Get Outdoors Challenge FAQ
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What is the Max number of girls per team?
There is no max on the number of team members!
Can I do it if I have a multi-level troop?
When do I get patch?
Patches will be ordered at the completion of the challenge. Your MSE will be able to disperse them as needed
What if I miss cutoff dates?
If you miss a cutoff date please email
Who receives the patches/rockers?
Only the GIRLS per team will receive the patches/rockers, not the adults.
How many times can girls complete an activity?
Girls can complete each activity ONLY ONCE, regardless if it is completed by one single girl OR the entire team!
Where and who do we submit photos to?
E-mail and submit your photos to List your team name and describe the activity you and your team completed. Don't forget to take pictures for EVERY activity you completed! You will be asked to submit FIVE of your favorite photos at the end of the challenge.
Who counts as a participant of the Get Outdoors challenge?
All and any girls that are registered as Girl Scouts! This is a Girl Scout-only event. Those who are not registered as a Girl Scout are still more than welcome to participate! However, they will not receive the patch/rocker unless they are officially registered as a GS of the council. NOTE: Families with daughters who are Girl Scouts can participate too!
How are points counted for per activity?
For example, if a team of five girls learn how to "make a fire on your own" but in five different ways, they will receive 10 points only, not 50 points (10 points x 5 girls = 50 points). When teams complete an activity together, the points they receive will be accounted for as a TEAM, not per girl completing one single activity.
Can girls per team complete the activity on their own!
Yes! Although we allow single girls per team to complete an activity (it will still count towards the team points!), we HIGHLY encourage teams to complete activities TOGETHER! If teams complete activities together, they have a higher chance of receiving BONUS POINTS!