2019 AAU staff schedule of events
DateDayActivityPlaceRoomTimeAssigned Staff
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1June 11TuesSue arrivesSWASWA #1665 1210 apick up van
2June 11TuesStaff arrivesMichael McPoyleAA #1021 509 pmSue Mailhot
3June 11TuesStaff arrivesCarlos RodriguezUnited #2103 1125 pmpick up car
4June 11TuesStaff arrivesRaul Ramosdriving200 pm
6June 12WedStaff arrivesCorny GaldonesUnited 2079 1141 ampick up car
7June 12WedStaff arrivesNancy FunkDelta 2018 1232 pmCorny Galdones
8June 12Wedstaff arrivesThang Nguyen(830 pm) maybe earlier
9June 12WedStaff arrivesBill StanleySWA #378 605 pmpick up car
10June 12WedStaff arrivesRachael Stringertrying to take an earlier flightwill call upon arrival (appr 100 pm)
11June 12WedStaff arrivesSteve ArnellSWA #5868 120 am(Uber??)
13June 13ThuStaff arrivesMoises Santiagocar1200 pm
14June 13ThuStaff arrivesTammy Elliottcar400 pm
15June 13ThuPick up staff clothingAAU officesmorning
16June 13ThuHelpers arriveHope KennedyPeggy White
17Kim Brandes-ReiterDebbie KnuthJerri Drummond
18June 13ThuVIK preparationSheratonMeyer-Clementine600 pm - 900 pmWhite/Knuth/Drummond/Bentley/Kennedy
19June 13ThuStaff arrivesCarlos TamezSWA #6161 midnight (6-14)(Uber??)
20June 13ThuStaff arrivesSterling Kaimimokudriving
21June 13ThuStaff arrivesKeith Wellerdrivingnoon
22June 13ThuStaff arrivesKirsten BoessneckSWA #2528 920 pCarlos Rodriguez
23June 13Thustaff arrivesRon PelhamSWA #6548 130 am(Uber??)
25June 14FriVIK preparationSheratonMeyer-Clementine900 am - 600 pmWhite/Knuth/Drummond/Bentley/Kennedy
26June 14FriAll staff scheduled to arrivefor 6 pm meeting
27June 14FriStaff arrivesAna RamirezSWA #2337 810 amBill Stanley
28June 14FriStaff arrivesRebecca Johannes1050 a??
29June 14FriStaff lunchOlive Garden(for those who worked in the am)1200 pm(9 - 10 people)
30June 14FriStaff arrivesRicardo PadillaSWA #2593 425 pmUber w/AllRunner
31June 14FriStaff arrivesCedric AllRunnerSWA #435 445 pmUber w/Padilla
32June 14FriStaff arrivesPedro Garciadrivingnoon
33June 14FriStaff arrivesCrystal Lewisdriving400 pm
34June 14FriStaff arrivesJoseph O'Nealdriving200 pm
35June 14FriStaff arrivesRobert Millerdriving300 pm
36June 14FriStaff arrivesKen Dawkinsdriving400 pm
37June 14FriStaff arrivesApple Kridakorndriving400 pm
38June 14FriStaff arrivesLori Lawleydriving500 pm
39June 14FriStaff ArrivesKim Wishumdriving400 pm
40June 14FriStaff dinnerPei Wei5:00 PM(30 people)
41June 14FriStaff meetingSheratonKey Room6:00 PM
43June 15SatStaff breakfastDunkin Donuts??on your own
44June 15SatStaff meetingSheratonKey Room9:00 AM
45June 15SatStaff lunchSweet Tomates1200 pm
46June 15SatOCCC computer set-upOCCCN321/3221:00 PMRodriguez/Stringer/Lewis/Lawley
47June 15SatVIK preparationSheratonMeyer/Clementine800 am - 200 pmWhite/Knuth/Drummond/Bentley/Kennedy/Brandes
48June 15SatVIK preparationSheratonmove from Meyer/Clementine to Royal Palm 3200 pm - 500 pmWhite/Knuth/Drummond/Bentley/Kennedy/Brandes
49June 15SatStaff dinnerQdoba630 p
51June 16SunChurchHoly Family700 amdepart hotel at 630 am
52June 16SunStaff arrivesSteve Covert1100 amdriving
53June 16SunSU June 16assignments10 - 11 - 44 - 8
55stevearnellcheck in1st time
56KirstenBoessneckcheck incheck in
58KenDawkinsscore clinicpictures
59TammyElliottscore clinicpictures
60NancyFunkscore clinic
61CornelioGaldonespicturesR2 clinic
63RebeccaJohannescheck inasgning
66LoriLawleyoffice set-up1st time
67CrystalLewisoffice set-up1st time
68J MichaelMcPoylecheck inR2 clinic
70RobertMiller1st timepictures
76RaulRamoscand mtgPR mtg
78CarlosRodriguezcheck inasgning
79MoisesSantiagopicturesPR mtg
80WilliamStanleypicturescand mtg
81RachaelStringercheck inasgning
82CarlosTamezscore clinicPR mtg
83KeithWellercheck incheck in
84KimWishum1st time
86June 16Sunpick up vans at airportSheratonlobby800 amCorny take Tamez/Fernandez/O'Neal
87June 16SunRegistration helpers arriveSheratonRoyal Palm 3800 am
88June 16SunRegistration startsSheratonRoyal Palm 31000 am - 100 pm
89June 16SunRegistration startsSheratonRoyal Palm 3100 pm - 400 pm
90June 16SunRegistration startsSheratonRoyal Palm 3400 pm - 700 pm
91June 16SunPicturesSheratonRoyal Palm 31000 am - 700 pmGaldones/Stanley/Park/Santiago
92June 16SunStaff lunchSubwayavailable to eat at 1130 amKridakorn/AllRunner/Cooper (Moellendick)
93June 16Sunoffice staff to CCOCCCN3221:00 pm - 3:00 pmLewis/Lawley
94June 16SunR2 Clinic (optional)
Everyone welcome
SheratonRoyal Palm 1200 - 330 pmGaldones/McPoyle
95June 16SunAdvancement clinic (optional)
Everyone welcome
SheratonRoyal Palm 1330 - 500 pmPark/Stanley
96June 16SunStaff dinnerPanera Breadavailable to eat at 500 pmKridakorn/AllRunner/Cooper (Moellendick)
97June 16Sunfirst time attendees (not required) (start at hotel, shuttle to conv center)Sheraton to OCCCRoyal Palm 1500 pmLewis/Lawley/Arnell/Dawkins (use Lane Lawley/Milt Moellendick and other lead refs who have a van to help drive)
98June 16Sunload items from check-inSheraton to OCCCN322
99June 16SunOpening CeremoniesESPN WWSbaseball stadium700 pmbus loads at 6
100June 16SunPuerto Rican Officials Meeting (Mandatory)SheratonMajestic Palm A/B/C
101June 16SunOfficials Pre-tournament Meeting (Mandatory - everyone must attend)SheratonMajestic Palm A/B/C/D800 pm
103June 17MonRef Shirt - certified white officials polo/plain white polo (no logos)/previous year's AAU white polo
104June 17MonStaff Shirt - Green Dri-fit
105June 17MonLate referee registrationOCCCroom N322starts at 1000 aLawley/Lewis
107June 18TuesDig Pink Day (or white polo)https://giving.side-out.org/campaigns/15514#/
108June 18TuesStaff Shirt - pink dri-fit
109June 18Tuesstaff departsNicki Payne805 am
110June 18Tuesstaff arrivesSuzanne Dodd
112June 19WedRef Shirt - AAU t-shirt (can wear white polo underneath)
113June 19WedStaff Shirt - yellow long sleeve
115June 20ThuRef Shirt - new AAU polo shirt
116June 20ThuStaff Shirt - Blue polo
117June 20ThuInternational ScrimmageOSC2:30 - 6:00 pm8 refs and supervisor
118June 20Thuscoring clinicOCCCN330100 pmNguyen/Lewis
119June 20ThuOfficials 2nd session registrationOCCCN3301000 am - 500 pmLawley/Lewis
120June 20ThuSue departs1000 amLawley/Lewis
121800 pm
122June 21FriRef Shirt - gray officials or white officials polo/plain white polo (no logos)/previous year's AAU white polo
123June 21FriStaff Shirt - blue long sleeve
124June 21FriSue gone (Rachael/Thang in charge)
126June 22SatRef Shirt - Dig Pink (or white)https://giving.side-out.org/campaigns/15514#/
127June 22SatStaff Shirt - Green dri-fit
128June 22SatStaff arrivesJung Park1124 pm??
129June 22SatSue gone (Rachael/Thang in charge)
131June 23SunChurchHoly Family700 amdepart hotel at 630 am
132June 23SunRef Shirt - AAU t-shirt (can wear white polo underneath)
133June 23SunStaff Shirt - Maroon polo
134June 23SunSue arrives (Rachael/Thang in charge)1000 am
136June 24MonRef Shirt - new AAU polo shirt
137June 24MonStaff Shirt - Black polo
138June 24Mon2nd session Referee check-inOCCC N3221000 am - 500 pmLawley/Lewis
140June 25TueRef Shirt - blue officials or white officials polo/plain white polo (no logos)/previous year's AAU white polo
141June 25TueStaff Shirt - yellow long sleeve
142June 25TueStaff DepartsSterling Kaimimoku800 am??
143June 25TueStaff DepartsKen Dawkinsdriving
144June 25TueStaff departsSteve Covert1200 pm
145June 25TueStaff departsBill Stanley515 pm
147June 26WedRef Shirt - Dig Pink (or white polo)https://giving.side-out.org/campaigns/15514#/
148June 26WedRef Shirt - pink dri-fit
149June 26WedStaff DepartsThang Nguyen900 am
151June 27ThuRef Shirt - AAU t-shirt (can wear white polo underneath)
152June 27ThuRef Shirt - blue long sleeve
154June 28FriRef Shirt - new AAU polo shirt
155June 28FriRef Shirt - Maroon polo
156June 28FriStaff DepartsSuzanne Dodddriving after finished
157June 28FriStaff DepartsPedro Garciadriving after finished
158June 28FriStaff DepartsMoises Santiagodriving after finished
159June 28FriStaff DepartsKim Wishum540 pm
160June 28FriStaff DepartsRebecca Johannes700 pm
162June 29SatStaff DepartsCorny Galdones530 am
163June 29SatStaff DepartsJung Park??
164June 29SatStaff DepartsAna Ramirez730 am
165June 29SatStaff DepartsSteve Arnell745 am
166June 29SatStaff DepartsNancy Funk800 am
167June 29SatStaff DepartsCarlos Tamez840 am
168June 29SatStaff DepartsKirsten Boessneck930 am
169June 29SatStaff DepartsCedric AllRunner930 am
170June 29SatStaff DepartsJung Park950 am
171June 29SatStaff DepartsCarlos Rodriguez215 pm
172June 29SatStaff DepartsMichael McPoyle316 p
173June 29SatStaff DepartsRachael Stringer330 pm
174June 29SatStaff DepartsTammy Elliottdriving
175June 29SatStaff DepartsApple Kridakorndriving
176June 29SatStaff DepartsCrystal Lewisdriving
177June 29SatStaff DepartsRaul Ramoscheckout time
178June 29SatStaff DepartsRon Pelhamcheckout time
179June 29SatStaff DepartsKeith Wellerdriving
180June 29SatStaff DepartsRobert Millerdriving
181June 29SatStaff DepartsJoseph O'Nealdriving
182June 29SatStaff DepartsRicky Padilla??
184June 30SunStaff DepartsSue MailhotSWA 445 p
185June 30SunStaff DepartsLori Lawleydriving