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Hannah Lau
As Hong Kong was eroded by totalitarianism, I had to flee to other democracies in search of freedom and democracy. I hope that Hong Kong can move away from totalitarianism and restore a friendly social environment.
Svetlana Gous
became a naturalized citizen after winning a green card in the DV lotteryUS citizen after 8 years of holding a green card and being interviewed about my political affiliations and religious history
Janet Liu
Permanent Resident
Jaquelin V.
I am a badass Latina woman. I own my own flower and wedding arrangment shop.Soy a chingona mujer Latina. I own my own business de floreria y arreglos para bodas.
Daniela B.
I am from Brazil. I work in a salon cleaning people's feet for pedicure. Nasty work
I have been here [U.S.] for one year, I don't like it!!!!!Tengo un ano aqui, no me gusta!!!!!
I am a wetback according to Gringos. They see me as a plague yet they need me to do all their dirty work.Soy mojado, dicen los gringos. Me ven como una plaga pero me nesecitan para todos sus trabajos sucios.
I am young and really smart. I work and go to school at nightSoy joven y muy inteligente. Trabajo y voy a la escuela por las noches
I don’t have papers, but I have life and a family that loves me; I have community and God. I always think positively. There are better days to comeNo tengo papeles pero tengo vida y una familia que me quiere, tengo comunidad y a Dios. Siempre pienso positivamente. Hay mejores dias por venir
Glenn Osaka