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Kari StilesCommunication tools - ppt, factsheet, etc..01/23/1802/23/18PSP Products & Process cyclependingJonathan BridgmanWe have gotten lot of support from MPOD and requests from staff for the attached animated ppt showing how our products and processes relate to one another and how they relate to the adaptive management cycle. Could we talk about developing some resources and possibly a visualization on our website? I have talked about this with Cathy.No rush on this. Just being responsive to a lot of requests from staff and the current work to update the
Jennifer LeeWebsite - Small edit/update04/27/1808/31/18Update program descriptions on Partnership websitein processThe program descriptions on the Partnership website are out of date. I have attached a draft of what I would suggest for my team's portion and the Executive Management section. The draft is redlined to show changes from the current text. Here's the page: urgent. Arbitrary
Sheida SahandyWebsite - Small edit/update06/25/18add link to washington maritime blue to websitein processtrueSheida emailed asking me to add a link the maritime blue website - I can make a box to add the link, but without maybe it needs some context? Possibly a blog talking about our interest?
Erin Ryan-PenuelaWebsite - New page/Major Overhaul07/10/1812/10/18LIO website 2018 updatein processtrueThe current LIO website is out of date and could use an overhaul. I have a few ideas on how to make it more visual and partner-public friendly.I would love to have the website overhaul completed before the Action Agenda is
Libby Gier and ISWGNew project consultation09/13/1810/31/18Communication Plan for LULDin processtruetrueFormatting for a document to be developed with L Gier and Habitat SI Leads. Leska will develop content.This is not
Leska Fore for ISWGFactsheet - writing and design (attach outline)09/13/1810/15/18Fact sheet on Land Use and Land Development ISin processtruetrueSome graphic design needed to adapt IS OVerview fact sheet. Content development will be done by LeskaNot sure about this deadline, it may need to be completed by Oct
Brent BarnesOther09/20/1810/31/18Census Outreachin processtruetrueAll state agencies are being asked to directly support outreach for the 2020 census. As we have little direct contact with the public, Sheida and I think that using our distribution lists and website would be the most logical mechanism for this. The fear is that an undercount will occur if the census is not marketed which would result in lost federal funding to the state and programs. If you have other ideas let me know. My thought is that Julia should be involved with the work group meetings that they will schedule. I am attaching a rough draft work plan and the summary OFM census document. If you could take a look at what I wrote, modify, add and think about time lines that would be great.not
Brent BarnesOther09/26/1810/17/18INTERNAL OPERATIONS PRINCIPLES - OUR SHARED VALUESin processJon, could you provide a neat background for our Internal Operations Team Principles?October 17 is our next Fiscal and Admin Team meeting; we would like to present the principles at our team meeting.jon.bridgman@psp.wa.govtrue
Brent BarnesIntranet edit/addition09/27/1810/01/18Change Intranet LMS Link for Staffin processPlease change the LMS link on the Intranet to: staff can do their required training
Alexandra DotyWebsite - Small edit/update10/11/1811/14/18Considerations for Social ApproachesassignedIn follow up to the edits to the Social Approaches webpage, I would greatly appreciate your review of the attached Considerations for Social Approaches document. This is merely a brief update to change from social strategies to social approaches. it is on box here:
once you complete your review, I'd change the date at the bottom.
Not urgent, but would be great to have complete. :)
Nathalie HamelOther10/12/1810/26/18Add VS version 2.3 image to BOxlowassignedtruetrueCan you please make sure there is an image of the latest VS wheel, i.e. version 2.3 in the Box folder "Library Master Web" "Vital Signs"? THanks!
Nathalie HamelWebsite - Small edit/update10/23/1810/30/18Update Vital Sign - shellfish indicatorregularassignedtruetrueThe shellfish indicator is ready to be posted on the website. The JSON file and 3 images were uploaded.Not
Denise RossOther10/24/1812/14/182018 Agency Holiday E-Card SubmissionassignedtruetrueHoliday E-card to be sent via Gov Delivery (from the ED) on Monday, December 10. A separate COMM request has been submitted for the graphics. Email addresses will be provided from a Smartsheet document prior to the deadline.jon.bridgman@psp.wa.govtruetrue
NathalieOther10/25/1811/09/18FOlder for PSP's presentationsassignedtruetrueLost of us give presentations, and I would love to make those discoverable and shareable. I was wondering if you could create a folder where people could either drop or provide links to, their presentation. Even if people save their presentation to a different place in Box, in a "collective" Box presentation folder, we can use the "weblink" option to point to presentations in their original locations (so, this avoids copying a presentation twice in Box).

I am starting with you guys, the communication team, since this is about improving communications. But I realize this involves Jen Burke too. Let me know how you would like to proceed!
NOt urgentjon.bridgman@psp.wa.govtrue
Jennifer GoodenoughOther10/25/1811/06/18Internal Operations Division PrinciplesassignedtruetrueThe Internal Operations Division would like a cool graphical background to accompany our division principles. Something other than our letterhead background.We would like to present the principles at the next division meeting which is on November 7.jon.bridgman@psp.wa.govtrue
KariOther10/29/1811/01/18PSName proposal final reviewcompletetruetrueDoes Comms want to review the final name input and make recommendations to Sheida before she reviews the entire list on Thursday at 12:30pm? I have attached the full list.Sheida's review on the 1st. Voting process happening next week.jon.bridgman@psp.wa.govtrue
Jennifer GoodenoughIntranet edit/addition10/30/1811/07/18Adding Employer of Choice graphic to the intranet.assignedtruetrueThis is an email request from Brent:
We need to have the employer of choice graphic link added to the employment page on our website? I already have it uploaded to Box. We will need some short of narrative under the Employment Opportunities header that talks about why folks would want to work at the Partnership.

We will also need it added to one of the boxes on our intranet, I am guessing in the management section but leave that to you.
We will also need it added to one of the boxes on our intranet, I am guessing in the management section but leave that to you.
StephanieNew project consultation10/30/18Goal 1 working comingassignedtruetrueCathy - I just wanted to touch base with you about some upcoming reviews that we’ll likely need from your end. It looks like in the AA public comment piece that Heather sent out last night that I’ll have a section that will need your review by 11/26. I’ll also have the partner engagement strategy in the works during November and December (though, you’re on the team for that one). This is mostly just a heads up since it looks like there will be lots of AA pieces you’re reviewing and all of your ongoing Orca work. Do you know of any limitations from your end, or do you have any sideboards for me?jon.bridgman@psp.wa.govtruetruetruetrue
Don GourlieNew project consultationOtherOrca fact sheetassignedtruetrueentering for don - they want an orca fact sheet that talks about what the action agenda says about
Jennifer BurkeIntranet edit/addition10/30/1811/02/18Update Priscilla's work request form on IntranetcompletetruetrueHey Julia, can you please adjust the work form request that was for Priscilla, and change it to Jennifer Goodenough.

current text - *currently restricted to Priscilla’s teams
proposed text - *currently restricted to Jennifer Goodenough's teams
Thank you!
no real rush just should be
JuliaWebsite - Small edit/update10/31/18Remove priscilla from psp sitecompleteDone. just wanted to
JuliaWebsite - Small edit/update10/31/18add admin asst job to employment pagecompleteadd admin asst job to employment
Leah KintnerOther11/01/1811/15/18Special Events SOP ReviewtruetruePlease review the draft SOP for Partnership engagement on special events. Edit SOP in Box. All details and Box link are in Cathy's email inbox.No major driver at this time.jon.bridgman@psp.wa.govtruetruetruetruetrue
CathyPresentation - writing and design (attach outline)11/02/1810/01/18SOS presentation to Harbor WildWatch, Nov. 20, 2019truetrueFrom: Carly Vester []
Sent: Wednesday, October 17, 2018 2:48 PM
To: Cochrane, Cathy (PSP) <>
Subject: Guest Speaker with Harbor WildWatch

Hi Cathy,
I'm reaching out to you about a potential guest speaker opportunity with our non-profit, Harbor WildWatch. We are based in Gig Harbor and aim to inspire stewardship for the Puget Sound and greater Salish Sea through equitable environmental education opportunities. We have a monthly science social series (Cocktails & Fishtales) for adults 21 years and over to foster discussions about environmental science and natural resource topics. As part of this, we invite local guest speakers to join us for the evening and lead a presentation on a relevant topic of their choosing.
We would be honored if yourself, or another team member at Puget Sound Partnership, would join us as a guest speaker at Cocktails and Fishtales in 2019. This presentation could be about PSP's programs and the state of the Puget Sound — whether this is the work PSP is conducting for local ecosystem recovery, policymaking, evaluating the health of the Puget Sound, or another relevant topic.
Generally speaking, our programs have 30-50 individuals who join us and presentations last for about an hour. Cocktails and Fishtales takes place on the third Wednesday of the month. The program begins at 5:30 p.m. and goes until 7 p.m. (with the presentation itself beginning at 6 p.m.). The gatherings are usually casual, and those who join us are well-informed, engaged, and ask some great questions. As Harbor WildWatch is a small non-profit, our budget for these programs isn't substantial, but Cocktails & Fishtales does offer guest speakers a venue and an engaged audience to discuss important topics with.
Available dates in 2019 are as follows:
• Wednesday, May 15
• Wednesday, July 17
• Wednesday, August 21
• Wednesday, September 18
• Wednesday, October 16
• Wednesday, November 20
I am also more than happy to discuss this over the phone with you at your convenience. I am still planning venues for the individual dates, but the programs will take place locally in Gig Harbor at a local restaurant, taproom, or the Harbor History Museum.
Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to discussing this with you further.
Thank you,
So Harbor WildWatch can advertise the speakerjon.bridgman@psp.wa.govtruetruetruetrue
Denise RossNew project consultation11/05/1811/12/18Employee Recognition - Circle Hang Tagsin processtruetrue2.5" circle design with a thin red border and PSP logo at bottom of circle. I need space at the top for me to handwrite on the printed productjon.bridgman@psp.wa.govtrue
StephanieNew project consultation11/06/1811/13/18Pulling out and creating graphics from a presentationcompletetruetrueI'm hoping Jon can help me pull out some graphics from a presentation I have, then create a couple that are in the same format as those pulled out. I'm presenting to the SRC next week and would like these graphics for that presentation. I'LL SEND A FOLLOW UP EMAIL TO JON WITH SPECIFICS.SRC meeting next weekjon.bridgman@psp.wa.govtrue
Sheida SahandySpeech - writing (attach outline)11/08/1811/26/18Talking Points for the Nov 29 Oak Harbor Clean Water Facility Ribbon CuttingassignedtruetrueSheida needs someone to write talking points for her.

Executive Director Sahandy,

It is with great pride that I am contacting you today to officially let you know the new Oak Harbor Clean Water Facility is commemorating construction completion and facility startup. As a key partner in this project, I am writing to invite you to our upcoming ribbon cutting event.
• Date/Time: Thursday, November 29, 2018, at 1:30 p.m.
• Location: Oak Harbor Clean Water Facility, located in Windjammer Park in Oak Harbor

As you have been an integral participant in the success of our Clean Water Facility, we would like to invite you to celebrate this important milestone and, in particular, to be a key individual representing an agency who helped bring this project to life.
Beginning in 2010, the City of Oak Harbor embarked on a community-driven process to identify a long-term solution to treating wastewater for Oak Harbor. In 2012, the Windjammer Park location was selected. Construction on the facility began in 2015 and for the past three years the City of Oak Harbor has been working to construct, test, and make the facility operational. The Environmental Protection Agency, Washington Department of Ecology, Island County, and the City of Oak Harbor have contributed to the funding of this project.
The new wastewater treatment facility will:
• Deliver long-term, reliable service to Oak Harbor,
• Reclaim valuable resources from wastewater, and
• Serve as an important element for other projects that will help revive Oak Harbor’s downtown waterfront, such as the improvements coming to Windjammer Park next summer
We hope that you will be able to join us on November 29 as we celebrate the completion of this important City of Oak Harbor project. Enclosed is an invitation for the event.

In the coming days, Kerri Franklin, from our public outreach consultant group EnviroIssues, will contact you about the possibility of speaking at this event and coordinate details if you are interested. In the meantime, if you require additional information, please contact Kerri at or 206-922-6260.

Robert T. Severns
Arjean TravisOther11/13/18Posting of "Intent to Award" notice onto the PSP WebsitecompletetruetrueI need to file the Intent to Award notice onto the PSP Website by today so that I can file Kari's sole source justification for DES approval/denial. There is a time delay of 10 business day wait period before we can get a response back from DES.

Thank you very much!
Time delay - Must wait 10 business days after posting on public website to see if there are any
Erin MurrayFactsheet - edit and design (attach draft)11/13/1812/28/18Pilchuck Dam Removal 2017-2019 Project ListtruetrueSnohomish Watershed is planning to fund the removal of the Pilchuck Dam on their SRFB/PSAR ranked list. In anticipation of this project kicking off in 2019, they would like a PSAR Factsheet highlighting this project.

Project details can be found here:
Date is flexible, confirming with Snohomish County for when they would like to use.jon.bridgman@psp.wa.govtrue
Karin BerkholtzPresentation - edit11/13/1811/16/18EPA 101truetrueI'd appreciate a high level review of this presentation. It is an internal presentation for new hires to orient them to EPAs role in Puget Sound recoveryI am providing this training the morning of 19 Nov in CUW
SuzannaWebsite - Small edit/update11/15/1811/16/18PSAR factsheetstrueCould we make available the 2018 PSAR materials on the PSAR webpage? This includes the factsheets for large cap, the regular base funding, the 11x17, and the 2013-15 PSAR large cap return on investment sheet. Thanks!Just announced at the SRC and they requested they be available there.jon.bridgman@psp.wa.govtruetruetrue
Erin Murray & Amber MooreWebsite - Small edit/update11/16/1811/30/18Implementation Strategy Landing Page EditsPlease make the following edits to the IS landing page to update the Chinook IS status:

1) replace Stacy V.M's email as the lead for Chinook with Amber Moore's email
2) under bulleted strategies: move "Chinook salmon" from strategies listed as being 'under development and expected to be complete in 2017' to 'Strategies, though not fully complete are available for use'
3) under 'strategies managed by the Puget Sound Partnership' please remove under hyperlink name "drafts under development"