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1Professional Learning
There are two trainings that I have tried to enter the course number for, but it says that there are no courses found. I have double checked the numbers to ensure I entered it correctly, but I am still getting the same message. I would like to get credit for attending these trainings. Listed below are the course name and numbers.

The first training is Ron Clark Visit- School Culture 24272, and the second training is Counseling & Advising in a Virtual World 242742. Do you know why it is preventing me from registering for these trainings?

Thanks in advance for your help!
Madison CIty Schools/Rainbow Elem. SchoolAlicia
Request a data dump from our current Chalkable production site to our PowerSource sandbox server. The PowerSchool sandbox server is already built.
This is not a 1-to-1 data dump. We are currently working on scripstsMountain Brook CityMountain Brook City
3Professional Learning
How do I obtain my username and password in order to access CEU and/or PLU's?
Please reach out to pladmin@alsde.eduLane RushingIngram State Technical CollegeLeShauna
4Professional Learning
Our school is a private school and we had previously been using STI PD for keeping track of our professional development. Can you instruct me on how to set up PowerSchool for PD tracking/certification renewal?
Please contact your PowerSchool sales account manager.Lane RushingSt. Paul's LutheranAnnette
5Professional Learning
I am currently having a problem signing up for PD in January. What should I do? Also, my LEA is not the same as my coworkers.
Please send an email to: pladmin@alsde.eduLane RushingWOLEAEboni
During the June 5 - July 13 timeframe, will we be able to access iNow information for reference, reprint transcripts, report cards etc?
YesLane RushingPike Road SchoolsTiffany
Do all grades for the 2019-20 school year need to be posted in iNow by June 5th? Our last day of school is June 4th and we were wondering about Summer School, late exam takers, etc.
We will need to give our schools a timeline on completion so just want to get the exact information as soon as possible. Thank you
Grades for the 2019-20 regular session should be posted by 5pm June 5th. Grades for summer school sessions will be pulled on July 31st. Important dates for the project are posted on the ALSDE website under 'PowerSchool' ( RushingDothan CityKim
8Professional Learning
What to do when the password reset link has expired?
Please send an email to: pladmin@alsde.eduLane RushingAuburn City SchoolsTokema
9Professional Learning
How will I receive information/training to become a school administrator for the new platform? We are a private school in Huntsville, AL
Please contact your sales account managerLane RushingWhitesburg Christian AcademyLesa
I have a compleated PLU that did not transfer. I do have a certificate of completion from the institution that facilitated the PLU. What should I do?
Please send an email to: pladmin@alsde.eduLane RushingTuscaloosa CoKarl
Regarding the installation of the sandbox server, can we pay someone to do this for us ?????
Yes. Please contact Jenny Scott or Matt Swann.Lane RushingLamar Co, ALBeverlee
I need information on how to post jobs on Power School website? In the past, I was posting all the openings to Search Soft.
Please continue using Search Soft. ALSDE has not purchased any HR software from PowerSchool.Lane RushingTroy City SchoolsCecilia
13Professional Learning
I have gone to the link and clicked on Forgot username as instructed in the handout. I have not received an email to my email address either in my Inbox or my Spam folder. (I am a retired teacher and completing professional development to keep my certificate current.) Please tell me what I need to do or who I need to contact in order for me to be able to have a username and password so that I can log into Power Schools.
Please send an email to PLAdmin@alsde.eduLane RushingWOLEAAmy
14Professional Learning
Hi! I have entered sections and title, but people can't sign up for the training.

Course Title: STRIDE Academy-RES Set. 18, 2019
Section #: 359901
Section Title: STRIDE Academy-RES Set. 18, 2019
I understand that your people are having difficulty signing up for a course/section you created. That is because you set the “Maximum Number of Participants” at 0. You need to edit your sections and put a number there. As it is you have 0 seats available in those sections of the course.pladmin@alsde.eduPickens CoValerie
Is the 2020 Phase I training going by Regional Inservice Centers (Phase I) going to be put in your PD site we can enroll via that route as we did in Chalkable PD, or is it already I have just simply missed it?
Yes.Lane RushingSequel TSI Schools of Alabama LLCRandal
I am unsure if the Product is correct, but I hope I can get my question answered. I have built a self hosted sandbox of PowerSchool 19.4 and want to know if there needs to be any special license for it to run completely? I have the server running and loaded with the AGHS data, but I am unable to search any students. It is like the page will not respond and was curious if it is some sort of licensing issue. Thank you if you are able to answer the question.
Pike CoDaniel
We have "I Can" statements in place of the regular Standards Name in Albertville Primary and Albertvillle Elementary Schools. Will those transfer to Powerschool?
We will import/load Alabama state standards as default. Custom LEA standards will not be migrated.
However, we will provide an import template you may use to load your custom standards.
Please consult with your PS Implementation lead(s).
Brian Mueller, RaeAnn Cook, Vince PiscopoAlbertville CityAngie
Can we migrate data post-July? Can it be budgeted for next year?
YesJenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
Does this include SETS data, etc.?
PS is building special programs specifically for Alabama. Seven years of SpEd will be held after kids graduate.

All of this data will be included
Jenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
How long will I have access to my iNow hosted instance?
Various LEAs
I am trying to decide if I want to invest time in preparing for the CRDC to be pulled out of our database or invest time in just pulling the data piece by piece. If I choose to invest the time preparing for the CRDC export will the work be pulled in during the data exchange from iNow to PowerSchool?
The data set up is for InformationNow onlyMatt MIllerPike RoadTiffany
I have been asked by my counselors to create new academic sessions for 19-20. Should I do that now or will the conversion effect the 19-20 academic sessions?
Yes. You should set up your 2019-2020 Academic Session when you are ready.Matt MIllerPike RoadTiffany
If a student changes courses and teachers, the grades will not transfer. Is this correct?
When a student changes courses within the same school/district, there is a tool for the teacher to transfer assignments within their grade book. If a student changes districts their historical grades will transfer to the new district in PowerSchool.RaeAnn CookALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
If PowerSchool hosts my data, what type of access will I have?
Your data access will depend on the context of your role. ALSDE will have access to all LEA data. LEAs will have full access to their data via the Enterprise Reporting tool.Lane Rushing
What are the history revisions/protocols for student demographics, grades, attendance, etc.? Who will make the changes?
Permissions to these screens are set by district appointed lead (ex: tech coordinator)Jenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
What is the best way to clean up INow (Staff records, old addresses, course codes, etc... ) so we don't convert un-needed data?
You can contact your PowerSchool TSE (Technical Support Engineer) for a script to delete persons not attached to students.Matt MIllerRuss
Will I have SQL access to my LEA data since we will now be hosted by PowerSchool?
Absolutely. SDE has requested PowerSchool provide read access to LEA data. This includes SQL access via Enterprise Reporting. LEA's can leverage SDE created SQL queries or create their own.RaeAnn CookBirmingham CityTeresa Thomas
Will PS SIS be compatible with C2C?
Absolutely. ALSDE will continue to provide information to C2C as they did with iNow.Albertville CityAngie
Will we need to clean up our Valid Courses prior to conversion to PS SIS?
You can "Clean Up" your Valid courses by unchecking the "Active" checkbox on any course your district no longer offers. Courses are not deleted as there may be historical data attached.Matt MIllerRuss
Can I continue host my data?
No. ALSDE purchased hosting for all Alabama public schools.Jenny Scott
If we are self-hosted with iNow, may we hold on to our data?
Yes, but It will not be supported by PowerSchool.Jenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
Will PowerSchool Continue to host my data?
YesJenny Scott
*Couselor Notes Conversion*
Will notes that have been entered into the student record be converted from INow into PS SIS?
- This includes Special Instructions
- Notes added through Manage | Counseling | Add Notes
NoRaeAnn CookTuscaloosa CityKirk
Do we have an implementation timeline from the ALSDE?
Yes. Pilot SIS Implementations are in progress. Production SIS implementations will begin Nov 4, 2019. Target for Production go live is July 13, 2020.Lane RushingBirmingham CityTeresa
Exactly what needs to be done to begin cleaning up data/alerts?
PowerSchool is working with the SDE on data mapping with communication to followJenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
How many years of historical data will be converted?
LEAs will decide what and how much data to convert based on consultations with the PowerSchool project team and project manager.

PowerSchool will convert five years of historical transcript data. If additional data is needed, we can provide you with a backup copy of your iNow database upon request.
Lane Rushing
I know that PowerSchool is going to be the go to for the State of Alabama's student information system for public schools.
What about private schools that use INOW? Will they change as over as well??
There will be no change for Private schools using iNow.
Please contact your sales account manager if you would like to migrate to PowerSchool SIS.
Lane RushingMonroe CoAudra
Is it going to be the procedure to have all of our employees utilize the PowerSource PSU + Portal for additional hands-on training, or do we need to limit the access to key employees in the schools to learn, and then help provide guidance. Is there going to be a way to setup all users, or a group of used (such as Principals) in PSU + so they can participate in the videos ?
Tuscaloosa Co SchKirk
Is there a deadline for schedules being in iNow?
The state will give a deadline. No deadline as of yet.Jenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
Teresa is at AETC in Mobile . She called a few minutes ago and said she had been told that the parent records will have to be cleaned up before conversion to PowerSchool SIS. She wanted me to ask you if this is true and if you know anything about the process....
While we do not have a specific process defined for Alabama, clean and accurate contact information is paramount. Please take this opportunity to cull obsolete student contact data and update: relationships, contact numbers, addresses and email.Lane RushingBirmingham CityMickey Campbell - Birmingham
Transcripts - Our high school counselor wanted me to see if PowerSchool has a solution where people can request and pay for transcripts electronically? Thanks
Linden City SchoolsBrandon
We are transitioning from Chalkable to PowerSchools in August. Is there a transition program we can go ahead and purchase so that we are able to create our master schedule and roll it over in August so that we are not behind?
All Alabama schools will be using iNow to create their master schedule in the spring of 2020. During your LEAs implementation process, PowerSchool staff will convert all school iNow Master Schedules to the PS Scheduler format.Lane RushingLimestone Co.Autumn
What are the steps for migrating to PowerSchool?
District will be contacted by the implementation team and an individual district plan will be scoped from thereJenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
What does roll-over look like with Health?
A state compliant health module will be created. Five years of health data will also be migrated over.Jenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
What year will we be transition from iNow to PowerSchool SIS?
The 2020-2021 School YearMatt MIllerPike RoadTiffany
When will 2019-2020 student schedules need to be completed for conversion?
Scheduling for the 2020-21 school year will be done in iNow. Your scheduling data will be converted to PowerSchool SIS prior to the start of the school year.Lane Rushing
When will the dates be sent to LEAs in order to prepare for vacation, etc?
Etowah CoJill
Will all school districts be moved to PS SIS for the 2020-2021 school year?
Yes, to all public schools, and state supported schoolsJenny Scott
Will the PS SIS be implemented in phases like the INow SIS was implemented .
Per ALSDE, all LEAs will go live together prior to the 2020-2021 academic year.Lane Rushing
Will Unified Classroom will be part of the PowerSchool Package that the State will be going with?
YesLane RushingDothanKim
Will we be required to double enter data? (Enter into both SIS products)
Not at this point. The iNow SIS will be used as the golden record for the full 2019-2020 school year.Jenny Scott
Will we integrate an updated accounting software package that will/ can be adopted by the Alabama State Department of Education?
Not at this time. ALSDE has not elected to include a state-wide accounting software package to their PowerSchool Solution.Lane RushingSuzanne Stockton - Technology Coordinator, Tuscumbia City
In PS SIS, how often are 3rd Party syncs/exports completed?

It would be great if more than one could be completed, per 3rd Party program, each day.

Currently, if a new student enters our district, it often takes 24 or 48 hours before the student will appear in all 3rd Party software.
This depends on which 3rd party it is and whether they are a partner with PowerSchool and what type of integration is configured.RaeAnn CookAdam Jacobs - DTC @ Arab
Now that it has been announced that PowerSchool will be the SIS starting in 2020, various vendors are calling saying that they are compatible with PowerSchool and integrate with Powerschool.
Is there a third party integration list for PowerSchool SIS? I would like to determine which products we may need to add / discontinue because of the new SIS.
PowerSchool has a number of certified partners. Current information is available from attachment link to the left. If your particular vendor is not listed, please contact your sales representative (Jenny Scott or Matt Swan) to verify whether we have an integration that will work with your current vendor.Lane RushingRick Cortwright - Dallas
Will Lunch Code End Dates be available to as end points for Renaissance in PS SIS?
Madison CityCathy
Will we need separate login credentials and a separate URL for LMS and SIS for admin?
No, this SSOJenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
57Professional Learning
I'm trying to log in to professional learning through PowerSchool. When I click on "forgot username" and enter my email address and click next a small red circle with a line through it comes up briefly. I have not been sent an email with username after repeating this multiple times.
Crenshaw Co Board of EducationDodd
58Professional Learning
My "transcript" doesn't show my PLUs needed for re-certification in 2020. Who can fix this issue?
Lamar Co Board of EducationMorris
59Professional Learning
My password recovery for powerschools is being sent to my old email address with St Clair County Schools (I now work with Dothan City Schools) which is no longer valid. HELP????
Dothan City SchoolsSamanda
60Professional Learning
My professional learning has not transferred accurately into Powerschool. In fact, my enrollment in a course with elearning is not showing up. What can I do to correct these errors and omissions?
Dothan City SchoolsDebra
61Professional Learning
Professional learning accounts? Will teachers have the same log in for the SIS?

Is there a single sign on option?

Can we use SAML or AD?
This will be addressed in training.Jenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
62Professional Learning
There is a question about what we are receiving in the PL platform with PowerSchool. There seems to be some confusion about it. Is Moodle and the ability to offer online courses a part of the package we have? Thanks!
Yes. PowerSchool Professional Learning absolutely supports both Moodle and the ability to offer online content/courses.Thomas KulkusSandy Ledwell,
63Professional Learning
Who do we need to contact in order to schedule our districts PowerSchool SIS Training?
How will training be conducted and for who at our district level? Is this something we decide on?
We just want to make sure that our district gets scheduled for training.
SDE purchased blocks of training days for state-wide training. LEA training for PS SIS is being planned now. Your LEA will be notified as soon as your LEAs training is scheduled.Lane RushingHuntsville CityMelani
64Professional Learning
Who will deliver the Professional Learning Regional training (PowerSchool trainers or ATIM and Inservice Directors)?
Between now and when the LEA trainings occur there will be two, two-day sessions during which 20 individuals from the ALSDE will be trained, followed by the Directors and TIMs receiving the same two day instruction. It has been relayed to me that multiple Directors have indicated that they would like to provide training in their region.That is great.

PowerSchool personnel will be on site on both days in each location for each of the Professional Learning Trainings. The preferred methodology is for them to provide the entire training the first morning and shadow the training provided that afternoon to help with any unforeseen questions. If that occurs then, should you choose, each Inservice Center could provide four sessions the second day, two provided by PowerSchool and two provided by Inservice Center Directors, or TIMs, or ALSDE personnel.

Such a set-up would allow you to provide training to a larger group of educators. That said, we understand some Inservice Centers would prefer to have PowerSchool personnel in each session so the two sessions on the second day, as previously scheduled, will work. Selected trainings will be recorded so we can put together a comprehensive training video that will be made available. More than 55,000 Alabama educators will utilize this platform for professional development so we will have to find alternative ways to disseminate information for those that cannot/do not attend.
Tony ThackerALSDETony
65Professional Learning
Will PS SIS training be held on-site or at a regional location?
Both; A training plan will be crafted in collaboration with the ALSDE.

State requested training will more than likely be regional. Districts may purchase additional training exclusive to their district
Jenny Scott
66PS Enrollment
A rep will work with individual districts.Jenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
Is there a textbook component?
YesJenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
What is an overview of how each role (i.e. registrar, administrator, teacher, office personnel) will use the SIS along with the LMS? Will some roles only need to use the SIS?
This would vary from district to district as each districts roles and responsibilities are unique to each situation. We have role-based certifications and we can talk through roles and responsibilities during a BPR (business process review) with your district.Jenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
What is the cost of sandbox and how can we request it?
This is for the SIS only: You can request this from your account executive (Jenny Scott or Matt Swann). The cost is listed below:

$5550 for 6mths (this includes ½ day of remote training and 5hrs of KTO (keys to ownership) and first 6mths of project management).

If you would like to continue this service after 6mths, it will be another $3k for another 6mths. If you want additional KTO’s we can add those in blocks of 10hrs ($210/hr).
Jenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
What is the plan for the S number? It is used in numerous other programs.
The S number is going into the previous ID fieldJenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
When will we receive PS SIS Training?
They can begin recieving training as early as they like via PSU exclusively purchased training, and other events.  Details around training tied to implementation will be release at a later dateJenny Scott
Will the student identification number (19#) remain the primary identification for students?
The State ID (19#) will remain the primary student number. New students that start after you start using PowerSchool will have numbers starting with (#20)RaeAnn CookALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
Will the textbook component have the capability to print and scan barcodes to use for textbook tracking?
Etowah CoJill
Can I have a sandbox instance of the PS SIS installed locally for training?
At this time you may attend any of the upcoming PSU's to have a chance to get into a training site during those sessions.

All info on PSU can be found here:

Sandbox options coming soon...
Jenny Scott
Dates for conferences?
Orlando March 30- April 1st- Set and Confirmed
Nashville- TBD
Anaheim- TBD
Washington DC. -TBD
Jenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
How long are the certifications good?
1 yearJenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
How to roll out internal trainings, etc. - Do we start with training on Unified Classroom features for teachers? What are good references/resources from PowerSchool to use for these trainings?
You will hear lots of options today, but PD+ found in PowerSource (authenticate.action) shares a lot of information on Training Offerings and course catalog that explains what the course will cover to help make decisions on who should attend this type of training.Jenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
On that subject of conversion, is there any learning tools at this time for us iNOW technology folks?
Madison CityCathy
Registration for the December PowerSchool Summit is full. What should I do to ensure I have adequate training for the AL PowerSchool migration?
Due to overwhelming response, we have reached our capacity for the Alabama PowerSchool Summit in December, 2019

We would like to encourage you to sign up for our waiting list. This will allow us to:

- Let you know if any seats become available and get you signed up.
- Communicate with you regarding future training opportunities - both in Alabama and across the country.

Please visit the registration site and choose the Register link to sign up for our waiting list.

We also have a PSU (PowerSchool University) Edge event currently scheduled for March 30-April 3rd in Orlando, Florida that you can check out on the PowerSchool Edge website. Be sure to look at the Edge + University pricing so you can attend the more detailed product-specific, hands-on style trainings. We are also nailing down our locations for our PSUs that will be held across the country during summer 2020.

We are working closely with ALSDE to arrange additional training opportunities and will be communicating those as they are nailed down. In the meantime, as an Alabama district, you do have access to our entire library of PD+ trainings through PowerSource. After you log in, go to the Training tab and click on the PD+ Training icon.

Look for more information coming from ALSDE and PowerSchool about additional training opportunities. You can also reach out to us anytime at or
Lane RushingVarious LEAsNot applicableNot Applicable
Roll-based certification cost?
ALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
We need information about upcoming trainings. These need to be geographically accessible and affordable.
We will be discussing all this today and SDE will publish a training similar to what they released for Professional Learning.Jenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
What is the agenda for the Regional Professional Learning training agenda?
1. How to find and register for courses
2. How to create a course
3. How manage a course as an instructor
4. How to troubleshoot issues that arise with courses that are in the system
5. How to train users in the system moving forward
Lane RushingAAMU/UAH Regional Inservice CenterTammy Alexander,
What is the cost of one (1) day of onsite training? How many participants in a session?
Onsite training is $2200 a day with a minimum of two days. Remote training is $1500 with no minimum number of days. Or we also offer something called KTO hrs (Keys to Ownership) and those can be bought in 10hr blocks for $2100 and they can be used 1 hour at a time to work through anything you may need help with.Jenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
When will this information come out? State training?
State will roll out a web page soon with additional details.Jenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
Will Regional Professional Learning Training attendees need to bring a laptop to the training or will it be lecture/informational only?
This is a working session. Participants should bring their own devices to this training.Lane RushingALSDETony
Will the training/certifications provided by the state (for 2 people) have enough seats to accommodate 2 users from all districts?
YesJenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
87UC Learning
Unified Classroom, is there a way to import from other LMS’s?
There are some ways to import, but the details can be worked through by consultationJenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
88UC Learning
What does the parent portal look like? Will there be orientations for parents for this? Will parents have access to the LMS?
Parent Portal look- I will see if I can find an overview and share.

PD+ resources available for district to access and share to parents

Access to LMS: I need to look into this
Jenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
A glossary or table of terms is needed, i.e. meeting = period attendance; expression = period; historical grades in PSR = ? in Chalkable).
ALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
Does the pricing scale based on size of district?
No, It is one flat price.Jenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
91Data Security
Health is a FERPA complaint right now, but not HIPPA compliant. What is the plan for addressing this?
PowerSchool will collaborate and follow all State compliant guidelines.Jenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
is PowerSchool analytics now included in the state purchased portion? Referring to testing data. What test data is the State paying to migrate over?
This product will rollout in alignment with the SIS.

State Assessments include: ACAP, PreACT, ACT, WorkKeys AAA, (looking into ELL assessment)

There will be 5 additional 3rd party assessments chosen. Poll going out on most widely used. Ex: Scantron, iReady, STAR, etc…

If the district would like something customized for their individual district, we have discounted pricing available for this option.

For districts that have already purchased PM Analytics, we will work with your district on discounting your current contact for the 2020 school year. These will need individual conversation due to each district customization.
Jenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
93State Contract
Is there a compiled list of the parts Alabama schools are getting, such as health?
PowerSchool SIS (incl. Health, Fitness)
Special Programs (Special Ed, Giffted, 504, ELL, RTI)
Schoology (student LMS)
Professional Learning (PD),
Performance Matters Analytics,Health,
Hosting, ODS (operational data store)
Jenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
94Special Programs
Special populations-Section 504
Will 504 templates be housed in PowerSchool or will districts be responsible for uploading their individual forms?
LEAs will NOT be required to upload their own 504 forms. ALSDE is developing policy on a standard statewide form which will be available to all LEAs.Gail Comins, Lane RushingHoover City SchoolsAnna
We are a large district and it takes planning to role out major changes. Will you please share with the ALSDE that we need a timeline ASAP. Also, in addition to sharing information with the Technology Coordinator's group in AIM, they also need to remember that we have separate Data Managers at some districts
Implementation Timelines are posted on the ALSDE website under the 'PowerSchool Information section'.Lane RushingALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
What is the cost for additional historical migrated data (beyond 5 years)?
Please discuss with your Sales Account Manager(s): Jenny Scott & Matt Swann.Jenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
97State Contract
What will state pay for? What has been purchased?
PowerSchool SIS (incl. Health, Fitness)
Special Programs (Special Ed, Giffted, 504, ELL, RTI)
Schoology (student LMS)
Professional Learning (PD),
Performance Matters Analytics,Health,
Hosting, ODS (operational data store)

SDE will cover the cost for all of these products. There will be regional training provided by the state at no cost to the districts. If a district would like to purchase additional training, that cost would fall on the district.
Jenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
Will the info on the state website also include pricing for the different resources referenced today?
No pricing will be shared on the state website that will only come from PowerSchool Sales.

The Alabama “sales” team is working on a document with base pricing to share out for budgeting purposes.
Jenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
Will the state be entering learning standards (course of study?)? If so, when?
Yes, no firm date yet but aiming for “GO LIVE”Jenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
With the December conference full and there being a waiting list, will there be another Summit schedule in January?
There will not be a second conference scheduled. There is just no where available at the size we need in such a short window of time. With the Edge conference in Orlando at the end of March, there is a possibility for discount pricing. Details for this are still being worked out. I recommend having anyone sign up on the waitlist even though the conference is full so that we can follow up with additional training options using the email provided on the waitlist.Jenny ScottALET Region 4 & 5 (Aug. 28th Meeting)
Scheduling: do students have to be IN the course prior to the rollover?
Yes, students will need to be in the 2020/2021 course sections if you want them to be actively scheduled in PowerSchool. Schedules must be completed before the June 5th data deadline.Irene VermeulenTrussville CityAzikiwee
Will there be a major difference between the standard PowerSchool application and Alabama’s version?
There will be Alabama specific enhancements in areas where data gets reported to the state but nothing major.Irene VermeulenTrussville CityAzikiwee
Does the system support a polygon system for addresses rather than an address file?
Not currently. The use of the Level Data validation tool precludes this functionality for now.Lane RushingPowerSchoolJenny
Are duplicate student or staff files going to come over during the data rollover?
Duplicate students cannot exist in PowerSchool. If they have the same Student Number in iNow only the first one in the Student file will import into PowerSchool. If possible, LEA's should clean up duplicates before the data deadline of 6/5.Irene VermeulenTrussville CityAzikiwee
105Data Validation
Do mergers need to be identified prior to the data rollover? We have both duplicate staff and student files and need to know if that will be an issue.
Yes, any data cleanup needs to happen before June 5th.Jennifer LindsayTrussville CityAzikiwee
106Special Programs
Is there an ETA when Special Programs will be ready?
The Alabama Special Programs model is nearing completion. Release candidate 1 will be presented to ALSDE by the end of January 2020. LEAs will begin their Special Programs Implementations shortly after their SIS implementations begin.Lane RushingTrussville CityAzikiwee
What is SIS Ent. Reporting?
PowerSchool SIS Enterprise Reporting - a SIS utility that can generate reports on SIS data fields.Irene VermeulenTrussville CityAzikiwee
Did ALSDE purchase the PowerSchool Unified Home parent portal?
Parent/Student portal is part of the core product (included with purchase.)Jennifer LindsayTrussville CityAzikiwee
How will transcript or Report Cards stay intact if we remove inactive teachers prior to rollover?
Historical transcripts do not rely on the presence of historical teacher records. Transcripts, rather than report cards, are typically ran for historical purposes.You should not delete/remove inactive teachers from iNow, please leave them inactive.Irene Vermeulen, Jennifer LindsayTrussville CityAzikiwee
Regarding the Edge University in Orlando, what do the workshops on Thursday and Friday entail?
Click here for the online course catalog for the 2020 Orlando EDGE conference. A more detailed schedule, as well as enrollment instructions, will be made available at a later date for registered attendees.Lane RushingTrussville CityAzikiwee
Will the Archived records associated with the Sets Administrator be migrated over to the PSSP? SETS
Shelby CoWendy
Will this school 4999 (Speech Student) and 3999 exists next year in the new SIS
Madison CoJim
Will the program eventually have additional required fields that have to be populated, specifically ones for State Reporting – i.e. Gender, Date of Birth, SS#, etc. If not, can the District set required fields so State Reporting will not return errors? If so, how?
There are no state extracts/reports. AL Specific fields have been added and Level Data will handle validations.Debra MullinsHouston CoTerry
Will the SS format be set in the AL State required format? SSN?
It’s in the PS format. Level data will handle validations to make sure it’s in the proper format for AL.Debra MullinsHouston CoTerry
Imports/exports SIS UI - which features would they have access to direct data exports, auto com and auto send, report templates, report works?
Build into the core productJennifer LindsayHomewood Cityn/an/a
116Report Card
Standards- based report card - Can PS create this for us?
We’ll have a default which they can use or they could use KTO to make their own.Jennifer LindsayHomewood Cityn/an/a
Is there a cost for Replicated or bulk data dump for nightly syncs?
If so, how much?
Depends on the requested sync, but built in tools to import or export are included with the product.Jennifer LindsayHomewood Cityn/an/a