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ADAPT Software Applications, Inc.
ADAPTcrmADAPTcrm was designed to provide the full scope of features found in much more complex and expensive CRM products in a package that is easy to implement, use and customize. - Medium
AIMcrmPowerful Lead Management tools allow you to distribute leads with ease, and close more sales more efficiently. Whether you are aggregating leads for resale, or you are working leads to sell you products or services, AIMcrm can help to streamline your lead flow. Size
(Customer Experience Systems)Amdocs’ mission is to help the world’s leading providers of wireline, wireless, broadband cable and satellite services to deliver an experience that truly makes a difference.
Aplicor Inc.
AplicorAplicor online CRM software and financial accounting solutions provide unique advantages in the areas of ease of use, business process automation, information analysis, software customization and the complete delivery of enterprise-wide business systems.
AppShoreAppShore provides an online CRM solution, which means it is Internet based as opposed to being installed on your PC or on a server located at your office.
ProphetProphet is a plug-in that works entirely inside Outlook. Since you are already in Outlook most of the day, Prophet adds the additional sales features that Outlook is missing, turning Outlook into a full feature CRM solution.
b2bCRM A/S
b2bCRMWith b2bCRM you can get started within a few hours after ordering.
BatchBlue Software
BatchbookBatchBook is an easy-to-use, customizable CRM designed with small businesses in mind. It’s actually three products that work together: contact management software, communications management software, to-do list management software. And because it’s web-based, you can use your computer or portable device to access BatchBook from the office, at home, or on the road; wherever you do
LeadOrganizer™Web based customized online agency management and Customer Relation Management (CRM) application (Not an insurance software) for the Insurance industry. It is a focused and a customized solution, which works by blending contact management, document management, time management, agency work-flow automation, and communication tools for life insurance distributors and producers.
BizAutomation CRM + Business ManagementCRM - Sales with Business Process Automation (BPA), Support, & Marketing with access to back-office tools front-office employees need such as Invoicing, P.O.s, Projects, Contracts, Customer assets, etc.
CDC Software
Pivotal CRMWith Pivotal CRM software, you can build in intricate processes to support a diverse or multi-tiered customer set—this can entail, for example, informational and transactional requirements, contextual up-sell and cross-sell, follow-on customer service, and value-added communications that are compliant with regulations and conform to your industry's best practices.
Claritysoft CRMSimple, easy Customer Relationship Management software to help companies manage customer accounts and contact informationwww.clarityoft.comSmall - Medium
Clear C2 Inc.
C2CRMManaging customer data has never been easier. With Relationship Management, valuable customer information is in a central, secure repository for quick accessing and sharing by all customer-facing and support personnel, providing a unified customer experience.
CLP Suite
CLPSuite"CLP Suite™ is an easy-to-use, online customer relationship management (crm) solution for businesses of all sizes. Visit the CLP Learning Center to view the virtual tour."http://www.clpsuite.comAny Size
Commence® Corporation
CommenceCommence ® Corporation is a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management solutions for small to mid-size businesses. Since it’s founding in 1988, the company has been dedicated to manufacturing rapidly deployable, ease to use business software that can be tailored to meet unique business requirements. Today, several thousand small to mid-size businesses in more than 30 different industry sectors rely on Commence as their partner for managing customer relationships. - Medium
Commerce Corporation
Commerce CRMEven as e-commerce sales continue to grow at double digit rates, consumer expectations of the on-line experience grow even faster placing enormous pressures on the retailer to adopt new features. Retailers today rely on their website for more than just processing orders – the web represents a primary tool in reinforcing the brand and providing customers with an experience that fosters future visits and drives store traffic.
Compiere, Inc.
CompiereCompiere is an integrated open source ERP and CRM business solution built on a powerful Model-driven Application Platform that gives you the capabilities to run YOUR business, YOUR way. Use Compiere business solutions software to automate all of your financial, distribution, sales and service processes... quickly, affordably and
Onyx Adaptive CRMBuilt on the foundation of two world-class solutions, formerly Onyx and KNOVA, Consona CRM offers companies with vital and multifaceted customer relationships, or companies offering complex or technical products and services, a wide range of fully integrated customer relationship management (CRM software) and knowledge management (KM software) solutions that span customer service and support, sales and marketing.
FreeCRMFree CRM is the easy to use and powerful web based Customer Relationship Management and Sales Force Automation software solution.Free CRM software and sales team automation tools enable your Email Campaigns, Call Automation, and Group Calendaring all in one place and all for Free. Free CRM has the highest uptime and reliability and the highest level of security in the
CRM Software
JunxureJunxure’s powerful office management and automation systems organize your client and prospect information, and then let you take action on it. Junxure puts all of the information a financial advisor may need at their fingertips—all in one easy-to-use application. Size
Cynergy Software
Cynergy CRMCynergy CRM is a very affordable solution used for many different applications. Cynergy really excels as a customer tracking and contact management system to enable you to keep track of your prospects, current clients, and past customers to avoid losing them to your competition.Being able to track opportunities in a pipeline, deliver detailed reports to management, and communicating with your customers is essential to build any business. Cynergy does this seamlessly, giving all of your people access to a web based application so they can add, update, and modify customer contact information on the fly.
Database System Corp.
TelemationTelemation is CTI enabled with our call center phone system which features outbound predictive dialing and inbound call distribution (ACD) and interactive voice response (IVR). Size
DDA Apps.
DDA Apps. Customized CRM softwareAs sales and marketing costs continue to rise, every dollar needs to be spent wisely. But with salespeople on the move and employees working in their own territory, it’s hard to get everyone on the same page. That’s where customized customer relationship management (CRM) software from DDA Apps comes in. As a full-service division of Dynamic Digital Advertising, DDA Apps has been creating customized online applications for well over a decade, and our team of experienced programmers will build a CRM solution that fits your business and your business’ needs. By gathering scattered pieces of information into one cohesive and customized online application, you can create a central hub to share information and maximize return on your investment.
DealerSocket, Inc.
DealerSocketDealerSocket CRM is a comprehensive tool that leverages all of your customer history, current customer and prospect interactions, dealership processes and the best attributes of your people to automate and drive the ideal buying experience for your
Deltek Systems
Deltek CRM & ProposalsDeltek CRM and Proposals is a client relationship management solution addressing the unique requirements of professional services
Dovarri, Inc.
Dovarri CRMDovarri is easy to own because it is oriented to bottom-line results. The success of any enterprise begins with the sale. Dovarri begins with a proven sales process that is integrated with your process and culture.
e-zest CRMe-Zest Solutions offers CRM consulting and implementation services to help you take complete advantage of customer relationship management's benefits. Also, e-Zest provides complete CRM product engineering and custom CRM software development services to leading & upcoming CRM independent software vendors and other businesses.
EBSuite CRMEBSuite is the most technically advanced On Demand CRM application, with un-paralleled customization, automated time-saving features and priced for any size business or enterprise department.
Entrepids Inc.
Power SuiteThis suite has been integraly conceived and designed under the philosophy of providing companies with an efficient and modern platform for interacting with their customers,known as Customer Interface System.
Clientele CRM.NETEpicor CRM provides a 360 degree view of the entire customer, supplier or partner relationship regardless of position in the customer lifecycle.
Epicor CRMEpicor CRM solutions broaden the scope of customer information to everyone within the organization and to stakeholders beyond, through contextual delivery of essential customer data to information workers, wherever it’s needed.
Exact Software
Exact SynergyThe Synergy platform integrates and consolidates corporate data into a single database, allowing all members of the value chain to view and modify information based on their access and roles within the system.
Exact Software North America
e- SynergySynergy's Web-based collaboration platform unifies the people, processes and knowledge that matter most to your business, creating an accurate, up-to-the-moment view of your organization's personnel, finance, workflow, documents and asset information, enhancing decision-making, analysis, scenario planning, and ongoing management across your entire business.
Exactus CRMEXACTUS CRM is comprised of integrated sales, marketing, and customer service modules. Its features include sales, marketing, and customer service functionality, as well as potential customer and opportunity management, and marketing campaigns lists. It also offers complete customer history overviews, automated event management, and search functionality within a knowledge base.
Exensys CRMServing many well established customers worldwide, Exensys is one of the best software organizations and software provider. - Large
GoldmineGoldMine CRM solutions help reduce the complexity of your IT infrastructure, lower costs and ensure that your company has the agility it needs to remain competitive.
GuestWare EnterpriseGuestWare Enterprise is the most robust commercially ready “non-custom” application for total hotel CRM needs in the industry. Hotel management companies can choose to implement some or all of GuestWare's CRM components, allowing flexibility and alignment with one's strategic planning and CRM initiatives. The software can be implemented as a subscription service or a traditional license and support model in either a centralized or decentralized computing environment (See Technical Requirements).
iEnterprises, Inc.
iExtensions CRMiExtensions CRM is award winning Lotus Notes CRM and SFA software that allows you to fully leverage your Lotus Notes Domino infrastructure. With complete desktop and wireless access via BlackBerry, iExtensions CRM is there when you need it. It gives you tightly integrated Lotus Notes contact management with optimal flexibility and ease of use so you can better manage all your customer
iEnterprises, Inc.
Empower CRMEmpower CRM is one of the only CRM software solutions that give you instant end- to- and pre-built mobile CRM capabilities for your RIM BlackBerry, Apple iPhone or Windows Mobile smartphone so you can get your leads, contacts, opportunities and other mission- critical information anytime, anywhere- even when out of cellular network coverage. That’s because data is stored locally on your smartphone and is automatically synchronized when you are in cellular coverage. This is unlike most other smartphone applications that utilize the often slow cellular network and browser. In addition, the mobile client is automatically integrated with other native applications on your smartphone including email, calendaring and tasks. And, it’s provided in one easy interface through you
IFS CRMIFS CRM connects front-office processes with back-office functions and gives users an overview of the qualification and sales process. Other features include opportunity management, account management, sales process management, and reporting and analytics. IFS CRM also supports knowledge databases, support centers, role-based portals, and documentation management.
Impact Profile
Health Care Management SystemHealth Care Management System is a software solution aimed at improving health care management and facilitating doctors to improve medical care. The system is designed to be comprehensive, easily customizable, and user friendly.
absoluteBUSYabsoluteBUSY web CRM software enables teams and departments to share a central - always up to date - customer database, an online contact manager and a project tracking tool, either on the web or within a corporate intranet. Size
Infor CRM EpiphanyInfor CRM Epiphany is a market-leading solution that helps customer-oriented companies make the most of customer interactions and improve sales, marketing, and service operations to increase loyalty, enhance brand preference, and boost profitability.
Infor ERP SyteLine CRMInfor ERP SyteLine spans the business of manufacturing to align supply with demand and support the business and operational challenges of
Infor ERP XA CRMInfor CRM AutoRelease, part of Infor Automotive Essentials, produces the real-time information automotive manufacturers need to grow their customer base and expand their work with current customers.
StreetSmart Small Business CRMStreetSmart's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) will streamline and enhance interactions with your customers, starting from the beginning of prospecting and sales, and continuing through to support.
InfusionsoftInfusionsoft is a web-powered software program that puts your marketing, sales, and customer management processes on autopilot.
Intelisis ERPDesigned specifically for the Mexican market, Intelisis is an integrated system that helps control companies' functional operations with a single system. It includes all the basic functions of an ERP system, such as finance and distribution, planning and production, human resources, automated accounting, etc. Intelisis has thirty-eight modules, such as sales, point of sales, services, returns, shipments, customer service, inventory, purchasing, imports, expenses, pricing and costing, supplier service, and so on.
Interchange Solutions
SalesNowSalesNOW is a contact and deal management tool specifically designed for use on the BlackBerry and Internet.
Interchange Solutions
SalesplaceSalesplace is the award-winning CRM tool designed specifically for Lotus Notes and BlackBerry.
QuickbaseIntuit online CRM Size
EnterpriseIQ CRMEnterpriseIQ CRM captures, manages and tracks every customer, partner and vendor interaction in a single system. Where the value really comes is with the native connection to most all modules within
James Maurer LLC
James Maurer's CRM solutionImagine a complete WEB Based Customer Relationship Management Solution that takes only minutes to configure and doesn't require any software to be installed on desktop computers. James Maurer's Web Based CRM software does just that and makes it possible for any computer in your organization to access detailed customer information instantly.
LandslideLandslide's Sales P3 System is unique sales management software that combines on-demand sales software and live services.
Legrand Software
Legrand CRMIt can help you track customer communications, records of purchases, payments, sales contacts, service calls, and other data.
Leopard Software
Leopard CRMLeopard CRM solution is a web based, hosted CRM so you can work anywhere you have access to the internet. Its features include event management, project management, sales and contact management, etc. Size
InterActionInterAction® is a powerful, easy-to-use Client Relationship Management (CRM) tool designed specifically to give you the relationship intelligence needed to win new business faster, and better serve existing clients.
SalesLogixAt Majestic Consulting Group, Inc. (MCG), we strive to make your business more productive and profitable. We provide sales teams and customer service departments with “state-of-the art” sales automation tools. We’ll assist you in identifying “Areas of Technological Need.” Our software consultants analyze your business needs and design a strategic plan that will yield optimal results. We can show you how to increase revenue by turning high-quality prospects into viable sales opportunities to help perpetuate your business growth.
Mastermind Software, Inc.
Activator!Activator is Marketing Software, Sales Software and CRM Software in one easy to use system for Outlook, and ACT! contact databases. Size
Maximizer Software
Maximizer CRMMaximizer CRM makes it easy for your large or small business teams to collaborate and work with customers more effectively through proper time and task management, communications, Outlook and Office integration, document management, and accounting integration.
Metrix LLC
MetrixMetrix’s comprehensive service management software will allow you to accelerate service delivery, reduce inventory costs, increase contract revenues, maximize warranty recovery, and decrease repair times.
Microsiga Software
ProtheusERP/CRM Software based on TOTVS TEC architecture, Microsiga Protheus is a software independent of operational systems, databases and interfaces. It was developed aiming to conquer a market eager for the implementation of competent results management in its management and operation processes, which requires high flexibility and easiness in the development of systemic customizations, with TOTVS participation or independently, and that has units and business in others countries. It is the “flexible” and “international” software of TOTVS.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
MicrosoftMicrosoft Dynamics CRM workflow automation and analytics let your Sales, Marketing and Service staff easily share information and route tasks to provide a seamless customer
Morton Marketing Inc.
CRMTrakCRMTrak is an easy-to-implement, simple-to-use online CRM application. Size
Multima Corporation
NetKeeper CRMNetKeeper CRM integrates sales, marketing and superior help desk support and provides real time communication links across your enterprise via the LAN and WEB at every level to meet all aspects of your present and prospective customers needs.
NetSuite CRM+NetSuite CRM+ software delivers powerful customer relationship management capabilities, including sales force automation, marketing automation, customer support and service, flexible customization through SuiteFlex and more.http://www.netsuite.comSmall - Medium
Office Interactive, Inc
Office Interactive's CRM SolutionEnabling your business to reach its maximum potential requires a set of smart and powerful tools that work together. Office Interactive's (OI's) on-demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) was built from the ground-up to offer small and midsized businesses a centralized solution that streamlines all business activities. Simply drag and drop to create your own business application!
Oncontact Software
Oncontact CRMThe Oncontact CRM solution lets you automate all your critical business information, while increasing productivity and reducing costs.http://www.oncontact.comSmall
OpenCRX Professional CRM SuiteopenCRX is an open CRM solution that meets the needs of organizations requiring multifunctional, enterprise-wide coordination of sales generation, sales fulfillment, marketing and service activities to customers, partners, suppliers or
Oprius Sales Contact ManagerOprius is comprised of 7 modules that work together to provide you with the most effective and easiest to use sales system available, period.http://www.oprius.comSmall
SiebelThe world's most complete customer relationship management (CRM) solution, Oracle's Siebel CRM helps organizations differentiate their businesses to achieve maximum top-and bottom-line growth.
Phaseware Tracker SuitePhaseWare Inc. provides best-of-breed help-desk and customer-support software solutions for clients worldwide. PhaseWare Tracker, the company’s flagship offering, is a robust, feature-rich application that’s flexible, affordable and easy to use. Unlike many available solutions, Tracker and its Sentry and Concierge enhancements are specifically optimized for teams providing support to external customers for complex offerings, including software, hardware and services.
PipelineDeals, LLC
PipelineDealsPart customer relationship management (CRM) software, part sales tracking, part lead tracking all wrapped into a super simple interface, PipelineDeals provides a real choice in the hosted CRM software market. Size
PlanetLogix, Inc.
ClearCRMClearCRM is a fully customizable web-enabled customer relationship management CRM solution that provides simple and affordable contact management, salesforce automation, issue tracking and lead tracking. Size
QAD Enterprise Applications 2007QAD Enterprise Applications is a complete suite of products with functionality that addresses the needs of single-site and multinational organizations. QAD Enterprise Applications support shared services, cross-border trade, multi-site manufacturing and multi-entity accounting. The solutions are built on a deep, foundational understanding of manufacturing. Designed to streamline the management of manufacturing operations, supply chains, financials, customers, technology, and business performance, QAD solutions provide manufacturers easy access to the time-sensitive information they need to plan for the future as they continue to meet daily manufacturing targets.http://www.qad.comLarge
Relenta Inc.
RelentaRelenta automatically aggregates all data associated with any relationship into a chronological activity stream, giving you at-a-glance knowledge of where you stand. Size
RightNow Technologies
RightNow CRM SuiteRightNow’s cloud-based software applications help you reduce costs and provide your customers with a great customer experience whether you interact with your customers via phone, email, web, live chat, forums, social web sites or feedback surveys. Size
RunE2E, LLC.
RunCRMWith RunCRM, you can drive customer demand and increase ROI by optimizing your marketing resources—running campaigns, organizing segments and lists, and managing leads to close new business. Enhance your call center through powerful customer service functionality. The software also helps you develop profitable customer relationships by making informed pricing decisions and better managing sales territories, accounts, contacts, activities, leads, and opportunities.
Act!The #1 selling contact and customer manager, ACT! helps individuals and small business owners work more
Sage Software
Sage SalesLogixSage SalesLogix Today is a "CRM Partnership" between your business and ours, encompassing all facets of your CRM initiative – robust and flexible CRM software, reliable hardware with disaster recovery and nightly backup3, professional implementation services, user training, customer support, and flexible payment options.
Sage SoftwareSage CRM Solutions deliver the robust functionality you require to meet your customer relationship management (CRM) needs and the flexibility you demand to accommodate the unique ways you do business.http://www.sagecrmsolutions.comSmall - Medium
On-Demand CRMCRM Software and Back office solutions hosted by provide your company with seamless integration and the easiest deployment of all CRM Software Programs.http://salesboom.comSmall - Medium
84 Enterprise is an integrated set of tools and application services ISVs and corporate IT departments can use to build any business application and run it on the same infrastructure that delivers the Salesforce CRM applications.https://www.salesforce.comAny Size
SalesOutlook, Inc.
SalesOutlook CRMSalesOutlook CRM is designed to leverage your team's familiarity with Microsoft Outlook and your existing Microsoft Exchange infrastructure. This means that everyone is up and running in just a few days using SalesOutlook Outlook CRM software inside the environment they already know and are comfortable using (Microsoft Outlook). Size
SAP CRMUnlike other CRM software, the SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) application, part of the SAP Business Suite, not only helps you address your short-term imperatives – to reduce cost and increase your decision-making ability – but can also help your company achieve differentiated capabilities in order to compete effectively over the long term.
SemaTree Inc
SemaTree ECSEnterprise Component Series (ECS) is a suite of products that enables organizations to manage all customer interactions and their resultant activities.
Siemens IT Solutions and Serivces
Siemens CRM solutionsSiemens IT Solutions and Serivces has wide-ranging industry and process expertise and offers you comprehensive Customer Relationship Management from a single source -from the first consulting meeting to the operation of your
Sistemas Empresariales y de Gestion
KeplerKepler is an ERP system that supports and helps in decision making. Its main objective is to control the information of your enterprise. The system meets the requirements of any enterprise. Kepler is a 100% integrated system, that has flexibile tools that will allow you to adapt any part of your enterprise to the system
Soffront Software
Soffront CRMThe Soffront CRM application is completely web-based (zero foot print web client) and can be deployed in days.
Softerware Inc.
Donor PerfectAs a nonprofit, nothing is more critical to the success of your mission than managing and growing your relationships with donors, volunteers, foundations, and other constituents. Both the Online and Installed versions of DonorPerfect Fundraising CRM software were designed specially to help nonprofits achieve these goals. It’s the easiest, most flexible and cost-effective nonprofit CRM solution available to enable you to raise more money and manage constituent
eSalesTrackIn the case of eSalesTrack, small to medium size enterprises gain access via the Web to tools that rival those of larger corporations, for a low monthly charge.
son M3 Customer Sales and Service
Lawson SoftwareCustomer Sales and Service CRM Software that helps you manage your customers throughout the entire customer life cycle. The Lawson M3 Customer Sales and Service Suite is a complete suite of CRM software designed specifically to give medium-sized enterprises complete 360-degree management of their customers, with the specific goal of maximizing both their revenues and margins. It is designed for companies that are typically fast moving and competitive, whose success depends on differentiated service levels and value-added services.
SourceTap CRMSourceTap's CRM application is a highly flexible Sales Force Automation (SFA) tool that meets both the needs of sales managers and the sales rep. SourceTap's CRM includes Sales Force Automation (SFA), marketing, campaign management, and customer
SplendidCRM Software, Inc.
SplendidCRMSplendidCRM is a commercial open-source Customer Relationship Application that targets companies with an investment in Microsoft-based servers. Size
StayinFront, Inc.
StayinFront CRMStayinFront, Inc. is a leading global provider of enterprise-wide customer relationship management (CRM) applications, decision support tools, data services, sample inventory management solutions and eBusiness systems. StayinFront offers rapidly configured and implemented solutions and services to manage and integrate all points of customer interaction including sales, marketing and customer support.
Sugar Forge
Sugar Community EditionA complete CRM system for businesses of all sizes. Core CRM functionality includes sales automation, marketing campaigns, support cases, project mgmt, calendaring and more. Size
SugarCRM ExpressSugar Express provides individuals and small companies the sales, marketing and support features to achieve fast results.
Super OfficeSuperOffice CRM is designed with this one purpose in mind - making customer oriented processes like sales, marketing, service/ support simple, logical and time efficient.
Surado Solutions
Surado CRMCombining the core Surado CRM Software suite (Contact & Account Management, Sales Automation, Marketing Automation and Customer Service/Help Desk) with Integration for Exchange (for e-mail, contacts and tasks), the Surado Integration Module (for connecting to third-party databases or creating custom tables and screens) and Surado CRM Web (a web interface for remote user access to basic functionality), Surado CRM Software offers an unprecedented level of power and flexibility for businesses looking to move beyond simple, under-powered single user and workgroup solutions.
SYSPRO CRMThe comprehensive SYSPRO Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution lets users track and manage all customer and supplier touch points.
Terrasoft XRMTerrasoft XRM is a complete business solution, which will help to improve all the CRM processes in an organization through the maximization of the value of its customer
Terrasoft CRMTerrasoft CRM is an easy-to-use CRM application, which provides a superb interface between technology and the “best business practice”
the Contractor Office
Small Business CRMThe Contractor Office is a web-based, easy-to-use sales and customer management solution that helps small business owners manage the many sales prospects, ongoing crew and staffing deployments and billing/invoicing - in one package. TCO makes using all of your prior software (e.g. Quickbooks) painless as
Tigerpaw Software, Inc.
TigerpawTigerpaw offers a complete, CRM contact management system that includes account management, scheduling, customer history and notes, management of tasks and synchronization with outlook. Tigerpaw contact management equips you with the tools designed to organize, automate, and track the flow of information. Unlike some popular service software, Tigerpaw is not made of several add-on products. Tigerpaw is an integrated solution that flows from prospecting all the way through purchasing and
Tuppas Corporation
Tuppas CRMTuppas offers the ability to leverage best practices available in advanced CRM solutions and add your business culture and ideas. We provide a cutting edge system with all the advantages offered in the best ERP and CRM solutions. Size
VanillaSoftWeb based Lead Management/CRM tool.
Vertical Marketing
crmEZ.netcrmEZ has user-defined instructions and help for every field. crmEZ has micro-training videos incorporated into the system. Most are less than 4 minutes long. They allow users to receive on-demand training by clicking within the application. There is zero footprint on remote computers, except for the Outlook Client. uses .NET Framework (a part of Windows) instead of downloading a custom application. deploys all the security capabilities associated with the .NET environment.
MotoSnap CRMMotoSnap is a high performance solution serving as a personal assistant to each member of the sales team, as a monitoring system for the managers, and as an invaluable follow-up tool aiding customer retention. Among its many features, the CRM module pulls information from the DMS (i.e. new and used vehicle inventory, financial, customer and service related data) for use in creating sales materials, working car deals, and customer follow up. MotoSnap can also monitor the dialogue between salespeople and customers, set appointments, provide reports on third party lead providers and sales staff
Workbooks CRM
Workbooks provides a suite of easy-to-use business applications designed specifically for small and mid-size organisations to run their business - already fully integrated and delivered over the web Software as a Service (SaaS).http://www.workbooks.comAny Size
WORKetcWORKetc brings together a number of key tools to provide an integrated approach to CRM. Size
Webasyst LLC
magicDeskMagicDesk is a suite of web-based applications for customer service and support, highly integrated with each other, and assembled in one account. - Medium
Method:CRM for Small Business#1 CRM for small businesses who use QuickBooks. Keep your customer follow-ups and history all in one place, and all in sync with QuickBooks. - Medium