Girls Volleyball Class 3A Team by Team Results
ClassificationSchoolGame NumberDateOpponentWin LossYour ScoreOpponent Score
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1Class 3A West IManchester Valley109/07/23Winters MillWin31
2Class 3A West IManchester Valley209/12/23LibertyLoss13
3Class 3A West IManchester Valley309/14/23South CarrollLoss13
4Class 3A West IManchester Valley409/19/23WestminsterLoss03
5Class 3A West IManchester Valley509/21/23LibertyWin32
6Class 3A West IManchester Valley609/26/23Francis Scott KeyWin30
7Class 3A West IManchester Valley709/28/23TuscaroraLoss23
8Class 3A West IManchester Valley810/03/23Winters MillWin32
9Class 3A West IManchester Valley910/05/23CenturyWin32
10Class 3A West IManchester Valley1010/10/23South CarrollLoss23
11Class 3A West IManchester Valley1110/12/23WestminsterLoss03
12Class 3A West IManchester Valley1210/17/23CenturyWin30
13Class 3A West IManchester Valley1310/19/23FSKWin30
14Class 3A West IManchester Valley1410/24/23Harford TechWin30
15Class 3A West IManchester Valley1510/26/23LinganoreLoss03
17Class 3A West IWestminster109/05/23LinganoreLoss23
18Class 3A West IWestminster209/07/23LibertyWin30
19Class 3A West IWestminster309/12/23South CarrollWin31
20Class 3A West IWestminster409/14/23DulaneyWin30
21Class 3A West IWestminster509/19/23Manchester ValleyWin30
22Class 3A West IWestminster609/21/23FSKWin30
23Class 3A West IWestminster709/26/23CenturyWin30
24Class 3A West IWestminster809/28/23Winters MillWin30
25Class 3A West IWestminster910/03/23LibertyWin31
26Class 3A West IWestminster1010/05/23South CarrollLoss23
27Class 3A West IWestminster1110/12/23Manchester ValleyWin30
28Class 3A West IWestminster1210/17/23Francis Scott KeyWin3O
29Class 3A West IWestminster1310/19/23CenturyWin3O
30Class 3A West IWestminster1410/24/23Winters millsWin31
31Class 3A West IWestminster15
33Class 3A West ILinganore109/05/23WestminsterWin32
34Class 3A West ILinganore209/07/23WalkersvilleWin30
35Class 3A West ILinganore309/13/23Thomas JohnsonWin31
36Class 3A West ILinganore409/19/23south hagerstownLoss23
37Class 3A West ILinganore509/21/23TuscaroraWin30
38Class 3A West ILinganore609/26/23oakdaleWin32
39Class 3A West ILinganore709/28/23SmithsburgLoss13
40Class 3A West ILinganore810/03/23urbanaLoss03
41Class 3A West ILinganore910/05/23FrederickWin30
42Class 3A West ILinganore1010/10/23North HagerstownLoss03
43Class 3A West ILinganore1110/12/23MiddletownWin30
44Class 3A West ILinganore1210/17/23BrunswickWin30
45Class 3A West ILinganore1310/19/23CatoctinWin30
46Class 3A West ILinganore1410/26/23Manchester ValleyWin30
47Class 3A West ILinganore15
49Class 3A West IOakdale109/11/23WalkersvilleLoss23
50Class 3A West IOakdale209/13/23UrbanaLoss03
51Class 3A West IOakdale309/19/23North HagerstownLoss03
52Class 3A West IOakdale409/21/23FrederickWin30
53Class 3A West IOakdale509/26/23LinganoreLoss23
54Class 3A West IOakdale609/28/23CatoctinWin31
55Class 3A West IOakdale710/03/23TuscaroraLoss23
56Class 3A West IOakdale810/05/23Thomas JohnsonLoss13
57Class 3A West IOakdale910/10/23South HagerstownLoss23
58Class 3A West IOakdale1010/12/23SmithsburgLoss03
59Class 3A West IOakdale1110/17/23WilliamsportLoss03
60Class 3A West IOakdale1210/19/23Clear SpringLoss23
61Class 3A West IOakdale1310/24/23BrunswickWin30
62Class 3A West IOakdale1410/26/23MiddletownLoss13
63Class 3A West IOakdale15
65Class 3A West ITuscarora109/05/23CatoctinWin30
66Class 3A West ITuscarora209/11/23MiddletownWin30
67Class 3A West ITuscarora309/13/23North HagerstownLoss03
68Class 3A West ITuscarora409/18/23FrederickWin32
69Class 3A West ITuscarora509/21/23LinganoreLoss03
70Class 3A West ITuscarora609/26/23UrbanaLoss03
71Class 3A West ITuscarora709/28/23Manchester ValleyWin32
72Class 3A West ITuscarora810/03/23OakdaleWin32
73Class 3A West ITuscarora910/05/23South HagerstownWin31
74Class 3A West ITuscarora1010/10/23Thomas JohnsonWin30
75Class 3A West ITuscarora1110/12/23BrunswickWin30
76Class 3A West ITuscarora1210/19/23Winters MillWin30
77Class 3A West ITuscarora1310/24/23WalkersvilleWin30
78Class 3A West ITuscarora1410/26/23BoonsboroLoss03
79Class 3A West ITuscarora15
81Class 3A West INorth Hagerstown109/11/23SmithsburgWin30
82Class 3A West INorth Hagerstown209/13/23TuscaroraWin30
83Class 3A West INorth Hagerstown309/19/23OakdaleWin30
84Class 3A West INorth Hagerstown409/21/23Thomas JohnsonWin30
85Class 3A West INorth Hagerstown509/26/23South HagerstownWin30
86Class 3A West INorth Hagerstown609/28/23WilliamsportWin30
87Class 3A West INorth Hagerstown710/02/23James Wood, VALoss13
88Class 3A West INorth Hagerstown810/03/23FrederickWin30
89Class 3A West INorth Hagerstown910/05/23UrbanaWin31
90Class 3A West INorth Hagerstown1010/10/23LinganoreWin30
91Class 3A West INorth Hagerstown1110/12/23Clear SpringWin30
92Class 3A West INorth Hagerstown1210/18/23BoonsboroWin30
93Class 3A West INorth Hagerstown1310/19/23WalkersvilleWin30
94Class 3A West INorth Hagerstown1410/26/23Washington, WVWin30
95Class 3A West INorth Hagerstown15
97Class 3A West ISouth Hagerstown109/12/23Clear SprinLoss13
98Class 3A West ISouth Hagerstown209/18/23WilliamsportLoss23
99Class 3A West ISouth Hagerstown309/19/23LinganoreWin32
100Class 3A West ISouth Hagerstown409/21/23UrbanaLoss03
101Class 3A West ISouth Hagerstown509/26/23North HagerstownLoss03
102Class 3A West ISouth Hagerstown609/28/23FrederickLoss13
103Class 3A West ISouth Hagerstown710/03/23Governor Thomas JohnsonLoss23
104Class 3A West ISouth Hagerstown810/05/23TuscaroraLoss13
105Class 3A West ISouth Hagerstown910/10/23OakdaleWin32
106Class 3A West ISouth Hagerstown1010/12/23BoonsboroLoss03
107Class 3A West ISouth Hagerstown1110/17/23SmithsburgLoss03
108Class 3A West ISouth Hagerstown1210/19/23BrunswickWin30
109Class 3A West ISouth Hagerstown1310/24/23CatoctinWin30
110Class 3A West ISouth Hagerstown14
111Class 3A West ISouth Hagerstown15
113Class 3A West IICol. Zadok Magruder109/05/23Winston ChurchillLoss03
114Class 3A West IICol. Zadok Magruder209/07/23RockvilleWin30
115Class 3A West IICol. Zadok Magruder309/13/23NorthwestWin32
116Class 3A West IICol. Zadok Magruder409/19/23SpringbrookWin30
117Class 3A West IICol. Zadok Magruder509/26/23SherwoodLoss03
118Class 3A West IICol. Zadok Magruder609/29/23Paint BranchWin32
119Class 3A West IICol. Zadok Magruder710/02/23BlakeWin30
120Class 3A West IICol. Zadok Magruder810/04/23BCCWin32
121Class 3A West IICol. Zadok Magruder910/10/23DamascusWin31
122Class 3A West IICol. Zadok Magruder1010/12/23ClarksburgLoss13
123Class 3A West IICol. Zadok Magruder1110/17/23WheatonWin25,25,2620,11,24
124Class 3A West IICol. Zadok Magruder1210/19/23BlairWin25,25,2518,22,14
125Class 3A West IICol. Zadok Magruder1310/23/23WoottonLoss21,12,25,1825,25,23,25
126Class 3A West IICol. Zadok Magruder1410/25/23Walter JohnsonWin25,23,25,2517,25,21,22
127Class 3A West IICol. Zadok Magruder15
129Class 3A West IIDamascus109/06/23BlakeWin30
130Class 3A West IIDamascus209/11/23KennedyWin30
131Class 3A West IIDamascus309/13/23GaithersburgWin30
132Class 3A West IIDamascus409/20/23PoolesvilleWin30
133Class 3A West IIDamascus509/22/23RockvilleWin30
134Class 3A West IIDamascus609/26/23WoottonLoss03
135Class 3A West IIDamascus709/28/23WheatonWin30
136Class 3A West IIDamascus810/03/23Watkins MillWin30
137Class 3A West IIDamascus910/05/23Richard montgomeryLoss13
138Class 3A West IIDamascus1010/10/23Colonel Zadok MagruderLoss13
139Class 3A West IIDamascus1110/16/23ClarksburgLoss23
140Class 3A West IIDamascus1210/18/23SherwoodLoss03
141Class 3A West IIDamascus1310/23/23NorthwestWin32
142Class 3A West IIDamascus1410/25/23Seneca ValleyWin30
143Class 3A West IIDamascus15
145Class 3A West IIJames Hubert Blake109/06/23Damascus HSLoss03
146Class 3A West IIJames Hubert Blake209/11/23Blair HSLoss03
147Class 3A West IIJames Hubert Blake309/13/23Walt Whitman HSLoss23
148Class 3A West IIJames Hubert Blake409/21/23Paint BranchLoss03
149Class 3A West IIJames Hubert Blake509/26/23SpringbrookLoss03
150Class 3A West IIJames Hubert Blake609/28/23SherwoodLoss03
151Class 3A West IIJames Hubert Blake710/02/23MagruderLoss03
152Class 3A West IIJames Hubert Blake810/05/23PoolesvilleLoss03
153Class 3A West IIJames Hubert Blake910/10/23Bethesda-Chevy ChaseLoss13
154Class 3A West IIJames Hubert Blake1010/12/23Watkins MillLoss03
155Class 3A West IIJames Hubert Blake1110/17/23Walter JohnsonLoss03
156Class 3A West IIJames Hubert Blake1210/19/23RockvilleWin32
157Class 3A West IIJames Hubert Blake1310/24/23WheatonLoss23
158Class 3A West IIJames Hubert Blake1410/26/23NorthwoodWin32
159Class 3A West IIJames Hubert Blake15
161Class 3A West IIRockville109/05/23EinsteinLoss03
162Class 3A West IIRockville209/07/23MagruderLoss03
163Class 3A West IIRockville309/11/23Seneca ValleyLoss13
164Class 3A West IIRockville409/13/23BlairLoss03
165Class 3A West IIRockville509/19/23WoottonLoss03
166Class 3A West IIRockville609/22/23DamascusLoss03
167Class 3A West IIRockville709/26/23Watkins MillWin32
168Class 3A West IIRockville809/28/23poolesvilleLoss03
169Class 3A West IIRockville910/02/23BCCLoss03
170Class 3A West IIRockville1010/10/23Paint BranchLoss03
171Class 3A West IIRockville1110/16/23SpringbrookLoss03
172Class 3A West IIRockville1210/19/23BlakeLoss23
173Class 3A West IIRockville1310/23/23Quince OrchardLoss03
174Class 3A West IIRockville1410/25/23KennedyLoss03
175Class 3A West IIRockville15
177Class 3A West IISherwood109/06/23John F. KennedyWin30
178Class 3A West IISherwood209/11/23WoottonLoss03
179Class 3A West IISherwood309/19/23Paint BranchWin30
180Class 3A West IISherwood409/21/23SpringbrookWin30
181Class 3A West IISherwood509/26/23MagruderWin30
182Class 3A West IISherwood609/28/23BlakeWin30
183Class 3A West IISherwood710/03/23Walter JohnsonWin30
184Class 3A West IISherwood810/05/23NorthwestWin30
185Class 3A West IISherwood910/09/23Watkins MillWin30
186Class 3A West IISherwood1010/11/23Richard MontgomeryLoss03
187Class 3A West IISherwood1110/18/23DamascusWin30
188Class 3A West IISherwood1210/20/23MBHS (Montgomery Blair)Win31
189Class 3A West IISherwood1310/23/23ClarksburgLoss13
190Class 3A West IISherwood1410/26/23WheatonWin30
191Class 3A West IISherwood15
193Class 3A West IIThomas S. Wootton109/06/23Bethesda Chevy-ChaseWin30
194Class 3A West IIThomas S. Wootton209/11/23SherwoodWin30
195Class 3A West IIThomas S. Wootton309/13/23Good CounselWin30
196Class 3A West IIThomas S. Wootton409/19/23RockvilleWin30
197Class 3A West IIThomas S. Wootton509/21/23Watkins MillWin30
198Class 3A West IIThomas S. Wootton609/26/23DamascusWin30
199Class 3A West IIThomas S. Wootton709/29/23Georgetown DayLoss03
200Class 3A West IIThomas S. Wootton810/03/23PoolesvilleWin31
201Class 3A West IIThomas S. Wootton910/05/23WhitmanWin30
202Class 3A West IIThomas S. Wootton1010/09/23Richard MontgomeryWin32
203Class 3A West IIThomas S. Wootton1110/11/23ChurchillLoss23
204Class 3A West IIThomas S. Wootton1210/17/23UrbanaWin32
205Class 3A West IIThomas S. Wootton1310/19/23Quince orchardWin31
206Class 3A West IIThomas S. Wootton1410/23/23MagruderWin31
207Class 3A West IIThomas S. Wootton1510/26/23NorthwestWin30
209Class 3A West IIWatkins Mill109/05/23Walter JohnsonLoss03
210Class 3A West IIWatkins Mill209/08/23Paint BranchLoss23
211Class 3A West IIWatkins Mill309/11/23NorthwoodWin30
212Class 3A West IIWatkins Mill409/13/23Seneca ValleyWin30
213Class 3A West IIWatkins Mill509/18/23PoolesvileWin32
214Class 3A West IIWatkins Mill609/21/23WoottonLoss03
215Class 3A West IIWatkins Mill709/26/23RockvilleLoss23
216Class 3A West IIWatkins Mill810/03/23DamascusLoss03
217Class 3A West IIWatkins Mill910/05/23Quince OrchardLoss13
218Class 3A West IIWatkins Mill1010/09/23SherwoodLoss03
219Class 3A West IIWatkins Mill1110/12/23BlakeWin30
220Class 3A West IIWatkins Mill1210/20/23KennedyLoss03
221Class 3A West IIWatkins Mill1310/23/23GaithersburgLoss13
222Class 3A West IIWatkins Mill1410/25/23Bethesda Chevy ChaseLoss03
223Class 3A West IIWatkins Mill15
225Class 3A North ICatonsville109/05/23FranklinWin30
226Class 3A North ICatonsville209/07/23TowsonLoss13
227Class 3A North ICatonsville309/12/23Perry HallLoss03
228Class 3A North ICatonsville409/18/23Mount De SalesLoss03
229Class 3A North ICatonsville509/19/23HerefordLoss03
230Class 3A North ICatonsville609/21/23Eastern TechLoss13
231Class 3A North ICatonsville709/26/23DulaneyLoss03
232Class 3A North ICatonsville810/03/23Carver BCoLoss13
233Class 3A North ICatonsville910/05/23TowsonWin31
234Class 3A North ICatonsville1010/10/23Perry HallLoss03
235Class 3A North ICatonsville1110/12/23HerefordLoss03
236Class 3A North ICatonsville1210/17/23Eastern TechWin30
237Class 3A North ICatonsville1310/19/23DulaneyLoss13
238Class 3A North ICatonsville1410/24/23Sparrows PointWin31
239Class 3A North ICatonsville1510/25/23Carver A&TLoss13
241Class 3A North IDulaney109/05/23CenturyLoss03
242Class 3A North IDulaney209/07/23Perry HallLoss23
243Class 3A North IDulaney309/12/23HerefordLoss13
244Class 3A North IDulaney409/14/23WestminsterLoss03
245Class 3A North IDulaney509/19/23Eastern TechWin31
246Class 3A North IDulaney609/26/23CatonsvilleWin30
247Class 3A North IDulaney709/28/23Carver A & TWin30
248Class 3A North IDulaney810/03/23TowsonWin31
249Class 3A North IDulaney910/05/23Perry HallWin30
250Class 3A North IDulaney1010/10/23HerefordWin31
251Class 3A North IDulaney1110/12/23Eastern TechWin30
252Class 3A North IDulaney1210/17/23River HillLoss03
253Class 3A North IDulaney1310/19/23CatonsvilleWin31
254Class 3A North IDulaney1410/24/23Carver A & TWin30
255Class 3A North IDulaney1510/26/23TowsonLoss13
257Class 3A North IFranklin109/05/23CatonsvilleWin30
258Class 3A North IFranklin209/11/23PikesvilleWin30
259Class 3A North IFranklin309/13/23WoodlawnWin30
260Class 3A North IFranklin409/14/23parkvilleWin30
261Class 3A North IFranklin509/19/23Loch RavenWin30
262Class 3A North IFranklin609/21/23DundalkWin30
263Class 3A North IFranklin709/26/23Western TechWin30
264Class 3A North IFranklin809/28/23PatapscoLoss03
265Class 3A North IFranklin910/03/23Milford MillWin31
266Class 3A North IFranklin1010/10/23chesapeakeLoss03
267Class 3A North IFranklin1110/12/23TowsonLoss03
268Class 3A North IFranklin1210/18/23sparrows pointLoss13
269Class 3A North IFranklin1310/26/23Owings MillsWin30
270Class 3A North IFranklin14
271Class 3A North IFranklin15
273Class 3A North ILansdowne109/07/23Kenwood HSWin31
274Class 3A North ILansdowne209/12/23Overlea HSWin32
275Class 3A North ILansdowne309/19/23Pikesville HSLoss13
276Class 3A North ILansdowne409/21/23Owings MillsWin30
277Class 3A North ILansdowne509/26/23New TownWin30
278Class 3A North ILansdowne609/28/23WoodlawnWin30
279Class 3A North ILansdowne710/03/23RandallstownWin30
280Class 3A North ILansdowne810/05/23Kenwood HSWin32
281Class 3A North ILansdowne910/10/23Overlea HSLoss23
282Class 3A North ILansdowne1010/12/23PikesvilleWin31
283Class 3A North ILansdowne1110/16/23Owings MillsWin30
284Class 3A North ILansdowne1210/19/23New Town HSWin30
285Class 3A North ILansdowne1310/23/23ParkvilleWin30
286Class 3A North ILansdowne1410/24/23Woodlawn HSWin30
287Class 3A North ILansdowne1510/26/23RandallstownWin30
289Class 3A North IMilford Mill Academy109/06/23Western TechLoss23
290Class 3A North IMilford Mill Academy209/12/23Loch RavenLoss13
291Class 3A North IMilford Mill Academy309/19/23DUNDALKWin30
292Class 3A North IMilford Mill Academy409/21/23Western TechLoss03
293Class 3A North IMilford Mill Academy509/26/23PatapscoWin31
294Class 3A North IMilford Mill Academy610/03/23FranklinLoss13
295Class 3A North IMilford Mill Academy710/04/23ChesapeakeWin30
296Class 3A North IMilford Mill Academy810/10/23Sparrows PointLoss03
297Class 3A North IMilford Mill Academy910/17/23Forest ParkWin32
298Class 3A North IMilford Mill Academy1010/18/23RANDALLSTOWNWin30
299Class 3A North IMilford Mill Academy1110/30/23ParkvilleLoss03
300Class 3A North IMilford Mill Academy1210/30/23Minimum Divisor GameLoss01
301Class 3A North IMilford Mill Academy13
302Class 3A North IMilford Mill Academy14
303Class 3A North IMilford Mill Academy15
305Class 3A North IOverlea109/07/23New TownWin30
306Class 3A North IOverlea209/12/23LansdowneLoss23
307Class 3A North IOverlea309/14/23Loch RavenWin32
308Class 3A North IOverlea409/19/23Owings MillsWin30
309Class 3A North IOverlea509/20/23PikesvilleWin30
310Class 3A North IOverlea609/26/23KenwoodWin30
311Class 3A North IOverlea709/28/23RandallstownWin30
312Class 3A North IOverlea810/03/23WoodlawnWin30
313Class 3A North IOverlea910/05/23New TownWin30
314Class 3A North IOverlea1010/10/23LansdowneWin32
315Class 3A North IOverlea1110/11/23Owings MillsWin30
316Class 3A North IOverlea1210/16/23ParkvilleWin30
317Class 3A North IOverlea1310/17/23PikesvilleLoss13
318Class 3A North IOverlea1410/19/23KenwoodWin31
319Class 3A North IOverlea1510/24/23RandallstownLoss01
321Class 3A North ITowson109/05/23Mercy High SchoolLoss13
322Class 3A North ITowson209/07/23Catonsville High SchoolWin31
323Class 3A North ITowson309/12/23George Washington Carver Center for Arts and TechnologyWin30
324Class 3A North ITowson409/14/23Garrison Forrest SchoolLoss13
325Class 3A North ITowson509/21/23Perry Hall High SchoolWin30
326Class 3A North ITowson609/26/23Hereford High SchoolLoss23
327Class 3A North ITowson709/28/23Eastern Technical High SchoolWin30
328Class 3A North ITowson810/03/23Dulaney High SchoolLoss13
329Class 3A North ITowson910/05/23Catonsville High SchoolLoss13
330Class 3A North ITowson1010/10/23George Washington Carver Center for Arts and TechnologyWin30
331Class 3A North ITowson1110/12/23Franklin High SchoolWin30
332Class 3A North ITowson1210/17/23Perry Hall High SchoolWin31
333Class 3A North ITowson1310/19/23Hereford High SchoolWin30
334Class 3A North ITowson1410/24/23Eastern Technical High SchoolWin30
335Class 3A North ITowson1510/26/23Dulaney High SchoolWin31
337Class 3A North IIBaltimore City College109/12/23DouglasWin3-00-3
338Class 3A North IIBaltimore City College209/18/23Catholic HighLoss0-33-0
339Class 3A North IIBaltimore City College309/19/23Lake cliftonWin3-00-3
340Class 3A North IIBaltimore City College409/26/23EdmondsonWin3-11-3
341Class 3A North IIBaltimore City College509/28/23FlowersLoss0-33-0
342Class 3A North IIBaltimore City College610/02/23Concordia prepLoss0-33-0
343Class 3A North IIBaltimore City College710/03/23Forest parkWin3-11-3
344Class 3A North IIBaltimore City College810/05/23MervoWin3-00-3
345Class 3A North IIBaltimore City College910/10/23PattersonWin3-11-3
346Class 3A North IIBaltimore City College1010/17/23DunbarWin3-00-3
347Class 3A North IIBaltimore City College1110/19/23WesternWin3-00-3
348Class 3A North IIBaltimore City College1210/23/23Western TechWin3-00-3
349Class 3A North IIBaltimore City College1310/24/23AcceWin3-00-3
350Class 3A North IIBaltimore City College14
351Class 3A North IIBaltimore City College15
353Class 3A North IIBaltimore Polytechnic109/07/23Francis Scott KeyWin30
354Class 3A North IIBaltimore Polytechnic209/12/23Reginald LewisWin30
355Class 3A North IIBaltimore Polytechnic309/14/23McDonoghWin31
356Class 3A North IIBaltimore Polytechnic409/19/23DouglassWin30
357Class 3A North IIBaltimore Polytechnic509/21/23City CollegeWin30
358Class 3A North IIBaltimore Polytechnic610/03/23EdmondsonWin30
359Class 3A North IIBaltimore Polytechnic710/05/23Forest ParkWin30
360Class 3A North IIBaltimore Polytechnic810/09/23LibertyLoss13
361Class 3A North IIBaltimore Polytechnic910/10/23MervoWin30
362Class 3A North IIBaltimore Polytechnic1010/17/23PattersonWin30
363Class 3A North IIBaltimore Polytechnic1110/18/23John CarrollWin30
364Class 3A North IIBaltimore Polytechnic1210/19/23DunbarWin30
365Class 3A North IIBaltimore Polytechnic1310/24/23WesternWin30
366Class 3A North IIBaltimore Polytechnic1410/26/23ACCEWin30
367Class 3A North IIBaltimore Polytechnic15
369Class 3A North IIDigital Harbor109/12/23DunbarLoss03
370Class 3A North IIDigital Harbor209/14/23Forest ParkLoss03
371Class 3A North IIDigital Harbor309/19/23MervoLoss03
372Class 3A North IIDigital Harbor409/21/23Ben FranklinLoss23
373Class 3A North IIDigital Harbor509/28/23WesternLoss03
374Class 3A North IIDigital Harbor610/03/23Coppin AcademyLoss03
375Class 3A North IIDigital Harbor710/10/23DouglassLoss03
376Class 3A North IIDigital Harbor810/17/23Green StreetLoss03
377Class 3A North IIDigital Harbor910/24/23NAFLoss13
378Class 3A North IIDigital Harbor1010/26/23LewisLoss03
379Class 3A North IIDigital Harbor1110/30/23Minimum Divisor GameLoss01
380Class 3A North IIDigital Harbor1210/30/23Minimum Divisor GameLoss01
381Class 3A North IIDigital Harbor13
382Class 3A North IIDigital Harbor14
383Class 3A North IIDigital Harbor15
385Class 3A North IIPatterson109/12/23Green Street AcademyWin32
386Class 3A North IIPatterson209/19/23NAFWin30
387Class 3A North IIPatterson309/21/23SouthwesternWin30
388Class 3A North IIPatterson409/26/23DunbarWin30
389Class 3A North IIPatterson509/28/23LakeWin30
390Class 3A North IIPatterson610/03/23WesternLoss03
391Class 3A North IIPatterson710/05/23ACCEWin30
392Class 3A North IIPatterson810/10/23Baltimore City CollegeLoss13
393Class 3A North IIPatterson910/12/23Reginald F. LewisWin30
394Class 3A North IIPatterson1010/17/23PolyLoss03
395Class 3A North IIPatterson1110/19/23Edmondson-WestsideWin31
396Class 3A North IIPatterson1210/24/23Forest ParkLoss03
397Class 3A North IIPatterson1310/26/23MERVOWin31
398Class 3A North IIPatterson14
399Class 3A North IIPatterson15
401Class 3A North IIAberdeen109/01/23EdgewoodWin30
402Class 3A North IIAberdeen209/07/23Bel AirLoss03
403Class 3A North IIAberdeen309/12/23FallstonLoss13
404Class 3A North IIAberdeen409/14/23North HarfordWin30
405Class 3A North IIAberdeen509/19/23C.Milton WrightLoss13
406Class 3A North IIAberdeen609/21/23Bo ManorWin32
407Class 3A North IIAberdeen709/26/23Patterson MillLoss03
408Class 3A North IIAberdeen809/28/23Rising SunWin30
409Class 3A North IIAberdeen910/03/23Bel AirLoss03
410Class 3A North IIAberdeen1010/05/23FallstonLoss13
411Class 3A North IIAberdeen1110/10/23North HarfordWin30
412Class 3A North IIAberdeen1210/12/23C.Milton WrightLoss03
413Class 3A North IIAberdeen1310/17/23Bo manorWin32
414Class 3A North IIAberdeen1410/24/23Patterson MillLoss03
415Class 3A North IIAberdeen1510/26/23Rising SunLoss13
417Class 3A North IIBel Air109/07/23AberdeenWin30
418Class 3A North IIBel Air209/12/23Patterson MillLoss23
419Class 3A North IIBel Air309/14/23Rising SunWin30
420Class 3A North IIBel Air409/19/23Bo ManorWin31
421Class 3A North IIBel Air509/21/23FallstonLoss23
422Class 3A North IIBel Air609/26/23North HarfordWin30
423Class 3A North IIBel Air709/28/23C. Milton WrightLoss13
424Class 3A North IIBel Air810/03/23AberdeenWin30
425Class 3A North IIBel Air910/05/23Patterson MillLoss23
426Class 3A North IIBel Air1010/10/23Rising SunWin30
427Class 3A North IIBel Air1110/12/23Bo ManorWin30
428Class 3A North IIBel Air1210/17/23FallstonLoss23
429Class 3A North IIBel Air1310/24/23North HarfordWin30
430Class 3A North IIBel Air1410/26/23C. Milton WrightLoss23
431Class 3A North IIBel Air15
433Class 3A North IIEdgewood109/01/23AberdeenLoss23
434Class 3A North IIEdgewood209/05/23North HarfordWin30
435Class 3A North IIEdgewood309/07/23Havre de GraceWin30
436Class 3A North IIEdgewood409/12/23JoppatowneWin30
437Class 3A North IIEdgewood509/14/23ElktonWin30
438Class 3A North IIEdgewood609/18/23KenwoodWin30
439Class 3A North IIEdgewood709/21/23Harford TechWin31
440Class 3A North IIEdgewood809/26/23PerryvilleWin30
441Class 3A North IIEdgewood909/28/23North EastWin30
442Class 3A North IIEdgewood1010/03/23Havre de GraceWin30
443Class 3A North IIEdgewood1110/05/23JoppatowneWin30
444Class 3A North IIEdgewood1210/10/23ElktonWin30
445Class 3A North IIEdgewood1310/17/23Harford TechWin30
446Class 3A North IIEdgewood1410/24/23PerryvilleLoss13
447Class 3A North IIEdgewood1510/26/23North EastWin30
449Class 3A South IChesapeake-AA108/30/23Northeast High SchoolWin31
450Class 3A South IChesapeake-AA209/05/23Old Mill High SchoolLoss13
451Class 3A South IChesapeake-AA309/13/23Glen Burnie High SchoolLoss13
452Class 3A South IChesapeake-AA409/19/23Meade High SchoolWin31
453Class 3A South IChesapeake-AA509/26/23North County High SchoolLoss13
454Class 3A South IChesapeake-AA609/28/23Annapolis High SchoolLoss13
455Class 3A South IChesapeake-AA710/03/23Chesapeake Science PointWin30
456Class 3A South IChesapeake-AA810/05/23Southern High SchoolWin31
457Class 3A South IChesapeake-AA910/10/23Northeast High SchoolWin30
458Class 3A South IChesapeake-AA1010/12/23South River High SchoolLoss13
459Class 3A South IChesapeake-AA1110/18/23North CountyWin30
460Class 3A South IChesapeake-AA1210/19/23AnnapolisWin30
461Class 3A South IChesapeake-AA1310/24/23Long Reach H.S.Loss03
462Class 3A South IChesapeake-AA1410/26/23Wilde Lake H.SLoss03
463Class 3A South IChesapeake-AA15
465Class 3A South INortheast-AA109/13/23Mount HebronLoss03
466Class 3A South INortheast-AA209/21/23AnnapolisLoss03
467Class 3A South INortheast-AA309/26/23Meade High SchoolLoss13
468Class 3A South INortheast-AA409/28/23Chesapeake Science PointWin32
469Class 3A South INortheast-AA510/03/23SouthernLoss03
470Class 3A South INortheast-AA610/05/23North County HighLoss23
471Class 3A South INortheast-AA710/10/23Chesapeake High School AALoss03
472Class 3A South INortheast-AA810/12/23Old MillLoss03
473Class 3A South INortheast-AA910/16/23Chesapeake Science PointeWin30
474Class 3A South INortheast-AA1010/19/23Severna ParkLoss03
475Class 3A South INortheast-AA1110/24/23Wildelake High SchoolLoss13
476Class 3A South INortheast-AA1210/26/23Oakland MillsLoss03
477Class 3A South INortheast-AA13
478Class 3A South INortheast-AA14
479Class 3A South INortheast-AA15
481Class 3A South IGlenelg109/05/23HammondWin30
482Class 3A South IGlenelg209/07/23Mount HebronWin31
483Class 3A South IGlenelg309/12/23AtholtonWin30
484Class 3A South IGlenelg409/19/23ReservoirWin31
485Class 3A South IGlenelg509/21/23Oakland MillsWin30
486Class 3A South IGlenelg609/28/23Marriotts RidgeWin30
487Class 3A South IGlenelg710/03/23HowardWin32
488Class 3A South IGlenelg810/05/23CentennialLoss13
489Class 3A South IGlenelg910/09/23McDonogh School (IAAM)Win30
490Class 3A South IGlenelg1010/10/23Wilde LakeWin30
491Class 3A South IGlenelg1110/12/23River HillWin32
492Class 3A South IGlenelg1210/17/23Long ReachWin31
493Class 3A South IGlenelg1310/24/23Severna ParkWin31
494Class 3A South IGlenelg1410/26/23AnnapolisWin30
495Class 3A South IGlenelg15
497Class 3A South IMarriotts Ridge109/05/23Mt. HebronLoss03
498Class 3A South IMarriotts Ridge209/07/23Oakland MillsWin30
499Class 3A South IMarriotts Ridge309/12/23Long ReachLoss13
500Class 3A South IMarriotts Ridge409/19/23HammondWin30
501Class 3A South IMarriotts Ridge509/21/23ReservoirLoss03
502Class 3A South IMarriotts Ridge609/28/23GlenelgLoss03
503Class 3A South IMarriotts Ridge710/03/23River HillLoss03
504Class 3A South IMarriotts Ridge810/05/23HowardLoss03
505Class 3A South IMarriotts Ridge910/10/23AtholtonLoss23
506Class 3A South IMarriotts Ridge1010/12/23CentennialLoss13
507Class 3A South IMarriotts Ridge1110/17/23Wilde LakeWin30
508Class 3A South IMarriotts Ridge1210/19/23UrbanaLoss03
509Class 3A South IMarriotts Ridge1310/24/23Glen BurnieWin30
510Class 3A South IMarriotts Ridge1410/26/23South RiverLoss23
511Class 3A South IMarriotts Ridge15
513Class 3A South IMount Hebron109/05/23Marriotts Ridge High SchoolWin30
514Class 3A South IMount Hebron209/07/23GlenelgLoss13
515Class 3A South IMount Hebron309/13/23Northeast HSWin30
516Class 3A South IMount Hebron409/19/23Oakland MillsWin30
517Class 3A South IMount Hebron509/21/23HammondWin30
518Class 3A South IMount Hebron609/26/23Wilde LakeWin30
519Class 3A South IMount Hebron709/28/23ReservoirWin32
520Class 3A South IMount Hebron810/03/23CentennialLoss03
521Class 3A South IMount Hebron910/10/23River HillLoss13
522Class 3A South IMount Hebron1010/10/23Long Reach HSLoss13
523Class 3A South IMount Hebron1110/12/23Howard HSLoss03
524Class 3A South IMount Hebron1210/17/23Atholton HSWin32
525Class 3A South IMount Hebron1310/24/23South RiverLoss23
526Class 3A South IMount Hebron1410/26/23Old MillWin31
527Class 3A South IMount Hebron15
529Class 3A South IIAtholton109/05/23Long ReachLoss03
530Class 3A South IIAtholton209/07/23Wilde LakeWin30
531Class 3A South IIAtholton309/12/23glenelgLoss03
532Class 3A South IIAtholton409/14/23Good CounselLoss13
533Class 3A South IIAtholton509/19/23CentennialLoss03
534Class 3A South IIAtholton609/21/23Howard High SchoolLoss13
535Class 3A South IIAtholton709/28/23River HillLoss13
536Class 3A South IIAtholton810/03/23Oakland MillsWin30
537Class 3A South IIAtholton910/05/23ReservoirLoss03
538Class 3A South IIAtholton1010/10/23Marriotts RidgeWin32
539Class 3A South IIAtholton1110/12/23HammondWin30
540Class 3A South IIAtholton1210/17/23Mount HebronLoss23
541Class 3A South IIAtholton1310/24/23Meade High SchoolWin30
542Class 3A South IIAtholton1410/26/23Severna ParkLoss03
543Class 3A South IIAtholton15
545Class 3A South IIHoward109/05/23River HillLoss03
546Class 3A South IIHoward209/07/23Long ReachWin31
547Class 3A South IIHoward309/12/23ReservoirWin32
548Class 3A South IIHoward409/19/23Wilde LakeWin30
549Class 3A South IIHoward509/21/23AtholtonWin31
550Class 3A South IIHoward609/27/23CentennialWin30
551Class 3A South IIHoward710/03/23GlenelgLoss23
552Class 3A South IIHoward810/05/23Marriotts RidgeWin30
553Class 3A South IIHoward910/10/23Oakland MillsWin30
554Class 3A South IIHoward1010/12/23Mt. HebronWin30
555Class 3A South IIHoward1110/16/23McDonoghWin31
556Class 3A South IIHoward1210/17/23HammondWin30
557Class 3A South IIHoward1310/24/23Old MillWin30
558Class 3A South IIHoward1410/26/23SouthernWin30
559Class 3A South IIHoward15
561Class 3A South IILong Reach109/05/23AtholtonWin30
562Class 3A South IILong Reach209/07/23howardLoss13
563Class 3A South IILong Reach309/12/23Marriotts RidgeWin31
564Class 3A South IILong Reach409/19/23river HillLoss03
565Class 3A South IILong Reach509/21/23CentennialLoss13
566Class 3A South IILong Reach609/26/23Mt De SalesWin31
567Class 3A South IILong Reach709/28/23Wilde LakeWin30
568Class 3A South IILong Reach810/03/23HammondWin30
569Class 3A South IILong Reach910/05/23Oakland MillsWin30
570Class 3A South IILong Reach1010/10/23Mt. HebronWin31
571Class 3A South IILong Reach1110/12/23ReservoirLoss13
572Class 3A South IILong Reach1210/17/23GlenelgLoss13
573Class 3A South IILong Reach1310/24/23ChesapeakeWin30
574Class 3A South IILong Reach1410/26/23North CountyWin30
575Class 3A South IILong Reach15
577Class 3A South IIOakland Mills109/05/23ReservoirLoss03
578Class 3A South IIOakland Mills209/07/23Marriotts RidgeLoss03
579Class 3A South IIOakland Mills309/12/23River HillLoss03
580Class 3A South IIOakland Mills409/14/23Eleanor RooseveltWin30
581Class 3A South IIOakland Mills509/19/23Mt. HebronLoss03
582Class 3A South IIOakland Mills609/21/23GlenelgLoss03
583Class 3A South IIOakland Mills709/28/23HammondWin30
584Class 3A South IIOakland Mills810/03/23AtholtonLoss03
585Class 3A South IIOakland Mills910/05/23Long ReachLoss03
586Class 3A South IIOakland Mills1010/10/23HowardLoss03
587Class 3A South IIOakland Mills1110/12/23Wilde LakeWin30
588Class 3A South IIOakland Mills1210/17/23CentennialLoss03
589Class 3A South IIOakland Mills1310/19/23Western School of Technology & Environmental ScienceWin30
590Class 3A South IIOakland Mills1410/24/23North CountyWin31
591Class 3A South IIOakland Mills1510/26/23Northeast High schoolWin30
593Class 3A South IIRiver Hill109/05/23HowardWin30
594Class 3A South IIRiver Hill209/07/23centennialWin31
595Class 3A South IIRiver Hill309/12/23Oakland MillsWin30
596Class 3A South IIRiver Hill409/19/23Long ReachWin30
597Class 3A South IIRiver Hill509/21/23Wilde LakeWin30
598Class 3A South IIRiver Hill609/28/23AtholtonWin31
599Class 3A South IIRiver Hill710/03/23Marriotts RidgeWin30
600Class 3A South IIRiver Hill810/05/23Mt. HebronWin30
601Class 3A South IIRiver Hill910/10/23HammondWin30
602Class 3A South IIRiver Hill1010/12/23GlenelgLoss23
603Class 3A South IIRiver Hill1110/16/23DulaneyWin30
604Class 3A South IIRiver Hill1210/17/23ReservoirWin30
605Class 3A South IIRiver Hill1310/24/23CroftonWin30
606Class 3A South IIRiver Hill1410/26/23BroadneckLoss03
607Class 3A South IIRiver Hill15
609Class 3A East IArundel109/07/23MaryvaleWin30
610Class 3A East IArundel209/11/23Mount Desales AcademyWin30
611Class 3A East IArundel309/14/23Winston ChurchillWin30
612Class 3A East IArundel409/19/23Severna ParkWin31
613Class 3A East IArundel509/26/23BroadneckWin32
614Class 3A East IArundel609/28/23Old MillWin30
615Class 3A East IArundel709/28/23CroftonWin30
616Class 3A East IArundel810/03/23South RiverWin30
617Class 3A East IArundel910/05/23Glen BurnieWin30
618Class 3A East IArundel1010/12/23UrbanaWin30
619Class 3A East IArundel1110/17/23AnnapolisWin30
620Class 3A East IArundel1210/19/23South RiverWin30
621Class 3A East IArundel1310/24/23CentennialWin30
622Class 3A East IArundel1410/26/23ReservoirWin31
623Class 3A East IArundel15
625Class 3A East ISeverna Park109/05/23Archbishop SpaldingWin30
626Class 3A East ISeverna Park209/07/23McDonogh School (Owings Mills)Win32
627Class 3A East ISeverna Park309/11/23Maryvale PrepLoss03
628Class 3A East ISeverna Park409/19/23ArundelLoss13
629Class 3A East ISeverna Park509/22/23CroftonLoss13
630Class 3A East ISeverna Park609/26/23Chesapeake Science PointWin30
631Class 3A East ISeverna Park709/28/23South RiverWin31
632Class 3A East ISeverna Park810/03/23glen burnieWin30
633Class 3A East ISeverna Park910/05/23BroadneckLoss03
634Class 3A East ISeverna Park1010/10/23Old MillWin30
635Class 3A East ISeverna Park1110/12/23MeadeWin30
636Class 3A East ISeverna Park1210/17/23BroadneckLoss03
637Class 3A East ISeverna Park1310/19/23Northeast (AA)Win30
638Class 3A East ISeverna Park1410/24/23GlenelgLoss13
639Class 3A East ISeverna Park1510/26/23AtholtonWin30
641Class 3A East ISouth River109/06/23Southern AAWin30
642Class 3A East ISouth River209/08/23NorthernLoss03
643Class 3A East ISouth River309/21/23BroadneckLoss03
644Class 3A East ISouth River409/26/23CroftonLoss13
645Class 3A East ISouth River509/28/23Severna ParkLoss13
646Class 3A East ISouth River610/03/23ArundelLoss03
647Class 3A East ISouth River710/05/23Old MillLoss13
648Class 3A East ISouth River810/10/23Glen BurnieWin30
649Class 3A East ISouth River910/12/23ChesapeakeWin31
650Class 3A East ISouth River1010/17/23Glen BurnieWin31
651Class 3A East ISouth River1110/19/23ArundelLoss03
652Class 3A East ISouth River1210/23/23HuntingtownWin31
653Class 3A East ISouth River1310/24/23Mount HebronWin32
654Class 3A East ISouth River1410/26/23Marriotts RidgeWin32
655Class 3A East ISouth River15
657Class 3A East IJames M. Bennett109/05/23EastonLoss03
658Class 3A East IJames M. Bennett209/07/23MardelaWin30
659Class 3A East IJames M. Bennett309/11/23Worcester PrepWin32
660Class 3A East IJames M. Bennett409/14/23Snow HillLoss03
661Class 3A East IJames M. Bennett509/19/23ParksideLoss03
662Class 3A East IJames M. Bennett609/20/23WicomicoWin30
663Class 3A East IJames M. Bennett709/26/23PocomokeWin30
664Class 3A East IJames M. Bennett809/28/23Stephen DecaturLoss03
665Class 3A East IJames M. Bennett910/03/23MardelaWin30
666Class 3A East IJames M. Bennett1010/10/23Snow HillLoss03
667Class 3A East IJames M. Bennett1110/12/23ParksideLoss03
668Class 3A East IJames M. Bennett1210/17/23WicomicoWin30
669Class 3A East IJames M. Bennett1310/19/23PocomokeWin30
670Class 3A East IJames M. Bennett1410/24/23Kent IslandLoss03
671Class 3A East IJames M. Bennett1510/26/23Stephen DecaturLoss23
673Class 3A East IStephen Decatur109/05/23Queen Anne'sLoss03
674Class 3A East IStephen Decatur209/07/23Snow HillLoss03
675Class 3A East IStephen Decatur309/12/23ParksideLoss03
676Class 3A East IStephen Decatur409/14/23WicomicoWin31
677Class 3A East IStephen Decatur509/19/23PocomokeWin30
678Class 3A East IStephen Decatur609/26/23MardelaWin30
679Class 3A East IStephen Decatur709/28/23James M. BennettWin30
680Class 3A East IStephen Decatur810/03/23Snow HillLoss23
681Class 3A East IStephen Decatur910/05/23ParksideLoss03
682Class 3A East IStephen Decatur1010/10/23WicomicoLoss03
683Class 3A East IStephen Decatur1110/12/23PocomokeWin30
684Class 3A East IStephen Decatur1210/19/23MardelaWin30
685Class 3A East IStephen Decatur1310/24/23EastonLoss03
686Class 3A East IStephen Decatur1410/26/23James M. BennettWin32
687Class 3A East IStephen Decatur15
689Class 3A East IINorthern-C109/06/23North PointWin30
690Class 3A East IINorthern-C209/08/23South RiverWin30
691Class 3A East IINorthern-C309/11/23St. CharlesWin30
692Class 3A East IINorthern-C409/13/23PatuxentWin30
693Class 3A East IINorthern-C509/18/23LackeyWin30
694Class 3A East IINorthern-C609/20/23Great MillsWin30
695Class 3A East IINorthern-C709/27/23Calvert High SchoolWin30
696Class 3A East IINorthern-C809/29/23LaPlataWin30
697Class 3A East IINorthern-C910/02/23Westlake HighWin30
698Class 3A East IINorthern-C1010/05/23Thomas Stone HighWin30
699Class 3A East IINorthern-C1110/09/23ChopticonWin30
700Class 3A East IINorthern-C1210/11/23Leonardtown High SchoolWin30
701Class 3A East IINorthern-C1310/16/23McDonough HighWin30
702Class 3A East IINorthern-C1410/18/23Huntingtown HighWin31
703Class 3A East IINorthern-C15
705Class 3A East IISt. Charles109/06/23CalvertLoss03
706Class 3A East IISt. Charles209/11/23NorthernLoss03
707Class 3A East IISt. Charles309/13/23LaPlataLoss03
708Class 3A East IISt. Charles409/18/23Great MillsLoss03
709Class 3A East IISt. Charles509/20/23North PointLoss03
710Class 3A East IISt. Charles609/27/23ChopticonLoss03
711Class 3A East IISt. Charles709/28/23LackeyLoss03
712Class 3A East IISt. Charles810/02/23LeonardtownLoss03
713Class 3A East IISt. Charles910/04/23McDonoughLoss03
714Class 3A East IISt. Charles1010/09/23HuntingtownLoss03
715Class 3A East IISt. Charles1110/11/23PatuxentLoss03
716Class 3A East IISt. Charles1210/16/23WestlakeWin30
717Class 3A East IISt. Charles1310/18/23Thomas StoneLoss13
718Class 3A East IISt. Charles1410/23/23McDonoughLoss03
719Class 3A East IISt. Charles15
721Class 3A East IIOxon Hill109/11/23College Park AcademyWin30
722Class 3A East IIOxon Hill209/13/23Fairmont HeightsWin30
723Class 3A East IIOxon Hill309/20/23CentralWin30
724Class 3A East IIOxon Hill409/27/23Frederick DouglassWin30
725Class 3A East IIOxon Hill509/29/23PotomacWin30
726Class 3A East IIOxon Hill610/02/23LargoWin30
727Class 3A East IIOxon Hill710/04/23CMIT SouthWin30
728Class 3A East IIOxon Hill810/11/23International Langley ParkWin30
729Class 3A East IIOxon Hill910/13/23BullisLoss03
730Class 3A East IIOxon Hill1010/16/23CrosslandWin30
731Class 3A East IIOxon Hill1110/18/23CMIT NWin30
732Class 3A East IIOxon Hill1210/23/23FriendlyWin30
733Class 3A East IIOxon Hill1310/26/23Gwynn ParkWin30
734Class 3A East IIOxon Hill1410/28/23SurrattsvilleWin30
735Class 3A East IIOxon Hill15
737Class 3A East IIChopticon109/06/23HuntingtownLoss03
738Class 3A East IIChopticon209/11/23PatuxentWin30
739Class 3A East IIChopticon309/13/23LeonardtownLoss03
740Class 3A East IIChopticon409/18/23McDonoughWin30
741Class 3A East IIChopticon509/20/23Thomas StoneWin30
742Class 3A East IIChopticon609/27/23St. CharlesWin30
743Class 3A East IIChopticon709/29/23WestlakeWin30
744Class 3A East IIChopticon810/02/23North PointWin30
745Class 3A East IIChopticon910/04/23LackeyWin31
746Class 3A East IIChopticon1010/09/23NorthernLoss03
747Class 3A East IIChopticon1110/11/23CalvertWin31
748Class 3A East IIChopticon1210/16/23Great MillsWin30
749Class 3A East IIChopticon1310/18/23LaPlataWin30
750Class 3A East IIChopticon1410/25/23LaPlataWin30
751Class 3A East IIChopticon15
753Class 3A East IIGreat Mills109/06/23la plataLoss03
754Class 3A East IIGreat Mills209/11/23McDonoughWin31
755Class 3A East IIGreat Mills309/13/23North PointLoss03
756Class 3A East IIGreat Mills409/18/23St. CharlesWin30
757Class 3A East IIGreat Mills509/20/23NorthernLoss03
758Class 3A East IIGreat Mills609/22/23CalvertLoss03
759Class 3A East IIGreat Mills709/27/23lackeyWin32
760Class 3A East IIGreat Mills810/02/23huntingtownLoss03
761Class 3A East IIGreat Mills910/04/23PatuxentWin32
762Class 3A East IIGreat Mills1010/09/23WestlakeWin31
763Class 3A East IIGreat Mills1110/11/23Thomas StoneWin30
764Class 3A East IIGreat Mills1210/16/23chopticonLoss03
765Class 3A East IIGreat Mills1310/18/23leonardtownLoss03
766Class 3A East IIGreat Mills14
767Class 3A East IIGreat Mills15