HTA Sustainability Resources
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06/19 Establishing a Resilient Water Supply
Growers of water sources, ideas for water capture, storage and reuse and how to audit business water use2019AHDB
17/17 Measuring an improving the performance of overhead irrigation for container-grown crops
Growers to minimise water wastage from beds holding container-grown crops, method for assessing efficiency and accuracy of overhead irrigation2018AHDB
18/17 Methods and equipment for matching irrigation supply to demand in container-grown crops
Growers of factors affecting water gain and oss from container grown rops, idea of improving efficiency through scheduling and watering regime (i.e. wet/dry, moist, 'lean')2018AHDB
05/17 Precision scheduling of irrigation in the production of container-grown HNS in various growing media
Growers of HNS growers in England and Wales, and how they lie within areas of high water demand, note on runoff of chemicals affecting water courses, difference between peat and peat-free gm, water holding capacity, note on education of staff on need (or not) to water Peat Free Growing Media2018AHDB
Guidance for irrigators in the Golf sector
Growers about water shortage around UK and tips for reducing water usage and wastage in the context of the golf sector2019Waterwise
Optimal use of Water for Industry and Agriculture dependant on direct abstraction - Best Practice Manual
Growers gude for various crop types and irrigation needs, as well as optimal water use in other industry2002Cranfield University and WS Atkins Ltd
Rainwater harvesting: regulatory position statement
Retailers you do and do not need an abstraction license for harvesting rainwater: "You do not need a water abstraction licence for a water storage reservoir with an overflow that is used for irrigation, provided that the reservoir is only filled by:
- harvested rainwater – so the overflow water only consists of harvested rainwater
- water abstracted from another source of supply under a full abstraction licence – this water can include incidental rainfall but not harvested rainwater"
2019Environment Agency
Reservoirs: owner and operator requirements
Retailers for building and operating a reservoir. Note reservoirs holding less than 25,000 cubic metres do not need to be registered but should still be designed properly and have a flood plan in place2020DEFRA and Environment Agency
Rainwater Harvesting
Retailers presentation, the information is in questions and bullet point with pictures and about one specific installation project. Would need to be reworded as an example, or as a how-to guide.2018WET centre
Thinking about an irrigation reservoir?
Growers of how reservoirs have been built and used, the benefits and pitfalls of building one, very technical but realistic guide to reservoirs2008UK Irrigation Association and Cranfield University
Save water and money: irrigate efficiently
Growers guide for growers to audit their current water use and irrigation system for efficiency, with case studies etc2008UK Irrigation Association and Cranfield University
Switching irrigation technologies
Growers between various irrigation methods, from current widespread sprinkler system to trickle irrigation. Aimed at outdoor irrigation techniques for fields2007/08UK Irrigation Association and Cranfield University
Irrigation Best Practice: A Water management Toolkit for Field Crop Growers
Growers guidance for managing efficient water use for irrigation in field grown crops. The aims of this toolkit are to assist those irrigators who currently do not keep records of their water use, but who nevertheless are concerned with the reliability of future water supplies, to manage their use of water more effectively2007DEFRA and ADAS
Irrigation Benchmarking
Growers instructions for using UKIA benchmarking tool online2013UK Irrigation Association and Cranfield University
Managing Water Better
Growers"The agronomic, economic and environmental benefits of irrigation scheduling". Instructions on how to schedule irrigation to maximise the results.2008UK Irrigation Association and Cranfield University
So you want to … build a reservoir?
Growers and advice for people thinking about getting a reservoir with first hand knowledge from others' experiences, length of time, cost, whether or not it needs planning permissions etc2020Farmer's Weekly
The Fertigation Bible
Growers Fertigation Bible has been prepared to provide useful practical information to the horticultural sector of the diverse technologies available for all aspects of fertigation within the EU. Large document over 800 pages long, but indexed to allow for specific interests. Fertigation is the practice of applying fertiliser to a crop via the irrigation system.2020FERTINNOWA
Irrigation Energy Efficiency
Retailers energy efficiency of irrigation systems is perhaps not the biggest focus for most growers. However, by increasing the efficiency of both energy use and water use, overall savings can be made, both for the resources and the cost.2019AHDB / GrowSave
Water management in retail nurseries and garden centres
Retailers paper from Australia's Nursery and Garden Industry, practical examples of reducing waste of water in a retail setting.2007Nursery and Garden Industry Australia - Australian Horticulture Ltd
Energy Efficiency
HTA Member resource - How To Guide - CO2, Energy and Garden Retail
Retailers for HTA members (requires login) with tips and examples for retailers to begin reducing their carbon footprint and how this can be done without detailed carbon emission measurements.2021HTA
Energy efficiency in agriculture
Growers guide for evaluating energy efficiency in agriculture and horticulture, with both general and sector specific advice and examples.2019Carbon Trust
Energy management in protected cropping
Growers guide, which combines the updated factsheets, contains many useful facts, figures and tips for growers to better manage their energy use, which could lead to significant financial savings.2019AHDB and GrowSave
Energy saving climate control for cultivating greenhouse ornamentals
Growers report on example of Germany and climate control system in a commercial greenhouse2017Thomas Schwend
Greenhouse Energy Conservation checklist
Retailers source, but useful resource for checking own system for energy efficiency2019Farm Energy
Top Energy Saving Tips for Your Commercial Greenhouse
Growers American source, guide of what to look for when doing a check of glasshouses for energy efficiency2020GGS Stuctures
Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Integrated Pest Management Plan
Growers and Voluntary initiative offer an online resource to create an IPM plan for your business2017NFU, The Voluntary Initiative
Practical weed control for nursery stock
Growers page manual for weed control in both container-grown and field grown nursery stock2013ADAS, HDC
Weed control cover materials for sustainable container-grown plant production for ornamental growers and landscapers
Landscapers innovation guide answering the question "Which cover material do you choose to prevent weed growth in container-grown plants?". Practical advice and guide with a section on cost price calculations.2019PCS
Baiting stored irrigation water to test for the presence of Pythium and Phytophthora
Growers of output of AHDB project HNS/PO 188 'Baiting and diagnostic techniques for monitoring Phytophthora and Pyhtium species in irrigation water on ornamental nurseries'. 2 page summary document of techniquesN/AAHDB
Herbaceous perennials: a guide to container-grown crops
Growers guide to the cultural requirements and production methods for container-grown herbaceous perennials2010ADAS, HDC
Flower Power. Making the most of flowering seed mixes
Growers sector factsheet, 08/15, with the aim to improve farmland biodiversity and introduce natural predators and pollinators to improve crop growth2020AHDB
Overview of pests in horticultural glasshouses
Retailers knowledge library containing information about a number of pests, such as red spider mites, whitefly and aphids.AHDB
Ornamentals Review 2020
Retailers studies for pest, weed and disease management2020AHDB
IPM in Horticulture - Biological pest control
Growers Hub for IPM in horticulture, with advice, videos and resources to help with implementing IPM2020AHDB