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Alexandra DotyWebsite - Small edit/update10/11/1811/14/18Considerations for Social ApproachesassignedtruetrueIn follow up to the edits to the Social Approaches webpage, I would greatly appreciate your review of the attached Considerations for Social Approaches document. This is merely a brief update to change from social strategies to social approaches. it is on box here:
once you complete your review, I'd change the date at the bottom.
Not urgent, but would be great to have complete. :)
Leska ForeFactsheet - edit and design (attach draft)03/19/1903/26/19Fact sheet: B-IBI implementation strategyThis is the next in the series of implementation strategy fact sheets, same format as the one we did for the Land Dev. and Cover.
The amount of text is more than for the LD&C and we likely will not have room for 4 images, or maybe not even 2 images. A healthy stream might be a good picture. Or a salmon eating a bug if we have such a thing.
The B-IBI core team wants to use this flyer as part of invitation to participate in April meetings. We have more time than 1 week to provide to them, that is not a firm deadline.web-form@smartsheet.comtruetrue
Jennifer BurkeOther03/19/19Communciations Word document templatefor the Communications templates - Can we remove some of the 91 pages in this template?....
all the AA content is in there including our external partner comments on the AA so not sure that is appropriate as a template. some of it is great for an example!
no deadline, just a
Leska ForeFactsheet - writing and design (attach outline)03/19/19B-IBI fact sheetHere is the link to the QR Code for the B-IBI IS info:
<QR code> Implementation Strategy for the Benthic Index of Biotic Integrity
Leska ForeOther03/28/1903/29/19Communication Plan for IS/Science grantLeska update the Comms Plan for Implementation StrategiesFEATS reportingweb-form@smartsheet.comtrue
Don GourlieTalking points (attach outline or draft)04/01/1904/03/19Talking points on NEP funding decisionstruetrueI have developed a document with talking points for the ERCs and would like it added to the PSP talking points folder.Need to make the information available to ERCsjon.bridgman@psp.wa.govtrue
Don GourlieWebsite - Content refresh04/03/19NEP page needs updatingtruetrue overall needs an update. The Health of Puget Sound, What recovey is happening locally, how is NEP funded, and NEP solicitation and grants subpages all appear to have outdated info and/or may need to be updated once AA tracker goes
Jennifer BurkeNew project consultation04/16/1905/03/19Spatial and Open Data PortaltruetrueHey Jon,
PSP is finally getting our own spatial data portal webpages (2 pages) - it will complement PS Info but is free-standing. RCO has theirs set up already and Greg would like ours to be similar in design and presentation (easier to manage). Bob can help as they did use some code to properly set this up, but there is a need for PSP touches, logos, images, etc.that can only come from you!

There are 2 pages (Gallery is required to have a Portal):
RCO Gallery -
RCO Portal -

PSP Gallery (not public yet) - which is devoid of anything!

I defer to you on how we design this - these sites will serve as a repository of our authoritative datasets, LIO boundaries, Lead Entity boundaries, Storymaps if the PSEMP Communications person comes on board, old NTAs not in PS Info, etc.

Created a box folder we can work in to with Kari to get this set up -

I can provide the login info to the ArcGIS site so you can tinker in there as see how one can design the look and feel of the site.
this has been in my workplan to do for a long time, and we are finally ready to do it. need to get our data out there! thank you!jon.bridgman@psp.wa.govtruetrue
Kari StilesWebsite - Content refresh04/24/1905/10/19Fomal Launch and Transition to PS InfotruetrueCommunication team support for formal launch of PS Info in mid-May.
Transition plan and web updates to reflect shift to PS Info for Action Agenda, Vital Signs and NEP Atlas
It would be good to have a first conversation in early May, then map out path forward through mid-June to support formal launch.jon.bridgman@psp.wa.govtruetruetrue
Don GourlieWebsite - Small edit/update04/24/1904/30/19Edits to Action Agenda webpages to link to new Action Agenda TrackertruetrueI need updates to several subpages, all within the webpage. All the necessary edits are in track changes in this document <> which was the document we originally used to create content for these subpages. See updates for the "updates and announcements" "tracking progress" "Near Term Actions" and "Map of Near Term Actions" subpages.Small changes to website; should be quick and easyjon.bridgman@psp.wa.govtrue
Erin MurrayLetter - edit (attach draft)05/13/1905/14/19PSP Letter of Opposition Imperial Metals MiningtrueThe Governor's office requested that PSP spearhead writing an opposition letter for the proposed Imperial Metals mining in the Canadian headwaters of the Skagit River. This draft was started as Jennifer Lee transitioned out of her role. Small edits have been incorporated from PSP Staff (Leska, Don, etc.). I am looking for Communications Team assistance in final edits before sending final to the Governor's Office.Urgent - needs to be in hands of Gov Office ASAPjon.bridgman@psp.wa.govtruetrue
Mike JohnsonWebsite - Content refresh05/14/1905/31/19Marine Water Quality, Toxics in Fish, Freshwater Quality Implementation Strategy updatestrueWebsite updates to the Implementation Strategies page. Much of the content is from 2017, and partners have expressed interest in having access current info and resources (some narrative updates, and access to Box folder links). Essentially, and updated section for 2019, similar to the "Implementation Strategies in 2019" section, with an explicit connection to the AA, borrowing language from the 2018-2022 AA.
Mike J can work to provide some narrative content and links. Please advise on the best way to do this.
Partner requests for up-to-date informationjon.bridgman@psp.wa.govtrue
NathalieNew project consultation05/21/1907/31/19Human wellbeing indicator roll-outWe would like to "roll-out" the results of the first ever results about 9 of our human wellbeing indicators. We would need comm team support to decide how best to roll-out, including the possibility of a factsheet, blog, social media postings (and who would produce those). We would like to do the roll-out ahead of the State of the Sound. Timing is uncertain right now but would be later this summer. We wanted to put this in the queue! I put the deadline here as July 31st but it's also something we need to discuss.web-form@smartsheet.comtruetrue
Scott RedmanOther05/21/1905/28/19Add funding language to PSNearshore Chinook Strategies pdf (ESA work product)Client at WDFW has requested that funding language be added to a product developed by our subcontractor. = InDesign files = pdf

Need to add fund source language:

"This project has been funded wholly or in part by the United States Environmental Protection Agency under assistance agreement PC-01J22301 through the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. The contents of this document do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Environmental Protection Agency or the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, nor does mention of trade names or commercial products constitute endorsement or recommendation for use."
Scott received this request on 5/10/19 and neglected to forward it right away. Can you get this done by 5/28 so we can be done with this project in May -- per our agreement with WDFW?web-form@smartsheet.comtruetruetrue