentor profile on new website:

Another example from LA. Mentor profile link in Engage: (goes to 404 error) and mentor profile on new website:

Every mentor profile I have visited in Engage since the new site launch I have experienced the same problem. Is there a way to do a global fix in Engage for these URLs?
The mentor profiles in Engage should go to mentor profiles on new site not a 404 error Rel Director
5519701/17/23 2:14 PM01/17/23 2:14 PMIt looks like not providing easy access to non-accept-direct mentors prevents potential clients from seeing a large number of mentors.

The current "mentor search" for "any location" returns just 1,971 mentors. I don't know how many volunteers are classified as mentors, but I'd guess it's at least half of all volunteers (say 5,000), so clients can see less than half.

I just had several back-and-forth emails with one of our volunteers who was upset that she couldn't find her profile on the new website. I said that it was definitely there and even sent her a screen shot, but she insisted that it wasn't there.It turns out that she was going to the top-level "Find a Mentor" link. Since she (and most of our mentors) doesn't accept direct requests, she couldn't find her profile.

Like some of our clients, She's not at all a "techie", but it does point out that people will be confused, particularly if they're looking for a mentor with a specific background.
Bug FixThe current "mentor search" for "any location" returns just 1,971 mentors. I don't know how many volunteers are classified as mentors, but I'd guess it's at least half of all volunteers (say 5,000), so clients can see less than half.I know this has come up for discussion many times, but maybe the decision should be reconsidered. What would people think about:

- Add a facet based on whether or not to include only mentors that accepted direct requests (default being "yes")

- Include some text to indicate that they may want to go to the "Local Mentors" to see just mentors from their chosen location

- When (if?) the "Local Mentors" page automatically includes all active mentors, add an option to filter based on availability
5619601/17/23 1:35 PM01/17/23 1:35 PMThe "Set my current Location" selection changes to the location of the page owner accessed when the page is owned outside the chapter and requires being reset back to the current location. This is either a bug or design error.Bug FixSet my current Location" selection changes to the location of the page owner accessed when the page is owned outside the chapter and requires being reset back to the current location.My Current Location should not reset based on the content accessed.N/AClientNoweb-form@smartsheet.comRogerFlemingChester and DelawareWebmaster
5719501/17/23 1:32 PM01/17/23 1:32 PMDo a site search for "Supplier Diversity & Certifications" (in double-quotes) and you'll get 11 results, but 7 of them show just the title of the "Page". I'd guess it's related to deciding what information to display on the search results page when the "Page" contains a ton of information = "Upcoming Events", in this case. It looks like these are all NC chapters.Bug FixIf I do a site search for "Supplier Diversity & Certifications" (in double-quotes), I get 11 results, but 7 of them show just the title of the "Page"

What's also strange is that if you click on one of these "empty" pages and then just do a browser search (control-F) for "supplier" nothing is found. But if you click on one of the results that actually shows some text then you can definitely see why it was included in the results.
Better site search when browsing for Supplier Diversity & Certifications or other content. Having a title of the "Page" in search results multiple times looks like an error.
5819401/17/23 1:24 PM01/17/23 1:24 PMI was working with the webmaster from Dallas who was having a problem. She happens to be a mentor and a workshop speaker and on the old site her profile was showing up with the workshop.

However, she wasn't seeing her profile associated with any workshops on the new site so was wondering if that was something that just didn't get carried over. She hadn't create a "contributor profile" (yet), which was part of her problem, and hadn't set that profile in the event's "Related content/Presenter" field.

I believe that her problem is that on the old site Drupal would use a mentor profile for the workshop's speaker, but that concept wasn't carried over. Nor, I think, should it be carried over. A "mentor profile" is different than a "contributor" profile - the former would say "how I can help you" and the latter would show essentially a speaker's resume. And if the speaker was just a speaker, and not a mentor, then nothing would happen.

I'm guessing that other chapters may have the same problem as Dallas did.
Bug FixMentor wasn't seeing her profile associated with any workshops on the new site so was wondering if that was something that just didn't get carried over. She hadn't create a "contributor profile" (yet), which was part of her problem, and hadn't set that profile in the event's "Related content/Presenter" field.I believe that the "real" solution is for Engage to truly support a "speaker profile", similar to what it does for a "mentor profile", and then Drupal could download/create "contributor" profiles, just like it does for mentors. This could then address SCORE volunteers that weren't mentors, and also (maybe) address speakers that were not SCORE volunteers.N/AVolunteersNoweb-form@smartsheet.comDonaldKrasnickPhiladelphiaWebmaster
5919301/17/23 9:18 AM01/31/23 8:23 AMSponsorship logos on event pages are cropped.Design & LayoutIn ReviewWe are working on an image cheat sheet to provide guidance on how images need to be sized and cropped in order to appear correctly across the website.

Ecropolis will resize the sponsorship logos for Seacoast. Ecropolis has completed this.
On event pages that include sponsors, the sponsor logo doesn't appear as it does in the Sponsorship Block, causing the logo to be cropped.Have the sponsorship logos on these pages behave as they do in Sponsorship Blocks, with the entire logo fitting with the square frame.
A better user experience through a more concise design.YesEcropolisandrea.gwartney@score.orgElenaWikoffSeacoastWebmaster
6019201/17/23 8:52 AM01/17/23 11:59 AMThe recorded webinar pages need to have a different header for the copy. Currently, it is "About the Event" since it shares the content type/page layout with Events. This should read, "About the Webinar" or "About the Training" or something similar to make the most sense and avoid confusion. RequestAdded to BacklogThe recorded webinar pages need to have a different header for the copy. Currently, it is "About the Event" since it shares the content type/page layout with Events. This should read, "About the Webinar" or "About the Training" or something similar to make the most sense and avoid confusion.Update Title to better represent Recorded Webinar pages. Director
6119101/17/23 5:22 AM01/17/23 12:09 PMWhen creating a "basic page" the form indicates that "Related Content" is required and that the URL is in "/resources". It doesn't make sense to require related content, though you won't get an error if you omit the related content information.Bug FixAdded to BacklogForm indicates that "related content" is required but that's not enforced.

The "related content" information doesn't indicate that it's required when editing an existing basic page.
Related content shouldn't be required.
6219001/17/23 5:15 AM01/17/23 12:09 PMUnable to create a "document" download link from the HTML editor's media library.Bug FixIn ReviewSelect the "media library" icon in the HTML editor and select a document that you want to allow the user to download. The editor will show the URL of the document and an "Edit media" button. The button allows you to turn the caption on/off and set the "display" to "default" or "file URL".

Both "Default" and "File URL" simply display the URL on the page - as text, and not as a link to download the document. There's no support for specifying the link text that you'd like to appear.

The "Caption" on/;off button doesn't seem to do anything.
Selecting a document to download should always/only allow the user to download the document. The webmaster should be able to provide arbitrary text ("Click here to download this document"). Showing the file's (internal) URL as an option doesn't seem to make sense.N/A - only tested on the "test" siteClient
6318901/17/23 4:57 AM01/17/23 12:14 PMCreate a block that shows an arbitrary group of contributor profiles in a card format, similar to the 'Featured Mentor" block. This can then be used to show SMEs, speakers, or other volunteers (leadership team, e.g.)Enhancement RequestAdded to BacklogNo support for displaying contributor profiles.A new "featured contributors" would allow a webmaster to easily create a page with SMEs, speakers, or other volunteers. This could be similar to "Local Mentors" display that shows profiles in a card format. Clicking on the card would then bring up the contributor's profile
6418801/16/23 12:34 PM01/17/23 12:14 PMLocal Workshops / upcoming events stop at 20 but many clients plan months in advance and the calendar is able to display months in advance.Enhancement RequestIn ReviewLocal Workshops / upcoming events stop at 20 which is too restrictive.Expand to ranges or a higher maximum of at least 3 months out or allow the user to set the range/jacksonville/local-workshopsClientMore workshops attended due to advance planning.Noashley.voyles@score.orgFernWhtieJacksonvilleWebmaster/jacksonville
6518701/16/23 12:30 PM01/17/23 12:27 PMFrom the homepage, the viewer selects a business stage when on a local chapter page, but the results immediately display Nationwide and not Local (first) as preferable, followed by Nationwide.Enhancement RequestAdded to BacklogFrom the homepage, the viewer selects a business stage when on a local chapter page, but the results immediately display Nationwidewhen on a local chapter page, the results immediately display Nationwide and not Local (first) as preferable, followed by Nationwide. focus on Local resources and customer satisfactionNoashley.voyles@score.orgFernWhiteJacksonvilleWebmaster
6618601/16/23 11:57 AM01/17/23 12:27 PMRe enhancement request #185: Rather than just allow a larger number of workshops, have a "show all" option.Enhancement RequestAdded to BacklogNumber of workshops is limitedAllow webmaster to limit the number, but have a "show all" option.

I'd guess that many chapters either want to show a small number of workshops (say, "3" on their home page) and then list "all" on their "Local Workshops" page.

Forcing them to specify a number that is hopefully large enough to show "all" could be difficult.
Less trouble for webmasters that want to show all
6718501/15/23 10:14 AM01/17/23 12:39 PMThe Upcoming Events content band currently allows 20 events to display. There is a need for many chapters to show more than 20 upcoming events. Might be a good idea to display more. Need to speak with P2 about possible site performance issues related to displaying more, but the need from the chapters is there.Enhancement RequestDuplicateThe user is limited to viewing only 20 upcoming events.The user will be able to view and register for events that are scheduled further out. increase in workshop registrationsNoashley.voyles@score.orgAndreaGwartneyFor NYCVendor/ContractorNYC
6818401/14/23 3:40 PM01/17/23 12:39 PMMedia tags cannot be specified for "remote video" - but can be set for the other media types.Bug FixAdded to BacklogMedia tags cannot be specified for "remote video" - but can be set for the other media types.Media tags can be specified for "remote video" will be easier for webmasters to manage remove
6918301/14/23 3:25 PM01/18/23 7:55 AMAllow a webmaster to sort and/or filter the media library listings by authpr/Enhancement RequestAdded to BacklogMedia library cannot be sorted/filtered on authorMedia library can be sorted/filtered by author. This is needed so that a webmaster can find all of the media that they "own" and update any missing media tags. will be able to better manage media by using media
7018201/14/23 3:18 PM01/14/23 3:18 PMThe title of the registration form for recorded webinars and online courses is "Event Registration" which can be misleadingEnhancement RequestThe title of the registration form for recorded webinars and online courses is "Event Registration".Change the title of the registration form for recorded webinars and online courses to tell the user what they are registering for. Include

Include the title of the webinar or course also, somewhat similar to what's currently done for local workshops. will be able to easily confirm what they are registering
7118101/14/23 3:09 PM01/14/23 3:09 PM"Previous Page" button on workshop signup form ( doesn't workEnhancement Request"Previous Page" button on workshop signup form ( doesn't workNot really sure if the button is needed at all.

If the form opens in a new tab/window, then the button should definitely be removed. If it opens in the same window then it should go to the previous page, but that's not entirely necessary.

If/when the workshop registration form is handled on in Drupal then the button can be there and should work, returning to the workshop description page.

If the form is handled on then the confirmation page probably doesn't need a "previous page" button since the user may have gotten to the workshop description page from several different pages - "local workshops" or "get business training", e.g., so eliminating it entirely would be fine.
Register for any local workshop that uses
7218001/14/23 1:51 PM01/14/23 1:51 PMDoesn't look like there's any zip code validation in the newsletter signup formBug FixYou can enter almost anything ("abc") for a zip code and not get an error when you hit "Submit".Validate the zip code.
7317901/14/23 1:48 PM01/14/23 1:48 PMThe newsletter signup form on uses different options for "business area interest" than the "topics" on the website.Enhancement RequestThe following options are shown for "business area interests":

--Finance & Accounting
--Business Operations
--Strategy & Planning
--Human Resources
--Intellectual Property
--Sales & Marketing
--Product Development
--Technology & IT Services
Use the same values as "Topics" on the website. consistency and less
7417801/14/23 1:45 PM01/14/23 1:45 PMThe "Business Stage" options on the newsletter signup form should match the new values on the website.Enhancement RequestThe newsletter signup form shows these values for "My Business Stage":

--Planning to start a business
--Startup (Up to 12 months)
--In-Business (More than 1 year)
--Exiting my business
Use the same terms as on the main website consistency and less confusion about "business stage"
7517701/14/23 1:41 PM01/14/23 1:41 PMEmail address validation is not robust enough - "x@x" (missing a domain name) doesn't generate an error.Bug FixEnter "x@x" in the "sign up for SCORE's Newsletter" in the footer. This should be used to pre-populate the Email field in the form, but it doesn't. When you then enter "x@x" in the Email field and hit "Submit" you won't get an error.

If you were on the Philadelphia site then you'd use our page ( that uses a CTCT-supplied form which will detect an error.
1/ Copy the email that the user entered in the footer into the Email field in the field

2/ Make sure that the email address is well-formed, including (at least) a domain name. should catch errors earlier on, making it more likely that a user can successfully sign up for a
7617601/14/23 10:03 AM01/14/23 10:03 AM"MRE Zip" block is on the "Local Mentors" page for most (all?) chapters.

But since they've already entered their zip code or location, then it makes no sense to ask them to do that again, particularly since when they entered their zip code to set their location they may have chosen a chapter that might not be the same as the one that would be chosen for them by the "Match Me By Zipcode" algorithm.
Enhancement RequestIf someone enters their zip code in the "MRE Zip" block on "Local Mentors" then the system will automatically assign them to a chapter based on the zip code (and send the information to that chapter's CIC, I believe)Remove the "MRE Zip" block or replace it with a new block that doesn't allow the entry of the zip code, but still links to the MRE form.

Chapters will still need something that allows the client to say that they don't want to pick out a mentor from the "Our Mentors" block or do a "mentor search", but just want the CIC - of the chapter that they've already selected - to do the matching for them.
Clients won't be confused about re-entering their zip code and the MRE will go to the chapter that they already selected, rather than a potentially different one selected by (just) a zip code proximity
7717501/14/23 6:13 AM01/14/23 6:13 AMThe "About Us" page on a chapter's website now has hard-coded information about contacting the chapter - phone number, email, and location, as does the information in the footer.

Once the change is made to sync the footer's information with Engage something similar should be done with the "about us" page
Enhancement RequestContact information is hard-coded in the "About Us" pageContact information is hard-coded in the "About Us" page is synced automatically with Engage
7817401/13/23 1:16 PM01/13/23 1:16 PMThe HTML Editor "Edit Link" function now supports "Open in a new window/tab" but there's no direct support for warning the user.

(Or at least I just noticed that it supports this - maybe it was always there and I never noticed)
Bug FixThe editor adds "target=_blank" but that's it. There's no (obvious) way to warn the user.

The editor does contain a link to a WCAG page about "opening links in new windows/tabs", but that doesn't help.
If the webmaster indicates that the link will open in a new window/tab the code should automatically add whatever code/warning is required to meet WCAG guidance. Other than checking the box, the webmaster shouldn't have to do anything else.

Another option is to have the editor recognize that the link is to an external website (not domain, that is) and automatically set "target=_blank" with the appropriate warnings.
External links will become WCAG-compliant.

This does mean that the entire website should be reviewed for links that should use "target=_blank".
7917301/13/23 11:44 AM01/17/23 12:39 PMUnable to add Media Tagging a document.

*Chester and Delaware Counties* not in drop down search
Bug FixAdded to BacklogThe Ecropolis team is not able to help with adding that term to the Media Tagging list (the development team will have to help us out on this one). For this request, I recommend submitting your findings using this form provided to us by the SCORE team: Media Tagging a document media to assist in content and media searches webmaster to find posted content and mediaashley.voyles@score.orgRogerE Flemingchester and Delaware
8017201/13/23 10:32 AM01/17/23 12:48 PMThe responsive view is not fully functional and truncates content. The screenshot was taken and submitted by a Chapter member who runs the CEO Forum. Viewing /orangecounty/ceo-forum-program on an ipad tablet was a poor customer experience in how the image is handled within the view.Bug FixAdded to BacklogMultiple tickets created:
Formatted Text Columns
Responsive display of internal hero
image truncated and overlapped by hero box using an ipad in landscape view.Full view of each on non-desktop devices/orangecounty/ceo-forum-programClientExpectation of user experience for a legible and clean site to view content and make choices to engage.Yesashley.voyles@score.orgFernWhiteOrange CountyWebmaster
8117101/13/23 10:29 AM01/17/23 12:48 PMImages displayed in tile format (Events, Mentors) are being cropped to smaller than desired size.Bug FixDuplicateImages render badly.images render properly of overall site quality and
8217001/13/23 8:06 AM01/13/23 8:06 AM"Find Location" page should either be re-formatted or could probably just be eliminatedDesign & LayoutThe formatting of the page isn't consistent with the rest of the website I'd guess that the list of chapters is hard-coded and possibly not current.Page should probably be eliminated since clients should only use the new "select a location" feature
A few chapter websites still link to the page and those pages will have to be changed. If the formatting of the page is changed then they'd be OK, but it'd probably be better to totally remove the
8316901/12/23 10:18 AM01/13/23 5:55 AM"Find Events in My Community" should point to the "local workshops" page, not the "any location" National search filter.Enhancement RequestIn ReviewThis is not a bug with the website, but there may be a way to select the local events without knowing which chapter they've selected. We'll discuss this with the developers to see if this change is possible.Currently, this link points to the National search filter, defaulting to "any location".At a minimum, this link should default to the selected local chapter, to eliminate an unnecessary burden on the user to get to what he asked to do. Preferably, one should eliminate another burdensome step and should instead point directly to the "local workshops" page of the selected chapter. is well known that every unnecessary click on a client's path to his stated objective vastly increases their chances of abandoning the site. Currently this requires two unnecessary clicks to get to their selection of "find events in my community".Yescandice.stennett@score.orgCS 1/13/23: Jim - the client has one-click access to local workshops once they've selected a location in the secondary menu. If they arrive on that landing page, It points to any location as there is currently no way for us to know which location they've selected. I'm happy to review this in greater detail in the next webmaster
8416801/12/23 6:51 AM01/13/23 5:33 AMAllow a webmaster to easily change the height/width of images created with the Drupal HTML editor's "media library" elementEnhancement RequestIn ReviewWhen you use the Drupal HTML editor and insert an image through the "media library" icon it creates HTML like this:

<drupal-media data-align="center" data-entity-type="media" data-entity-uuid="3042b1c1-6141-4bb2-ba0d-6fb9eb9d6549"></drupal-media>

The "drupal-media" element "edit media" button only allows you to change the aspect ratio or set the images horizonal alignment. But when using images in custom HTML it's often necessary to set an arbitrary size and aspect ratio for the image, rather than the standard aspect ratios, which don't allow for an explicit size change.
Allow the webmaster to set the height/width of an image to an arbitrary size, plus also set other possible image characteristics.

This could be done by having the "drupal-media" support more arguments, or maybe just using a standard <img> element. Drupal's "image properties" icon already support setting the height and width. allow for better layout for custom HTML
8516701/12/23 4:46 AM01/13/23 5:33 AMProvide a user-friendly message instead of a generic "404 Page not found" messageEnhancement RequestIn ReviewWhen there's a 404 error the user just sees the message "404 Page not found".Display a message that isn't so technical. Include some suggestions about how that might have happened and what they can do about it. Same thing for any other error codes.

Make sure that the bogus URL is logged somewhere and can be reviewed for someone possibly attempting to gain illegal access to the system. Manager
8616601/12/23 3:14 AM01/13/23 5:55 AMSite search doesn't appear to look at contributor profilesBug FixIn ReviewDo a site search for someone that has a contributor profile and they won't show up in the results. The list of "Content Types" doesn't include "contributor profile".Site search should look at ALL publicly-viewable web pages, including contributor profiles. will be able to find any/all pages on the website using the site search capabilityNocandice.stennett@score.orgDonKrasnickPhiladelphiaEvent Manager
8716501/11/23 1:38 PM01/13/23 5:55 AMCan the Heros be shortened in size.Design & LayoutIn ReviewThe Hero takes up the whole page when you click on a page and you have to know to scroll down to see for example webinar list.

The extra large Heros are distorting the pictures. Example Chapter picture..
shorter Heros or ablility to size.
8816301/09/23 11:09 AM01/13/23 5:33 AMplease, please add back buy/sell into the taxonomy - this was used more frequently than you think - especially on LiveChat

name it however you like
Enhancement RequestIn Reviewcan no longer reliably find mentors with buy/sell expertisei will withdraw my LiveChat resignation letterLive Chat client todayOtherIncreased mentoring request for mentors with expertise in buying and selling a business; ability for clients to quickly/easily find this content.NoTaxonomy ChangesStaffcandice.stennett@score.orgCS: We have received this request from multiple mentors. Let's add this back as well as one or two of the other terms in the taxonomy Google Sheet.MarkKrosseCleveland &
8916201/09/23 8:32 AM01/13/23 5:55 AMAllow user to open link in new tab in CTA fields — ensure accessibilityEnhancement RequestIn ReviewAs an end user, when I click on a link to an external website in a CTA button or other field (not WYSIWYG), I am immediately taken to the other website. The only way I can return to is to hit the back button or to enter the URL in my browser.As a content admin, when I link to an external website, I want to set that link's target to open in a new tab so that website visitors remain on the current
9000101/09/23 6:41 AM01/09/23 3:26 PMclean up media library; remove and prevent duplicatesBug FixIn ReviewWebmasterSimplify the webmaster experienceWebsite
9100201/09/23 6:41 AM01/09/23 3:16 PMEmail share icon on resources and eventsEnhancement RequestAdded to BacklogWebsite
9200301/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:32 AMFormatting in Engage profiles is not carrying over - no <p>, bullets, or other formatting.Bug FixReleased to the WebsitetrueAny formatting entered in the Engage profile is not visible on the website.The website will display mentor bios to include paragraph breaks, bullets, and other formatting captured in EngagetrueSprint 17Mentoring ExperienceWebsite
9300401/09/23 6:41 AM01/09/23 3:16 PMPersistence of local footer in the online experience.Enhancement RequestAdded to Backlogwhen you go to national page, you lose local footer.Website
9400501/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:32 AMSpanish events not appearingBug FixReleased to the WebsitetrueWebsite
9500601/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:32 AMCTA buttons in internal hero strip /es/ out of the relative linkBug FixAdded to BacklogtrueWebsite
9600701/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:32 AMUser permissions & roles fixedBug FixIn DevelopmenttrueWebsite
9700801/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:32 AMPuerto Rico — Some Zip Codes FailingBug FixReleased to the WebsitetruetrueWebsite
9800901/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:32 AMDuplication of events on originating chapter when event is pinned to other chaptersBug FixReleased to the WebsitetrueWebsite
9901001/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:32 AMAllow user to open link in new tab in WYSIWYG blocks — ensure accessibilityEnhancement RequestReleased to the WebsitetrueWebsite
10001101/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:32 AMData and InsightsNew FeatureReleased to the WebsitetrueWebsite
10101201/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:32 AM[BE] SCORE News search pageBug FixReleased to the WebsitetrueWebsite
10201301/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:32 AMEmbedded videosBug FixAdded to BacklogtrueWebsite
10301401/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:32 AM[FE] Evaluate whether there is any extraneous Javascript that can be reducedEnhancement RequestAdded to BacklogtrueWebsite
10401501/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:32 AM[FE] When site translated with Google translate, the Google Translate bar is not appearingBug FixReleased to the WebsitetrueWebsite
10501601/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:32 AMRecorded webinar subtitles - was this ever fixed?Bug FixIn ReviewtrueWebsite
10601701/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:32 AMlocal events need chapter or branch affiliation info displayed on the event detail page.Enhancement RequestAdded to BacklogtrueWebsite
10701801/09/23 6:41 AM01/09/23 3:09 PMOur mentors bandEnhancement RequestIn TestingtrueSR-343Sprint 18Website
10801901/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:32 AMRemove recorded webinars from templates search.Enhancement RequestAdded to BacklogtrueWebsite
10902001/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:32 AM[BE] On search pages, add option to "reset" a keyword searchEnhancement RequestAdded to BacklogtrueWebsite
11002101/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:32 AM[BE] When Recorded webinars display in /business-trainings search, do not display dateEnhancement RequestReleased to the WebsitetrueWebsite
11116401/09/23 3:09 PM02/01/23 8:32 AM[BE] When Recorded webinars display in /business-trainings search, DO display the date (revert the previous change that removed the date from recorded webinars. **If you have strong feelings about this one way or another, email**Enhancement RequestIn
11202201/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMImpact of language selection on search pagesEnhancement RequestReleased to the WebsitetrueWebsite
11302301/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMSuccess Story Field CleanupEnhancement RequestAdded to BacklogtrueWebsite
11402401/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMLearning ListsNew FeatureAdded to BacklogtrueWebsite
11502501/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMCan't remove locationEnhancement RequestAdded to BacklogtrueWebsite
11602601/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMFind a location page changesNew FeatureAdded to BacklogtrueWebsite
11702701/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMEvent Subtitle is not displaying on event pagesBug FixAdded to BacklogtrueWebsite
11802801/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMMentor Request zip code field is not working on Spanish translation of pageBug FixReleased to the WebsitetrueWebsite
11902901/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:28 AM[BE] Pager shows some numbers twiceBug FixReleased to the WebsitetrueWebsite
12003001/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:28 AM[FE] Components for webformsEnhancement RequestAdded to BacklogtrueWebsite
12103101/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMOdd behavior on event node and in Featured Event block when cropping applied to event imagesBug FixAdded to BacklogtrueWebsite
12203201/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMProvide SCORE an image size cheat sheetEnhancement RequestAdded to BacklogtrueWebsite
12303301/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMRevision permission missingBug FixAdded to BacklogtrueWebsite
12403401/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMShare links are opening the correct social platform, but they are not pre-populating a post to shareBug FixAdded to BacklogtrueWebsite
12503501/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:27 AMIn location selector, display areas served instead of address of main chapterEnhancement RequestReleased to the WebsitetrueSince we're not displaying branches, it could be confusing to see the main chapter address appear at the top of the list when it's a branch location that is closer to the end user's location. Can we update this to display areas served instead of the chapter address?Website
12603601/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:27 AMSupport iframes - SCORE tools will not work without the ability to add iframes added to the resource content type.Bug FixReleased to the WebsitetrueWebsite
12703701/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:27 AMRestrict Custom Code Layout Builder block to only System AdminBug FixReleased to the WebsitetrueRoles outside of System Admin can access custom code blocks.Roles outside of System Admin don't have access to custom code blocks.
12803801/09/23 6:41 AM01/17/23 11:36 AM[BE] Refinement of Footer ApproachEnhancement RequestClosedtrue12/31/22The “National” footer (settings located at Content >> Site Settings >> Footer Settings) appear everywhere on the site, UNLESS:

When a chapter inputs footer information on their group configuration page, those inputs override the National footer content for any page in that group.

There is a problem, however:

If the national chapter does not input content for a particular field, but the chapter does input information for that field, the chapter’s information won’t display.

For example: If the national settings do not include a URL for Linkedin, but the chapter does include a URL for Linkedin, currently the link for Linkedin will not appear on the chapter’s pages.
When chapters input footer information, it is not always appearing in their footer.
12903901/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:28 AM[BE] Refinement of Sponsor Vocabulary Term PagesBug FixAdded to BacklogtrueIn testing [||smart-link], a couple small adjustments were found to be needed:


!Screen Shot 2022-11-15 at 10.11.50 PM.png|width=1476,height=554!

!Screen Shot 2022-11-15 at 10.13.28 PM.png|width=3224,height=2334!

!Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 9.25.14 PM.png|width=1893,height=991!

* HTML appearing in the Interior hero banner text
* View mode of the image needs to be updated so that it fits the space instead of cropping
* Remove the Location facet from these pages — it is not relevant to the sponsor taxonomy pages
* The Social Media icons are set up to _Share_. They should instead be set up to display as links to the sponsor’s social media accounts, based on the fields in the Sponsor taxonomy term
13004001/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:28 AM[BE] In person Mentor Matchmaker search requires location to be setNew FeatureAdded to Backlogtrue*User story*: As a client search for a mentor on Mentor Matchmaker with whom I can meet in person, I want to ensure that my results include mentors from my local area. This means I need to tell the site what my Location is.


h2. “In Person” when the user has _already_ set a location

If the user has a location set in their Location navigation, and selects “In person” on Mentor matchmaker, then:

* Display a line of text below “In person” that reads “Seeking mentors in \[Location]”
** \[Location] = the name of the selected location from the secondary navigation
** The location is a link, that when clicked will open the Location selector modal/sidebar, where the user can change their selected location.

h2. “In Person” when the user has _not_ set a location

If the user has _not_ set a location in their navigation, and selects “In person” on Mentor matchmaker, then:

* Deactivate the “See my matches” button until the user has selected a location.
* Display a line of text below “In person” that reads “You must *select your location*”
** “select your location” is a link, that when clicked will open the Location selector modal/sidebar, where the user can set their location.

If the user sets their location, either by clicking the link in the Mentor Matchmaker, or by using the location navigation bar, then activate the “See my matches” button.
13104101/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:28 AM[FE] Mentor Matchmaker Search ResultsNew FeatureAdded to Backlogtrue*User story*: When I execute a query in the Mentor Matchmaker, I want to see detailed information about my possible matches so that I can determine the best possible match.


h2. Design


!Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 4.57.01 PM.png|width=100%!

h2. Notes

An earlier design concept included a section for “Missing” items (search terms that are _not_ present in a given result). Following SCORE team feedback, we are _not_ including the _Missing_ line — this component will simply display the mentor’s information regardless of whether terms are or are not in the query parameters.

h2. Acceptance Criteria

* A component exists in storybook matching the designs provided.
* The component is ready to be wired up to Drupal
* The component meets WCAG 2.1 AA criteria
* The component is fully responsive for various screen sizes.
13204201/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:28 AM[FE] Multiselect drop-down componentNew FeatureAdded to Backlogtrue*User story*: As a user setting criteria for my matchmaker search, I want to see a typeahead drop-down that lists all my options, allows me to select multiple options, and allows me to remove options that I’ve already selected.


h2. Design


!Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 4.25.45 PM.png|width=662,height=221!

h2. Behavior

* When a user places their cursor in the empty field, or clicks the chevron, a drop-down menu appears that lists available terms in that field.
** If the user starts to type, the options in the drop-down are filtered based the text input (typeahead)
* When the user clicks an item in the drop-down, it appears as a “pill” within the field.
** The user can add multiple pills to the field.
** The pill includes an “x” that allows the user to remove the pill.

h2. Notes

The field will be tied to a taxonomy within Drupal in order to populate the options within the dropdown.

h2. Acceptance Criteria

* A component exists in storybook matching the designs provided.
* The behavior of the field matches the Behavior section above.
* The component is ready to be wired up to Drupal
* The component meets WCAG 2.1 AA criteria
* The component is fully responsive for various screen sizes.
13304301/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMUpdate hook to create form for each new sponsor term createdNew FeatureAdded to BacklogtrueSR-538Website
13404401/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMUnclear what the "placeholder" blocks are in Layout BuilderBug FixAdded to Backlogtrue!Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 3.57.18 PM.png|width=1122,height=77!

Do these need to be locked down? Can formatting be applied that would make it more obvious that these are templated elements that should not be interacted with?
13504501/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMNo visible guides in Layout Builder to distinguish blocks from one anotherBug FixAdded to Backlogtrue*User story*: As a backend CMS editor, I want to see guide lines around a block in Layout Builder when I hover over it so I know what is included in that block. This will help me know if it is the content I really want to edit or drag-and-drop.


!Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 3.52.56 PM.png|width=1191,height=929!

In this example screenshot, there are four WYSIWYG blocks below a Hero Banner block. The cursor was hovering over the first of the WYSIWYG blocks. However, the only guidelines that appear are those around the _Section_ in which the blocks were placed. It’s therefore unclear whether the block that’s being hovered is just a part of the visible content, all of the visible content, etc. I might reasonably assume, for example, that all four of the WYSIWYG blocks are actually a single block.
13604601/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:28 AM[BE] When a block is first added to Layout Builder, the edit pencil icon is not availableBug FixAdded to Backlogtrue!Screen Recording 2022-09-06 at 3.44.34|width=1198,height=1052!SR-510Website
13704701/09/23 6:41 AM02/01/23 8:28 AM[BE] Image cropping tool behaving strangelyBug FixAdded to BacklogtrueUpon initial upload, the crop tool displays the image highly pixelated and distorted:

!Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 2.55.16 PM.png|width=873,height=761!

In this example, the uploaded image was already in a 16:9 aspect ratio at the time it was uploaded (pre-cropped). The crop tool, however, seems to have distorted the aspect ratio of the image at this stage.

After _saving_ the block, but with Layout Builder still open, the image appears to be broken:

!Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 2.57.37 PM.png|width=1123,height=740!

Then, after saving the Layout for this page, the image appears on the page the image isn’t broken, but it appears extremely distorted:

!Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 2.58.03 PM.png|width=1122,height=670!

Finally, if I re-edit the page, re-edit the block, and re-edit the image, I see that now the image seems to appear in the cropping tool more appropriately:

!Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 2.59.02 PM.png|width=956,height=861!

The image style used for the Cropping widget appears currently to be one that first crops each image square. It should be updated to be an image style that is not cropped, but is rather resized down to ~300 px in any dimension.

Edit the form display of the media image display:


Change the preview image style and the crop preview image to responsive_450w.

h1. Issues:

* During the preview, after initially saving a new Hero block, some images are shown with an ampersand in the URL for the image in the {{src}} attribute. ex: {{/sites/default/files/styles/responsive_16_9_300w/public/2022-09/snowy-taos-mountain-cropped.jpg?h=f2d4c07c&amp;itok=LV3Owi91}}`
This results in a broken image. The problem area is {{?h=f2d4c07c&amp;}} removing this part allows the image to load properly. This was reported as a defect of [||smart-link]
* The blurry image during initial upload is likely resolved with [||smart-link]
* The incorrect aspect ratio of the crop tool will be resolved with [||smart-link]
13804801/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMMissing formatting on buttons and controls in Layout BuilderBug FixAdded to BacklogtrueTo make the content editing experience easier, ensure button styles are displaying properly in the backend and layout builder editing experience


These should appear as buttons, as they are clickable actions:

!Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 9.40.53 AM.png|width=1365,height=502!
13904901/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AM[BE] Disable preview button — preview via saved drafts insteadBug FixAdded to Backlogtrue*User story*: As a CMS user, I do not want to see the preview button in the editing experience.


Adjust all content types on the system to prevent the appearance of the Preview button.
14005001/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMCourses: Accessibility when opening presentation in new windowBug FixAdded to Backlogtrue*User story*: As a user utilizing assistive technology to navigate the website, I want clear and obvious information conveyed to me when a link will open in a new tab/window when clicked so that I do not get confused or lost in the interface.


The *Course* content type includes a toggle for *Open Presentation In a New Tab*, which is described as “Check this box if you prefer the presentation to be a clickable link rather than an embedded iframe.”

Opening a link in a new tab window without properly notifying the user first is an accessibility violation.
14105101/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AM[BE] Permissions on Chapter MenusEnhancement RequestAdded to Backlogtrue*User Story*: As a SCORE marketer, I want to ensure that SCORE chapters all include a core set of pages within their navigation menus for consistency across the SCORE organization, while also allowing them the ability to add custom content related to their unique chapter.


* All chapter menus must contain the following 4 items, and the wording cannot be updated:
** Local Mentors
** Local Events
** Local Resources
** About
* Chapters may add up to 2 additional menu items to the top level of their chapter menu (for a total of 6 top-level menu items)
** The chapter webmaster may have full control over these final two items and their naming.
* Each of the six top-level menu items may have up to 6 child menu items, which can be fully controlled by the chapter webmaster (including naming)
14205201/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMSecurity: test authenticated user capabilities when logged in as basic user roleNew FeatureAdded to BacklogtrueClient users should *_not_* be able to:

* Create pages
* Access admin screens
* Create code blocks
* Use unfiltered text format
14305301/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMDocument manual regression testing process for authentication processesNew FeatureAdded to BacklogtrueSR-405Website
14405401/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMTest process for deleting/removing accountNew FeatureAdded to BacklogtrueSR-404Website
14505501/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMTest process for updating account details/informationNew FeatureAdded to BacklogtrueSR-403Website
14605601/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMTest password reset processNew FeatureAdded to BacklogtrueSR-402Website
14705701/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMTest account creation processNew FeatureAdded to BacklogtrueSR-401Website
14805801/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMCreate Testing GuideNew FeatureAdded to BacklogtrueSR-399Website
14905901/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMPassword reset processNew FeatureAdded to BacklogtrueSR-384Website
15006001/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AM[BE] Wire Up Layout Builder Component: "Mentors Listing"New FeatureAdded to BacklogtrueWire up the frontend work for this component to the backend block.

h2. Acceptance Criteria

* A content creator can add this layout builder component to a page, and it visually appears on the page as designed.
15106101/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMEnable hierarchical taxonomy termsNew FeatureAdded to BacklogtrueHierarchy determined by SCORE is available here: [||smart-link]SR-310Website
15206201/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMSmart Block EnhancementNew FeatureAdded to BacklogtrueExpand the functionality of Smart Blocks to support configuration with *Topics* and *Industries.*SR-309Website
15306301/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AM[FE] Filtered Resource listingNew FeatureAdded to BacklogtrueSR-260Website
15406401/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AM[BE] Filtered Resource listingNew FeatureAdded to BacklogtrueSR-259Website
15506501/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMSponsored search resultsNew FeatureAdded to BacklogtrueSR-253Website
15606601/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMResource content typeNew FeatureAdded to Backlogtrue*User story*: As a designer/developer, I want to see the new design system elements for the resource content type implemented into storybook so that the Drupal Platform can follow the new design patters.


h2. Design


!Screen Shot 2022-08-12 at 4.48.01 PM.png|width=720,height=868!

h2. Implementation Details

* Stacking existing front-end components
* Adding CSS to shared.css file as needed.
* WYSIWYG already exists
** Needs to come in narrowed to 864 px
* Entails the creation of several new small components:
** SCORE Heading
*** Includes page title, needs to be able to optionally include line separator
** Resource/Blog Heading:
*** Line separator
*** Saved indicator
*** Picture and name of author
*** Published date
*** Rating
**** Interactive with Javascript associated with it
**** Slot.
*** Event type
**** {{Live Event (Online)}}
**** {{Live Event (In Person)}}
**** {{Recorded Webinar}}
**** {{Course}}
** Resource/Blog Featured Image Hero
*** 16:9
** Social Share Buttons
*** [||smart-link]
** Author/presenter Title Component
*** Line below
*** Aware of how many authors/presenters there will be.
** <hr />
** Author/Presenter component
*** Includes
**** Name
**** Summary
**** Link
**** Image
*** At mobile, keep image to the left but make it smaller.
** Smart Block (existing)
** Related Resources (existing)
** Two widths that need to be added to the SCORE container as an option:
*** Width for the hero image
*** Width for the body content
15706701/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AM[FE] Style Cookie Compliance BannerUser StoryBacklogtrue*User Story*: As a user, when I first arrive on the SCORE website I want to see a prompt that inquires whether I wish to enable cookies for the website, with the opportunity to opt in for enhanced functionality, or opt out for greater privacy.

h2. Design

_Design out of the box is satisfactory, but unbranded. Need to confirm with client whether/what priority customizing the banner is._

h2. Acceptance Criteria

* The Cookie Banner matches the designs provided.
15806801/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AM[FE] Style Layout Builder: "Content Reference with WYSIWYG"User StoryBacklogtrue*User Story*:

h2. Acceptance Criteria
15906901/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AM[FE] Style Layout Builder Component: Calls to Action with WYSIWYGUser StoryBacklogtrueSR-236Website
16007001/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AM[FE] Style Layout Builder Component: 2 Different Width Column Info BoxUser StoryBacklogtrueSR-232Website
16107101/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AM[FE] Style Layout Builder Component: "Mentors Listing"User StoryBacklogtrue*User Story*: As a SCORE content creator, I want to have access to a “mentor listing” Layout Builder component that allows me to display a dynamic list of mentors within a specific chapter.



* Header (text)
* Listing of mentors that match a specific chapter
** Name
** Topics associated with that mentor
** Image
* Optional whether it displays _all_ mentors off the bat, or displays _some_ mentors (number to be determined by design… current site is 8) with a {{Load More}} button

h2. Examples


!Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 10.54.09 AM.png|width=1344,height=917!



!Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 10.56.09 AM.png|width=1344,height=890!
16207201/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AM[BE] Layout Builder Component: Calls to Action with WYSIWYGUser StoryBacklogtrueSR-228Website
16307301/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AM[BE] Layout Builder Component: Mentor TestimonialUser StoryBacklogtrueSR-220Website
16407401/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AM[BE] Layout Builder: "Content Reference with WYSIWYG"User StoryBacklogtrue*User Story*:

h2. Acceptance Criteria

* Fields:

||*Field Name*||*Field Type*||*Field Options (Default in bold/color)*||*Required/Optional*||*Description of function*||
|Related Content| | | | |
| | | | | |
16507501/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMTranslation and Multilingual EnhancementsEpicBacklogtrueSR-212Website
16607601/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMEvents/Trainings Search EnhancementsEpicBacklogtrueSR-211Website
16707701/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMAdd authentication buttons to site headerUser StoryBacklogtrue*User story*: As an anonymous client of SCORE, I want to see a Login button on the SCORE site where I can either create an account, or log in to an existing account.

As an logged in user on the SCORE site, I want to see the *Login* button replaced with a *My Profile* button so I can easily reach my user profile page.

16807801/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMSite HeaderEpicBacklogtrueSR-203Website
16907901/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMDeveloper DocumentationTaskBacklogtrueDraft technical documentation for SCORE: [||smart-link]SR-202Website
17008001/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMAdd events search filter by RatingUser StoryBacklogtrueSR-198Website
17108101/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMAdd events search filter by costUser StoryBacklogtrue*User story*: As a user, I want to be able to filter events in the Business Trainings search based on whether they are free or paid events.SR-197Website
17208201/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMDisplay event fees in Business Trainings (Workshops/Upcoming Events) search resultsUser StoryBacklogtrueCandice has suggested that SCORE may want to display the actual event cost within the event search results page.

Initial site build will only display an icon indicating the event has a fee — the number will be displayed on the event page itself.
17308301/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMAdd list vs. tile view toggle to search pagesUser StoryBacklogtrueSR-194Website
17408401/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMAdd "View as a calendar" to events searchUser StoryBacklogtrueSR-193Website
17508501/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMSet up hostingEpicBacklogtrueSR-188Website
17608601/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMLink success stories to mentor profilesUser StoryBacklogtrue*User Story*: As a client reviewing available mentors, I want to see a listing of success stories in which that mentor was involved so that I can better understand the kind of mentoring work this person can do, the value it can provide.

The linking of mentors and success stories should be done within Engage, and that relationship should be synced to the Drupal site.
17708701/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMGoogle TranslateEpicBacklogtrueRelevant wireframes: [||smart-link]SR-176Website
17808801/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMPre-fill Form Assembly event registration for logged-in usersUser StoryBacklogtrue*User Story*: As a logged-in user, when I click register for an Engage event and go to the Form Assembly registration form, I want the information from my Drupal Client Profile to autofill the corresponding fields of the event registration so that I can proceed through registration as quickly as possible.SR-168Website
17908901/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMGated non-sponsored content: One-click registrationUser StoryBacklogtrue*User Story*: As a logged-in user, when I try to access gated content that does not have a specific sponsor, I want the site to automatically record my registration information from my user profile so that I don’t have to fill it out manually, and can access the content with a single click.


*Note*: This ticket specifically applies to the default gate for recorded webinars and courses on demand, _not_ to sponsored gated content. When users try to reach sponsored gated content, they still need to explicitly accept the terms that their information will be shared with that sponsor (scoped in [||smart-link]).

h2. Acceptance Criteria

* When a logged in user clicks a gated Recorded Webinar, they can immediately begin playback without filling in or submitting any form
** That user’s information is automatically recorded from their client profile
* When a logged in user clicks a gated Course on Demand, they can immediately begin playback without filling in or submitting any form
** That user’s information is automatically recorded from their client profile
* When an anonymous (not logged in) user tries to access a gated Record Webinar or Course on Demand, they must first complete a Drupal form with their information or create an account.
18009001/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMInitial Migration ScriptsEpicBacklogtrueSR-153Website
18109101/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMEngagement Tracking: Non-English contentUser StoryBacklogtrue*User Story*: As a SCORE marketer, I want to see numbers within my analytics reporting that helps me understand how SCORE users are engaging with translated content so that I can ensure SCORE is making the proper investments in translation efforts.SR-151Website
18209201/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMTag ManagerEpicBacklogtrueFinding attributes of various data objects in Drupal (PHP), using a custom Drupal module Javascript file to write the attributes to the data layer object so that GA can read it.SR-148Website
18309301/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMSEO & Social ShareEpicBacklogtrueSR-144Website
18409401/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AM301 RedirectsEpicBacklogtrueSR-138Website
18509501/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMOur Sponsors, Sponsors and Partners, Premier Partners, et. al.User StoryBacklogtrueSR-137Website
18609601/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AM"In Partnership With" logosUser StoryBacklogtrueSR-136Website
18709701/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMOur Success Stories TemplateUser StoryBacklogtrueSR-135Website
18809801/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMBecome a Volunteer TemplateUser StoryBacklogtrueSR-134Website
18909901/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMAbout Us TemplateUser StoryBacklogtrueSR-133Website
19010001/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMFrequently Asked Questions TemplateUser StoryBacklogtrueSR-132Website
19110101/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMServices We Offer TemplateUser StoryBacklogtrueSR-131Website
19210201/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMChapter Specific Information pages (templates)EpicBacklogtrueSR-130Website
19310301/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMChat IntegrationEpicBacklogtrueSR-126Website
19410401/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMLocation SearchEpicBacklogtrueSR-120Website
19510501/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AM[BE] Success Story submissions formUser StoryBacklogtrue6-stage multi-step submission form using the Contact moduleSR-119Website
19610601/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMSubmissions/contact formsEpicBacklogtrueSR-118Website
19710701/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMInclude 5-star rating on Curated CollectionsUser StoryBacklogtrueSR-117Website
19810801/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMConfigure content type for entity reference + takeaways fieldUser StoryBacklogtrueSR-116Website
19910901/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMCreate Curated Collection content typeUser StoryBacklogtrueSR-115Website
20011001/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMCurated CollectionEpicBacklogtrueSR-114Website
20111101/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMSynch Linkedin information from Engage to Mentor ProfileUser StoryBacklogtrue*User Story*: As a mentor, I want the opportunity to use my mentor profile to display my Linkedin information to users so that they can have a better sense of my credentials, experience, and personality before we meet to discuss their business.


h2. Blockers

At time ticket is originally being written, Linkedin has not yet been added as a field within Engage.

h2. Acceptance Criteria

* A field for Linkedin URL exists on the Mentor Profile content type
* The Linkedin URL field is mapped from Engage to Mentor Profiles; when syncs run, this information is populated in Drupal
20211201/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMMentor/Engage Profile Content TypeEpicBacklogtrue[||smart-link]SR-110Website
20311301/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMCourse Content TypeEpicBacklogtrueSR-105Website
20411401/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMSuccess StoryEpicBacklogtrueSR-103Website
20511501/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMHeadlineEpicBacklogtrueSR-101Website
20611601/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMContributed content section on Mentor ProfileUser StoryBacklogtrueWhen Author Profile associated with Mentor Profile, add contributed content section to Mentor ProfileSR-97Website
20711701/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMAdd front-end link from Author/Contributor profile >> Mentor ProfileUser StoryBacklogtrueWhen Author Profile associated with Mentor Profile, add front-end link from Author > MentorSR-96Website
20811801/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMContributor Profile Content TypeEpicBacklogtrue[||smart-link]SR-94Website
20911901/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMEvents Content TypeEpicBacklogtrueUpcoming: [||smart-link]

Recorded: [||smart-link]
21012001/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMMedia GalleryEpicBacklogtrueSR-85Website
21112101/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMConfigure Workflow for Manually Maintained Content TypesUser StoryBacklogtruePublication statuses:

* Draft (unpublished)
* Awaiting Review
* Published
* Draft (newer than published)
* Awaiting Review (newer than published)
* Archived


h2. Applies to:

* Page
* Basic Page
* Success Story
* Resource

Relates to: [||smart-link]
21212201/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AM[BE] Configure backend experience for editors to view "my content"User StoryBacklogtrueThis may be accomplished using a view similar to one provided by the Workbench module. (ask Jesse for a Views export, which may be simple to copy from this module)SR-83Website
21312301/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMEditorial WorkflowsEpicBacklogtrueSR-79Website
21412401/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMFront-end inline help text "(?)" bubblesUser StoryBacklogtrueInstructions for clients on front end.

Areas these are needed:

* Registration/Client Profile creation: To provide definitions of each of the business stages.
21512501/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMEditor ImprovementsEpicBacklogtrueSR-75Website
21612601/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMLanding PagesEpicBacklogtrueSR-74Website
21712701/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMAuto-assignment to chapter groupUser StoryBacklogtrueSR-73Website
21812801/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMEngage mentor profile sync processUser StoryBacklogtrueConnects user profile to mentor profile/contact node, auto-assigns chapterSR-72Website
21912901/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMGoogle SSO creates Drupal accountUser StoryBacklogtrueh2. Implementation

Add the Google SSO button to the site.

h2. Acceptance Criteria

* If a Drupal account exists with a {{}} (SVO) email address then during an Engage sync the associated Engage Profile node will be linked to that existing Drupal account. Engage sync is the *Engage Profile Pull*
** User role and chapter affiliation will be updated accordingly
22013001/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMVolunteer SSOEpicBacklogtrue*User Story*: As a volunteer or staff member for SCORE, I want to be able to log in to the website and its content management system using my Google credentials so that I don’t have to remember and manage multiple passwords in the course of my work with SCORE.

As a chapter organizer, I want volunteers in my Chapter to be able to log in to the site without having to manage which volunteers have extra privileges.

As an IT and security person at SCORE, I want to be able to deactivate a user from all systems at once, and not have to remove multiple accounts across multiple systems.


How it works:

# All contact records within Engage are pulled in to Drupal as an *Engage Profile* node.
# Authenticate with Google
## Upon login, the Drupal account is synced to the matching Engage Profile
# Upon each new login to the site, the Drupal user’s membership and permissions are updated based on the details that are saved within the shadow profile.
# If a Drupal account exists with a {{}} (SVO) email address then during an Engage sync the associated Engage Profile node will be linked to that existing Drupal account. Engage sync is the *Engage Profile Pull*
## User role and chapter affiliation will be updated accordingly



Engage Profile nodes are only public on the website if an option to make it public has been selected in Engage.
22113101/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AM[FE] Sub-component to embed location chooser elsewhere in the siteUser StoryBacklogtrueSR-68Website
22213201/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMChapter/Location MenuEpicBacklogtrueSR-66Website
22313301/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMGated sponsored content: Pre-fill information of logged-in usersUser StoryBacklogtrueSR-64Website
22413401/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMTerms of use checkboxUser StoryBacklogtrueh2. Acceptance Criteria

* Optional for content creator to display
* If displayed, it is required for the user to check
22513501/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMGated Content (Non-sponsored content)EpicBacklogtrueRebuild the functionality that’s available in the current site.SR-61Website
22613601/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AM[BE] Client authenticated profile pageUser StoryBacklogtrue*User story*: As a user with an account on the site, I want to be able to visit a page that displays my user account information as well as content relevant to me based upon that information.

h2. Design


!Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 9.25.26 AM.png|width=720,height=790!
22713701/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMProcess for user to update and complete profile processUser StoryBacklogtrue*User story*: As a client with an account on the SCORE website, I want to be able to provide additional details to include on my profile that can be used to ease/simplify the event and mentor registration processes, and provide with me a more tailored/customized experience on the site.


Once a client has created an account, they will be able to provide additional information about their needs and interests on their client profile. The creation of a client profile establishes a personalized experience on the site that persists between sessions.Â

These additional fields include:

* Topics of interest
* Industry
* Entrepreneur type
* Business stage (previously asked, but updateable in the profile)
* Phone number
* {color:#ff5630}Notification preferences (email, text message){color}
** {color:#ff5630}_Volunteer expressed concern about including this field because not all contact methods are used across all chapters. E.g. some don’t offer texting because it would require use of personal phone numbers._{color}
* Mentoring format preference (In person, phone, video, email)
** {color:#ff5630}_Should Live Chat be an option here?_{color}
* Chapter selection
** {color:#ff5630}_Ashley has recommended calling this “location” unless chapters are clearly defined for the clients._{color}

This information will be used to personalize the client experience through features explored later in these recommendations, including smart blocks, the local chapter selector, and event and mentor form pre-filling.

h2. Acceptance Criteria

* The Client Profile includes fields for all fields that appear on event and mentor registration forms (with the exception of fields like “_Please describe the business questions you need answered_” that are ad hoc
22813801/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMAccount Registration process (client)User StoryBacklogtrue*User story*: As a SCORE client, I want to be presented with the option to create an account, and when I select it, I want to give the information necessary to establish a basic account.


h2. Acceptance Criteria

* There is a three-page account creation form
* Page 1 includes:
** Next button

|First name|Required|Text string| |
|Last name|Required|Text string| |
|Phone number|Required|Phone field| |
|Zip code|Required|Postal code| |
|Is your business already established?|Required|Single select (radio buttons)|* Yes
* No|
|What type of business do you have?|Required|Taxonomy term reference|Industry taxonomy|
|How did you hear about SCORE?|Optional|Single select (drop-down)|* Online search
* TV
* Newspaper
* Radio
* Social media
* Small Business Administration (SBA)
* Friend or relative
* SCORE client or volunteer
* Workshop/event
* Other|

* Page 2 includes:
** A *Skip >* button that proceeds without recording any responses on this page (all prompts on page 2 are optional)
** Next button

|How would you prefer to meet with a mentor?|Optional|Multi-select checkboxes|In person
Phone call
|In what areas would you like mentorship?|Optional|Taxonomy reference|Topics taxonomy|
|What business questions do you have?|Optional|Text string (paragraph)| |

* Page 3 includes:
** Create your account button

|Email address|Required|Email| |
|Password|Required|Password (secret)| |
|Re-enter password|Required|Password (secret — must match preceding field)| |
22913901/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMClient Profiles (Authenticated Experience)EpicBacklogtrueWith this Epic we will deliver the “logged in” user experience:

* A user can create an account if they do not already have one. [||smart-link]
** This includes a full account creation flow: email confirmation message, etc.
** The login process will use a multi-digit confirmation code delivered via email, rather than a single-use link
** Generate a username/password
*** Email address is auto-assigned as their username.
** A user can create an account tied to one from the previous site.
*** They can associate their email address with an existing “shadow” account
*** We already have some information for these users.
** A placeholder/stubbed profile page
* When a user creates an account, a profile page is created for that user.
** Backend work to put the right information on the page. [||smart-link]
** Frontend work to style the page. [||smart-link]
* A user can use the *Log in* link in the header to authenticate to the website and access their personal profile. [||smart-link]
** Login is using the standard Drupal login
** Third-party social logins are out of scope for this epic.
* When an account is created for the first time, the user’s established cookies at that point are converted into saved preferences within the new profile. [||smart-link]
* Establish a password reset process. [||smart-link]
** Using the default Drupal flow/setup.
* Account deletion/disable process [||smart-link]
** Legal language/policies for retention of data and whether users can request to have that data deleted.
* Update Smart Block behavior to consider both profile preferences _and_ the cookie preferences of the user. [||smart-link]

{color:#ff5630}Syncing with Engage is {color}{color:#ff5630}*_not_*{color}{color:#ff5630} in the scope of this ticket.{color}
23014001/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMAdd/Remove BookmarkUser StoryBacklogtrueSR-56Website
23114101/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMVisual indicator of whether content is or is not bookmarked (bookmark icon)User StoryBacklogtrueSR-55Website
23214201/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMMy Bookmarked mentorsUser StoryBacklogtrueSR-54Website
23314301/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMMy Bookmarked resources featureUser StoryBacklogtrueSR-53Website
23414401/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMBookmarkingEpicBacklogtrueSR-52Website
23514501/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AM[BE] Create a search page for Success Story searchUser StoryBacklogtrueModeled after the Business Trainings/Events searchSR-48Website
23614601/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMSuccess Story SearchEpicBacklogtrueSR-47Website
23714701/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AM[BE] Create and wire up single page app to present form with multi-select fields, and results belowUser StoryBacklogtrue*User Story*: As a client seeking a mentor with whom I can discuss my business, I want to use a mentor matchmaking tool that provides me a simple interface for locating the most relevant mentors for me.


The scope of this ticket is the necessary backend work to create the Mentor Matchmaker form, including:

* Hero area (image, title, blurb)
* Form:
** {{How would you like to meet with your mentor?}} (Single-select radio buttons)
*** In person
*** Video
*** Email
*** Phone
** {{In what areas are you looking for mentoring?}} (multi-select drop-down)
*** Taxonomy reference
** {{What is your preferred language?}} (multi-select drop-down)
*** Options synced from Engage
** {{In what industry or industries do you do business?}} (multi-select drop-down)
*** Taxonomy reference
* {{See my matches}} button
* An area for search results
* “Looking for something specific?” Keyword search block

The scope does _not_ include:

* Front-end styling of the form
* Functionality/wiring up of the form

h2. Design for reference

23814801/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMCreate a mentor landing page for each chapter before user gets to search pageUser StoryBacklogtrueSR-43Website
23914901/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMAdd translation admin dashboardUser StoryBacklogtrue*User story*: As a user, I want to see an admin dashboard on the backend of the site that allows me to sort/view nodes based on whether other not they have been translated, and easily identify when there is a discrepancy between when one language version has been updated, vs. when the other has been updated.


The intent of this dashboard is to help content managers on the site understand how much of the site has been translated as SCORE tries to expand the availability of translations, and spot issues where one language version may be updated, but the other has not.
24015001/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMAt account creation set user preferences based on current cookiesUser StoryBacklogtrueSR-26Website
24115101/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMCookiesEpicBacklogtrueSR-24Website
24215201/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMSalesforce Sync/Group StructuresEpicBacklogtrueSR-23Website
24315301/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMBusiness Templates + Resources library searchEpicBacklogtrueSR-18Website
24415401/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMFind a Mentor Advanced SearchEpicBacklogtrue[||smart-link]SR-17Website
24515501/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMBusiness Training (events) search pageEpicBacklogtrueSR-16Website
24615601/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMMentor EnhancementsEpicBacklogtrueSR-15Website
24715701/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMBaseline Search Setup — Overall Site SearchEpicBacklogtrueSR-14Website
24815801/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMMentor MatchmakerEpicBacklogtrueThe Mentor Matchmaker feature will use an algorithm to sort mentors based on the client’s preferences so that they can easily spot their best matches. Unlike a search tool, this method doesn’t _exclude_ any mentors, it simply sorts them for the client.SR-13Website
24915901/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMSmart BlocksEpicBacklogtrueSmart content is designed to offer a more relevant and personalized experience to site visitors. It is important to note that this information is only used to suggest content _in addition_ to the default way that pages are built. It will not be _filtering out_ content that is shown on pages or can be found in searches.SR-12Website
25016001/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMAdd Editoria11y moduleUser StoryBacklogtrueEnable for Author and Editor roles.SR-10Website
25116101/09/23 8:22 AM02/01/23 8:28 AMDrupalEpicBacklogtrueThis epic allows tickets to be categorized into a task undertaken by a developer familiar with Drupal development and theming.SR-1Website