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103/11/19 5:32 PM
053311Molecular Foundry (MF)1496I help clean a fridge67-5201true
202/28/19 2:11 PM
Anne Pham
045441Molecular Foundry (MF)915I did not let an unknown person into the 67-4203 lab who did not have lab badge access.67-4108true
302/20/19 5:33 PM
Tevye Kuykendall
005285Molecular Foundry (MF)1257Identified and averted a potential hydrogen leak.67-4111true
401/30/19 11:41 AM
Marcus Buck
058971Facilities (FA)731I noticed the handrail in the stairwell of building 62 was broken and coming off the wall, I immediately notified building manager Gil Torres31Atrue
512/13/18 2:56 PM
Sophia Caceres
038366Office of the Chief Financial Officer -OCFO (CF)1295Reported a suspicious person walking around the office.971 156-Xtrue
612/09/18 10:10 AM
Sean Nord
017067Advanced Light Source - ALS (AL)019I pointed out that there was a heightened risk of a violation of our radiation safety protocols due to increased worker activity near a roped off radiation area at the ALS. I proposed training for the personnel working nearby.80R0114true
712/07/18 1:02 PM
Michael Gerhardy
053018Energy Storage & Distributed Resources (ED)676Secured loose wires in office70-108btrue
812/06/18 1:54 PM
Oana Stoica
057313Environment, Health, & Safety (EH)915Herb Toor issued me the card for noticing that a facilities worker was not wearing hearing protection while jackhammering.26B0097true
912/05/18 4:50 PM
Mike Torkelson
041638Protective Services (PS)1278I observed a new ladder that was built without a safety cage. I passed this concern on to the EH&S Division.48R0120true
1011/29/18 10:19 AM
Herb Toor
016018Environment, Health, & Safety (EH)783I discovered, reported and coned off a sewer vault on S road that had its lid removed. Someone had apparently forgotten to replace the lid, which created a very serious fall hazard.26B0097true
1111/14/18 7:08 PM
Andy Nguyen
027997Molecular Foundry (MF)1227Helped inventory all chemicals, and also to decontaminate fridge67-5108Ktrue
1210/10/18 4:05 PM
Robert Kaindl
002982Materials Sciences (MS)724I found torn safety cables on the B2 balcony and brought them to the attention of the building manager. The cables keep e.g. children from falling down the side of the building.2-354true
1310/08/18 6:05 AM
Nathan Keller
049533Protective Services (PS)1614I assisted Emergency Management with set up for the Safety, Security, and Sustainability Fair, clearing the K1 parking lot of unauthorized vehicles and providing security for the event.48R0120true
1409/13/18 9:37 AM
Marimikel Charrier
035856Molecular Foundry (MF)399After the recent flood at the Molecular Foundry, dehumidifiers were set up through the lab. While most drained into sinks, one was in a room without a sink and so Facilities set it up to drain into a small trashcan. When I came to work on Saturday, I noticed that the trashcan was nearly full of water so I emptied it and replaced it with a much larger tub. This prevented yet another, albeit much smaller, flood.67R5110true
1509/10/18 2:03 PM
Elizabeth Creager
051284Advanced Light Source - ALS (AL)019I noticed that a user's experiment setup could potentially be made unsafe during operation, which resulted in a new practice for securing it.80R0114true
1608/27/18 10:53 AM
Chris Anderson
046803Molecular Foundry (MF)474I alerted Anne Pham on the 4th floor of a person that had been allowed into room 4203 without permission from the staff of the floor.6108-Itrue
1708/23/18 11:25 AM
Lucy Radcliffe
044759Computational Research (CR)1240I was on my way to help organize a division event on the 59 patio when I noticed the cigarette smoking station's standing 'ash tray' was basically on fire. While there were no flames to be seen, it was definitely smoldering and an unusual amount of thick smoke was pouring out of it. It required attention and seemed unsafe, so I notified my supervisor and she took the proper steps from there.MS 50A 3111true
1807/12/18 9:54 PM
Paul Ashby
012353Molecular Foundry (MF)1263I prepared materials used to depict the unsafe cycling conditions on Centennial drive due to road deterioration and presented the information to LBL and UC Berkeley representatives.67-2228true
1907/05/18 1:44 PM
Helen Jefferson
812494Biosciences Area Office (BS)383From my manager Mary Tydingco for noticing the leak in 181 ceiling.977true
2006/28/18 3:46 PM
David Hom
485603Molecular Foundry (MF)409Identified a process improvement issue involving property management and our laser equipment.67R3207true
2106/07/18 10:47 AM
Rhett Persaud
042297Protective Services (PS)1279Called in egress issue in B65.90R0018true
2205/18/18 12:06 PM
Liana Klivansky
017341Molecular Foundry (MF)1969I was involved in writing up the lessons learned for a safety incident on our floor. After the accident, I also spoke to our PI and EHS safety officer and communicated with the person involved in the incident.67R6110true
2305/15/18 11:18 AM
020949Molecular Foundry (MF)1967I talked through safety options after a colleague on my floor had a chemical splash.67-6110true
2405/14/18 2:08 PM
Andrew Padilla
039292Office of the Chief Financial Officer -OCFO (CF)1963I learned gmail shortcuts and presented to our team. The short cuts lessen clicks and help reduce stress on wrist and hands from mousing.971-PROCtrue
2505/11/18 1:05 PM
Alice Muller
014571Energy Storage & Distributed Resources (ED)1493Tucked projector cables under the table in order to remove it from the path of attendees, eliminating a tripping hazard.33-146true
2605/10/18 1:00 PM
Samantha Gholba
002837Engineering (EG)035Noticed a frayed extension cord charging a scooter outside of B46 and that the safety inspection card in the B2 elevator is out of date.046R-0161true
2705/04/18 10:10 AM
Teresa Calarco
043812Materials Sciences (MS)1003Noticed in the B66 2nd floor kitchen that water was leaking water from under the sink. It resulted in clean up of under the sink and cabinets. Yeah! and replacement of faucet washer.66r0200true
2805/02/18 3:45 PM
Suksham Barun
042694Molecular Foundry (MF)1968There was a broken glass in the 3rd floor patio. Big pieces were removed and placed a "caution sign" for others to see to avoid the pieces of glass. I notified our custodian Maria to remove any leftover glass pieces.67R3207true
2905/02/18 2:06 PM
Meghan Johnson
022448Human Resources (HR)2482I noticed a pothole and a broken traffic mirror at Grizzly Gate and submitted a work request with UC Berkeley to get them fixed to prevent traffic accidents on Centennial Dr.65Btrue
3004/26/18 9:57 AM
Kristi Shaw
812496Office of the Chief Financial Officer -OCFO (CF)1022I led the effort to clean up the ETA Finance Office suite and get rid of 4 filing cabinets of which 2 where not secured. This effort also let to a significant cleanup.90-3029Btrue
3104/25/18 6:55 PM
Alexander Mueller
046796Molecular Foundry (MF)1970I assisted two researchers who were having problems with a cryo-transfer TEM holder, made sure that the experiment was shut down safely and will demonstrate proper handling in a future experiment.72R0150true
3204/24/18 11:58 AM
Kyle Davis
016640Office of the Chief Financial Officer -OCFO (CF)1291Building 971 alarms were going off, I had left to go to lunch when I saw the building being evacuated, I turned around and went back to my role on the BET team.971-TRtrue
3304/19/18 5:55 PM
024979Molecular Foundry (MF)1970I helped a user learn about the ISM method and motivated a new wpc activity to cover his work.B-72 Rm 215true
3404/19/18 1:07 PM
Derek Popple
055764Molecular Foundry (MF)1458When planning an experiment, I implemented ISM by recognizing the possibility of rupturing a glass vial on a hot plate and brought it to the attention of my PI. We came up with a solution to minimize the risk of splattered chemicals and projected glass.67-4108 M1true
3504/19/18 12:50 PM
053941Molecular Foundry (MF)1494I started a process to begin backing up our bacterial strain collection in a more robust digital format than a massive excel file that was easily corruptible if any one lab member typed something incorrectly.67-5108Ctrue
3604/19/18 11:44 AM
Lisa Yun
042208Molecular Foundry (MF)400Notified staff that the lab stools has loose screws that made them prone to falling apart.67-5108Dtrue
3704/16/18 11:33 AM
Shannon Bonner
043290Office of the Chief Financial Officer -OCFO (CF)1288Had a microwave removed from the Kitchen due it sparking971-0154Jtrue
3804/06/18 2:23 PM
Jon Walton
046855Office of the Chief Financial Officer -OCFO (CF)1290There was a large puddle of standing water in the men's restroom and I let our admin team know of the safety risk.971-PRtrue
3903/27/18 1:16 PM
Ara Adami-Bartlett
042372Human Resources (HR)378My supervisor presented me with a card for my efforts in coordinating all of the ergo setups for our new staff members and ensuring that they are comfortable with their equipment and workspace.65B0101true
4003/26/18 6:11 PM
Jenna McKenzie
045790Environment, Health, & Safety (EH)2475I observed and reported an unlabeled squeeze bottle in the lab containing an unknown clear liquid.M/S 26B0097true
4103/22/18 4:18 PM
Gregg Greenwood
027631Office of the Chief Financial Officer -OCFO (CF)1281Returning from a meeting on the Hill to Bldg 971 I noticed the driver was about to run through a red light and alerted her.156Ktrue
4203/05/18 11:46 AM
Shannon Bonner
043290Office of the Chief Financial Officer -OCFO (CF)1286Cynthia Slyvester-gave me this card, because she was having a medical issue and I assisted her.MS 971-0154Jtrue
4303/01/18 1:28 PM
Hyunsoo Na
049202Joint Genome Institute - JGI (JG)701I was in charge of lab safety procedures (providing guidelines for hazardous chemical disposal) during our major lab cleanout day (may 2017) before moving to Berkeley. Our team has won a trophy from the director in the end.2800 Mitchell Dr, Walnut Creek, CA 94598true
4402/28/18 1:08 PM
Mary Collins
046059Molecular Foundry (MF)1455A pyrophoric chemical bottle broke in the general use glovebox and I notified the staff and then properly cleaned up, quenched and disposed the material.M/S 67R4110true
4502/27/18 9:51 PM
Arian Gashi
053718Molecular Foundry (MF)1459I tested the outside of newly bought unopened acid bottles to find that they were all covered in acidic material.MS 67 R2206true
4602/07/18 2:11 PM
shannon bonner
043290Office of the Chief Financial Officer -OCFO (CF)1100A glass bowl was dropped in the kitchen and I removed the big piece and placed a "caution sign" for others to see to avoid the pieces of glass971true
4702/04/18 2:36 PM
James O’Neil
590001Molecular Biophysics and Integrated Bioimaging (MB)1150Radiological controls advice55-121true
4801/31/18 10:36 AM
Blakely Tresca
050501Molecular Foundry (MF)1496Organized a clean up of shared hood space in Building 67-520167R5110true
4901/30/18 11:49 AM
Seana Summers
028784Human Resources (HR)2482I put in a safety request for external lighting in the 65 complex walkways - because it's completely dark when it gets dark earlier in the day.65Btrue
5001/24/18 1:44 PM
YokoiOffice of the Chief Financial Officer -OCFO (CF)1506Eileen ensures on a daily basis the safety at the lab here in building 971. She takes this concern into hand every day and is always making sure everywhere is safe and sound151Ctrue
5101/18/18 12:11 PM
Sneha Jani
054017Molecular Foundry (MF)1491The clamp holding a bacterial culture flask had accidentally come loose and spilled culture everywhere. Although the person growing the culture had wiped down the surface, there were still remnants of the culture on the surface. I cleaned the incubator to ensure that it was 'bacteria-free'.67-5108F (M/S 67R5110)true
5201/10/18 6:11 AM
JASON De Ponte
010862Materials Sciences (MS)481informed of exposed 220v2-434 (M/S 2R0400)true
5301/05/18 3:29 PM
kelly owen
038656Public Affairs (PA)1991I inspected our building inside and out after the earthquake.065-110true
5412/15/17 4:16 PM
Scott Robinson
022038Environment, Health, & Safety (EH)783I assisted the EOC during the Lab's response to airborne smoke by providing hourly air sampling results. The air sampling results were used to respond to employee concerns about exposure to airborne particulate at the Lab during the Napa fires..B260097 (M/S 26B0097)true
5512/01/17 2:46 PM
Rosemary Williams
003419Materials Sciences (MS)478I moved the step ladder located in our small kitchen area because it was in a bad place and continually falling on employee's feet.66-238 (M/S 66R0200)true
5611/30/17 2:33 PM
Ned Borglin
022791Environment, Health, & Safety (EH)375I brought two Divisions together to share equipment to perform the first recycling effort of sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) from a electron microscope (TEM) power supply. Eleven pounds of SF6 was captured and recycled, a very strong greenhouse gas, the equivalent to removing 500,000 automobile miles from the road.75B0101 (M/S 75B0101)true
5711/22/17 12:59 PM
Lin Su
050614Molecular Foundry (MF)1494Noticed a pipeline leaking problem of the lab dishwasher, took an video record and reported to the instrument administrator immediately. Which helps to solve the problem faster and also prevent any potential danger due to the leaking.67-5110 (M/S 67R5110)true
5811/17/17 11:20 AM
Lucas Kistulentz
042974Engineering (EG)340Identified electrical hazard (torn sheathing on an extension cord) to Building Manager. Hazard was immediately removed and eliminated.46R-0161 (M/S 46R0161)true
5911/08/17 8:33 AM
Tom Zajdel
038228Molecular Foundry (MF)1255I moved my lab bench to another room to reduce foot congestion and crowding in an increasingly crowded laboratory space.067-5201 (M/S 955-512L)true
6010/30/17 4:15 PM
Deb Agarwal
349701Computational Research (CR)2469Supporting LGBT visibility by hanging the rainbow flag in June for several years.50B-2239 (M/S 50B2239)true
6110/25/17 12:46 PM
Lorenza Gibson
304951Office of the Chief Financial Officer -OCFO (CF)391I noticed our toaster was moved to a new location and the plug was intermittently going on and the toaster was next to a paper sign that was touching the back corner of the toaster.971-155E (M/S 971-PROC)true
6210/25/17 12:34 PM
Shannon Bonner
043290Office of the Chief Financial Officer -OCFO (CF)1066I moved some appliance to other locations in the kitchen, to avoid burns from the steaming teapots.(M/S 971-PROC)true
6310/24/17 12:54 PM
Lyn Hunter
009855Public Affairs (PA)1991I helped promote the Lab's Great ShakeOut Drill.65R0101 (M/S 65R0101)true
6410/13/17 10:25 AM
Tenzing Joshi
022945Nuclear Science (NS)1218I was eating lunch with a colleague. I noticed that her plastic fork had a prong that broke off cleanly in her food and that she had not noticed. I brought this to her attention just before she took a bite with the broken prong that she could have choked on.50C3396 (M/S 50C3396)true
6510/12/17 3:46 PM
Edward Barnard
030485Molecular Foundry (MF)1257safely secured an incorrectly chained gas cylinderM/S 67R3207true
6609/27/17 3:17 PM
Shawn Baird
034980Facilities (FA)1219Helped apprehend a person trying to steal a car on lab property.76R0115true
6709/27/17 10:21 AM
Jon Bertsch
32415Joint Genome Institute - JGI (JG)549I provided information for a SWELL blog article on preventing Identity theft and monitoring credit inforation after the Equifax data leak.M/S 100PGF100true
6809/13/17 6:36 AM
Neko Pierson
053876Facilities (FA)1220Help in catching the man on campus during the lab evacuation.76r0115true
6909/08/17 3:23 PM
Ryan Spencer
045221Molecular Foundry (MF)1228Removed old equipment and cleaned up room 520267R5110true
7009/06/17 2:47 PM
Amy Ecclesine
021671Environment, Health, & Safety (EH)1171Noticed loose tread on steps to cafeteria as an immediate tripping hazard. Contacted facilities and they fixed it that afternoon.75R0123true
7109/06/17 8:09 AM
Laura Miller
051973Human Resources (HR)1184Someone had spilled coffee in the lobby of bldg 90 and left it there. It was all over the stairs and furniture. People were walking over it and around it. I stopped and cleaned it up.90P0101true
7208/28/17 12:44 PM
Gilbert Torres
016988Materials Sciences (MS)628Asked for caution stripes to be added to new Handicap ramp in front of B066. Tripping hazard for pedestrians.M/S 62R0203true
7308/24/17 9:54 AM
Wayne Dutchover
039167Protective Services (PS)781I am Senior Fire Inspector for LBl, certified instructor for the California Office of Emergency of Emergency Service. I trained 15 Lab and UCB employees through the California Office of Emergency Service safety assessment program to evaluate and aid in building assessments in the event of a natural or deliberate disaster. I am also a field evaluator and Emergency Operations Center Fire Manager.48R0120true
7408/07/17 4:14 PM
Michael Stolberg
048794Molecular Foundry (MF)475For providing an environment that encourages safe behavior and practices in the lab through example67R5110true
7508/04/17 10:54 AM
Mary Collins
046059Molecular Foundry (MF)714The chemical fridge/freezer broke and I removed all the chemicals that required cold temperatures and put them in dry ice containers until tech staff knew where to temporarily store the chemicals. I also helped clean out the fridge: mop up ice and dispose of old chemical vials.67R4110true
7608/03/17 11:57 AM
Jeff Blair
025983Laboratory Directorate (LD)1464During the lockdown on 8/2, Employee was out on scooter investigating the fire on Grizzly Peak when he sighted the trespasser that caused the Lab to be on lockdown. He immediately went to one of the site gates to report the sighting to site officers, Berkeley police showed up and apprehended the trespasser.50A4112true
7708/02/17 8:08 AM
Min Wang
044587Molecular Foundry (MF)410I reported a non-working fridge/freezer to a staff and helped moved the chemicals in the fridge/freezer to another floor67R4110true
7807/29/17 6:34 PM
Said Bakhti
044739Chemical Sciences (CH)/JCAP072I constantly helped maintaining our group's laser lab clean and safe2R0300true
7907/26/17 9:40 AM
038939Molecular Foundry (MF)1491I helped to reorganize our lab (Building 67 Room 5201) for better usage and safety.67R5110true
8007/26/17 7:52 AM
Tom Lipton
023015Engineering (EG)1230Found an alternate less hazardous material for a fabrication job.58R0101true
8107/17/17 4:25 PM
017772Laboratory Directorate (LD)960For recognizing that a worker was walking directly on Chu road versus the sidewalk and informing him that it would be safer for him to walk on the sidewalk. He understood and switched to the sidewalk.50A-1148true
8207/17/17 10:04 AM
Blakely Tresca
050501Molecular Foundry (MF)1227I helped to reorganize the chemicals in 67-5201 and disposed of unused or expired chemicals.67R5110true
8307/14/17 9:49 AM
Debra Troxell
009433Laboratory Directorate (LD)1463Discovered leaking toilet / slipping hazard and wrote up work order.50A4112true
8407/10/17 11:11 AM
Lisa Yun
042208Molecular Foundry (MF)475Cleaned up a slip risk and worked with others to find a way to prevent it from happening again67R5110true
8506/29/17 10:07 AM
Thomas Horn
020370Molecular Foundry (MF)1492General alertness67R5110true
8606/23/17 4:48 PM
Andy Nguyen
027997Molecular Foundry (MF)1490Helping to clean and reorganize a crowded lab space67R5110true
8706/23/17 12:00 PM
Michael Stolberg
048794Molecular Foundry (MF)1494I helped clean up and re-arrange the lab area of room 5201 to make it less crowded and safer.67R5110true
8806/16/17 11:54 AM
Rita Garcia
023300Molecular Foundry (MF)1224I ordered and placed non-slip mats in front of lab freezers that often have water puddles by them (due to ice/frost thawing). The mats will help prevent slips/falls!67-5111true
8906/14/17 4:05 PM
Marimikel Charrier
035856Molecular Foundry (MF)1224A research assistant slipped on water than frequently pools outside our -80°C freezer, luckily without injury. This has been an ongoing problem that no one was addressing other than to mop up the water periodically. I requested we get large rubber mats to prevent anyone else from slipping when the water leaks.67R5110true
9006/12/17 3:20 PM
Mohammad Rasool Yousufzai
044350Human Resources (HR)1089There is a metal beam located above the handrail on the stairway in B90 where someone could easily bump their head trying to look out the window. It was reported and investigated.47R0112true
9106/08/17 7:32 AM
Samveg Saxena
31305Energy Storage & Distributed Resources (ED)232Sam identified a defective microwave oven in a B90 break room and promptly reported it so that it could be taken out of service. The microwave ran while the door was open.90R1121true
9206/02/17 8:38 AM
Ray Luedtke
049844Facilities (FA)721Noticed an air pressure regulator was actually designed for water pressure225true
9306/02/17 7:19 AM
Joey Mossor
019137Facilities (FA)723After troubleshooting the complaint of continuously failing air pressure regulators in bldg 67.
I figured out that the originally installed air pressure regulators were not built for air but were built for water pressure.
M/S 76R0225true
9405/24/17 11:19 PM
Stephen Meckler
038914Molecular Foundry (MF)472I contained an off-hours chemical spill in a building 67 chemical storage cabinet and marked the unsafe area to prevent anyone else from coming into contact with the spill.67-6110true
9505/22/17 4:25 PM
Laura Wong
027316ETA Area Office (AD)789I unplugged a large dehumidifier that was pouring water onto the floor of building 90 because it was not connected to a reserve tank, and then notified the Assistant Building Manager of the issue.90R3029Btrue
9605/22/17 12:29 PM
Bill Kenney
019696Facilities (FA)1236I helped guide a truck out of the B53 area.
His view was blocked by a large tour bus, and there was heavy equipment moving around old town.
I made sure the area was clear and safe to pull out.
9705/17/17 4:31 PM
Victor Mann
044610Molecular Foundry (MF)457I looked through all our solid chemicals, separated out the oxidants, and removed flammable chemicals that should not have been stored there.067-5108Etrue
9805/10/17 1:37 PM
Margaret Cruz
047335Materials Sciences (MS)627chemical inventory in Nanofabrication Lab, and adherence to work-alone-policy for evaporator use2-420Atrue
9905/09/17 8:21 AM
David Stein
016317Operations (OP)956Received 2 static shocks from the outdoor TV on 50B patio. Called it in as a safety concern. EHS investigated and found the TV was not NRTL rated and should not be used outdoors. Unfortunately, use of it has been prohibited, but better than someone getting a bigger shock or a fire starting in it in the wetter months. Tammy Welcome gave me the card.50A-1148true
10005/08/17 5:42 PM
045441Molecular Foundry (MF)714I worked on cleaning out old and dangerous chemicals in Building 6767R4110true
10105/08/17 4:16 PM
Meg Holm
191301Molecular Foundry (MF)409I assisted one of our staff members develop leadership skills in the area delegating67-3207true
10205/03/17 8:23 PM
Ross Meyer
032957Nuclear Science (NS)1214I slowed the RadMAP truck by driving it into the hill once it lost brakes outside Blackberry Gate to avoid further damage and injury50-4026Rtrue
10304/28/17 7:29 AM
Gregory Calvin
049519OPS1210Truck flipped on its side and I witnessed it and I called for fire over the radio and then went down to rescued both employees out of the truck. Stayed there until the appropriate medics came to help assest both employees.26735 Eldridge Ave,Hayward CA 94544
10404/27/17 3:00 PM
Sarah Gutierrez
048121CFO1213I helped a disabled co-worker navigate the building to avoid any safety issues.67-3207true
10504/26/17 7:40 PM
048176MSD711I smelled something burning and saw smoke coming from oven in the lab. I immediately left the lab and reported her observations to the lab area safety lead.MS 67R4117true
10604/26/17 5:54 PM
Rita Garcia
023300MSD409I properly disposed of a toaster oven located in the bldg 67 5th floor kitchen area because the electrical cord was frayed, exposing the copper wire. (Also, my division is MFD, the Molecular Foundry. You should update your division scroll window. Thanks!)

PS - I'm super awesome, and potentially saved the lives of two people who use the darn toaster everyday
10704/26/17 1:58 PM
Jose Cornejo
046733MSD474I helped develop safety procedures to prevent syringe needle injuries for anaerobic microbial reactor operation67R5110true
10804/25/17 11:51 AM
Vittorino Lanzio
047950MSD473I reported an electrical wire whose insulation around was brokenMS 67R2206true
10904/24/17 7:17 AM
Todd Vernon
037369FAC696Supporting plumbers at 70A. There started to be some confusion whether the pipe was tied into acid waste i called a pause work until we could properly identify the correct pipe. Sam and Ray appreciated the time spent to keep them safe.76-115true
11004/14/17 9:51 AM
018522MSD410I used an ABC fire extinguisher to put out an oven fire in the Molecular Foundry.67-4111true
11104/12/17 3:56 PM
Lin Su
050614MSD475Help with solving how to prevent getting stabbed by needles and other sharps in lab works.Mail Stop 67R5110true
11204/12/17 1:31 PM
Elissa Grzincic
048949MSD1226I volunteered to be the monitor of the incubators to make sure that they stay clean and in safe working order.67R5110true
11304/12/17 1:29 PM
Elissa Grzincic
048949MSD408I brought attention to the rating of the cyro-vials that we use for liquid nitrogen storage to ensure that they won't explode if LN2 enters the caps.67R5110true
11404/07/17 2:25 PM
Lisa Theobald
000356CSD685(originally SPOT award) Employees responded when a co-worker screamed, seeing a mouse nibbling an avocado on her desk. Lee Haynes brought a wastebasket to the side of the desk, while Lisa Theobald and Jon Bashor corralled the mouse with objects on the desk, and pushed it into the wastebasket. Lee took the wastebasket outside and released the mouse in a grassy area away from the building. Rodent damage once animals gain access to a building can be extensive, and it can be difficult to find and remove the rodents.59R3022Btrue
11504/06/17 9:20 AM
Jon Bashor
598403CRD686(originally SPOT award)Three of us responded when a co-worker began screaming after seeing a mouse nibbling an avocado on her desk. Lee Haynes brought a wastebasket to the side of the desk, while Lisa Theobald and I corralled the mouse with objects on the desk, and pushed it into the wastebasket. Lee took the wastebasket outside and released the mouse in a grassy area away from the building. Rodents can pose a health hazard and cause damage once they get into damage once animals gain access to a building can be extensive, and it can be difficult to find and remove the rodents.59-3022Btrue
11603/31/17 4:49 PM
Cheryl Tajon
040409MSD404I participated in the lab clean-up of the Biological Nanostructures facility at the Molecular Foundry.67R5110true
11703/28/17 5:09 PM
Francesca Manea
048376MSD409I put all nanoparticles in our lab in Building 67 into an appropriate secondary container.67R5110true
11803/28/17 3:13 PM
Marimikel Charrier
035856MSD1226I was lab captain for the extensive cleanup of two rooms in the Molecular Foundry, which included everything from wiping down shelves to disposing of hazardous chemicals. It was a great team effort and now our workspace is spotless!067-5110true
11903/28/17 7:40 AM
Mark Campagna
205051ENG327Stopped atomizing of flammables77/123true
12003/24/17 6:35 PM
Min Wang
044587MSD410I helped with lab cleanup to ensure everyone has a clean and safe working environment67-4203true
12103/23/17 1:57 PM
Joyce Wahba
048361MSD456I worked for longer hours during the Molecular Foundry 5th Floor Clean up.067-4116true
12203/14/17 3:20 PM
Deborah Andrews
029746HR380Helped with a conflict that appeared to be escalating, tried to make sure the team felt safe.65Atrue
12303/14/17 12:28 PM
Melanie Gravois
017772LD959I consistently use the crosswalks as opposed to cutting across the street. This was given to me because of that.050A-1143true
12403/13/17 10:29 AM
Gerald Robinson
025446EETD222Thank you for putting this program in place!90R3111true
12503/07/17 4:44 PM
Lisa Yun
042208MSD409Proactively discarded waste that was tedious067-5204true
12603/06/17 3:14 PM
Michael Morgan
036033CFO1075I checked a fellow employee's (someone I've never seen before) badge before letting him into the building971-PROCtrue
12702/17/17 12:54 PM
Carlos Escobedo
046698FAC829Reported mold issue at building 73.76-224true
12802/09/17 4:41 PM
Brian Quiter
10159NSD246We have a ramp leading to our building (50C) and the non-slip paint on the ramp has worn off. I alerted the division EH&S liasion as well as the group about the hazard. A work order was put in and we have a temporary safety cone.50C3396true
12902/03/17 3:55 PM
Weston Lile
40645LD842I explained the emergency policy to a colleague, and obtained and hung the emergency guide, in a visible location, within the 4119 suite.50A-4119true
13002/02/17 4:43 PM
Jeanet Moore
042543CFO1056I notified my supervisor about the cubicle systems furniture pieces that were wedged near an emergency exit. In the event of an earthquake or other emergency, they could potentially block the exit if knocked over.971-PROCtrue
13102/01/17 10:13 AM
Moshe Baruch
040778MSD1224I talk about emotional safety in front of the Foundry 5th floor group. I presented the problem of depression that can happen during research and the way to utilize Care Services to overcome this problem.67-5113true
13201/27/17 3:50 PM
Donald Clark
19175LSD983Bolts from old removed refrigerator sticking up on the floor. Trip Hazard. Lunchroom.977true
13301/23/17 11:57 AM
Hilary Brunner
038226MSD468I found a hazardous chemical spilt on the bench top at the Molecular Foundry, clean room user facility. I informed the lab safety manager so that the spill could be attended to and cleaned up appropriately.67 - 3206Atrue
13401/10/17 3:42 PM
Joseph Silveira
46714EETD677I noticed severely cracked window in one of the stairwells in Building 90, leading to an exit. I reported this to the Facilities manager promptly as the severe rain and wind conditions could have lead to other building damages and unsafe conditions.3029Atrue
13512/17/16 12:13 PM
Andrew Crothers
38720EETD93I helped contain a leak in the ceiling of the lab.70R0108Btrue
13612/08/16 3:18 PM
Robert Lugtu
050940IT1222I assisted a colleague in figuring out what was causing her sit/stand desk to not function anymore, limiting her to from standing at her workstation throughout the day.MS 50B-3207true
13711/29/16 10:18 AM
Behzad Rad
2200MSD1228I assisted scientific users in troubleshooting, repairing, or replacing broken equipment.67R5112true
13811/22/16 4:44 PM
46912MSD73Took a spin coater out of service for potential electric shock.2R0400true
13911/07/16 4:13 PM
034110NSD245One of our colleague said he passed out for about 5 mins. And I let him lay on the floor and found another colleague to help and called 7911. He is fine now.MS70R0319true
14011/04/16 2:01 PM
Bill Ou
4304IT488Cables were running across the walk way which can cause people to trip.

I re-organized the network cables, power cords and switch for the Xerox Plotter so cables and power cords are not running across the walkway.

There was daisy change of surge protectors going to the Xerox printer. Not a good idea; it's clean up now. So no more Surge protector daisy chain.
14111/03/16 11:15 AM
Mike Decool
200501ENG441Pointed out confusing labeling of beamline shielding80R0114true
14210/31/16 11:53 AM
Marimikel Charrier
035856MSD1228A labmate noted that the vials we were using were ok for -80°C but not for the lower temp liquid nitrogen dewar and could cause minor explosions of the vial and loss of sample. Together we determined vials that could be used in all our freezers and ordered them. Now we will communicate this new resource to the floor so that no one accidentally hurts themselves or loses their valuable samples.67-5110true
14310/27/16 11:57 AM
Michael Dennis
42929EHS697Identified an unprotected electrical panel on a contractor's generator.78R0101true
14410/25/16 9:31 AM
Cheryl Tajon
040409MSD1227I did a thorough cleaning of a chemistry hood that was in need of attention.67R5110true
14510/25/16 9:29 AM
Cheryl Tajon
40409MSD398I found that the cryovials we had in our stock room were not compatible for use in our liquid nitrogen cryotank that holds our cell lines. I ordered the vials suitable for temperatures down to -196 C and shared the product information with the group.67R5110true
14610/19/16 8:07 AM
Kyle Diederichsen
043170EETD233Kyle identified workers in a lab area near his office who are habitually not wearing their PPE. He reported it to me so that action can be taken by the lab area PI. This lab area belongs to another Division outside of ETA.62-215true
14710/17/16 1:41 PM
Caroline Hutchinson
030045CFO1075I called attention to someone who was walking down the stairs with their hands full while texting on the phone971-COtrue
14810/16/16 5:47 PM
Jeffrey Dickert
3902PBD333I noticed an item in a tote box, which was going to Salvage, outside Building 58. The item appeared to be a smoke detector or alarm. I took it to our ALS safety officer for investigation. It was a smoke detector containing 8 uCi of Ra-226, and could have been taken offsite with the 'normal' waste had I not found it.6R2100true
14910/12/16 12:59 PM
Jaymey Butler
48125CFO290I suggested that a fellow employee who is expecting have a visit from the Safety/Ergo person to make adjustments for comfort in her work area.CONF-971true
15010/10/16 9:25 AM
Tracy Kae
043971CFO971I keep fixing the rugs in the entry way to keep people from tripping.971-0155Ftrue
15110/10/16 8:48 AM
Tracy Kaae
043971CFO971Tracy straightened the mat at the front door a couple times to avoid a trip hazard.971-0155Ftrue
15210/03/16 1:30 PM
Michael Dennis
42929EHS828I worked additional weekend hours to provide safety support to end-of-year construction projects.​078-0101Mtrue
15309/28/16 1:50 PM
Lucas Kistulentz
42974ENG440Due to recent high temperatures, the exit/entrance doorway between building 46 and 46A was significantly sticking in the closed position. This was a possible safety concern. I reported the sticking door to the building manager for maintenance.46R-0161true
15409/22/16 3:42 PM
041174IT710I helped re-organize the shed in the JGI courtyard so that the Emergency Response Team's equipment can be accessed more easily and quickly.100PGF100true
15509/15/16 11:26 AM
Mark Bandstra
30977NSD246There was a wasp nest along the path between Building 88 and the Pit, and several people had gotten harassed and/or stung while walking along the path. I notified the safety coordinator and then risked getting stung in order to flag the location so that pest control could take care of the nest.50C-3396true
15609/08/16 5:50 PM
Erika Suzuki
42023NSD246Received Hero Card for blocking off a damaged walkway with a safety cone to prevent anyone from tripping/falling and notified the building safety coordinator to ensure repairs would be completed in a timely fashion050C 3319true
15709/08/16 9:02 AM
Paula Ashley
024893EETD62While the steps are being built in front of B90, the construction workers have taped off the area we used to use, to walk to the shuttle stop.
We would walk behind the power poles. Now we are forced to walk in front of them and having to cross over the electrical cords plugged into the cars.
This is a major tripping hazard. We either have to be careful about not tripping, or having to go around the parked cars, out into the roadway.
Either way is dangerous.
Can the construction workers move the tape?
Or, speed up completing the steps.
I mentioned this to Steve Greenberg and he gave me the Safety Card.
15808/22/16 2:24 PM
Edith Perry
292701EHS663I was walking up the hill from Bldg. 33 and my cell phone vmail/mssg indicator sounded. When I got to the driveway of Bldg. 76, I walked out of the roadway to a safe location, stopped walking to check my phone. I chose not to continue walking while checking my phone.75R0123true
15908/19/16 3:59 PM
Leo Greiner
812741NSD245I helped colleague gently to the floor and called 7911 when she fainted.70R0319true
16008/19/16 2:48 PM
Marty White
003475EHS247I encouraged someone to go to medical and have an injury assessed even though she had not been injured at work50R4049true
16108/19/16 2:45 PM
Barbara Jacak
13277NSD247I helped an employee who was feeling faint by making sure she kept her legs up while she was lying down50R4049true
16208/16/16 10:25 AM
Tina Clarke
19529HR1249I stopped an employee who was walking while texting.90R1116true
16308/11/16 5:33 AM
Jesse Knight
009409FAC329Support Plumbing job at 59 all went perfect received card.76123true
16408/10/16 2:41 PM
Peter M. Schwartz
041011EETD676Peter identified a potentially serious electrical safety issue in the Building 90 second floor break area. The cords dangled over a hot toaster and could have melted. This could have damaged the cord and become an electrical shock issue. He quickly brought this to my attention so that actions can be taken to better situate the cords.90R2000true
16508/10/16 6:14 AM
Joseph Kappl
7821FAC329Was asked about a Fire protection system at building 71 that needs air pressure to keep it charged with that information a back up compressor was tied in to insure the fire system did not charge with water and possibly discharge.jkappl 76-0123true
16608/02/16 4:58 PM
Felix Sturm
19332CSD72I have organized and cleaned a laboratory that was extremely cluttered and installed safety devices herby creating a safe and clean working environment.2-100true
16707/23/16 6:36 PM
Craig King
036688MSD425Found improperly labeled chemical waste left in the in the ALS by a visiting user. Corrected the situation.M/S 2R0400true
16807/07/16 3:35 PM
Ellen Robertson
40806MSD399I brought to the attention of the lab manager that a researcher would be performing a new activity and that the lab manager needed to update the researcher's WPC profile.067-5110true
16907/02/16 12:49 PM
Tom Gallant
002103NSD248I closed a walkway beneath a severely cracked window on the 2nd floor to prevent anyone being harmed should the window fall to the ground floor below. I also alerted Facilities and our Safety Coordinator, Marty White, of the issue.50R4049true
17007/01/16 11:20 AM
Monique Fix
046254CFO1043I made a recommendation to install safety mirrors on a blind intersection in the office.MS971-BOtrue
17106/24/16 11:14 AM
michael magstadt
1609IT261You are a Hero for making sure you summer intern understands the importance of safety, for demonstrating proper disposal of razors, and helping the intern properly dispose of razors left on the ground on multiple days.50E0101true
17206/21/16 12:05 PM
Ryan Velasco
8860FAC951I safely completed a High Voltage Shutdown for site wide maintenance as the PIC for the first time.76RO225true
17306/13/16 12:53 PM
Tracy Kaae
043971CFO990I lead safety topics at the team meetings and keep my work area clutter free and ergonomic.971-0155Ftrue
17406/13/16 12:34 PM
Baylen Wang
044219CFO1250Our department is moving. I reminded a co-worker to bend at the knees and lift with her legs, rather than bending at the waist and lifting with her back.M/S 971-CONFtrue
17506/13/16 12:30 PM
Robin D. López
026192ESD646I noticed a very unsafe practice of ensuring lab space is secured, and reported it immediately. The issue was quickly resolved, and all parties involved gained a valuable learning experience in better practices for lab safety. =)074R316Ctrue
17606/03/16 12:59 PM
Craig Hopkins
586803CFO939Two people tried following me into 971 early one morning. I asked what they wanted and their request sounded reasonable so I let them stand outside while I found the appropriate person to help them.971- PROCtrue
17706/03/16 12:57 PM
Sharon Borglin
494803ESD1140Safety in the laboratory74-108Gtrue
17806/03/16 11:22 AM
Tim Kneafsey
493603ESD1140I was caught cleaning up someone else's water spill on the stairway074-316true
17906/02/16 11:06 AM
Ayaskanta Sahu
035997MSD712I found a cracked bottle of organic solvent inside the solvent cabinet presumably due to banging the cabinet door against the bottle. The glass cracked and fell inside the bottle. I found it, brought it out and safely disposed it off.67R4110true
18005/31/16 1:33 PM
Florence Mou - Send to David
17636LD866I wiped up some spilled water in the B64 hallway to prevent slip and fall hazard.B64 Room 0121true
18105/27/16 9:25 AM
Fen Qiu
43586MSD712I found some reaction is over heated and asked the running person to stop it.67-4110true
18205/20/16 1:56 PM
Jesse Knight
009409FAC329Supporting plumber with new install of valves at B-59 Upgrade076-0123true
18305/20/16 11:55 AM
Jeffery Knight
14371FAC329Sam Phillips pass the card on to me for supporting the Plumber shop on B-84/B-59/B-02 on Utilities that were needing to be drained and LOTO out thanks SAM for all your great work and the rest of the Plumber ShopB-76-room 123true
18405/18/16 5:15 PM
Doina Ciobanu
017190GEN708I requested a compost bin in our cubicle area to replace a trash bin.M/S 977true
18505/18/16 1:50 PM
Liana Klivansky
17341MSD471I averted a chemical accident by a user who failed to correctly translate in English the chemical that he needed. He asked me to get sodium hydride out of a cabinet. After I asked him a series of safety related questions I realized what he needed was not sodium hydride but sodium hydroxide. Big difference so I took back the sodium hydride and gave him the sodium hydroxide instead.67R6110true
18605/18/16 10:41 AM
Marimikel Charrier
035856MSD399I Check the lab on a daily basis for hazards and cleanliness, such as washing dishes when the glassware is piling unsafely, making sure chemicals are being stored properly, removing abandoned sharps, and labeling solutions.067-5111true
18705/16/16 2:07 PM
Alessia Battigelli
039615MSD398I recognize and report a potential dangerous experiment that a user was willing to do67-5110true
18805/11/16 2:31 PM
Melanie Alexandre
20168EHS707Sirma Mihaltcheva gave me a card because she indicated I helped her address some ergonomic issues in her office and lab. She indicated I did above and beyond what she expected. I am part of the EHS Ergo Team, so I was just doing my job. I really appreciate her acknowledgement, but I do not think this is worthy of a hero card.M/S 26B0097true
18905/10/16 4:24 PM
Maria Atkinson
808001CFO938I designed "Hold on to the Rail" signage for the top and bottom of the stairs in building 971.971-OPStrue
19005/10/16 3:59 PM
Phillip Weiss
22387CFO938Came up with the idea of the creation of "Hold-the-Rail" signs and asked Maria Atkinson to create the signs. These signs are now installed on the top and bottom of the stairs in B971 and are a constant reminder of the need to hold onto the handrail provided for safety!MS971-CFOtrue
19105/10/16 3:12 PM
Anne Nielsen
045346MSD399For being a rockstar cleaner and labeler, and for having an amazing attitude about safety! - Ritaannerathnielsen@lbl.govtrue
19205/05/16 2:05 PM
Daniel Slaughter
026170CSD72I make continuous efforts to regularly discuss safety-related problems and possible solutions with my Division Safety Coordinator.MS2R0100true
19305/05/16 12:35 PM
Kathleen Garcia
29652GEN710I requested a compost bin be added to the JGI building 310 small kitchen, since there was only a recycle and landfill bin there.100PGF100true
19405/05/16 7:03 AM
Sam Phillips
037408FAC329Reported a leaning BFP at Bld 72.76-225true
19505/03/16 2:57 PM
Andrew Katz
043173LSD134I cataloged, cleaned and reorganized the chemical shelves in room 412 building 400 DOE-JGI2800 Mitchell Dr. Walnut Creek, CA, 94589true
19605/02/16 2:31 PM
Noah Schwartz
15737MSD478Observed an employee clearing a clogged shredder with a letter opener and her fingers. I asked if it was unplugged and the employee said it was turned off. I asked that she unplug it before continuing the cleaning to ensure that the shredder doesn't accidentally get turned on.66R0200true
19704/29/16 1:25 PM
Chris McConnell
42889ENG430I was at the ALS looking at some of the installed hardware on 7.3.3 when I noticed some people rigging up part of an experiment for a lift. I saw that they were using 10 AWG Cu wire for lifting so I immediately called it to the attention of the beamline scientist who told me to tell them. I did and they stopped immediately and asked what would be appropriate for lifting. They weren't lifting anything heavy or large, but using electrical wire for lifting anything is a terrible precedent to set.M/S 46R0161true
19804/29/16 9:09 AM
Christopher Redding
3073ENG1165Took picture at the Safety, Security and Sustainability Fair. I take safety seriously everyday.77-125true
19904/29/16 8:59 AM
Dennis Paiva
001230ENG1165Removed a trip hazard77-125true
20004/29/16 8:33 AM
Daniel Zehm
31477ENG1155Demonstrated the proper use of a deburring wheel to a student so the part wouldn't fly back and cause injury2RO400true
20104/28/16 3:23 PM
Marie Butson
398001EETD755I assisted in cleaning up a coffee spill in the lobby of B50 that somebody left behind. I wanted to prevent a potential slip and fall accident.70-108Btrue
20204/28/16 2:55 PM
Shi Wang
30308ESD1110I found out the incompatible chemical storage in the lab 70-158. Oxidizing chemicals such as Potassium nitrate were stored with flammable liquids (e.g ethanol) in a flammable cabinet. I re-located all oxidizers from the flammable cabinet. I got the card from my colleague Eva Lloret-Sevilla.70A-3317true
20304/28/16 2:46 PM
Noah Schwartz
15737MSD1209Survey at safety fair66R0200true
20404/26/16 10:27 AM
Jeff Bramble
009084EHS788I provided extra training to the Fire Department staff on Radiation Safety here at LBNL.B075-0102true
20504/22/16 12:06 PM
marvin velante
001497FAC694I double check that the RI (Responsible Individual) installed the lock in a Group LOTO procedure.
M/S 76R0115
M/S 76R0115true
20604/18/16 2:39 PM
Mark Kline
41521MSD455Helped ensure the safe operation of a new instrument with EHS among other various daily activities.067-5110true
20704/15/16 10:43 AM
Shibo Wang
35905ESD650I helped to rescue a female postdoc who bleed a lot in a bad accident. I am very proud that my awesome colleagues and I together could do something for an injured woman who was in urgent need of help and medical care.74R316Ctrue
20804/14/16 5:16 PM
Maryann Villavert
774803ESD649I was one of a handful of civilian first responders in Building 74 attending to the needs of an injured coworker. I relayed messages from a team member talking with 911 to another team member working with the injured and directed another team member to go outside the building to wait for the Fire Department/Emergency services so that they can be guided to our location immediately.74R316Ctrue
20904/14/16 3:16 PM
Rachel Porras
18262ESD645Called 911 to obtain emergency medical care for a seriously injured colleague outside the lab where I work. I asked coworkers in the vicinity to assist in the effort and helped to communicate information on how to stop the bleeding from the 911 operator to my coworkers who were providing first aid to the victim outside in the hall way.84-316Ctrue
21004/14/16 7:47 AM
Scott Small
34740NSD757I recognized that work on the Cyclotron being done required a LOTO, and got the appropriate people to place one before the work started.88R0163true
21104/11/16 4:53 PM
018522MSD714I developed an ISM form for chemical synthesis and explained to the Molecular Foundry how to use it during our annual Safety Retreat. The blank form and a completed example are available to anyone online here: https://sites.google.com/a/lbl.gov/oliver/ism-for-chemical-synthesis67-4110true
21204/11/16 2:07 PM
Tevye Kuykendall
005285MSD713Providing leadership in safety, communicating with lab members on WPC use and upgrades, serving on committee to improve WPC system.67-4110true
21304/08/16 3:16 PM
29298MSD716I established a high safety standard in my lab in building 67.M/S 67R2206true
21404/08/16 2:28 PM
Laura Sandor
017432GEN136I noticed a big broken bottle or jar on the edge of the parking lot sidewalk of JGI Bld 100 and emailed to have the glass removed so no one gets injured.100 PGFtrue
21504/08/16 10:49 AM
Caren Oto
801473LSD983Posted "Do Not Use" sign on paper towel dispenser in ladies 2nd floor restroom at Potter Facility (Bldg 977) because the dispenser is not securely attached into the wall. It nearly fell on me when I tried to dispense paper towels.977true
21604/05/16 3:04 PM
Justin Harty
041635OPS789I identified a potential safety issue where several individuals in the same work area were wearing varying levels of personal protective equipment.048-R0120true
21704/01/16 11:14 AM
Diane Bauer
14363BSO710I requested clearly labeled buns for return of used safety glasses, so that dirty glasses would not be re-used inadvertentlybldg 100true
21803/30/16 9:09 AM
Karen Lingua
035499CFO1064Noticed an spoke with a valued coworker who was looking at her phone while walking in an area where delivery trucks sometimes traverse.971-PROCtrue
21903/25/16 12:56 PM
René Delano
146801ENG486I had all of the fluorescent lighting in my shop replaced a short while ago to create a brighter, safer environment.MS 2-400true
22003/25/16 11:17 AM
Andrew Peterson
022710EHS199I noticed a fraying electrical cord used to charge a GEM vehicle and notified appropriate persons to replace the cord.75B0101true
22103/21/16 3:41 PM
Patrice Sutton
380925CFO1051Safety strips on stair leading into trailer were separating from step where a shoe heal could lodge between a cause a fall.76Ltrue
22203/21/16 9:56 AM
Michelle Bennett
009537CFO287I asked someone to not stand on her chair to talk to someone on the other side of the cube.971-BOtrue
22303/19/16 7:59 PM
Maria, Altoe
004846MSD412I made safety practices part of the on job training of users of analytical instruments at the Imaging and Manipulation Facility at the Molecular Foundry.M/S 67R2206true
22403/03/16 10:47 AM
Wayne Dutchover
039167OPS781instructor for Lab personnel on CA Office of Emergency Services Disaster Service Worker Class48-120true
22503/03/16 8:03 AM
Greta Toncheva
034913EHS790I provided three sessions of awareness laser safety training to emergency and protective service personnel, and am working to improve the emergency access to laser labs.75R0123true
22602/29/16 8:33 AM
Stephanie Daglia
29393CFO971I installed a paper towel holder that was not working so that the spills in the kitchen can be mopped up.971-115Dtrue
22702/25/16 6:54 PM
Brian Zatkow
039215CFO937Reported a small but razor-sharp metal edge on the sink in the latrine.971-153Ltrue
22802/25/16 3:48 PM
Rachelle Jeppson
25338CFO1057I was walking by a colleagues office, she had just moved in. She had placed a box (filled) on the cabinets above her head. I walked in and removed it and set it on an open area on her desk. I didn't want the box to fall on her head......I really like her head.M/S 971-COtrue
22902/24/16 2:46 PM
Connie Lin
45771FAC822B84 - Labs clean up and restore offices. I received the card from Stan Tuholski76225 / 76L-0101Btrue
23002/24/16 1:59 PM
813967FAC700i helped clean glass out of the street76ro225true
23102/23/16 2:59 PM
David Cota
023861FAC691Actively supporting my mentee076l-105true
23202/23/16 12:47 PM
T Samatua
348FAC692Ensuring all Safety Guidelines and proper procedures were follow during the decommissioning of a Biohazard lab.76-222true
23302/23/16 11:42 AM
Stan Tuholski
035672FAC822I reminded a fellow employee to hold the hand rail while descending stairs.B76R0225true
23402/22/16 2:35 PM
Manuel Leanos
2170CFO935Reported a water leak in the Men's restroom to Phil (bldg. mgr.)971-0156Ptrue
23502/21/16 5:08 PM
Christopher Anderson
046803MSD416I completely cleaned and reorganized the lab that I just joined.67R6110true
23602/19/16 4:55 PM
Hien Nguyen
47349CFO971I helped a co-worker request an ergo evaluation.971-150Ltrue
23702/19/16 12:29 PM
Cynthia Sylvester
61586CFO1100Immediately took corrective action for ergo-related pain to change mouse configuration, start using the 'Band-It' accessory provided by Health Services for similar pain and similar cause from the past which is kept handy at the desk for this purpose, starting using ice during keyboarding breaks and submitted evaluation request to ergo team all within 24 hours of the first sign of discomfort.971-BOtrue
23802/17/16 9:21 AM
Ari Harding
042085EETD671I am the new Electrical Safety Committee Chair.90R2000true
23902/16/16 3:36 PM
Rachel Lance
13550CRD396There was a buckle in the flooring of the 50B elevator that was a tripping hazard. Reported to the CS Division safety coordinator.50F1650true
24002/16/16 11:06 AM
Michelle Lee
27903HR964Supervisor presented card for updating my safety code of conduct and ensuring my staff do the same and follow/educate others on safety.90P0101true
24102/12/16 11:01 AM
Mary Ellen Kirkchaney
046893CFO934I noticed one of our exterior (street) doors propped open and I brought it to the attention of our safety person.971-BOtrue
24202/12/16 9:52 AM
Kyle Davis
16640CFO933Saw a truck parked in the side ally on Hollis street and noticed the back/side door to the CFO was propped open. Reported it to to the Building Manager Phil Weiss as suspicious.971-TRtrue
24302/12/16 9:00 AM
Linda Nowell
15719CFO932Noticed that a back door to our suite was propped open slightly.MS 971-BOtrue
24402/11/16 1:47 PM
Alessandra Ciocio
241051PHY394I notified the people responsible about the slippery floor in the clean room 50 400850B-5239true
24502/11/16 1:44 PM
Alessandra Ciocio
241051PHY392I proposed to have a safe station for gluing and using chemicals in the clean room (in my planning for atlas upgrade construction) such as a Ductless Enclosures (ductless fume hoods) using hepa filters to rid the work area of hazardous fumes and vapors50B-5239true
24602/11/16 1:43 PM
Alessandra Ciocio
241051PHY392I proposed to have a safe station for gluing and using chemicals in the clean room (in my planning for atlas upgrade construction) such as a Ductless Enclosures (ductless fume hoods) using hepa filters to rid the work area of hazardous fumes and vapors50B-5239true
24702/10/16 12:59 PM
Kyle Davis
16640CFO931Notified the building manager a toilet in the men's room was leaking and posing a slip/fall threat due to water on the tile floor.971-TRtrue
24802/09/16 11:31 AM
Ari Harding
042085EETD671I am the new Electrical Safety Committee Chair.90R2000true
24902/04/16 12:58 PM
Mark Scott
030421EHS697Helped out with traffic control after a minor collision outside my office in B78.78R0101true
25002/04/16 12:38 PM
Samuel phillips
037408FAC696I helped clean up glass from a broken window in front of Building 78.76-225true
25102/04/16 12:27 PM
shawn smith
24628FAC695i helped clean a large amount of glass that was in the street.76ro225true
25202/01/16 3:39 PM
038334MSD415Motivated a lab cleanup with full team engagement.067R6110true
25302/01/16 10:58 AM
Tom Perry
524003ENG757Maintain SSA's in B-88, Keep all waste in proper containers and have the right information on them.MS 88R0192true
25402/01/16 10:52 AM
Tom Perry
524003ENG757Maintain SSA's in B-88, Keep all waste in proper containers and have the right information on them.MS 88R0192true
25501/29/16 3:46 PM
Tommy O'Donnell
10491NSD752I was concerned about the safety of an unstable stairwell at an off-site laboratory, so I helped with a stop work order.50R4049true
25601/29/16 3:44 PM
Vivek Singh
42566NSD753I was concerned about the safety of an unstable stairwell at an off-site laboratory, so I helped with a stop work order.50R4049true
25701/29/16 3:37 PM
Alexey Drobizhev
29562NSD754I was concerned about the safety of an unstable stairway at an off-site laboratory, so I requested a stop work order.50R4049true
25801/29/16 11:29 AM
Wade Crosson
8575HR965Presented by Vera Potapenko for continued leadership and promotion of safety for HR staff.65Btrue
25901/25/16 11:47 AM
kelly owen
38656PA942Bathroom door in restroom was swinging the opposite way. Needed to be repaired.65-110true
26001/12/16 3:10 PM
Stacey Gauny
292001LSD174I have spent a small amount of time each day for the past 25 years making sure that the Kronenberg lab is a safe place to work and that the people working in it are doing so in a safe manner.977true
26101/12/16 1:57 PM
Amy Kronenberg
184851LSD174I am heading up the CAP activity for the radiological protection group and radiological safety at the lab.977true
26201/07/16 12:12 PM
Chris Yetter
21770LD751I encouraged an employee who slipped and fell to report the location / issue. She She told me she did not feel comfortable "complaining" and had not reported the issue. When I learned about her fall several days after her not saying anything, I encouraged her to think about it as reporting the problem to make sure others did not injure themselves instead of as a complaint.I have a pin alreadytrue
26312/23/15 9:57 AM
Karen Nunez
19014ALS177Helped organize efforts for ALS Building Emergency Team drill, training, and communications.80R0114true
26412/21/15 11:24 AM
Thomas Schenkel
2658AFRD593I received this card after our end of year safety meeting where we reviewed best practices in our program and discussed adjustments in light of new projects for the new year.50A2177true
26512/15/15 1:12 PM
Cameron Coates
41193GEN211I found a beaker with an unknown liquid and white solid int he fume hood. I asked around the lab to find out who's it was. Nobody present knew what it was. I then test it figure out disposal options. I then disposed of it in the sink and trash once it was determined to be safe.150Dtrue
26612/09/15 2:58 PM
Jennet Dickinson
42704PHY392I contacted EHS about a fire alarm that can't be heard on our floor.50B-6233true
26711/24/15 12:21 PM
He Bo
35885MSD416I helped my colleague to response to an emergency case which is described as following: my colleague was filling liquid nitrogen for the NMR facility, when it's getting finished, my colleague failed to turn off the valve and the liquid nitrogen filling kept going on. My colleague informed me of this as I was happened to be around there. First thing I did was connecting the outlet of the NMR liquid nitrogen tank to another liquid nitrogen container by a plastic pipe, in case the NMR tank got full and the liquid nitrogen spilled out. After a few different ways of trial, a colleague who has strong arms was able to turn off the valve by hand.67-6111true
26811/17/15 7:52 PM
Ahmet Kusoglu
26911/16/15 4:56 PM
Stephanie White
41183EHS740I have helped multiple divisions daily with CMS inventory work.26B0097true
27011/09/15 1:18 PM
David Robinson
27111/06/15 4:17 PM
Teresa Chen
16170MSD416Helped users think about safety by highlighting the hazards and controls for each instrument or work activity when conducting on-the-job training.MS 67-6110true
27211/05/15 3:57 PM
Michael Elowson
044128MSD469Improved laboratory and storage space safety.67R2206true
27311/03/15 12:51 PM
27411/03/15 10:13 AM
Angela Tarver
27511/02/15 1:45 PM
Jon Bashor
598403CRD396As I was walking to my office, I passed a large electrical box on Smoot Road (below the parking lot in front of Bldg. 50) and noticed two things -- there were several danger signs warning of electrical shock on the surrounding fence -- and that the access gate was wide open and the padlock and chain hanging to the side. I reported this to the Bldg. 50 building manager and received the card.50B4230true
27611/02/15 7:37 AM
Tim Hart
033131FAC466Specified the new bike lane on Chu Road076-222true
27710/30/15 4:01 PM
Marty White
003475EHS396When there was an automobile accident on Smoot Road, I helped direct traffic around it.50R4049true
27810/30/15 3:44 PM
Glenda Fish
276591PHY396I heard a traffic collision from my office and went outside quickly to see if I could offer any assistance. As I was exiting my building, I notified our Safety Coordinator, Marty White so she could assist and I called 7911 to report the accident. I also assisted with traffic control along with Marty White until the police and Fire responded. Thank you
PS - My correct Division is Physical Sciences which is not listed on your drop down. I work for James Symons, ALD for Physical Sciences and my org code is APDO.
27910/30/15 10:33 AM
AJ White
015433GEN130reduced waste drums from 50 gal to 30 gal and 5 gal. Lighter load.100PGF100true
28010/28/15 11:23 AM
Brian Amadio
15791PHY392I informed the safety inspectors that the emergency announcements on the 6th floor of building 50B were inaudible.50B6222true
28110/27/15 3:24 PM
Tobias Friedberger
044926MSD415I experienced the shattering of an old Nalgene bottle, bringing into awareness that plastic containers have a limited shelf life as well. Noone was hurt/injured during the incident067-6108-Btrue
28210/27/15 11:06 AM
Estela Ornelas
023010PA449We have a water dispenser near our door that needed the 5 gallon of water to be replaced, so I locked the door prior to changing it so that I would not get hit by anyone opening the door coming into the office.7R0222true
28310/27/15 10:51 AM
Estela Ornelas
023010PA450I was in a room talking to someone and noticed near us was another person who started to break down dry ice. The person I was talking to and I were not prepare with goggles, so I quickly removed the person and myself outside the room.7R0222true
28410/23/15 3:11 PM
Caitlin Stevens
32584MSD416Removed contamination, debris, and other hazardous health concerns from the 6th floor kitchen area.67R6110true
28510/16/15 9:51 AM
Sophia Marneris
38366CFO287Helped people avoid tripping over a protruding pipe on the street when evacuating for the Great Shake Out.971-0156Xtrue
28610/14/15 7:55 AM
Eric Lahrs
024099FAC143I noticed a potential falling hazard on a raised vault near B074.true
28710/13/15 1:29 PM
Jeffrey Takakuwa
24536ENG441I suggested the topic of mental health resources available to LBNL employees at a monthly safety meeting (Quest). A speaker from CARE (http://uhs.berkeley.edu/facstaff/care/), Craig Mielcarski, came to discuss the available services. We spend significant resources towards physical safety and health and I though it worthwhile to introduce attendees to the Lab resources available to maintain good mental health.true
28810/08/15 2:33 PM
John Turner
907209MSD467Helped rewrite and develop the MSD ISM Plan.true
28910/08/15 11:28 AM
Rhyan Dockter
041520GEN210I designed and 3D printed an ergonomic twist tube cap opener for a colleague who opens many caps in a day.true
29010/08/15 10:38 AM
Andreas Schmid
4691MSD466When my colleague Rick Kelly and I were tasked to analyze causes of two apparently simple radiological incidents, our efforts following LBNL principles (“we do not seek to blame individuals, we look beyond the individual’s actions") led to useful findings of underlying organizational issues.true
29109/28/15 2:24 PM
Sherry Chan
23006MSD479I help my new boss with his transition to his new position.true
29209/28/15 12:06 PM
Teresa Calarco
043812MSD478Supported the MSD Division EHS Manager transition with Rick Kelly's retirement and replacement.true
29309/25/15 1:22 PM
Liana Klivansky
17341MSD416I noticed a Fed/Ex delivery person take a 60 L of liquid Helium tank up the elevator with him so I told him this is not how we transport cryogenic tanks between floors. I told him he should just send the tank by itself in the elevator and put the chain across to block others then take the stairs or a second elevator for himself instead.true
29409/23/15 4:41 PM
Rita Garcia
023300MSD399I have demonstrated consistent awareness and implementation of safety rules for myself and for others in my Facility. And I am awesome.true
29509/22/15 9:14 PM
David Prendergast
14912MSD423I manage the Theory Facility of the Molecular Foundry and work to maintain safe standards for ergonomics and security in accessing lab computing resources.true
29609/22/15 3:18 PM
16532MSD398I help to maintain safe operations for our staff and users in the Biological Nanostructures Facility in The Molecular Foundry (Building 67).true
29709/22/15 11:48 AM
Alyssa Brand
24680MSD259Send periodic safety announcements to the 4th floor of the Molecular Foundry, updating users on recent issues and safety practices.true
29809/11/15 11:27 PM
Paul Barale
042450ENG177I am the BET Lead at the ALS and have worked closely with the Protective Services Emergency Operations Center to help the ALS and the Laboratory be better prepared in the event of an emergency, particularly an earthquake.true
29909/11/15 4:02 PM
David Brown
840501PHY395I contributed to a radiation safety town hall meeting.true
30008/26/15 3:57 PM
Xiandong Meng
30108/26/15 3:27 PM
Joel Martin
763603GEN207I noted a toaster oven placed on stovetop heating coilstrue
30208/25/15 2:51 PM
Jacqueline Scoggins
397603IT260Show an employee standing on the ledge in the 50B parking lot and asked if he could get down. Fearing for his safety and the safety of others. Information was given to our Safety Coordinator Betsy MacCowan who the followed up the Martha White. The person on the ledge also followed up with Martha White who eventually got him off the ledge. Just a concern employee.true
30308/21/15 9:00 AM
david crews
024563FAC266made sure visitor had his safety glasses on before entering shop. chained up nitrogen bottles top and bottom to preserve safety.true
30408/14/15 4:37 PM
Anna Scodel
41986EETD222I noticed there was water spilling from the water fountain on the 3rd floor in Building 90. I found the yellow caution signs and put them up around the spill, then notified facilities.true
30507/28/15 1:31 PM
Amy Ukena
224803LSD242Crates for the move have been stacked over 6' feet high and I asked to have them split up before anyone tried to move the top one off the stack.true
30607/28/15 10:58 AM
Darren Moore
266901FAC168Darren was emptying waste baskets in our cubicles and notice a heater was left on by an employee who was out for the day. The heater was near a plastic paper recycle bin. Darren asked me to check on the heater and we unplugged the heater. Thank you Darren for noticing the heater was on and could have melted the recycle bin.true
30707/17/15 2:31 PM
Cynthia Sylvester
16586CFO365Suggested specs for a sign-in board by the after-hours alarm box to alert emergency personnel in the event of an after hours problem and so an alarm is not set while people are still working.true
30807/10/15 2:20 PM
Meghan Johnson
022448HR380I reported that a rehired retiree almost fell on a step that wasn't clearly marked so it could be repainted to become more noticeable.true
30907/10/15 2:16 PM
Seana Summers
028784HR380I reported a slippery ramp leading into the Badge Office (65A) because the gripping has worn off.true
31007/02/15 3:20 PM
001722GEN138I showed a safety representative where cigarette butts were being tossed in tan bark under some pine trees. We noticed that the disposal container had been removed. I also noticed it again later and brought it to her attention and suggested no smoking signs.true
31106/30/15 5:09 PM
Rita Kuo
035858GEN130I found a broken power code in a wet incubator and worked with a co-worker to replace a new one.true
31206/29/15 2:53 PM
Megan Kennedy
14412GEN138For identifying the smoke canister location misplacement and the need to further educate the JGI staff in Walnut Creek on appropriate disposal of cigarette waste and designated smoking areas.true
31306/26/15 2:42 PM
Diane Bauer
14363GEN271Smoking education with Potty trainingtrue
31406/26/15 1:52 PM
Hope Hundley
2193GEN132I submitted a couple of safety blogs asking about where to recycle batteries, and a potential hazard of broken glass in our parking lot.true
31506/19/15 8:38 PM
Theresa A. Pollard
6898HR23I removed a discarded microwave that as sitting on top of a trash can. The trash cans sits next to the door and if the microwave had fallen it would have blocked one of the exits. Since it had been siting for several days without being removed, I contacted Custodial Service and the Transportation Department to find out how to properly dispose of the microwave. After which, I created the work request to have it removed.true
31606/01/15 4:29 PM
Tonya Petty
039135OPS177I advised an employee who was having severe eye irritation to go to Health Services versus trying to drive home. She couldn't see and got superb care over there.true
31705/11/15 3:29 PM
Betsy MacGowan
4972CRD393I helped a cigarette smoker understand why he should smoke at the designated smoking area, and not toss his cigarette butt on the ground.true
31804/29/15 3:19 PM
Greg Mannino
31904/13/15 2:08 PM
Mauro Melli
030752MSD58I posted all the missing signs in my lab for the laser safety.true
32004/12/15 11:05 PM
Marcia Ocon Leimer
091524HR70Served as HR Safety Representative and helped with a special safety focused HR forum.true
32104/09/15 3:16 PM
Chris Diesch
628803HR288Encouraged a coworker to go to Health Services after cutting herself while changing the copier toner.

I have two Safety Is Elemental pins already ... no need to send another.
32204/09/15 8:51 AM
Sylvain Costes
364803LSD334I identified a cabinet with forgotten acids w/o clear owners in room 209 in blg 977. The cabinet was the wrong type for acid storage (flammable cabinet) and rust had accumulated for years. EH&S decommissioned the cabinet and discarded the chemicals once they were made aware of the issue.true
32304/06/15 4:15 PM
011847CFO287I help a co-worker carry some things down the stairs. Someone was trying to carry too much in one load.true
32403/20/15 1:37 PM
Edith Perry
292701EHS373I witnessed a vehicle enter LBNL through the exit side of Grizzly Gate after the entrance had been closed for the day. I documented the breach with a photograph and reported it to Security.true
32503/16/15 9:19 AM
Adam Bradford
17650CSD310I had the loading dock at building 70A and 70 painted and had movable barriers installed to keep people from falling off the dock because it is a high traffic pedestrian area.true
32602/24/15 10:13 PM
Eric dutra
25706IT251I was installing fiber optics under the floor to a fire alarm panel in Building 59, I had to stop the install because the fire code permits that this type of structured cabling is required to be in conduit for fire safety.true
32702/09/15 12:52 PM
Sally Nasman
641375MSD356I requested a non-slip mat for our hallway to avoid further indoor "ice-skating" in Bldg. 66true
32802/09/15 10:09 AM
Chris Watchmaker
010194HR368I pointed out a pedestrian in a walk way that wasn't clear to a colleague while driving to a meeting. She might not have seen the person if I didn't alert her. Helped avoid a possible safety issue or accident.true
32901/09/15 1:39 PM
Deborah Miller
29746HR381Two of my coworkers recently had medical issues and I assisted them in getting up to Health Services quickly.true
33001/09/15 10:16 AM
Tom Reese
737118FAC192We are supposed to be helping each other. All I did, was do my job. Nothing special.true
33112/12/14 11:42 AM
ohmar sowle
030314ENG305I provided customer support to ensure that LOTO procedures were written correctlytrue
33212/10/14 4:25 PM
22003PBD372Observed a fire hazard during the experiment, and took proper actions immediatelytrue
33312/03/14 2:52 PM
Eric Pouyoul
23217ESD255I prevented an electrical fire at my home due to heavy storm.true
33411/24/14 3:56 PM
Doug Burkhardt
32379FAC305Asked Safety about an unknown electrical contractor who was parked in the parking lot near the ALS.true
33511/24/14 3:52 PM
Katherine Johnson
23193EHS305I followed up on an electrical contractor truck in the parking lot. I did not recognize their name from any safety paper work.true
33611/21/14 12:17 PM
Cari Lewis
025949CFO146I grabbed security and stopped an unknown person that walked out of our off-site facility with a laptop.true
33711/14/14 1:06 PM
Maria Prieto
31339EHS275I discussed partially plugged in kitchen appliances and sharp knives stored blade up in dish drain rack in our building's kitchen as being a safety issue with John Heim who then reported it to our DSC.true
33811/12/14 12:13 PM
Neel Singh
17335EHS157Cleaned up labs and storage facilities for Environmental Services Group. Coordinated updating of Chemical Management System inventory of Environmental Services Group. Coordinated disposal of hazardous waste for Environmental Services Group.true
33911/11/14 4:23 PM
17517EHS305Bundled a bunch of different Fall Protection information for the FP SME so he could see the progress made in his program.true
34011/04/14 10:26 AM
Pete Chavez
29208ENG341organized metal rack in 77 high bay.true
34111/03/14 11:14 AM
Douglas Jamieson
23871MSD202I suggested an alternate method of fall protection utilizing fall restraint thereby not requiring additional work to be performed by Facilities. A side benefit was that our department further saved money.true
34211/03/14 8:10 AM
Jeff Olson
028217ENG341I enforced the safety glass policy and helped a visitor get a clean pair or safety glasses while in the shop.true
34310/30/14 12:32 PM
Sau pham
34410/27/14 5:14 PM
Neli Lopez
1054HR146A sit-stand desk was raised so that someone sitting nearby at a side table could have bumped her head against the edge. I suggested we lower the sit-stand desk so that she could that workspace instead of the side table.true
34510/21/14 3:15 PM
Lorraine Dowling
20863OPS354I helped to coordinate the recent earthquake drill for two buildings. I also have worked with EHS to have the air monitored in building 65A because of ongoing respiratory issues with personnel. We were able to have a new air conditioner installed as well as having new air vents and air filters installed.true
34610/21/14 3:04 PM
Tracy Irvin
36306HR24I noticed that a shock absorbency mat was being discarded to salvage. This particular mat is used for those who stand all day so they can have extra support...it's basically a super squishy thick mat that your feet can bury into for comfort. I thought of Deb Miller because she stands every minute of the day and thought this mat might offer her some comfort. She loves it very much and that makes me happy.true
34710/21/14 2:56 PM
Wade Crosson
8575HR354Received card from Chris Diesch who appreciated that I reminder her about her commitment for better ergonomic safety by using her mouse for her laptop.true
34810/21/14 12:36 PM
024138ENG173Many helpful, safe and awesome things.true
34910/16/14 3:48 PM
Paul Porter
36949CSD255Found a broken part on a conference room chair that could have potentially provided an nasty cut.true
35010/15/14 7:19 PM
Jay Krous
001486IT317I recommended a new ergo tool to my division.true
35110/14/14 1:48 PM
Bradley Stephens
026876EHS301Identified areas to strengthen in the RPG inventory control program by assessing the program to 10 CFR 830 and DOE STD 1027-92 CN1.true
35210/13/14 6:25 PM
Bryan Fellows
802622OPS294I explained to Katherine that some of our access control panels have 120vac present. Access control contractors are typically not QEWs. What should we do when a access control contractor is going to be working in any of these enclosures?true
35310/09/14 2:50 PM
333751EHS273helped identify better option for GEM power cordtrue
35410/09/14 2:49 PM
333751EHS157I updated the safety postings in Bldg 75.true
35510/08/14 11:14 AM
John Tully
109301FAC269B64-223 Made researcher aware that a cord powering a pump submerged in water was deteriorated and should be removed from service. The researcher took the pump out of service.true
35610/07/14 11:50 AM
Hans Johansen
24399CRD49We were hosting a multi-lab offsite meeting, and I did a short safety briefing - emergency exits, earthquakes, etc. - before we got started.true
35710/07/14 9:15 AM
Cynthia Perez
016675ALS243I set up a lightbulb safely and carefully outside of the ALS patio.true
35810/07/14 9:06 AM
Garret Crofoot
21019CFO243I took a out dated fire extinguisher from building 79, and disposed of if properly.true
35910/03/14 10:26 AM
Ted Keffeler
192801ENG258I was using the bridge crane in B-77 high bay, and we had a walkway blocked off so no one would be exposed to the load being lifted. A person walked into the blocked area and I told him to exit immediately, he did, and after it was all done he gave me the card...true
36010/03/14 9:14 AM
Patricia Giuntoli
22661CSD255Notice office heater left on, office empty, got it turned offtrue
36110/01/14 5:10 PM
Dan Galvez
3210FAC168Stopped for pedestrian at crosswalk. She said two other cars had just passed her and did not stop. She dropped the card off at my desk.true
36210/01/14 11:22 AM
Alan Meier
598297EETD231Alan identified a subcontractor smoking in a non-designated area near Building 90 and directed him to the proper area. Expressed concern about fire hazards.true
36310/01/14 9:54 AM
Adrian Spucces
4642ENG258I noticed that a coffee pot was left on in a room that was closed & locked for the night, and found someone to let me in the room and turn off the pot.true
36409/25/14 4:30 PM
Thorsten Weber
800360CSD76Awareded for beta-testing and debugging WPCtrue
36509/19/14 5:33 PM
Joe Perillo
003935EHS241Turned in a room that was way to hot because of equipment running and propped open the doortrue
36609/16/14 12:05 PM
Steve Sohner
739001EHS272I assisted a person who was having a minor stroke, and thought it would be helpful for all lab employees to have a card/badge that lists the signs for a person who may be having a stroke or heart attack.true
36709/15/14 10:46 AM
Larry Begley
198401FAC166Called 911 and stayed with co-worker who was having a medical emergency.true
36809/02/14 11:35 AM
Jim Latimer
039223CFO291Assisted with OCFO picnic and used castered chairs as dollies to save time and effort in moving other stacks of chairs into the building.true
36908/27/14 10:50 AM
Tammy Welcome
290403OPS177I picked up paper in middle of hallway in Building 64. Was concerned someone might step on it and slip.true
37008/21/14 10:51 AM
Eli Dart
4338CSD254Spotted heater left on in officetrue
37108/14/14 8:58 PM
Dennis Baum
800748ENG35Every time I walk up the long wooden steps below B46, I pick up or kick off any sticks or branches which have fallen on them so that nobody slips or trips. Usually I do this in the mornings when branches and sticks fell on the stairs overnight.true
37208/11/14 1:29 PM
Linda Nowell
15719CFO286Assisted in teaching a class that was running long. After an hour stopped the class for a good stretch break before continuing.true
37308/08/14 2:58 PM
Mark Scott
30421EHS294Pushed the importance of safety culture in an electrical safety presentation.true
37408/07/14 1:25 PM
Dhivakaran Muruganantham
6685CRD253barricaded the slippery floor, because of the coffee spill.true
37507/31/14 12:14 PM
814060CFO270I controlled traffic on a one way street while wearing a orange safety vest to allow the safe passage of an over sized trucktrue
37607/31/14 9:01 AM
Anita Estner
14544EETD104Only recently trained as an ergo. advocate, I assisted a new employee in adjusting her workstation set-up. The employee is much more comfortable with the workstation now.true
37707/29/14 2:43 PM
37807/17/14 9:13 AM
Heidi Fuchs
39457EETD229Heidi (along with her colleague, Lindsay) noticed that a patio umbrella had blown on to the open roof area and could potentially fall on someone below. She alerted the Safety Manager and the issue was quickly resolved.true
37907/16/14 5:07 PM
Lindsay Holiday
40086EETD230Lindsay noticed a patio umbrella on the roof deck had blown out on the open part of the roof and could potentially fall on someone below. She brought this to the attention of the Safety Manager and the issue was quickly resolved.true
38007/11/14 8:44 AM
James Cryan
27978CSD236I sorted out our laser eyewear so operators could more easily select the correct pair.true
38107/02/14 4:14 PM
Christine Naca
8797GEN271-Took the initiative to reach out to EHS and Sustainable Berkeley Lab to include a sustainability aspect to the JGI Safety and Wellness Fair. There is great interest in waste diversion at JGI, from the highest leadership on down, and I am leading the effort to get this implemented onsite.
-At the start of the event I took the initiative to close off the fixed trash barrels around the patio and directed participants to use the waste diversion that were provided by the Sustainable Berkeley Lab booth brought out. Many staff were engaged in conversations with sustainability experts about waste diversion. JGI diverted more than 75% of the waste into compost or recycle bins instead of into landfill.
38207/02/14 9:01 AM
Thorsten Stezelberger
802538ENG99After a partial evacuation of the 50 complex Anita noticed the red and white chain the Building Manager and I installed.
The chain, which can easily put up and down, is to warn occupants of the unaffected part of the 50 complex not to enter the evacuated area.
38307/01/14 12:52 PM
Heather Madison
25877EHS165I picked up some plastic debris blocking the walkway to the B26 entrance, and then recycled it!true
38406/30/14 3:40 PM
Steve Greenberg
335864EETD159I removed a rope that had been holding open at door at Building 90. The rope was no longer in use and had become a tripping hazard.true
38506/25/14 12:13 PM
Joseph Flores
39214FAC115I was doing some seismic bracing in some lab equipment in building 6 and noticed an experiment sign that read, 'experiment in progress. Do not touch" I informed the building manager and he called the lab tech to see if it was ok to start work.My partner Curtis Cariveau thought I should be given the safety card.true
38606/25/14 11:02 AM
John Garcia
23606ENG119I recognized a unsafe work condition near a co-workers workbench and remedied the problem. there was a long piece of Iron hanging over a work bench, if it was knocked over it would have likely fallen into that co-workers area. I removed the Iron piece and stored it properly in a safe place.true
38706/19/14 7:23 AM
Scott Young
33683EETD234Reported a missing wall outlet cover in conference room 90-4046true
38806/18/14 3:01 PM
Joey Mossor
0019137FAC191I had an impromptu in depth safety conversation explaining how the ehs safety program and implementation of the program has changed in the last 8 years from a Fac. skilled craft workers point of view.true
38906/13/14 2:48 PM
Mark Schmidt
26497EHS201I reported three separate safety concerns. 1. A leaking, unlabeled, 55 gal drum, which is filled with an unknown substance behind B64. After reporting this to EHS they followed up on it and Waste Management does not know what chemical substance is leaking out of the drum. 2. Reported that workers are unsafely patching the roadway asphalt with no traffic control or safety cones. 3. Reported a plastic milk crate is being used by workers at B54 cafeteria to step up onto the loading dock. This is an unsafe step to climb up to the loading dock and it is unstable.true
39006/13/14 2:43 PM
Cynthia Sylvester
16586OPS203Incorporated a "Stand up and Move" slide in the middle of my presentation.true
39106/12/14 11:04 PM
Jose M Mayorga
4988FAC169I demonstrated a technique, on how to change the plastic liners on the new trash cans stations (waste diversion program) that are spread through the lab. They thought it was a great idea to share this tip with the rest of co-worker, so we can prevent injuries.true
39206/10/14 1:16 PM
Steve Nobles
256751IT251Found out about a driving safety hazard that involve my contractors. I stopped work for the afternoon, and had a safety talk about what to look out for, how to avoid it, and implemented new standards for how they should drive while working.true
39306/10/14 1:10 PM
Jon Bashor
598403CRD251After a near-miss by a contractor vehicle as I was crossing a road in a crosswalk, I contacted Facilities to ask them to make sure contractors working on site drove safely. This incident involved a contractor for IT Division, which promptly followed up on my suggestion.true
39406/10/14 1:05 PM
Christian Kohler
812913EETD80Alerted to potential electrical short for exposed electronics near metal surface.true
39506/09/14 1:26 PM
John Kua
33682NSD240I notified security at Blackberry Gate (who notified Facilities) that the wooden staircase leading down to the Bevatron Lot had a broken step after it gave way on me. Fortunately, I was using the handrails and avoided major injury to myself.true
39606/03/14 8:43 AM
Candace Flores
020462EHS168I found an error on a survey prior to it being sent out to a division. This avoided a lot of confusion and frustration.true
39706/02/14 11:41 AM
Gene Tucker
025590FAC4Time served on RSC.true
39805/30/14 11:23 AM
Jo Dee Widmayer
25899LD244I reported a broken window on the 5th floor of bldg 50 which was being used and someone could have been cut by broken glass below, or by opening and closing the window. Thank you Marty for the card!true
39905/28/14 11:01 AM
Eugene Flor
280912ENG156Reported fire code violation of a bottle rack exposed to an open flame.

PUB 3000 Ch 13. Gas Safety 13.7
Required Work Processes 4

"Exterior storage and use of cylinders must not be located under a window or within 20ft of smoking open flames or other ignition sources. "
40005/28/14 7:58 AM
brent hernandes
25363BSO235informed security there was a disabled car on the downhill curve of F lot on cyclotrontrue
40105/23/14 9:43 AM
Paul Ridgway
'EETD235Did an excellent job of installing a new rotary furnace in 70-299. Very nice and high quality work that makes the operation safer.true
40205/23/14 9:40 AM
Toshifumi Hotchi
'EETD234Identified a hazard in the Building 70 cryogenic dewar storage area. Delivered dewars are full and tend to suddenly vent into the walkway that goes directly by the dewars. Very loud and vents right into a passer-by. Building Manager looking into curtains or other controls.true
40305/22/14 8:11 AM
26112ENG119I cleaned out the chemical cabinet of old hazardous waste in the Bld 88 machine shop.true
40405/19/14 2:51 PM
Bradley Stephens
26876EHS166Assisted ESG in Smartsheet and Google sites development to enhance/streamline customer service.true
40505/06/14 1:21 PM
333751EHS157updated technical area postings for ESG Grouptrue
40604/25/14 10:04 AM
ronald bailey
40704/17/14 11:45 AM
Susan Synarski
21490EETD159I contacted a P.I. to remove a large crate from the hallway which could impact egress during an evacuation.true
40804/17/14 9:01 AM
Tatyana Smirnova
20315GEN215JGI ERT committee - active membertrue
40904/08/14 9:11 AM
Luis Fernandes
2931EETD223I noticed that the finish of one of the tables in Building 90's vending machine room was peeling off. It was sharp and could scratch/cut someone walking by. I alerted EETDs Building Coordinator (Susan Synarski), who gave me this card.true
41004/07/14 4:51 PM
Ellen Thomas
35569EETD104Late on a Fri. afternoon, an employee came down the hall and told me to call 911 as she was experiencing symptoms that could be potentially dangerous. I stayed with her throughout the process - of first responders, firemen, then ambulance. (For the record, she's doing well)true
41103/28/14 12:23 PM
Kaiqi Nie
038790ALS170I keep BL6.3.1 clean and got this card from my work leader.true
41203/28/14 10:31 AM
Matthew Hamilton
41303/24/14 11:26 AM
David Cota
023861FAC147Administered over 250 loto activites and 165,000 worker hours with no lost time injuries.true
41403/23/14 9:38 AM
Chenghao Wu
25225MSD170I cleaned out the working area.true
41503/20/14 1:43 PM
Nance Matson
341301EETD221I picked up a work glove that had been laying in the road way so that it wouldn't distract drivers or pedestrians.true
41603/19/14 6:17 PM
Yifan Ye
37026ALS170I took the card in BL when I was cleaning up the beamline working area.true
41703/19/14 12:26 PM
Janie Page
25722EETD221Identified unsafe conditions on path near Building 90.true
41803/18/14 11:31 AM
Robert Otillar
15537GEN217Contributions to JGI ERT steering committee.true
41903/18/14 7:42 AM
Michael Walling
5572FAC55I followed set RPM rules for handling and inspecting hazard packages in Central Receiving.true
42003/18/14 7:22 AM
Janie Morse
4404FAC55Paul notice how how safe I was driving the forklift and handling boxes.true
42103/14/14 9:32 PM
Yi-Sheng Liu
19194ALS170I keep the working area cleantrue
42203/14/14 3:06 PM
Doug Taube
26373ALS172I received this card from Mike Martin. He said I could have gotten it for 1000 reasons but he said I took over the ALS gas cylinder safety program and greatly improved it.true
42303/12/14 3:12 PM
Sayee Chea
16469FAC39I was working above a doorway B2 1st floor with blinking cones around my ladder alerting people from bombing into the ladder hurting me and/or themselves. Everyone that passed by felt it was a great thing to have these blinking cones.true
42403/03/14 4:19 PM
Blanca Bocobo
22028HR23I warned a co-worker of the cement drop in front building 90 that does not have railing when they were back up to it.true
42502/28/14 12:48 PM
Alan Poon
891203NSD181I notified our safety coordinator and 88" operation that info about 88" on the JHA is about to become invalid.true
42602/20/14 11:59 AM
Victor Salomon
24540FAC196My partner and I were cleaning v- ditches up by B85 when we noticed two clear containers both filled with unknown liquids . We reported it but nothing was done at first but then we came across Don L from eh&s and he took care of the problemtrue
42702/10/14 4:39 PM
Bill Singh
42802/10/14 4:36 PM
Bill Singh
42902/10/14 10:19 AM
Keith Heinzelman
334501EHS4I called 7911 to report a fire alarm behind building 75.true
43002/07/14 10:35 AM
016897EETD104I advised people to use crosswalks instead of crossing wherever they please.true
43102/06/14 7:28 AM
joey mossor
0019137FAC198Secured a ladder on a slope.
Over and beyond norm safety regs.
43202/05/14 4:39 PM
Kenneth Higa
28370EETD220Ken identified some housekeeping issues regarding use of possible nanomaterials in a lab area. He brought this to the Division Safety Coordinator's attention for follow-up and corrective action.true
43302/05/14 10:21 AM
Scott Clingenpeel
43402/04/14 4:45 PM
David Gilbert
333051GEN209Photograhed go packs and ERT disaster response exercises best practices.
Keep up the good work!
43502/04/14 3:31 PM
Diane Douglas
22327EETD228I worked with our communications office to add a prominent link to the Division's safety website on our EETD site.true
43602/03/14 4:34 PM
'DouglasEETD228Resolved a long standing issue preventing the EETD Safety website from being clearly linked on the main EETD website. A new link has made it much more accessible to lab personnel.true
43701/22/14 10:48 AM
Diana Swantek
874825ESD100I contacted UCB Facilities to report a dangerous pothole on Centennial on the downward slope after a cyclist from the lab crashed there. As a fellow cyclist, I also reported this pothole to those I know go down Centennial in the evening. The pothole has since been filled.true
43801/21/14 4:10 PM
Chad Mitchell
031473AFRD63I volunteered as QUEST leader for my floor of Building 71.true
43901/17/14 5:14 PM
Wanli Yang
003645ALS170I put the books onto shelf in our group library. The books were just piled up on the floor, occupying the floor space and walk way.true
44001/17/14 12:42 PM
Victor Miller
34956EETD106I contaminated myself with a small chemical slip; I cleaned it up and immediately informed my superiors as to the error and, when asked, how to avoid it.true
44101/09/14 4:27 PM
Donald Mayorga
007924FAC37Noticed drywall/joint compound debris on floor and reported safety issue to EHS.true
44201/08/14 10:55 AM
Don Beaton
814002FAC147Assisted injured worker after they had slipped during a jobsite walk.true
44301/07/14 5:05 PM
Robert Kostecki
850501EETD106I noticed that lab visitors some times do not comply with PPE, long pants, closed toes policy because they are not informed about it ahead of time. I notified the Division Safety Coordinator about the problem.true
44401/07/14 2:41 PM
Dominga Estrada
031360'HR69I've been serving as co-Chair of our Division's Safety Committee and have recently volunteered to be an Ergo Safety Advocate.true
44501/07/14 2:36 PM
Warren Elliott
813988FAC190As I was anchoring some file cabinets, I used a chamfer bit to remove the burs on the top that were from a previous installation.true
44612/19/13 2:56 PM
Lilian Deporcel
44712/19/13 9:58 AM
Lilian Deporcel
20466PHY180Labeled hot/cold faucet to prevent someone from burning with the very hot water. The original labels had faded and there was no indication of which handle was for hot or cold.true
44812/11/13 1:15 PM
Kevin Haugh
675603FAC155I worked with the EETD team and EH&S to start a waste diversion composting pilot program for the on site LBNL campus.true
44911/20/13 10:25 AM
25816CSD38Drove employee to Health Services, then to US HealthWorks for further medical attention after a fall on 11/19/13.true
45011/18/13 5:31 PM
Scott Robinson
22038EHS154While purchasing a small refrigerator for personal use at the Lab, I noticed that the product I wanted to buy did not have Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) certification, so I didn't purchase it. Instead, I went to a store where I could purchase a product with NRTL certification.true
45111/18/13 3:24 PM
Brian Reynolds
23122ENG119Kept the building 88 machine shop cleantrue
45211/15/13 7:29 AM
Thomas Perry
524003ENG119I discovered a tripping hazard in B-88 and put controls in place and informed otherstrue
45311/14/13 1:41 PM
Janilee Benitez
17512NSD179I submitted our ion source AHD's for reauthorization/renewal before going away on maternity leave. They would have expired while I was away leaving the cyclotron with no ion sources.true
45411/12/13 3:11 PM
jose soriano
005743FAC188while open a dumster i see tjis black oily liquid in one of the dumster which i call ron cullien so he can investigate qhat was it .......true
45511/12/13 1:35 PM
Otillar Robert
15537GEN129I received it as an award for identifying a safety hazard at JGI. There was a shattered glass bottle not easily visible in a freezer, which could have cut someone's wrist. I noticed it, taped off the freezer and posted a sign, and alerted the appropriate safety people at JGI.

By the way, I do not know what to put for 'Your Division' above, I am not familiar with those abbreviations, so I may have gotten that wrong on this form.
45611/11/13 8:51 AM
Brendan Cronander-Ford
31491ENG119I matched my safety glasses with the type of work I am doing and noticed they work perfectly for my needs.true
45711/07/13 9:36 AM
Brendan Cronander-Ford
31491ENG178I identified a safety issue with a plumbing fixture.true
45811/06/13 1:40 PM
801276EETD103Removed splinters / sharp paint shards on railing on stairs up to Bldg. 90true
45911/05/13 3:49 PM
Mike Johnson
7015NSD178Caring about safety off the jobtrue
46011/04/13 11:08 AM
Judith Novak
19006LSD90Notified appropriate administrative assistant of a coffee spill in the Building 90 elevator; call was placed to wash the elevator floor.true
46111/01/13 5:57 AM
Steven Klingler
46210/31/13 8:53 AM
JoAnne Lambert
564001EETD90I reported a safety issue with the type of door stop recently attached to one of our conference room doors. Due to bad design, if these types of doorstops were to be engaged while the door is shut it would trap those inside. During an emergency situation this could be disastrous. Using these types of doorstops anywhere at the Lab is now being reconsidered.true
46310/21/13 1:37 PM
Mark Tibbetts
27544PHY123I reported a fixture hanging precariously from the ceilingtrue
46410/21/13 11:50 AM
James Smithwick
109851IT92During the earthquake drill I noted tiles that were stacked next to an egress. These ceiling tiles actually dropped across the egress as I was doing the room sweep. In case of a real emergency, and if it was dark this could have caused a significant personal injury.true
46510/21/13 10:15 AM
Kim Abbott
5201BSO84During the earthquake drill I noted that building occupants were re-entering the building by walking in the roadway. I recommended that when occupants are given the "all clear" to re-enter the building, they are reminded to use pedestrian walkways and that a BET member monitor the roadways.true
46610/18/13 12:46 PM
Stephen Craig Cary
037525GEN130Discovered a cigarette bin seriously smoking and on fire at JGI. Put the fire out with water and reported the problem.true
46710/18/13 11:32 AM
Dave Smith
024688FAC125I needed to replace a cracked window in a hallway office door. I was unable to do this safely with the door in place, so I had to secure the broken window in the door, remove the door and transfer it to a location where the work could be done safely without risk to others.true
46810/16/13 1:47 PM
Tennessee Gock
319892ALS8I reported missing chapter on Safety Walkaround Program in the LBNL ES&H Manual (PUB-3000).true
46910/16/13 11:28 AM
Roberto Rodriguez
24242HR23In Trailer 90P, I noticed someone pushing a file cabinet without help. I stopped the individual and recommended a work order be placed with Facilities before the cabinet was moved.true
47010/16/13 6:48 AM
Joseph Cullen
813967FAC113I came up with a new technique that should save The Lab many thousnds of dollars. It involves encapsulating asbestos / lead used in old building materials. it is a very effective and safe procedure that Rob Connelly enthusiastically endorses. Instead of calling an abatement company to clean up certain areas around the hill, we, the Paint Shop, can use this new technique to handle at least 50% of the work we now sub out. Saving big money and performing the job safely with very little if any client disruption. A great idea.true
47110/14/13 7:28 AM
curtis cariveau
813985FAC115I moved a loud and somewhat dangerous job of removing glass from a door @ building 50 to a mechanical room.true
47210/11/13 9:13 AM
Michael Wisherop
19398EHS8I extinguished a small fire in a smokers urn.true
47310/10/13 2:48 PM
Suzanne Baker
013332LSD186found a problem in sJHA renewal, figured out fix and emailed Bill Wells about it.true
47410/10/13 1:43 PM
Robert Fox
340101EHS122The original EBMUD invoice (dated 3/20/13) was for $15,712.60. I challenged this amount and was able to reduce the invoice to $3,566.06 by noting incorrect billing practices and charges for testing and monitoring which were not performed by EBMUD.

I was able to save the Lab $12,146.54 in charges.
47510/09/13 2:53 PM
Russ Guidi
001987FAC67My work on 50B AC 010 so pleased Mike Magstadt he then saw fit to honor me with this award.true
47610/08/13 4:24 PM
Janie Page
25722EETD79Identified and reported a broken metal strip on a stairway step that could be a potential trip hazard.true
47710/08/13 9:15 AM
47810/08/13 8:07 AM
Paul Williams
008776FAC55Provided exceptional support in expediting and installing of a sit stand desk for a employee with ergonomic needs.true
47910/04/13 10:15 AM
Abdi Salehi
28173AFRD64Being safety coordinator for my group for the last 3 years.true
48010/03/13 12:22 PM
Hugo Moran
009278FAC184Working in bldg. 88 we found a bottle with unknown substance,no label. So we called subject expert matter.true
48110/03/13 12:15 PM
jose m soriano
005743FAC183I was working by 88 while shovel it some dirt i found this dark bottle which there was no hazard sticker to see what was it which I call mi superiors to take care of it ........true
48209/28/13 9:15 PM
michael solarz
812855NSD12i submitted some useful suggestion to Mr.Daniel Best <dgbest@lbl.gov> with Re:
to EHSS0243 safety study. He kindly went out of his way to provide me with
card # 012.
48309/27/13 4:24 PM
Steve Greenberg
335864EETD82Reported that the fire extinguisher in Building 63 had low pressure and needs servicing.true
48409/27/13 2:04 PM
natasha nelson
25532EETD81Identified daisy chain situation.true
48509/27/13 1:49 PM
Jeff Bramble
9084EHS173I helped guide a large truck in backing up to get turned around in the loading dock area between B070 and B070A.true
48609/26/13 10:28 AM
010918LSD174Ensured training for cryostat users and sJHA approval and compliance for cryostat service technician.true
48709/25/13 11:13 AM
Andrew McNeil
26673EETD80Reported a potentially serious traffic issue on Chu Roadtrue
48809/24/13 4:37 PM
J.B. McFarland
038188EHS3I helped an employee with a full tray of food clean-up her spilled ketchup right in front of the cafeteria entrance.true
48909/24/13 1:34 PM
michael magstadt
1609IT67Ann T gave me this card for suggesting not hanging a clock over a doorway.true
49009/23/13 11:46 AM
Deborah Wang
24321NSD182Marty White appreciated that I was promoting safety among my coworkerstrue
49109/23/13 10:20 AM
david stein
16317OPS177Our new suite of cubicles in 64-240 have 67" high walls that you cannot see around. This was posing a collision danger for folks entering and exiting the suite. I researched corner safety mirrors online. I found one with the right size and specs and ordered it. I then placed a work request to have it installed in the top corner of the ceiling above the blind corner. It's very effective for letting people see around the corners to avoid collision.true
49209/19/13 9:10 AM
Woody Delp
936001EETD79Reported a near-miss incident regarding a contractor driving too fast in the Bevetron parking lot.true
49309/18/13 12:06 PM
Eric Essman
258331PHY56Requested that four chairs that created a safety hazard on the 50A 5th floor balcony be transported to salvage.true
49409/18/13 11:38 AM
Tom Gallant
2103NSD56Worked with the institution to provide permanent tables for events at the 50 Auditorium that are the appropriate size to prevent egress issues.true
49509/17/13 4:34 PM
Rob Connelly
279751'EHS113I removed an umbrella that was lying on the ground in a doorway, which potentially could have caused someone to trip and fall.true
49609/13/13 3:03 PM
Doug Black
3350EETD102I removed a trip hazard (a large heavy battery) that was in the middle of a walkway in building 63.true
49709/13/13 1:31 PM
Anita Whichard
956541ENG99I buckled up for safety on the Rockridge shuttle.true
49809/11/13 6:56 PM
Monika Blum
14778ALS18I always prepare our experimental runs in a safe way and ahead of time.true
49909/11/13 5:42 PM
Aleksandr Polyakov
19047MSD58I taped a hole in the floor that presented a tripping hazard.true
50009/10/13 10:34 AM
Philip Haves
721203EETD84Submitted Safety Concern regarding improper use of bike racks on lab shuttles.true
50109/09/13 3:39 PM
Tim Roberts
18563EHS113I picked some a sharp object from the roadway that could have caused injury or a flat tire.true
50209/06/13 12:58 PM
Angela tarver
021258GEN137I put ethanol in appropriate SAA.true
50309/06/13 9:49 AM
Christopher Payne
330851EETD91I cleaned up several loose monitor and power cords in a conference room to eliminate a trip hazard.true
50409/05/13 4:18 PM
Tom weber
50509/04/13 9:51 AM
Lida Gifford
026771PBD99I reported a problem with one of the stairways leading to the cafeteria. The wood on the edge two of the steps was cracked and could have caused someone to fall.true
50608/30/13 2:56 PM
Elizabeth Stuart
23741EETD99I adjusted the ergo break application on my computer to a schedule that I would actually keep - and I have taken nearly all of the recommended breaks today (about every 90 minutes). I also customized the pop-up messages about taking a moment to be aware of your shoulder or wrist position, etc., to messages I would actually read/pay attention to. I like it already! Really encourages me to take those ergo breaks, and be aware of my body position - in order to prevent injury/repetitive stress issues.true
50708/30/13 11:13 AM
Sangeeta Nath
022013GEN137Some unlabeled bottles and samples were found during a regular walk through. I took care of another group's reagent/sample, labeled them and put the in the secondary container when the entire group was out of town for more than a week.
Also saw a fabric chair in the lab and replaced it with a suitable one.
50808/29/13 3:36 PM
Linda vu
CRD9Wore my seatbelt on the bustrue
50908/29/13 2:03 PM
Patrick Schwientek
32103GEN134I informed the safety coordinator about a broken cool pack in the freezer that had contaminated the ice cubes in the dispenser.true
51008/28/13 5:21 PM
Jene White
25775OPS149I stopped the bus I was driving. So a larger vehicle can pass safelytrue
51108/28/13 1:02 PM
Bill Wells
17517EHS143Successful DOE-OE Assist Visit.true
51208/28/13 11:05 AM
Derrick Crofoot
14289ALS17Inside of the ALS storage ring we placed some padding and caution tape on a low steel beam to prevent head and body injuries.true
51308/27/13 9:22 PM
Dahlia An
025494CSD7Trained by Phil Rutkowski, I reminded coworkers to wear their seat belts after we hopped on a shuttle. Safety first!true
51408/19/13 9:37 AM
Monte Whisenhunt
201351ENG59I brought to attention head bump hazard in storage ring 5 rack area of building 6true
51508/16/13 12:40 PM
Richard DeBusk
013052EHS1I was given the card for providing personal feedback to the EETD staff in 75C who had requested ground markings to protect their gas cylinders from vehicles. I visited with the group regularly in 75C to update them on this safety concerns project.true
51608/15/13 2:31 PM
Tami Blackwell
017887PHY123I reported a reoccurring ceiling leak from 6' pipe that had rusted through in bldg. 50B on the 6th flr.true
51708/09/13 4:06 PM
Susan Synarski
021490EETD97I recommended that our Safety Manager send out a safety alert about load capacities of the keyboard platform on Workrite bi-level sit-stand desks (our lab standard desk). We had one break off. These desks are in wide usage at the Lab.true
51808/09/13 3:10 PM
008351EETD101Meeting to discuss new safety protocols and reminded people to put on safety glasses in building 70 lab.true
51908/07/13 3:35 PM
Cynthia Sylvester
016586CFO71Reported incorrect type of casters on chairs in conference room (carpet casters on a linoleum floor)true
52008/06/13 8:06 AM
Tim Roberts
018563EHS101I reminded a worker to wear eye protection while using power equipment in a ceiling space.true
52108/02/13 11:03 AM
Solene Hebert
036300CSD7I wore my seatbelt on the shuttle.true
52208/02/13 10:24 AM
Susan Bailey
004797ALS20I saw someone on a ladder in a situation that worried me, and I talked to the person, and then brought the issue to the attention of ALS safety staff and the ALS safety committee.true
52308/01/13 9:08 AM
Paula Ashley
024893EETD104Assisted with office move/arrangementtrue
52408/01/13 8:29 AM
Glenda Fish
0276591PHY115I reported that people have been using the desk chair located in the Bldg. 50 Lobby that is part of the Alvarez display. The chair is very old and it is unsafe for people to be sitting in this chair that is supposed to be for display only. The Bldg. Manager reported this to CSO so the issue can be addressed to ensure the chair is not used in the future.true
52507/31/13 4:12 PM
David Malone
001688ALS18An ALS manager was concerned about a facility employee working too high on a ladder. Being one of the safety staff at the ALS I went to speak with this fellow about the concern. Explaining the situation and knowing nothing about ladder training I asked the facility worker to teach me how to work safely on a ladder. Also what types of ladders he uses and what the height restrictions required are for the variety of tasks he performs daily.
My approach was well received and he provided information that was helpful in understanding that he was in fact following the correct procedures and was working safely within the height limits of the ladder he was using. He said it was the right thing to do to “stop work” and have a discussion about ladder safety. I confirmed with his supervisor that we had the conversation and the supervisor also affirmed that his employee is a cautious person who takes safety seriously and plans carefully before doing any work.
During our monthly ALS safety meeting Mike Martin presented me with the card saying my efforts to resolve the issue were worthy of receiving the “safe-ing the day!” recognition. Safety is our number one priority, so I’m assuming it won’t be long before I pass the card on to another person working at ALS.
52607/31/13 8:52 AM
Michelle Lee
027903HR23I reported loose boards that caused an employee to fall near a construction sight.true
52707/30/13 3:07 PM
Frank Rosado
004203PHY117I helped a co-worker get rid of a mouse that was loose in her cubicle in B50. I took the mouse outside and set it free among the trees and leaves near the B50 parking lot.true
52807/30/13 1:16 PM
Amy Ecclesine
021671EHS14While walking from the cafeteria at lunch, I re-steered a visitor back into the designated crosswalk where the heavy trucks were crossing, as he was taking a short cut. I got handed the card by someone who was walking in the opposite direction, and he saw the whole incident.true
52907/30/13 12:45 PM
Shankar Earni
024760EETD62Wound and secured cords that were frayed.true
53007/30/13 9:19 AM
Joseph Crippen
002289PA121Help with facilitating Zero Waste Programtrue
53107/29/13 4:08 PM
Sandra Ritterbusch
0025410NSD116Reported a safety "problem" with the crosswalk from Bldg. 50 to Bldg. 65 shuttle stop.true
53207/29/13 10:30 AM
Kelly Palkki
020904EHS1There were ants all over a garbage can in the kitchen so I took it outside and sprayed the ants, preventing the ants from spreading all over the kitchen.true
53307/26/13 3:35 PM
Gene Tucker
025590FAC6B70, discussed dangers with driver who was on cell phone while backing large vehicle.true
53407/25/13 11:55 AM
Tom Donovan
000109EHS109I, plus others, noted and informed Facilities of the flimsy protective cover over the Lab's natural gas main junction line. This large gas line assembly surfaces in an area known for falling eucalyptus trees.true
53507/24/13 11:26 PM
eli rotenberg
275451ALS16Doug Taube and I received a package of parts from a vendor in an incorrectly labelled box. The shipment consisting of fabricated metal parts was harmless but the box was incorrectly labelled as though it had a highly explosive substance (gunpowder). The labels included incorrect DOT hazard markings and packing slip. (the vendor had reused an old box to ship the parts to me in). I took photos of the box and sent it to ES&H so they can look into whether proper procedures were followed at LBL in response to a potentially dangerous shipment.true
53607/24/13 1:57 PM
Herb Toor
016018EHS113Attended a safety committee meetingtrue
53707/24/13 1:41 PM
Anthony Spadafora
137651PHY110Division Safety Committee discussiontrue
53807/24/13 1:25 PM
Rhonda witharm
53907/22/13 2:10 PM
Andrew Weber
025085EETD62I notified my colleagues about a tripping hazard in front of Building 90.true
54007/22/13 10:29 AM
Nancy Huppler
54107/19/13 2:14 PM
Thy Meas
020550ALS17I took a fammable solid package and dropped it off at the chemical lab with Douglas Taube.true
54207/17/13 12:23 PM
Wade Crosson
008575HR24I collaborate with the Safety Culture Improvement committee to identify safety and safety culture messaging and communication to incorporate into the new hire orientation and onboarding process.true
54307/17/13 11:46 AM
Arwa Nobles
IT68I recommended a bus stop sign be repositioned in order to keep a pedestrian cross walk and parking lot exit way free from shuttle buses blocking them.true
54407/17/13 11:14 AM
Chris Diesch
626803HR21I supported a team mate who was having a super-stressful week, and she appreciated that.true
54507/17/13 11:09 AM
Vera Potapenko
017152HR23Sponsoring our HR Division Safety Initiativestrue
54607/16/13 1:21 PM
Alex Friedman
800075AFRD11I was waiting on line for soup when someone dropped their glass salad bowl and it broke. He bent down and was about to start tidying up, so I cautioned him that he should not attempt to do it himself. He then stopped and one of the staff did the cleanup safely.true
54707/15/13 1:28 PM
Simone Sassolini
028705MSD58I found 2 shutoff valves in the gas cabinet that have a max rated pressure below the operating pressure and took them off service. Will put proper replacements in place soon.true