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Scott RedmanWebsite new/edit03/28/1603/29/16Upddating PS Pressures Assessment pagependingjonathan bridgmanMore detail, including highest level project results, on the page about the Pressures Assessment. This is supporting material for the 2016 AA.This is supporting material for the 2016 AA and this shortens the path to people finding actual
Leska ForeWebsite new/edit09/09/1609/23/16Redesign Effectiveness web pagependingjonathan bridgmanThe effectiveness web page is getting full and hard to read. We need advice on how to make it more user friendly.No driving deadline. Would like a consult on what's possible. And easy!
jonathan bridgmanPrint new/edit06/14/16Fact Sheet Reviewpendingespecially our 101. It's language no longer matches how we are framing the partnership. For sometime in
jonathan bridgmanWebsite new/edit02/29/16Flickr Account has old logopendingWe need to update the flicker account with the new logo and add some new
Jonathan BridgmanWebsite new/edit12/05/1612/06/16check the footer site map for accuracypendingit's probably off at this
Jonathan BridgmanWebsite new/edit04/18/17emerging issues pagependingFAQ page for "hot topics"
Jonathan BridgmanWebsite new/edit04/18/17Communication Request Form
Jonathan BridgmanWebsite new/edit04/18/17Home page "story"
Jonathan BridgmanWebsite new/edit04/18/17PSEMP
Jonathan BridgmanPrint new/editTeam status updates for
kariCommunication Consultation06/14/1706/30/17Communication request queue or project trackerin processIt would be great to be able to see where communication requests are in the pipeline so we don't have to bug you guys! Is there some way to allows us to see the status of communication requests online??Desire to reduce pestering of communications staff :)
Suzanna StoikeWebsite new/edit09/25/1712/01/17Major PSAR webpage updatesin processI would like to request time from both Jon and Cathy to edit and update the pages associated with PSAR. I will be provided a draft document in word with updated language and format.To be ready for the start of the next Leg session and grant
Erin R-PWebsite new/edit09/29/1710/13/17Updates to LIO webpageswaitingHello, I will have updates to give you on October 3rd including:
- new copy
- new links
- perhaps an image or two
- request to retire a webpage
The Action Agenda Team will need to link these new pages to the Solicitation.
Jonathan BridgmanWebsite new/edit10/04/17pay for google searchpendinglook up the information so we can pay for google search and get the ads off our
Jonathan BridgmanWebsite new/edit01/10/18Publish preregistration NTA's on websitein
Jonathan BridgmanWebsite new/edit01/10/18Update the innovation storiesin
Jonathan BridgmanWebsite new/edit01/10/18Major update to salmon web pagesin
Jonathan BridgmanWebsite new/edit01/10/18Website server migrationin
Jonathan BridgmanWebsite new/edit01/10/18Update human dimension text throughout
Jonathan BridgmanPrint new/edit01/10/18SOS powerpointin
Jonathan BridgmanPrint new/edit01/10/18vital signs webinarin
Jonathan BridgmanEvent01/10/18Day on the
Jonathan BridgmanEvent01/10/18Salish Sea
Jonathan BridgmanWebsite new/edit01/11/18action agenda website banner brokenat one of the breakpoints the banner shows a gap between the photo and the orange bar. The text is also cropped by the brand
Jonathan BridgmanWebsite new/edit01/11/18update the legislative
JuliaWebsite new/edit01/17/18Update FB cover photoJulia LunaNeed to update our Facebook cover photo-- It is holiday themed right
NathalieCommunication tools - ppt, factsheet, etc..01/18/1801/25/18Environmental Caucus requests- The caucus asked for access to photos – how and who should get back to them about it? I know Jon posted a comment about that their FB but I don’t think most people saw that, and it probably needs some official follow up.

- The caucus aksed for a Box site to use to share files. Can we do this for them? Needs some follow up.

- We need to make the ppt from yesterday available to them. Can we post it on our SoS page, and/or elsewhere right now? I think the caucus asked for it to go in their Box folder too?
momentum we don't want to
JuliaCommunication tools - ppt, factsheet, etc..01/18/18Vital Signs Webinar SurveyJulia LunaWe want to give participants the opportunity to give feedback on the
Jonathan BridgmanWebsite new/edit01/19/18New AA pages are our of sync with the template. Need to reconcileNeed to make another template with liquid layout and assign it to these pages. Next time I update the template these pages will