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103/05/24EditorialPWCybersecurity Challenges During Digital TransformationWhen CPGs start connecting more equipment on the plant floor—especially legacy systems—it opens the door to new kinds of destructive cybersecurity threats that can cause plant floor downtime, expose proprietary recipes or processes, and cost the company a lot of money. On this webinar, subject matter experts discuss the threats, the areas of the plant floor that need to be prioritized, and IT/OT best practices to safeguard sites.
205/28/24EditorialPWSmart Packaging Trends: Digital Passports and Digital WatermarksWe’ll explore different use cases of digital watermarks and digital passports on packaging, see how Europe is tackling Holy Grail 2.0, and find out what sorts of upstream parties can benefit from the practice.
308/13/24EditorialPWAdvanced Recycling: Opportunities & ChallengesAdvanced recycling technologies offer a complementary route to mechanical recycling, tackling those materials that are difficult or unable to be recycled and resulting in virgin-quality recycled resins. However, challenges persist with scale up and regulatory concerns.
Printpack, Aptar Group
411/05/24EditorialPWRobotics in Packaging: Top Trends & Technologies for 2024Learn how technologies such as AI, machine learning, and vision are transforming the use of robotics in packaging, as well as how the greater functionality, ease of use, and flexibility of today’s robots are providing packaging operations with a solution to ongoing labor challenges.
Universal Robots, BluePrint Automation, Doosan Robotics
502/22/24EditorialPFWHow Incremental Automation Helps Processors Solve Labor IssuesWith continued difficulties finding the labor needed to keep production going, automation has become more important than ever. But the prospect of undertaking large automation projects—and the price tag of a state-of-the-art facility—can be daunting. Food and beverage processors will explain how even small automation projects have made a big impact on minimizing the workers needed to keep production going.
605/30/24EditorialPFWHow to Innovate Past CO2 ShortagesCO2 is used for a wide range of applications in the food and beverage industry—not only the bubbles in your soda and beer, but flash freezing, cleaning, livestock stunning, and other uses. But the supply of CO2 is anything but stable and will continue to face issues, threatening to shut down plants or raise prices to exorbitant levels. Hear from food and beverage manufacturers how they are successfully getting around these supply chain issues to keep production running with innovative solutions.
Messer Americas, FuelCell Energy
708/15/24EditorialPFWTips From the Best: Sustainability Ideas for Your Processing PlantFood and beverage processors are under more pressure than ever to show consumers that they’re taking sustainability initiatives in their operations. But these initiatives also make economic sense, saving valuable resources in a competitive manufacturing environment. Get tips from winners of ProFood World’s Sustainability Excellence in Manufacturing Award winners to get ideas about how to approach your own sustainability program.
Eagle Product Inspection, FuelCell Energy
811/07/24EditorialPFWHow Consumer Trends Drive Changes to Food Processing OperationsWhen it comes to influencing not only the products that are made but the way they are processed and packaged, consumers hold so many of the cards, making demands for increasing transparency from their brands. Learn the latest trends that are shaping the food and beverage landscape and, in turn, the manufacturing lines.
902/29/24EditorialHCPThe Future of Pharmaceutical Packaging: Automation and Adherence Trends in Prescription FillingJoin us as we look at the evolving landscape of the pharmaceutical industry, where automation and adherence packaging are transforming traditional prescription filling methods. We'll discuss recent investments by retail giants like Walgreens and CVS in automated solutions, the rise of blended central fill facilities, and how packaging machinery providers are adapting to meet these prescription filling needs. Don't miss this chance to understand these industry trends and their implications for the future of healthcare packaging.
1006/06/24EditorialHCPFrom the Aisles: Today’s Healthcare Packaging OTC Design TrendsLearn who is spearheading the next wave of over-the-counter packaging solutions that prioritize sustainability, enhance shelf visibility, and cater to the highly connected consumer of today. Hear expert insights on pros and cons in package design for the greatest shelf appeal, and a discussion of packaging formats that are trending or innovating, such as flexible pouches, blister packs, clamshells, rigid containers, or tamper-evidence features.
1108/22/24EditorialHCPMake Your Packaging Both Safe and SustainableThere are a number of factors to consider when it comes to sustainability in life science packaging. Learn how brand owners are navigating claims and regulations to update packaging while keeping patients safe.
1211/14/24EditorialHCPThe Human Factors at the Heart of Packaging DesignTo deliver healthcare with dignity, learn how life science manufacturers are reducing use errors by incorporating human factors engineering early in the process.
1304/17/24EditorialOEMHarnessing the Power of AI in Manufacturing: Nothing to FearEngineers should embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI) rather than be afraid of job-stealing implications. Attendees will learn that in reality, those NOT using AI in the near future will be more likely to fall behind, as the technology will have a game-changing impact going forward for packaging and processing. We will explore the benefits of integrating AI into your operations, focusing on vision and inspection systems as a real-world case study. Discover how embracing AI can optimize processes, increase efficiency, and propel your manufacturing capabilities into the future.
1410/02/24EditorialOEMUpdating Legacy Equipment for New Materials: A Strategic Approach for OEM EngineersLearn how to properly modify existing equipment to accommodate new materials by utilizing the OpX work product “Transitioning Flexible Materials.” Learn about best practices for updating legacy equipment through a series of seven comprehensive steps, and why it’s important to have open channels of communication with both CPG end-users and material suppliers. This webinar is a must-attend for OEM engineers who are asked to maximize the efficiency and versatility of existing machinery.
Rockwell, Yaskawa
1503/12/24EditorialMundo PMMIRobotics at the End-of-Line and its Impact on Packaging Operations in Latin AmericaChallenges and opportunities of integrating end-of-line robots in packaging processes in our region.

CPGs experts will reflect on ways these technologies are opening great opportunities for growing production capabilities, and innovation in processes such as palletizing and packing, among others.

Top CPGs Engineering and Operations experts will present real case stories on recent installations with new features on robot´s vision mobility, dexterity, connectivity and safety.
Blueprint Automation
1604/09/24EditorialMundo PMMIUnveiling the Future of E-Commerce Packaging: Strategies for SuccessGain insights into optimizing packaging for online retail, enhancing brand presence, and attracting digital-savvy consumers.

Understand the e-commerce landscape's rapid expansion, foreseeing trends, and leveraging innovative packaging solutions to capture new opportunities.

Explore eco-friendly designs and materials that align with consumer preferences, contributing to environmental sustainability and responsible practices.
1708/20/24EditorialMundo PMMIHow Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Transforming the Packaging Industry?​Top Latin American AI´s subject matter experts will present actionable knowledge, cutting edge technologies and in-sights that can lead to positive change and innovation in the packaging field. ​

Explore how AI's capabilities can be leveraged to design and optimize packaging, leading to more efficient and eco-friendly solutions that can enable personalization.

Learn how AI can be harnessed to efficiently gather and utilize customer and consumer feedback, leading to reduced waste, error prevention, and improved overall efficiency in product development.
1811/12/24EditorialMundo PMMIHow are Latin American CPGs Preparing their Packaging for the Challenges of a New Legislative Landscape?​​How are CPGs tackling innovation in packaging in the face of a changing legislative panorama.

How are Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), National Circular Economy and Single-Use Plastics Laws and the Global UN Plastics Treaty against Plastics Pollution providing opportunities for packaging development.

How CPGs are preparing themselves to accomplish the mandatory standards from the different laws.