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123 HomeSchool For Me printable worksheets and educational activities to help making learning fun. Resources arranged by grade or subject.Free worksheets and activitiesFreeAll
3P Learning Learning offers a suite of learning resources is designed for schools and families, covering mathematics, spelling, literacy, scienceTemporaryMath
Accurate Learning Systems Corporation
http://www.mathscore.comIndividuals that sign up for free home version accounts can master their math facts for free. This is an important area of focus often neglected by schools. Teachers that want free full access to all of the topics for the remainder of this school year can inquire here:
Active History resources for history teachers by the British educator Russell Tarr including interactive simulations, quizzes, games that can easily be used for online learning.1 month free trial because of school closures upon request (contact form)TemporaryHistory
AMAZE is a free online resource that envisions a world that recognizes child and adolescent sexual development as natural and healthy, a world in which young people everywhere are supported and affirmed and the adults in their lives communicate openly and honestly with them about puberty, reproduction, relationships, sex and sexuality. In such a world, young people across the globe would have access to the information and support they need to develop into sexually healthy adults.Always Free.FreeOther
American Chemistry Society American Chemical Society has ChemMatters magazines, targeted for high schoolers, available online. In addition to chemistry, there are article that are biographies of chemists, and historical articles.Free All The TimeFreeScience
American Panorama Atlas of America uses online GIS to explore and visualize data with maps.FreeFreeGeography
Arcademics student engagement & fact fluency with our free multiplayer educational games, math games, language arts games, and more!Always Free.FreeAll
Artrageous with Nate videos meant to stimulate creativity and a hands-on activity at home.FreeArt
Asecend Math Math is a K to 12 math instructional resource Ascend Math offers award winning math instruction that provides an individual study plan for each student. Ascend Math's study plans are unique to each student, prescriptive, adaptive, and automatically assigned. Teachers also have the ability to assign standards to an entire class or grade to meet pacing guidelines.Free Service Offered: Now until the end of April for schools new to Ascend Math.TemporaryMath
Backpack Sciences is a free video series on how to teach science without the overwhelm.Free Video SeriesFreeScience
Bamboo Learning Learning offers FREE voice-based applications (Alexa skills) that cover a range of academic subjects, including math, ELA/listening comprehension, and social studies. Bamboo Learning Alexa skills focus on fun, home-based, family-friendly learning, and ensure children's engagement utilizing the unique nature of voice technology that promotes active conversational learning.-- Bamboo Books: helps practice active listening and improve listening comprehension, offers stories for three age groups (Level 1: ages 5-7, Level 2: ages 7-10, Level 3: ages 10-12) - "Alexa, open Bamboo Books"
-- Bamboo Luminaries: an engaging social studies trivia game that showcases prominent and lesser-known influential historical figures from diverse fields including art, literature, science, social justice, and sports - "Alexa, open Bamboo Luminaries"
-- Bamboo Math: helps practice mental math, offers number problems and over 500,000 fun and engaging word problems in four areas of arithmetic (+ - x ÷) across 5 difficulty levels - "Alexa, open Bamboo Math"
-- Bamboo Music: introduces basic music theory, offers fun and engaging music games such as “Recognize the Instrument” and music exercises across 3 levels, incorporates children's nursery rhymes and selections from folk and classical music - "Alexa, open Bamboo Music"
-- Highlights Storybooks from Bamboo: co-developed with literacy experts at Highlights magazine, offers engaging stories and exercises to practice active listening and improve listening comprehension leveled for learners in Kindergarten through 3rd grade - "Alexa, open Highlights Storybooks"
-- Bamboo Grove: a web-based application that enables parents to follow their children's progress and review their work in Bamboo Learning Alexa skills - to register, please go to
Bedtime Math Math is striving to help families introduce math as a fun part of their daily routine, as common and beloved as the bedtime story. We make it easy to roll math into the day, whether at bedtime, bathtime, or snacktime.FreeMath
Belouga is a digital platform providing K-12 teachers and students with a personalized learning journey through connection, communication and collaboration with peers around the world.Always Free.FreeOther
Better Chinese Chinese is a leading publisher of Mandarin curricula for students from pre-kindergarten to college. Better Chinese materials have been officially adopted by nine states in the United States and are used in 1400+ schools worldwide.BetterChinese is offering free online access for schools and individual learners, K through College.
Big History Project Free.FreeHistory
Biology Simulations
www.biologysimulations.comSimulations and virtual labs for biology topics including evolution, ecology, and cellular energetics.All materials are freeFreeScience
BiteScis integrates current scientific research into NGSS-aligned lessons aimed at introductory high school level courses. Most lesson are easily modified for remote learning.Lesson plans and all corresponding materials are always free.FreeScience
Black Box Education and interactive resources for drama, dance and theatre.6 free resource packs for digital, online schooling.FreeOther
BlockCAD builds math and computer science skills by using a specialized 3D CAD (computer-aided drafting) software. A block-based coding platform allows students to create and manipulate 3D objects while using geometry and computational thinking skills.We'd like to support teachers by offering anyone in a closed school the chance to have access to BlocksCAD for Education Premium for free until the end of the school year.TemporaryCoding
BookCreater App
Brave Writer writing resourcesFree resources, ready-made lesson plans, master classesTemporaryWriting
Breakout Edu
Bunk History archive of a variety of media produced about current events, public history and government. Bunk shows connection both spatially and across historic eras.FreeFreeHistory
Busy Kids Do Piano month of lessons with coupon code PIANOATHOMETemporaryMusictrue
CanFigureIt Geometry by teachers, this highly interactive tool provides an easy-to-use workspace where students can practice proofs while exercising their deductive reasoning muscles.Always Free.FreeMath
Camp Kindness Counts nonprofit Camp Kindness Counts is offering their Kind World Explorers guidebooks as a FREE resource for teachers and parents to support SEL (social emotional learning) and character building for children.Free Download of the Kind World Explorers guidebook which is filled with fun character building and social emotional learning (SEL) activities geared for children ages 4-12 and download of Kind World Passport reflection booklet for kids!FreeOthertrue
Campus Difusion'm sharing our website with free resources for Spanish teachers and resourcesWith a free account, students and teachers can access 100% of videos, online activities, proyectable materials for the classroom, and sample units and audios of all booksFreeSpanishtrue
Canopy LAB research-based social elearning platform for developing competencies through individualized and adaptive learning experiences. It is designed with an integrated social network structure to enhance collaborative learning and built on strong Nordic learning principles.Completely free for 6 months, including onboarding and customer service. Details here:
Centervention offer game-based interventions that focus on improving social and emotional skills in K-8 students.Educators can get a free 30-day trial and have as many students as they'd like to play the programs at school or at home. We offer free lessons/activities and printables on our website that focus on SEL:
Choices Program's Teaching with the News two or three-day free lessons on breaking news stories.FreeOthertrue
Chrome Music Lab Music Lab is a website that makes learning music more accessible through fun, hands-on experiments.FreeFreeMusic
CK-12 Foundation lesson has a reading passage, videos, optional review questions, and self-graded practice questions. The lessons can be assigned to Google Classroom and it puts the grade in that students got on the practice questions (students must get 10 practice questions correct to get 100%).Always FreeFreeAlltrue
Classroom Cereal practice in free, printable short stories.Always freeFreeReading
ClassHook your school closed or planning to close due to the coronavirus (COVID-19)? We’d like to support your school during this challenging time with access to ClassHook Premium.TemporaryAll
Club SciKidz MD free science or cooking experiment to do at home.Each day we will be posting a daily activity for parents and kids to do at home, mostly using things the already have at home. We’ll also include videos and other resources to extend the experiment.FreeOther
CMU CS Academy provide a free, online, interactive textbook for high school and middle school teachers to use to teach computer science in their classroomsFreeComputer
Codecraft Works
Https://www.codecraftworks.comAre you looking for online activities for self-paced learning? Codecraftworks is perfect for home-school CS learning and provides a great way to integrate CS into your #coronavirus planning.Explore a community of projects, create something you love with code, gain experience in professional programming languages, and share your portfolio of digital projectsFreeCoding
Collisons Chemistry is a system of digital games, grounded in the rules of chemistry, that can be used to introduce, teach, and review key concepts in chemistry.Always free.FreeScience
CommonLit passages for grades 3-12, with reading comprehension and discussion questions. Also has highlighting and notes tools embedded on its passages, as well as most passages have a read aloud function. Once students are signed up on here you can track which students have completed the assignments, and what they are having trouble on. Can easily link to Google Classroom.Always free!FreeReadingtrue
Conjugemos"Use without account" option has vocabulary, grammar, listening activities and games in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Korean, and Latin."Use without account" option has vocabulary, grammar, listening activities and games in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Korean, and Latin.FreeSpanishtrue
https://www.CountryReports.orgCountryReports, online database on culture, countries and travel.Access to entire online database on culture, countries and travel.FreeGeography
Creating a Masterpiece are an award winning fine art training program for students 5 and up.First month of access to our award winning Drawing Program is free with the code: Corona2020TemporaryArt
CreositySpace is a unique inquiry-based, learner-directed science curriculum that connects ALL K-5 students to science and capitalizes on their creativity and curiosity at a time when they ask, "What do I want to do when I grow up?"CreositySpace is providing lessons from our Contagion Crushers, Water Watchers and Conscientious Chemists units at no cost to help support teachers—parents and guardians, too—to keep all kids engaged in science.TemporaryScience
Curriculum Associates printable K-8 Reading and Math activity packs (available in English and Spanish) and guidance for teachers and families to support learning at homeFreeMath
Curriki revolutionized the way digital learning content is distributed and shared. For over 10 years we have made the best curriculum, lessons and on-demand content free, open, and accessible to all.Always FreeFreeAlltrue
Data Nuggets Nuggets are free educational resources, co-designed by scientists and educators. The goals of Data Nuggets are to (i) help scientists increase the broader impacts of their research by sharing their science story and data with the public, and (ii) to engage students in the practices of science through an innovative approach that combines scientific content from authentic research with key concepts in data literacy. When using Data Nuggets, students learn about authentic science research projects, and work through an activity featuring real data from a real scientist, providing practice developing explanations about natural phenomena using data from the study.Always FreeFreeScience
Defined Learning hands-on projects are based on situations in STEM careers to help learners discover their passions and choose a pathway to a promising future.A free real-world project at every grade-band.FreeSTEM
DemCast’re a site for left-leaning activism, but we do publish resources like this as well when we come across them.Always Free. NonprofitFreeCivics
52's apps are free for iPhone and Android with more than 2 million definitions and synonyms, spelling and grammar tips, and more.Writing, spelling, grammar, and more.FreeWriting
Digital Theatre Plus million students, at over 2,000 academic institutions, in 80+ countries have unlimited access to some of the world's finest productions, unique backstage insights, practitioner interviews and written analysis.Free during this timeTemporaryArt
Discovery K12 K12 provides a complete online curriculum for pre-k to 12th grade. All main subjects are covered, plus extra curriculum courses.All of the curriculum if free to use and it is available worldwide.FreeAlltrue
Ditch That Textbook
DreamBox Learning Math winning K-8 online math program that looks at how a student is solving problems to adjust accordingly and build a unique learning path for them.90 day free trial of DreamBox. Sign up by April 30th.TemporaryMathtrue
DreamScape reading game for grades 2-8 that combines strategy, engagement, and imaginative reading passages to create a fun, curriculum-aligned literacy game.Always freeFreeReading
Duolingo languagesAlways free (paid options, but base content always free)FreeSpanish
EBLI Read Alouds for PreK-12th GradersRead Alouds w/Reading TipsFreeReading
Ecree provides unlimited, real-time, human quality feedback on the elements of foundational academy writing: argumentation, organization and analysis. Ecree provides the equivalent impact of an expert writing tutor.Free access to softwareTemporaryWriting
edHelper Math WorkbooksFreeMathtrue
Education Perfect
EduCode Academy
educode.orgEduCode™ makes coding and computer science education accessible for kids of all learning styles and backgrounds, on a large scale, without the need for guidance from a teacher. Self-directed courses empower kids to learn coding independently. EduCode's key difference resides in our video micro-lessons, which break down complex computer science concepts into fun and engaging exercises. Rich storylines provide context and motivation throughout the learning journey.On our website you will find we have a free trial account option which will allow users access to the beginning of all of our courses to give them a good feel for what the course can offer them. There is at least 30 minutes of work for each course available for free this way which can keep students very busy during any lost school days and for a nominal monthly fee they can upgrade to gain access to the full courses we offer if they and their parents want.TemporaryCoding
Everyday Earth Earth is an interactive video earth science based curriculum supplement.It is completely free.FreeGeography
ExploreLearning Gizmos are online simulations that excite curiosity and invite interaction. We’ve got over 400 Gizmos in our library covering topics and concepts in math and science for grades 3-12. Gizmos help students dig deeper into subjects and really understand challenging concepts.Gizmos free accounts feature 30+ free Gizmos after your full-access trial is completed. Schools impacted by COVID-19 may receive extended pilots for support during this time.TemporaryMath
ExloreLearning Reflex and individualized for grades 2-6, Reflex is the most effective system for mastering basic math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.Free 30-day trial. Schools impacted by COVID-19 may receive extended pilots for support during this time.TemporaryMath
ExploreLearning Science4Us covers Inquiry, Physical Science, Life Science and Earth & Space Science with lessons specifically designed for K-2 students. The sessions have 1000’s of online and offline activities that can be completed in as little as ten minutes, and teach students using videos, interaction, poems, songs, and digital notebooks.Free 30-day trial. Schools impacted by COVID-19 may receive extended pilots for support during this time.TemporaryScience
FabuLingua, interactive stories for kids to learn Spanish-EnglishAll of FabuLingua's stories, games and sticker book are entirely free during this time.TemporarySpanishtrue
Facing History of educator resources includes a wide range of flexible, multimedia materials, from primary sources and streaming videos to teaching strategies, lesson plans, and full units. There are resources that will support students' learning, whether you are teaching a complex moment in history or addressing today's breaking news.All resources free with creation of online accountFreeCivics
www.facts4me.comA safe research site for elementary-level readersThey are offering -- free 24/7 access to our site to ANYONE who may find it helpful.
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Flat for Education is a cloud-based and easy-to-use music notation software.Free access to our full product until the end of school yearTemporaryMusictrue
Free Math Math allows collecting digital assignments from students and enables quick grading by grouping similar student work on each question. It isn't limited to a specific bank of questions and all of the work done by students is completely freeform, so it can work for a broad range of classes.Always free.FreeMath
GoNoodle® engages 14 million kids every month with movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts. Available for free at school, home, and everywhere kids are!Always FreeFreeP.E.
Heartfullness Project some of the struggle out of disagreements, melt downs & fights with the “Problem Solving (made easy) Kit”. Teach children how to regulate their emotions, love themselves & yes, solve their own problems! The “Problem Solving (made easy) Kit” includes: • Kids music that doesn’t suck • Dance videos • Intuitive games & tools Teaching them the life skills you wish you were taught as a child!A free printable from our “Problem Solving Kit”: the Problem Solving Game Board, PLUS music to help bring some peace in these times and more!FreeOthertrue
Heifer International resources (downloadable books, mazes, word searches, and more) from Heifer International's school programs -- with topics in social studies (geography, economics), science, language arts.FreeAll
HERE Meditation
www.hereglobalrelief.orgThe HERE mobile app is designed to help rapidly relieve stress & anxiety. It works by pairing interactive exercises (staring/swiping), with breathing, music and/or guided meditation to stimulate the relaxation response and promote executive functioning. This game-like approach can be used by the whole family, and may help calm cabin fever, or provide a mental break in between homeschool activities.The mobile app is entirely free and accessible for iOS and Android usersFreeP.E.true
ICivics, inc. is a non-profit organization in the United States that provides educational online games and lesson plans to promote civics education and encourage students to become active citizens.Always freeFreeCivicsGlobal Executive 0y1dColton09
https://www.icompute-uk.comFree online access to iCompute's Learn Programming and Computational Thinking resources. Designed for independent work, pupils can work through activities and exercises online at home.Free Access to All ServicesFreeCoding
IDEA and can be self driven and they get a certificate from buckingham palace!Free AlwaysFreeCodingtrue
i-Ready printable K-8 Math and Reading packets for studentsFreeMath
IXL is a platform that takes personalized learning, which is really complex, and makes it simple for teachers to implement effectively in their classrooms. IXL is built on four key components: comprehensive K-12 curriculum, a Continuous Diagnostic, personalized guidance, and actionable real-time Analytics. These components are fully integrated and work together seamlessly to give teachers everything they need to differentiate instruction and help students grow.As many schools across the country plan for current or potential closures, IXL is working to support teachers in any way we can. If teachers are looking for a way to keep their students engaged and learning from home, we are happy to provide them with free IXL access for 90 days. We are also offering a free webinar series with some great strategies for at-home learning, plus some implementation resources and videos that will help them plan for school closuresTemporaryMath
84 offer FREE, high-quality educational materials to educators: teachers, homeschoolers, parents, grandparents, scout troop leaders – to anyone interested in learning/teaching!Free AlwaysFreeAlltrue
JoVE publishes peer-reviewed scientific video protocols to accelerate biological, medical, chemical and physical research. Watch our scientific video articles.JoVE is happy to provide all of our Education video content free to use in STEM teaching efforts through June 15th.FreeSTEMtrue
K-5 Math Teaching Resources
https://www.k-5mathteachingresources.comK-5 math resources clearly sorted by grade and standard that are easy to download and print at home. Click on the Number, Geometry or Measurement & Data page for your grade level. All activities focus on engaging, hands-on learning.Free printable resources for all K-5 Math standards.FreeMath
K5Technology Curriculum and Print technology lessons for grades k-53 weeks of free access to 18 technology lessons and activities plus a PDF download for printable tech activities.FreeCoding
Khan Academy
https://learnawesome.orgA repository of links to learning resources organized by topics and formats.FreeAll
Learn Essay Writing the FAST Way Service: Learn how to write 3 paragraph essays the FAST Way in just 5 lessons.Description of company (couldn't add it to the question above): Ms. Valerie teaches Essay Writing the FAST Way to help students quickly write essays with confidence even when under pressure.FreeWritingtrue
Libby App digital books and audio books. Anyone with a library card (at least in whatever cities/states use Overdrive) can access it.Always freeFreeReading
LightSail is a cross-curricular, digital literacy platform that provides “Just Right”books to students from our 6000+ text library.We are currently providing licenses to schools and families impacted by COVID-19 closings.TemporaryReading
Little Twisters Yoga & Emotional Wellness at-home kids yoga lesson plansFreeP.E.
Macbeth Academy Academy is a non-profit organization that offers K-12 Gifted and Talented homeschool courses for credit. We offer courses through AP level.For all schools and families, we provide free education resources, free video tutoring services, and free PD workshops for families and education professionalsTemporaryAll
Mark Kistler free access to free, virtual, live webcasts for art/drawing lessons for students needing to work from home during this period.Offering free access to free, virtual, live webcasts for art/drawing lessons for students needing to work from home during this period.TemporaryArt
96's an automated online math tutor, like a Google for math. Enter your math problem or search term, press the button, and we show you the step-by-step work and answer instantly.We cover 2nd grade through college.Always freeFreeMath
https://www.mathplayground.comMath Playground provides hundreds of math games, logic puzzles and educational resources.All math games and resources are free through the end of June 2020.TemporaryMath
mathspace.coMathspace is the world’s first adaptive math program for grades 3-12 that gives students feedback at every step of their work. Also includes full etextbook aligned to state and common core standards and instructional videos and reporting accounts for teachers students and admin for closed schools from now until end of school yearTemporaryMath
Mindful Poetry Moments Poetry Moments is a free program that offers a chance to pause and reflect on poetry's ability to encounter ourselves, the world, and the mystery of each other. Participating schools, individuals and organizations will be offered recordings of poets — including Brad Aaron Modlin, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Naomi Shihab Nye, Carrie Newcomer and Gregory Orr - — reading their work from two of The On Being Project’s content offerings: the On Being with Krista Tippett radio show and podcast and/or Poetry Unbound podcast. The audio will be accompanied by mindful prompts and meaning-making questions like "Does this poem encourage gratitude? How?” and "What’s a line in this poem that brings a strong visual image to your mind?"Always free.FreeArt
Minecraft: Education Edition game-based learning platform that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive digital environment.Always free.FreeCoding
MusicFirst Classroom is the only comprehensive learning management system (LMS) for K-12 music education.We are offering MusicFirst Classroom and the full suite of integrated software for free to any school during a closure.TemporaryMusic
Music Theory and intermediate music theory lessons, exercises, ear trainers, and calculators.Free online contentFreeMusic
Mystery Science help all these teachers during school closures, we at Mystery Science just finished going through all our lessons, pulling the easiest ones to do from home, and putting them all up for free on a page to make it easy. No signup required, no student login—we just want to help.Free AccessFreeScience
Nitro Type improve the foundational skill of typing by competing in fast-paced races against their friends.Nitro Type is always 100% free.FreeComputer
Nomster Chef recipes designed to help kids age 2-12 cook with their grown-ups. Recipes encourage culinary skills, literacy, math, and science.Nomster Chef is always free, but we wanted to highlight it as a resource for families looking to get in the kitchen!FreeOther
NoRedInk is a free online curriculum that builds better writers. It includes diagnostic tools and assessments, targeted skills practice, a writing platform that guides students through the drafting and revision process, and instructional resources for teachers. It is used in more than 50% of US districts.Always Free.FreeWriting
Novel Effect Effect makes storytime a little more fun for kids (and grown-ups too!) As you read out loud from print books (or ebooks!) music, sound effects, and character voices play at just the right moment, adjusting and responding to your voice. We provide soundscapes for hundreds of popular picture books, and more titles added regularly.Always Free AppFreeReading
OnSchooler complete curriculum in Math, Science, Communications, Culture (world geography & history). Lessons are interactive; some are bilingual.You always get 3 free lessons when you sign up. Continue using it for free as long as your school district is closed for coronavirus by emailing for more credits. Open to families, teachers and schools.TemporaryAll
Outschool are offering live webinars for teachers, for free, to share strategies for successful online / remote learning.TemporaryAll
http://paragraphpunch.comTeaches students how to write a paragraph onlineFreeFreeWriting
PBS Learning Media LearningMedia is a free, PreK-12 digital media service available to educators nationwide. Our free service offers teachers access to more than 30,000 learning materials aligned to state and national standards, including 25,000+ videos, interactive lesson plans, media galleries and more to enrich classroom instruction. Educators can easily browse and find content that demonstrates key curricular themes by subject area, standards, and grade bands. For classrooms using Google Classroom, teachers can easily import their class roster directly into PBS LearningMedia, creating a seamless experience between both services. PBS’ partnership with REMIND means that educators can share their favorite materials to students using the REMIND text messaging service. This innovative effort aims to help educators strengthen the school-to-home connection. Create a free account to save, organize, and share resources.Always Free.FreeAll
Phet LabsAlways freeFreeMath
Pinna only screen-free, ad-free audio streaming service custom-made for kids 3-12, featuring podcasts, audiobooks and music.Use the promo code PINNA4KIDS. To activate, create an account and enter the code in step 2 of the sign up process. Two months for free.FreeOther
PopBug Primary School curriculum support and resources for parents and carersAccess to content for ages 3-11, with downloads and videos for parents and caters to use.FreeAll
Positive Physics online physics problem and video bank designed for conceptual, standard, honors or AP1 physics.All teacher and student accounts are free for the remainder of the school year.
Prodigies - Music is a colorful music curriculum for kids 1-12 that will teach your kids how to play their first instrument, how to sing in tune & how to understand the language of music!21 Days FreeTemporaryMusic
www.projectexplorer.orgGlobally focused videosfree videos from around the work from grade 3-12FreeCivics
QuaverEd Fun teaching and learning for PreK-8 general music teachers and their students.QuaverMusic is offering free access to general music activities to all impacted schools, including free student access at-home.FreeMusic
Readers 4SC
readers4sc.orgA critical thinking activity that incorporates novels and famous books, argumentation, and key themes together. Lesson plan, suggest topics per book, and publishing students' work on the website are all free.FreeReading
ReadWorks is an online resource of reading passages and lesson plans for students of all levels K-12. The company was founded with the goal of improving reading comprehension by bringing the latest in literacy teaching research into the classroom.Always Free.FreeReading
Red T Media ( Thinking resources for K-6 studentsFree downloadable lesson plans, parent/teacher resources, and activities, all in support of critical thinking. Accompanying videos are available on our YouTube channel (Red T Kids' Media).FreeOthertrue
Rock Hall EDU provide free classroom resources like videos, playlists, essays, lesson plans, writing prompts, and digitized materials from our Library & Archives. Teachers can sign up for a free account, download the resources, and use temporary authorization links to share materials directly with their students online.Always freeFreeOthertrue
Scholastic has created a learning hub that provides 20 days of learning experiences for students in grades PreK-9+ across the content areas. The company is also providing free access to other digital learning programs. Information provided in this link. Please feel free to share.20 days of curated lessons free. Plus, access to additional digital programs for extended learning opportunities.FreeAlltrue
SelfCad is a 3D CAD web application totally based in the cloud.We're providing a free month of SelfCAD to students stuck at home due to the school closures. Code is homeschoolTemporaryCoding
SFUSD Mathematics preparation for possible school closures, SFUSD has produced 10 days of activities teachers can choose to assign students to complete at home. All Elementary lesson plans and student pages (both English and Spanish versions) are Google Docs that you can access using the button below. The activities are available to all under the Creative Commons Attribution License.FreeTemporaryMath
SmartMusic Service Through June 30thTemporaryMusic
Smore Magazine are a print and digital STEM magazine for ages 9+. Smore is available to children through schools and libraries all over the world.To keep STEM learning going for children who are stuck at home due to the coronavirus outbreak, we are offering a Free Annual Subscription to Smore Digital (6 issues) until March 31st, 2020 with the use of code FREESMORE. Coupon Code: FREESMORE Expiry: 03/31/2020TemporarySTEMtrue
Snapplify offers a library of 50 000+ free e-books. Teachers can sign up for free and also claim exclusive teacher benefits. Excellent to send free e-books to your kids and get them to read while they are at home! You can also share your resources on the platform. Easily integrates with Microsoft / Google for education.FreeFreeReading
ST Math Math is an award-winning visual instructional program for grades K through 8.Our offer is no-cost access to ST Math for parents, schools, and districts."FreeMath
Storyline Online SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s award-winning children’s literacy website, Storyline Online, streams videos featuring celebrated actors reading children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations.Always free.FreeReading
Sworkit workouts — choose from Strength for Kids, Agility for Kids, Flexibility and Balance for Kids, Warm-Up for Kids, Cooldown for Kids, Stand Up and Move for Kids, OR create your own custom kid workout.Sworkit Kids workouts are always free. A parent will need to help get the child registered after completing their first workout, but even without a Sworkit membership the Kid Workouts can be accessed at no cost. For older students, we also offer free access to Sworkit through our Sworkit Youth Initiative. A teacher simply needs to complete the form on this page and we will provide full, free access for the entire school:
TeachingTextbooks program for grades 3-12First 16 lessons free with free trial.FreeMath
The Choices Program develops innovative U.S., World History, and Current Issues curriculum for secondary school students. It is available in print or a web-based platform.- more than 1,700 short, accessible videos with scholars and practitioners addressing a wide variety of topics related to our curriculum (but can be used independently of the curriculum with no account or logins required)
The Concord Consortium
https://learn.concord.orgA collection of hundreds of free K-12 STEM resources, from standalone models and simulations to short activities and weeklong sequences of curriculum materials.FreeSTEM
The Good and the Beautiful is free homeschool curriculum out there, but nothing like this! We offer free course sets (Levels 1–5) that combine and thoroughly cover phonics, reading, writing, spelling, literature, grammar, punctuation, art, and geography—all in one easy-to-use, beautiful course.Always free.FreeAll
The New York Times Learning Network mission of The Learning Network is to help people teach and learn with The New York Times. The Learning Network publishes about 1,000 teaching resources each school year, all based on using Times content — articles, essays, images, videos, graphics and podcasts — as teaching tools across subject areas. These resources include lessons of the day, writing prompts, picture prompts, news quizzes, student contests, and more. With features like the daily Student Opinion question, thousands of teenagers each week join a global conversation on topics from politics to pop culture.All of our activities for students, including our daily writing prompts, daily lesson plans, weekly news quizzes, What's Going On in This Picture?, What's Going On in This Graph?, Film Club, and more are all free - and they've always been free!FreeCivics
The Science Spot science projects that can be completed with or without Internet access; other resources useful in eLearning.All the resources on the site are available free of charge.FreeScience
Typing Club free.FreeComputer
140 free.FreeComputer
Unsilence storytelling, the arts, and serious games, Unsilence creates highly-interactive, research-based learning experiences that help communities learn about social injustice, human rights, and genocide. Our experiences help learners bridge perspectives, break down ingrained stigmas, and build collective empathy and understanding. Unsilence is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.Unsilence's online interactive features are FREE to use and include choose-your-own-pathway stories, webquests, human rights poetry and stories, interactive exhibitions, and companion education resources.FreeAlltrue
World101 from the Council on Foreign Relations offers a growing library of multimedia resources that explain international affairs and foreign policy issues for students through entertaining and interactive storytelling.FreeFreeCivics
home.govizzle.comVizzle offers 15,000+ interactive lessons, differentiation, and automatic data collection.30 day free access for parentsTemporaryAll
Youth Code Jam Code Jam hosts Texas’ largest family coding events and supports events in 92 schools in 37 Texas cities. We create bilingual, hands-on computational thinking and coding activities perfect for brain breaks or concept learning.Free bilingual, hands-on coding activities for K-8 that can be used in school or at home, teaching basic computational thinking and computer science concepts. Adventure Mode helps drive student-centered learning.FreeCoding
Zearn K-5 curriculumbuilds deep understandingand a love of learning math forall studentsAlways free.FreeMath