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Kari StilesCommunication tools - ppt, factsheet, etc..01/23/1802/23/18PSP Products & Process cyclependingJonathan BridgmanWe have gotten lot of support from MPOD and requests from staff for the attached animated ppt showing how our products and processes relate to one another and how they relate to the adaptive management cycle. Could we talk about developing some resources and possibly a visualization on our website? I have talked about this with Cathy.No rush on this. Just being responsive to a lot of requests from staff and the current work to update the
NTA ListWebsite - Content refresh03/12/1808/01/18Final NTA review resultspendingJonathan BridgmanOnce the NTA review has been completed, we need to make the results public along with the procedural record. Easiest way to get this done is to update the NTA preregistration pages.
Timeline in the Solicitation: NTA review will be done by Friday July 13th. By August 1st PSP will publish the procedural record, including a list of NTAs submitted, NTA Fact Sheets, and documentation regarding their evaluation.
We will have to coordinate with Jen B. similar to what we did when we published the preregistration content.
Part of the AA adoption timeline. Need to allow NTA owners enough time to
Stacy VynneFactsheet - edit and design (attach draft)03/12/1803/30/18Nearshore Salmon Recovery NTA Factsheetin processLeska ForeUsing the template from the Strategic Initiative Lead, I have developed a factsheet for a small project they are funding. I did not know whether it needs your review, but wanted to share just in case as it will be made public. Deadline is 3/15 (a few days after we got under contract!) but I've let them know you are reviewing and I can submit a revised version once you have had time to look at it.The actual deadline is 3/15 per our contract, but they know you are reviewing it and I can submit a revised version once you've reviewed. We will have a chance to submit an updated factsheet at the end of the
Jen PouliotteFactsheet - writing and design (attach outline)03/26/1804/16/18Factsheet and/or key messages on climate changeNext steps following the initial work we did on climate change (mini-workshop and draft content). Ideally I would like to get a version two of the climate change summary/key messages ready. Once that is ready, I would like to bring the same people back together for another mini-workshop to further discuss and refine key messages, discuss final product (do we need a factsheet?) etc.

I believe Cathy had been working on the document and I do not have access to the most recent version.
April 16 is not a hard deadline. I would like to keep momentum on this work so that the group stays engaged. I also think this would be very useful for the climate change portions of the Action Agenda. Work on writing the Action Agenda will probably start sometime in
JuliaNew project consultation04/18/18Photos of staffI think it may be a good idea to have a mini headshot for each staff member for our website and possibly for guest blog posts. not professionally done but but us when we get a nice camera!no
Jennifer LeeWebsite - Small edit/update04/27/1808/31/18Update program descriptions on Partnership websiteThe program descriptions on the Partnership website are out of date. I have attached a draft of what I would suggest for my team's portion and the Executive Management section. The draft is redlined to show changes from the current text. Here's the page: urgent. Arbitrary
Brent BarnesOther04/30/1805/11/18Leave and Attendance Policyin processFinal review of documents before printing for Sheida's signature. The Q&A document is on Box: be adjusted if necessary. Policy is needed to answer leave questions from
Alex MitchellWebsite - Small edit/update05/04/18Science & Evaluation wesite updatescompleteWould you mind updating a couple of Science & Evaluation website pages?
• change link to say 2017 State of the Sound
• At the top of the page can we add a sentence with a link after the end of the first paragraph ending with “We track the progress and funding of hundreds of Near Term Actions owned by a range of Puget Sound partners”? Suggested text: Learn more about why Near Term Action reporting improves the Action Agenda and helps recover Puget Sound in this 1-page summary.
• Remove public opinion research section
• Change link to say 2017 State of the Sound

Jennifer BurkeWebsite - Small edit/update05/09/1805/11/18Major error on Floodplains VS pagein processWrong text - the target for the floodplain is missing, and in its place is the Eelgrass target. see attached file.eeek!
DominiqueWebsite - Small edit/update05/21/1805/25/18Science PanelcompletePlease remove the biography under "Nick Bond" because it's actually Bob Bilby's biography.
Alexandra DotyWebsite - Content refresh05/30/18Part 2 of Human Dimensions webpage updates!I have the last few edits for the Human Dimensions webpage updates ready for Cathy, and then Jon!
- ECO Net webpage - please remove the ECO Net webpage, and instead add a link on the right hand side on the LIO page for this box note:
- Social Approaches webpage - here is the revised language:
DominiqueWebsite - Small edit/update06/04/1806/06/18LC Toby Murray bio1. Please remove Sue Taoka from the LC membership page.
2. Please add Toby Murray and I"ve attached his bio. His term end is 6/25/18 (we need to get another appointment letter from the governor which I'm working on).
Toby has been on the Council since March and Sue has been off since March so we need to have it reflected correctly ASAP because they have a mtg coming up in a week.
DominiqueWebsite - Small edit/update06/11/1806/14/18Leadership Council member term datesHello -

Please change the term end dates for the following folks:
Jay Manning: 6/25/2021
Stephanie Solien: 6/25/2021
Jim Wilcox: 6/25/2021
Folks are looking at the LC page and noticing the wrong
StephanieBlog - edit (attach draft)06/13/1806/22/18Marine debris workshop blogWe'd like to submit this blog for your editing and posting! Thanks!
Jennifer LeeBlog - edit (attach draft)06/18/1806/22/18Salmon Day on the Hill blogPlease review and then post the blog on the PSP blog.The deadline is not firm, but it would be great to post the blog this week while SDOH is still fresh
Laura BlackmoreOther06/19/1806/29/18Centennial Accord 2018 Agency HighlightsWe are required to submit a report of our agency’s collaboration with tribes as part of the Centennial Accord process. I’m required to have our communications department review it before submitting it by July 13. Fortunately, it’s less than a page long!We're required to submit this to the Governor's Office by July 13, and I'd like Sheida to review it before we send
NathalieIntranet edit/addition06/20/1806/27/18Add another resource to intranetI suggest you add a resource box about "Contracting/Fiscal" and provide access to the contracting templates like the CAR form , the budget form , the scope of work form, etc. Arjean will know what I